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1 to 1811May-92Angell, KevinWelcome to Tunbridge Wells JournalMembers Interest, Help Wanted, Family Tree, Members Story, 1881 Census Project, Whitatable Salvage Men, Parish Registers, Possible M.I. locationsNew members interests.
1 to 1812 to 4May-92TWFHSList of New Members for TWFHSIndividuals new members names for TWFHS and family they are tracing informationIndividual new members
1 to 1815May-92TWFHSHelp WantedLetter asking for help with the work for the SocietyHelp Wanted
1 to 1815May-92TWFHSYour Society Needs youHelping with the Society and running the Library
1 to 1816May-92TWFHSPerson Details Personal Details. E.g Father Name, Mother name and their DOB, Marriage, Death and any other information What informtion you need to start your family history which includes, Father, Mother, Aunt, Uncle
1 to 1817May-92Angell, K P How to Start and Discover your Family (kpatwfhs)Start with what you know. Get names, DOB, Marriages, Death and siblingsFamily Details. Information for Family Tree.
1 to 1818 to 9May-92Chicken, DorthyJames Shaw Part 1 - Mr patornal Grandfather James ShawGrandfather marriage Bertha Heatley Sisson in Derby. Found another brother Charles Shaw, parents are George Shaw and Maria. Found another brother Edward Shaw died 1876Tracing family member for the Shaw family
1 to 18110 to 11May-92TWFHSRecord of AncestorsChart with name, address, born, place, married, diedChart for Family Tree
1 to 18112May-92Jeffrey, Don, MrEither side of the Border. Great Grandfather born in Etal Mill in 1839, Grandfather born Leith. Great Great Grandfather was born 1807 in Chirnaide and had 3 children. Tracing family in Northumberland, Durham. Tracing the Martlew Family
1 to 18113May-92Jeffrey, Joan, MrsA Lucky BreakGouter Martlew from Sussex. Grandfather brother Charles born Seamer. There is a Joan Martlew. Next trip to Selkirk to the Borders Archives Office.Martlew, Charles, Joan
1 to 18114May-92TWFHS1881 Census Project. 1881 Census form. 1881 Census form. Names of people living at on the day of the census.
1 to 18115May-92TWFHSThe Genealogical Society of Utah Transcription instructions. Block letter, Civil Parish, Address you might need Address of Different Churches
1 to 18116 to 18May-92Perkins, johnDeath of Captain Thom Rigden of Whitsable Part 1Director of East Kent Fishing Company of Ramsgate. 1891 adventure of Cape Finisterre. In 1918 retired from Salvage and diving business. Member of Whitstable Urban District CouncilCaptain Thomas Rigden - Seaman
1 to 18119May-92TWFHSParish RecordsKeeping of Parish Records from 1538,1558,1644,1653, 1660,1666-7, 1678, 1680, 1694, 1695, 1733, 1752, 1754, 1789,1812,1814, 1837. Parish Records
1 to 18120May-92Payne, C,MrsPossible M.I LocationMrs C Payne what us to check if these place of worship still on going including if they have gravestones or memorials.Places of Worship
1 to 1821AUT 92Braham, FrancescaEditorial, Programme of EventsSend any letters or ideas to to Francesca Brahman. Journal of Tunbridge Wells. Events for December 19992 and January Februay March 1993
1 to 1821AUT 92Braham, FrancescaPrograme of Events1992 18 Dec - Socaial evening, 1993 15 Jan Class for Beginners and Group Discussion, 19th Feb How to start, and one Name Studies by Claude Swain, 19th Mar, to be advisedEvents for 1992 and 1993. Claude Swain
1 to 1822AUT 92Braham, FrancescaCommittee DetailsNames and adress of the Committee MembersCommittee Members
1 to 1823AUT 92Howey,Essie Secretary ReportGood Year, Had 4 speakers this year. Secretary Report
1 to 1823AUT 92Pinder, Susie, MrsMembership Secretary ReportsMembership at 57. Beginners courses.Memberships
1 to 1824 to 5AUT 92TWFHSConstitutionDetails of the constitution for TWFHSTWFHS Constitution
1 to 1826 to 7AUT 92TWFHSNew Members Interests. Details of New Members InterestNew Members Interests.
