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Library Blog - A wonderful idea for Redundant or Duplicate NWKFHS Journals.

A number of members have asked recently what to do with their old Journals.

The Library replied

The library has a full set of Journals for access of members who like paper copies. We do not have the space and facilities to store duplicate copies of Journals and books.

The web site has a full set of journals online available for members to read and or download. This service was brought into use soon after we had set up the new web site.

When the Tonbridge Wells FHS ceased NWKFHS took over their assets including Journals and these are now also on the web site for members to view.
There is also an online index of the Journals so you can find articles that might be associated with your research.

We feel this is a wonderful resource.

A member then gave us this wonderful idea.

She said although the NWKFHS library does not have room for a second almost complete set of back Journals, She absolutely applaud the members wanting to find a use for them instead of just putting them in the paper recycling bin. She only found out about the Society after coming across three old Journals at a boot sale.

The member thought our Journals are a magnificent marketing tool and she always dispose of her own by discreetly placing them (just two or three at a time) where readers will find them - (pre Covid19 obviously) at hairdressers, doctors' waiting rooms, the free bookshelf at various local railway stations etc. Someone might pick one up who, up to that point, is not even interested in family history and it might spark an interest in our addictive hobby and in NWKFHS. Once someone emailed her who had picked one up at Chelsfield Station, although, ironically, he did not have known it was her who left it there.

She realised that having undertaken some decluttering members are wanting to dispose of their copies in one go rather than the piecemeal way described. 

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