Ministry of Works Camp, No154, Swanscombe Street, Swanscombe, German working camp.

Enquiry of the Library, 24 February 2021.

I am assisting my brother, Dean Storckmann, with some research into his family history. His Grandfather was held at the Prisoner of War Camp in Swanscombe and went on to marry a local girl. It was known as Ministry of Works Camp, No154, Swanscombe Street, Swanscombe, German working camp. The site is now housing.

There appears to be limited information online about the camp and any prisoners held there. Do you have any further information or are you able to point us in the right direction please?


As you will know from our web site the Library is closed due to the Corona virus restrictions and we do not know when we can open it again. None of our records except those on the web site are available online.

The same for our Branch meetings and until they open, we cannot announce the details and query to members.

We have three ways of asking your query.

Our quarterly Journal has just been published but I have blind copied this to the editor just in case she can include an item in the next Journal.

We also have an emailinformationservice which is issued approx. twice a month and again I've blind copied this to the editor. She may like to put an item in the newsletter and will contact you if she needs more information.

The third way is to put a blog on our web site. I'll do that and let you know if it has any response. You can view it on the home page and the blog pages.

Good luck with your enquiry and when the library is open (if and when) please drop by and our volunteers will be pleased to help. 

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