1 to 1827AUT 92TWFHSHelp WantedRoger Farthing need help with local historian. TW families in 18th 19 Centuries. (Member). Rosalind Oliver need help with the name of Roser TW and Pembury area around 1841 Roger Farthing and Rosalind Oliver
1 to 1827AUT 92Jeffrey, Don, MrMembershp of FHSCompiling a list of TWFHS members who are also members of tother Societies. TWFHS will be able to contact other member at othe Societies for informationDon Jeffrey, TWFHS Members and members of other socities.
1 to 1828 to 9AUT 92Quarmby, Ray, MrMonumental InscriptionsRecording all different types of headstone, grave number, names, dates of dob and death and these will be recorded. Guy Nevill. Names on Headstones
1 to 18210AUT 92Braham, FrancescaWhatever happened to Uncle Harry? - A cautionary TaleHarry died in earthquake in Quetta, Malaria in Egypt, Sudan. He was in the Airforce. Henry Herbert Griffins born Hendon. Now looking for his mother who died from measles/pneumonia/scarlet feverHenry Herbert Griffins. Uncle name Will and Fred
1 to 18210AUT 92TWFHSFamil History FairHolding Fair 16 May 1993 from 10am to 5pm at the Royal Horticultural Society Old Hall, Vincent Square, London SW1Family History Fair
1 to 18211AUT 92TWFHSTunbridge Wells LibraryOpening Time, Census enumerators, Parish Registers, T W Guidebooks,TW Histories, Subject monographs: TW, Kent-Sussex monographs, Town and Villages monographs-Kent -Sussex, Newspaper on microfilm, Maps, Sales CataloguesTunbridge Wells Central Library
1 to 18212AUT 92Jeffrey, JoanStraysPeople you researching who are found out of place which is normally means that they lived or was born else where. Let Joan Jeffrey know which names are out of place , so she can clean up house.Joan Jeffrey, Cleaning House
1 to 18213 to 14AUT 92Williams, MrsEdward the PreacherFamily Tree of Edwards-Church Salem Chapel in St John Road. Went to TW library spoke to Jean Mauldon and Lorna Bailey regarding Edwards Church. On this page is Edwards family treeClements Williams, Thomas Williams, Jean Maulden, Lorna Bailey,Thomas Edwards, Edward Edwards, Ann Kennett, Martha Collins
1 to 18215AUT 92Drews, F G MissIts all in the genesfather side - Engineers- Culters, Mother side - Gardeners and Fruiterers, Gt Gt grandfather - mariner, Gt Grandfather - Shoe maker, his son -hop sampler. Mother father -Cashier Accountant, grandfather -engineer,Aunt-needlwomenEngineers - culters, gardners - fruiterers, mariner, shoe maker, hop sampler, cashier Accountant, needlewomen
1 to 18215AUT 92Gurney, SheilaDavid Saloman and the 1891 CensusDavid and Wife had 4 children, plus Servants, Governes,Lady maidl butler, house maid, scullery maid,footman, groom/coachman, gate porter, gardner. What was the wife doing all dayDavid Salomen, Wife Laura plus servants
1 to 18216AUT 92TWFHSUseful AddressesProvide useful address for doing family seaches.Family History Centre, The Society of Genalogists, Istitute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, The General Register Office
1 to 1831SUM 93Braham, FrancescaEditorialThird Edition of TWRHS. Thanking everyone for their contributionEditorial. Francesca Braham
1 to 1832SUM 93TWFHSProgramme of EventsEvents from June 12 to December. June 12, Exhibition of members, July 16 Woodbury Park Cemetery. Sept 17, 25 Lady Teviot ta22lking about her work. Oct 22 AGM. Nov 19 Member Sharing Evening. Dec 20 Social evening Events from June 12 to 20 Dec - Lady Teviot, Woodbury Park Cemetery
1 to 1832SUM 93Angell, K PA note from the ChairmanMembers to send in articals. Journal is for members to enjoyJournal. K P Angell
1 to 1833SUM 93Winsett, Audrey, MrsMy Wilmshurst Family of HorsmondenChanged Names from Wimshurst to Wimsett. Edward Wilmshurst married Frances Duke had 11 Children. Family from Horsmonden. My Husband Grandfather William born 1838 ran away to seaEdward Wilmshurst, Frances Duke, William, Stephen, Edward, Ruth, John, Elizabeth, Fanny, Henry, Thomas, Rebekal, Mary Jane
1 to 1834SUM 93Sandilands, A E, MrsRequest for HelpGrandparents lived in Tunbridge Wells 1906 - 1929. Grandfather belong to Ancient Order of Druids, need information. Ferdinand Ignatz Taxler born Bratislava, Hungary. Ferdinand Ignatz Traxle, Elizabeth Traxler nee Pullen/Pulling. Ferdinand Ernest Traxler (1898-1951) Banbury, Brentford.
