National Burial Index

The Society has so far contributed 31,968 records to the National Burial Index (NBI) project, which is co-ordinated by the Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS).

Three editions of the Index have now been published by the FFHS on CD-Rom, the Third Edition in March 2010. For further details about the project and how to obtain a copy, see FFHS National Burial Index - Overview

For each of the burials contributed to the NBI by the Society, you can obtain further information as follows:

Place / Church Dates No. of entries Further Information
Charlton [nr Woolwich], St Luke 1754-1855, 1860-61, 1865-71, 1874-80, 1891, 1895, 1910, 1925, 1933, 1950, 1963 3,039 See the Publications List(CD-Rom No.22).
Deptford, St Paul 1788-1812 8,750 See the Publications List(m/fiche no.52 & CD-Rom No.1).
Deptford, St Paul 1813-1826 4,751 See the Publications List(m/fiche no.60 & CD-Rom No.1).
Deptford, Baptist Meeting House 1820-35 20

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Lee, St Margaret 1796-1813 340
Lewisham, St Mary 1753-62, 1801-14 1,790
Northfleet, Cemetery 1893-1983 13,278 See the Publications List(CD-Rom No.21).

In contrast to the NBI, our published burials data contain the full details from each burial entry. This often includes useful information such as occupations, precise addresses, relationships to other members of the family, etc.