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If you are a NWKFHS member, please login, if not, please join today.

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How UK Family History Societies can help with your research

The Family History Federation has organised a panel of Angela Malin, David Cufley Hillary Blanford, Ian Waller and Malcolm Austin at Rootstech 2022. These representatives of some UK family history Societies will explain the benefits of joining a UK family history Society. They will be able to advise how their and other Societies can help your resea...

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What’s a blog about?

A blog gives news, details of events and workshops, talks about research and advice on doing your family history If you want to get regular updates why not subscribe to the blogs to Stay Informed by clicking on the boxes and filling in 'your name' and 'E-mail address'. To get more out of our web site learn about the Talks, Workshops and Discussion ...

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Zoom discussion group meetings.

Last Wednesday 9th September we held the first zoom Discussion Group meeting on 'Breaking down Brickwalls'. The session dealt with five members queries and the main theme was Irish ancestors. A recording of the session is available, as are the guidance charts that were used. Email workshop.booking@nwkfhs to ask to join a zoom discussion group and t...

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