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Blog from the Library – Farnborough Hospital aka Orpington Institute.

Query 8 July 2020 From Canada, the writer said they were not sure if anyone is monitoring this email during the pandemic but thought they would try. I've come across a great aunt who apparently died at the Orpington Institute in Orpington, Bromley, Kent in 1937. I can't find any reference to the Orpington Institute online and with libraries closed ...

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Blog Library Request – Bethel – Bromley Chapel - Dickens.

Query. 25 June 2020. I've found out that my ancestors were married at "the Independent" Chapel in Bromley on 25 July 1860. I was wondering if there was any information or parish registers that the NWKHS has on the Independent Chapel. My family seem to have been quite religious and non-conformists (not really sure what that means) and Annie and Fred...

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Blog request of the Library – Bromley Little Theatre.

Query 15 May 2020 I am a member of Bromley little theatre and I'm embarking on a project to make a video of the theatre's history, most of the video will just be a guided tour for posterity, but I'm hoping to start it with a brief history of the building we think the theatre was originally a bakery but I can't find any proof of this, in fact I can'...

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