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The following articles about prominent families from the Dartford area have been written by NWKFHS member Philip Taylor who has kindly provided them for the website:

James George Cann (1819-1901)

Registrar and local politician
Nov 2011

Alfred Thomas and Alfred John Penney

Prominent Citizens of Dartford
Apr 2012

Simon Francis Phillips (1832-1908)

Successful Draper in Dartford
Dec 2013

Frederick Alexander Preston Pigou (1838-1905)

Gunpowder maker and controversial landholder in Dartford
Oct 2011

Larking John Seager (1840-1905)

Engineer and entrepreneur
pr 2012 2nd Addition

James Sharp (1808-1883)

and his Children, a Prominent Family in Victorian Dartford
Oct 2011

James Sharp (1808-1883)

and his Children, a Prominent Family in Victorian Dartford
Oct 2011

Alfred Sturge (1816-1901)

Notable Baptist Minister in Dartford
Jan 2014

Thomas Edward Tiffin (1868-1952)

Architect of Dartford Library
Oct 2011

Ernest Youens (1856-1933)

Photographer and Antiquarian
May 2014

John Landale (1784-1860)

Lottery Winner, Property Owner and Antiquarian
Dec 2013

Frederick Martin (1861-1921)

Professional Cricketer
Jun 2013

William James Davis (1857-1917)

Naturalist and Printer
Nov 2011

Albert Cosson (1841-1903)

Butcher and Chairman of Dartford School Board
Mar 2014 2nd Edit.

Richard Sanham (1815-1895)

Dartford Builder and Local Politician
Oct 2011

Richard Salmon (1843-1915)

Waterman and Publican at Long Reach Tavern
Jun 2014

James Snowden (1821-1906)

Engineer and Printer
Dec 2013

Emery Alexander Quait (1823-1901)

Draper, Pawnbroker and Local Councillor
Dec 2013

Samuel Charles Umfreville JP (1820-1894)

of Ingress Abbey and his Fight with the Cement Makers
Oct 2011

William Cogger (1818-1873)

Advocate of Temperance Reform
Feb 2014 2nd Edit.

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