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Updated 19.01.19

The Society undertakes a range of transcription and scanning projects, including Parish Registers, Cemetery Registers, Census Returns and Memorial Inscriptions (MI's) and other Miscellaneous Records working in close co-operation with the various archives offices and local authorities. These projects generally result in CD publications which we hope will both help with your own research and contribute to the Society's income.

Work continues on our Parish Register Digital Scanning Project, publishing facsimile images of the registers on CD. We also tackle various other records for the parishes in our area of interest. Details are given below.

We have a number of volunteers working at transcribing various parish registers and other records. Their efforts are outstanding and we have much to thank them for. Working in their own homes, often from poor copies of old documents they produce a large amount of data in a digital format. Also our thanks must go to those volunteers who check the output from the transcribers and edit it, most important tasks.

An increasing amount of project work also takes place at the Society Library on a Friday.

We do need other volunteers to assist me in producing print-outs for transcription, burning CD's, preparing files for the final versions and for Findmypast. If any volunteer is interested in helping with this important task and would like to get more information, please contact me. Due to the large amounts of paper involved it really does need to be someone who lives in the area. Offers please to Publication & Projects Coordinator Barbara Phillips (right).

Below is a summary of work in progress and recently completed. See also Publications News.

Publications & Projects

Publications & Projects

Parish and Cemetery Registers

Greenwich and Lewisham Boroughs

For historical reasons London Metropolitan Archives holds the registers of some of the parishes that now lie within Greenwich and Lewisham boroughs. Some years ago we negotiated with LMA to enable us to publish those records they hold that lie within our area - 113 reels of microfilm covering over 400 registers. In 2008 we produced image scans from these, i.e. for Deptford St Nicholas and Deptford St Paul, Greenwich St Alphege, Woolwich St Mary and Lewisham St Mary - see the Publications pages.

A number of these registers have been or will be transcribed: Charlton St Luke 1754-1963, Deptford St Nicholas C1786-1841 M1784-1837 B1813-73, Greenwich St Alphege C1813-53 M1791-1842 B1748-1914, Lee St Margaret M1791-1812 B1755-1850, Lewisham St Mary C1782-1854, Plumstead St Nicholas B1800-1859, Woolwich St Mary C1730-1799, 1813-19 B1730-1799 M1730-1826, Woolwich Dockyard Chapel C1873-1922.

Plumstead St Nicholas B 800-1859; Baptisms 1788-1861 produced September 2018 CD117 £8.00

However it is becoming more difficult to gain access to further records. We had hoped to include the registers for the mid and late Victorian parishes in this area but following their agreement with Ancestry, the LMA will no longer give us access to the films.

However, we been able to transcribe many of Eltham St John the Baptist parish records from photographs (we cannot use these images as we do not have the copyright) and latterly on-line. Baptisms 1813-1918 have now been completed. Burials have also been photographed and completed from 1813-1913. A further batch from 1913-1970 are all in various stages of transcription, checking and editing. Publishing should be early 2019.

Similarly the following have been undertaken:

Darenth Asylum Chaplains Interment Smallpox Register Burials January 1884 to January 1885 and Staff 1894. These are casualties from the Smallpox hulk in the Thames. These have been transcribed and published.

Darenth Asylum Chaplains Interment Register 1880-1904 (1300 entries). These have been transcribed and published with the above on CD103 price £8.00.

Darenth Asylum Burial Register 1878-1985 plus index CD63v2.

Some time ago the Society approached Lewisham Local Studies & Archives Centre with a view to publishing facsimiles of Lee and Lewisham parish registers. These had never been filmed before and were therefore not available except as original documents. After discussion with the Archives, we had offered to fund the filming and scanning of these registers at no cost to the Council. Unfortunately this did not bear fruit.

However, we have copies of a range of registers, with some gaps, which we are hoping to complete by other means (BTs etc.): Baptisms 1801-1828, 1830-1850; Marriages 1750-1828, 1831-1837; Burials 1801-1828, 1830-1854; Most of these registers are in our system and we hope to publish in 2018. Lewisham was unusual in that they had two sets of registers – a working copy and a ‘good’ copy. Some anomalies between the two exist and the whole project will take some sorting out.

