Teaching an old dog old tricks.

At the AGM 2018 I purchased one of the surplus books from the Society Library. At 20p it was too good to pass over and it had so many interesting subjects, which I had still to learn their value.

It's a copy of English Genealogical Congress, Selected papers given at the Congress of 1978 and 1984. Published by English Genealogical Congress c/o Society of Genealogists, 1986, ISBN 0901878820.

There are 19 papers some of which I think are still current and worth recalling.

Part I selection.

1) 'Genealogy and the Medieval Histories' by Michael Maclagan.

Michael Maclagan, who died aged 89 in 2003, was a historian of early medieval England and Byzantium, an eminent authority on genealogy and heraldry, and for more than 40 years a tutor in Modern History at Trinity College, Oxford.

2) 'Between Conquest and Cromwell: Some Suggestions on sources for Medieval Genealogy' by Richard Swanson

3) 'The Tax Payer named: a study of documentary sources' by Maurice Beresford.

4) 'Regional differences in the evolution of surnames' by Richard McKinley

7) 'Sheep stealers and others: Records of Quarter Sessions as a Genealogical Source' by William Serjeant

8) 'Local History and Genealogy' by Alan Rogers

Part II selection.

9 Life in the Royal Navy, 1660-1914 by Nicholas Rodger

10 Town, Manor and Alternative Society by John West. 

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