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16th June 2020

Stoneham Brage Builders of the River Thames 1797-1881

A description of three generations of our barge-building ancestors

Audrey E Cirillo's book on the Stoneham and Ivimy families was produced as a self-publication in 2002. She writes in the forward that 'she had written the following narrative not only for my satisfaction but also as a piece of research that can be pursued by any of our Stoneham descendants who may become sufficiently interested to take the quest further'

I thought it was well written and clearly gave her target information and the context of London and Kent history at the same time as the family was in Rotherhithe, Deptford, Lewisham, Charlton, Woolwich and Gillingham.

I was surprised the goods the barges carry was not mentioned as my previous experience was with Smeed Dean's barges built in Sittingbourne for the brick industry.

Previously the only Stoneham I had come across was Edward who owned a quarry and clay pit in Crayford c1847.

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