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Query 9 April 2020

I live in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. I was born in the UK and my family come from the village of Sandhurst in Kent. Samuel Reeves moved to Bermondsey in 1825.

Their family name was Reeves. I am a member of Ancestry, but appear to have exhausted all

the information they can provide. I was hoping that you could provide me with some

alternative online sources, so that I can carry on my own research. My great grandmothers

who married Reeves over the years were Davis, Lambert, Hyland, Wells, Pyle, Horton, Young and Berry. All were locals to the area.

Answer 9 April 2020.

Thanks for your email addressed to the Library at North West Kent Family History Society.

You will know that coronavirus in the UK has meant the Society has had to close all its meetings including the Library where our volunteers who carry out our research service are located, because all our records are available there. While the Library Catalogue is on line, the fiche and film sources catalogue are in progress but not available online. Ditto for the 'old documents' catalogue. That will happen when we can get back to using the library building and hopefully the cataloguing volunteers can meet again.

Details of this catalogue service are on our web site; which I assumed you accessed to get the Library email address; along with a research request form. I don't know if any of our research team have knowledge of this area, but contacting the research coordinator she may know if any of the other volunteers has this special knowledge.

You will be able to see all the publications the Society has produced and are available for purchase on the public pages even during this time although the service may be slow as our volunteers are limited in their movements to collect and dispatch the CDs.

By joining the Society you will be able to gain access to the members only area (MOA).

The Society also has a system of Journal (still in production) and Newsletters (not available as they are branch organised) and an email information service still operating (details on the web pages) for sharing research.

Sorry we are all in shutdown at present.

You do realise that Sandhurst is in Kent Family History Society (www.kfhs.org.uk) area and they have a web site that will give you details about their services and contact details.

They will be shut down in the same way as ourselves but may have email connections. 

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