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If you are a NWKFHS member, please login, if not, please join today.

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Zoom link glitches 28th July 2022

You will know by now that tonight we had a problem with members signing onto the talk.

The problem appears to be a change and update by Zoom a couple of days ago.

It now appears that unless you have the FREE 'Basic' licence or better on your computer you will have problems joining the meeting whether you use the link or you use the ID and passcode.

The solution is to download the 'Basic' FREE licence onto your computer manually. It means when you tick on the 'zoom' desktop icon you get a home page up with four buttons. You use the top right 'Join' button and enter the meetings details.

You can download this from the Zoom.us/download web site.

This page says

Zoom Desktop Client

'The web client will download automatically when you start or join your first zoom meeting and is also available for manual download.'

We recommend you want to do a manual download before you are going to join your first meeting and to make sure you have the latest version on your computer if this is not your first zoom talk.

Click on the 'Download' button which says version 5.11.4 (7185) (64-bit) unless you have a 32-bit client in which case that download is shown below the button in blue lettering.

A 'Basic' licence is free and you can also get it from the Zoom.us/pricing web site. 

For those that missed the talk it has been recorded and will go into the MOA in the next few days.

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