Area-Based Mixed PR & MI Transcripts on Disc

Some of our discs currently do not comply with Data Protection and will have to be amended at the time of sale:

Baptisms: 100 years; Marriages: 75 years & Burials 25 years.

Visit the Society's Library to view beyond these dates.


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Bromley: Misc' Monumental Inscriptions & Indexes

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Bromley Area CD-MI 1v2



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Bromley, Dartford and Sevenoaks Areas: Misc' M.I.s & Indexes

Miscellaneous Monumental Inscriptions & Indexes.

Contents of all three CD's, Bromley, Dartford, Sevenoaks [on DVD]

Three areas DVD-MI-4


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Dartford: Misc' Monumental Inscriptions & Indexes

Dartford Area

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CD-MI 2 v4


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Information by Lionel Cole in an easy to follow format

An Index of People & Places 1200-1851 (includes info' on PRs, Census, Wills, Probate etc. for each individual/place mentioned)



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Sevenoaks: Misc' Monumental Inscriptions & Indexes

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CD-MI 3 v4


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Speldhurst: Memorials to the Fallen

Memorials to the Fallen 1815-1945 (TW006)



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