Baptisms 1782-1850 (over 10,000 entries) was published on CD113v2 price £13.00. The Burials followed on CD116 (over 8,200 entries) price £13.00. Both include an alphabetical index as well as original listing. The baptisms are a complete run made up of original records and BTs but burials have two missing sections: 1787 to 1790 lost before 1851, and 1830 iself lost in the fire of that year.

Marriages are in the pipeline and hopefully will be completed during 2019, but they to are likely to have missing years.

Bexley Borough

Bexley St Mary C1722-1835 M1722-1837 B1722-1847 are now published on CD78, 79 & 80. Crayford St Paulinus Parish Registers 1706-1874 are in the pipeline. However, Baptisms 1706-1812 (over 3,000 entries with alphabetical index) was produced in August 2018 CD114 price £8.00.

Bromley Borough

The following are being transcribed: Bromley 1772-1867, Chislehurst Baptisms1813-1836 (produced January 2018 CD101 price £8.00) & Burials1813-98. Keston Baptisms 1540-1918, Marriages 1540-1941 and Burials 1540-1943. Knockholt Baptisms 1813-1869, Marriages 1813-1837 and Burials 1813-1892 (published on CD83 price £5.00). North Cray Marriages1755-1839 (published January 2018 CD102 price £5.00), and St Mary Cray CB 1755-1812. Marriages 1755-1900 in system. St Mary Cray has been extended thanks to the work of one of our members who is interested in the parish. It is hoped to publish in 2018.

Cudham St Peter & St Paul Baptisms 1813-1917 & Burials 1813-1907 is almost complete. Marriages to be undertaken later. This Parish is also part of a project for Bromley Branch members and was picked as the Society had purchased a number of legal documents for the Cudham area and it was thought that it would enhance them.

One parish in Bromley borough that still retains its own parish registers is Chelsfield St Martin. In 2014 we approached Chelsfield PCC for permission to photograph their registers. We are grateful for their generous co-operation, as a result of which the project is complete, and image data 1558-1965 is available for sale on disk. The period 1558-1812 has now been transcribed for FindMyPast. The coverage included the early paper register 1538-1646 of Farnborough (formerly a chapelry of Chelsfield) which is also held at Chelsfield, and this will be made available in the future.

Medway Archives

Parish registers of the 27 Archdeaconry of Rochester churches that lie in the North West Kent area have already been scanned and published on CD-ROM as images.
Work continues on other transcribing from these, i.e. Ash 1736-1994, Baptisms 1736-1812 over 900 entries published September 2018 CD115 price £5.00. 1813-1918 1500 entries published January 2018 CD107 price £5.00; Darenth 1686-1884, Dartford Holy Trinity C1788-1962 M1763-1984, Northfleet CMB1680-1950, Southfleet St Nicholas CMB1730-1854, Swanscombe C1813-54, M1754-1837, B1813-67. Marriages 1754-1837 (produced CD104 price £5.00, and Wilmington C1684-1844 M1684-1837 B1683-1860.

Sevenoaks District

We have been given transcripts of Westerham St Mary compiled by a two local historians, covering 1559-1968. There are some gaps. CD64 has been revised and the data extended to over 25,000 entries from 7,700. The disc covers transcripts of Baptisms 1559-1918; Marriages 1559-1951 & Burials 1562-1968. However, further data is available on the baptisms for the period 1919-1940 not published for Data Projection reasons but available to view at the Society’s library. This data may not be sold or copied in its entirety.

Parish and Cemetery Registers cont.

Kent History & Library Centre

Registers of some thirty parishes within our area are held by the KHLC at Maidstone. Some time ago when the record office was at County Hall we made an approach to ask them to co-operate with the Society by allowing us to scan their Registers with a view to publication. However, they have apparently decided to put parish scans on-line for access at KHLC.

Municipal Cemetery Records

Erith Municipal Cemetery: 1884-1962 approximately 16000 entries. We have one couple who have been responsible for all our municipal cemetery transcripts. Like all these cemeteries there is a huge amount of data available. Erith has now been completed and appears on CD111 (1184-1937) & CD112 (1937-1962), both priced £12.00. Both include an alphabetical index.

Other municipal cemeteries already transcribed are Bexleyheath 1879-1943; Gravesend & Milton 1839-1953, Northfleet 1839-1949, Sidcup 1912-1962.

Dartford (Swanscombe) 1895-1994 (approx 8,500 entries) is almost complete and should be available Summer 2019.

We have original image discs of a number of other municipal cemeteries.

