1861 Census: Bromley Registration District

The pages are derived from transcription & data input work that was undertaken by Society volunteers in 1993-97, and although unchecked is now being made available for free searches by NWKFHS Members. It includes 11685 individuals from six parishes in Bromley Registration District:

  • The 1861 Census: Bromley Registration District data has been reconfigured by the NWKFHS 'Web Team' in 2017.
  • Bromley (map ref B)5422 entries, piece number RG9/463
  • Chislehurst (map ref C)2259 entries, piece number RG9/464
  • Foots Cray (map ref F)285 entries, piece number RG9/464
  • St Mary Cray (map ref M)1463 entries, piece number RG9/464
  • St Pauls Cray (map ref P)531 entries, piece number RG9/464
  • Orpington (map ref O)1725 entries, piece number RG9/464
Enlarged Area Image
Enlarged Area Image

This is "work in progress", another nine parishes (8685) individuals have been transcribed but remain to be input and added to these pages.