Memorial Inscriptions

MI's at the churchyard of Chevening St Botolph were partially recorded some years ago. We have a few recording notebooks, but the project awaits a detailed plot plan (started in 2011), and work of the sections that were not previously tackled and it is hoped that this will be during 2017/8.

We have numerous MIs which the Society produced in the 1990s in paper format. These have been scanned and appear on our 'Heritage' discs CD-MI1 for Bromley Area, CD-MI2 Dartford Area and CD-MI3v4 Sevenoaks Area.

We have also been taking part in the national War Graves Photographic Project.

It was agreed that after the 1st World Car Commemorations had been completed we would publish our efforts. These appear split into our three areas – Dartford, Bromley and Sevenoaks – as DVD-OR35, 36 and 37 priced £10, £10 and £15 respectively. Full information appears with each entry on the E-shop.


Work on census returns has now stopped due to the wide availability of data on-line. For more information on the transcribing work that the Society carried out in the past see Census Indexing Coverage. However, we do have census records for 1801 & 1821 for Dartford.

It was agreed in February 2018 that we would no longer sell our 1851 censuses but would put the information on the Members Only part of the website. Conversion of this data for the website will take some time.

Schools Records

We are working on various sets of records:

St Mary Cray Endowment School: Now transcribed and published on CD85. Log Book 1867-1918 (106 pages); Mixed School Admissions 1884-1910 (1200 entries); Infants Admissions 1881-1918 (2,300 entries); Punishment Book Mixed & Infants 1909-1917 (130 entries) - 3,630 entries in all.

To conform to Data Protection Guidelines, the above data has been cut at 1918. However, there are further files which may be viewed at the Society’s Library at Joyden’s Wood but may not be sold or copied in their entirety:

Diary or Log Book of St Mary Cray Endowment School 1919 – 1977
Punishment book of St Mary Cray Mixed & Infants Oct 1920 - Apr 1940
St Mary Cray Infants Admissions 1919 to 1935

All this data has been transcribed some years ago by Paul Raison, a local historian of the area, who has kindly donated the data to the Society at that time. The run of records is incomplete in some areas; this is due either to the copy not being legible or to no copy being available to transcribe. The Society has not been able to check the transcriptions since no access was possible to copies of the original documents. The NWKFHS cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the data.

The Society Executive Committee wishes to thank Paul Raison for his donation of the data which represents a considerable amount of effort.

Dartford, The Brent Infants & Junior Schools:
This has now been completed after 10 years of laborious work typing and checking the data against copies of the various registers. This was a Library project and involved many volunteers. Publication of the work is currently being packaged.
Infants Admissions 11.01.1898 – 14.07.1958.
Junior Admissions 10.12.1894 – 29.04.1963.
Log books 1894-1912 and 1912-1933

To conform to Data Protection Guidelines, the above data has been cut at 1918. However, the later period can be viewed at the Society’s Library at Joyden’s Wood but may not be sold or copied in their entirety.

Dartford, St Albans School:
This is now virtually complete after 10 years of laborious work typing and checking the data against copies of the various registers. This was a Library project and involved many volunteers.

Admission Registers 1921-1940.
Infants Log books 1893–1915 & 1908-1950 (as these two log books overlap, it is believed that the second refers mainly to the Junior School.
Infants Log book 1919 – 1950.

As with the Brent School, the data will be cut at 1918 and can be viewed at the Society’s library but may not be sold or copied in its entirety.

Miscellaneous Records

  • Everest Funeral Books 1846-1924: Mr Everest was a local funeral director who operated in the Crockenhill area. His family have agreed for us to transcribe the records and to use photographs of the original invoices. The transcription which was an abstract the main information was undertaken by Susan Pittman, a member of NWKFHS and local historian, and volunteers typed the work. We are awaiting library volunteers to do the photography. We thank Susan for her not inconsiderable effort in this project.
  •  Swanley Weslyan Methodist Chapel Baptisms 1855-1893: From 1896 the church moved to Hextable, Main Road, and was known as Sutton-at-Hone Weslyan Methodist Chapel. Because of the change of names we have kept the disc (CD109 price £5.00) under Sutton-at-Hone. We are very grateful to the church for letting us publish these baptisms.

See also a Map of record office areas.

Information from Barbara Phillips (Chairman, Publications & Projects Committee) & Projects Co-ordinator
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