1 to 1835 to 6SUM 93MembersMembers InterestMembers asking help to reseach their familiesMansfield, Terry, Smith, Tierney, Austen, Wells, Burch, Barnard, Hobday, Hoare, Delves, Carpenter,Nightingale, Baker, Bray
1 to 1837 to 8SUM 93Angell, A MrThe Elstobs of Herne BayThe Elstobs lived in Herne Bay, Kent in 1800. My Aunt Kathleen Rogers in 1966 wrote about Dryden Elstob. 3 piers build in Herne Bay. Thome Elstob owned brickworks. JD Elstob went to Rhodesia. Dryanden Elsto open a shop Dryden Elstob, J D Elstob, Thomas Elstob, Kathleen Rogers, 3 Piers, Rhodesia, Herne Bay
1 to 1838SUM 93TWFHSExtract from Parish Registers of Stradbroke, SuffolkJohn son of Susannah and John Aldous, Baptised 4 April 1767. Whether above two are married is doubtful - married them afterwardsJohn, Susannah and John Aldous. Baptised
1 to 1838SUM 93Jeffery, Joan, MrsHow did they meetMy mother never worked and father lived 18 miles away. But my father uncle lived in the same house as my mother. Census of 1891 address 58 Park Street, Worksop.Ethel Brammer, Charles Martlew. Censue 1891
1 to 1839SUM 93Jeffery, Don, MrMobilityCharles had 5 children and he moved a few times. He worked as a miller. He worked as innkeeper and gardner. Son Adam moved to Newcastle. All moves are relating to finding jobs.Charles, Ann, Adam, David, Poldrate Mill, innkeeper and gardner, miller
1 to 1839SUM 93TWFHSMembership of other Family History SocitiesDon and Joan keep a list of all the other family history societies that members belong to.Don and Joan.
1 to 18310 to 12SUM 93Chicken, Dorothy, MrsThe Colindale Newspaper LibraryJames Shaw - Civil Engineer, Colindale Newspaper Library to explain his death. Coroner said he died of broke leg, hip, shock and exhaustion. Died within 2 days. Trying to trace Shaw/WoolleysJames Shaw, Colindale Newspaper Library, Coroner Inquest on James Shaw
1 to 18312SUM 93TWFHSThe B.I.C RegisterBritish Isles Genealogical Register. Register surnames that you are researching. Directory will be availabe in Scotland Ireland and WalesBritish Isles Genealigical Register
1 to 18313SUM 93Harris, John, MrThe Family WaySearching for information regarding my family at Home, Books, and setting up facts sheetsBorrowed books and relations. Create form and charts
1 to 18314 to 15SUM 93TWFHSA Beginner's Guide to St Catherine'S HouseCatherine House holds Birth, Marriage, Death, Service Records. Catherine House - Charing Cross. Info required are the year, month, name.Catherine House, Birth, Marriage, Death
1 to 18316SUM 93Jeffery, Jean, MrsHow letter writing can helpSearching the Martlaw family in Sussex, Surrey by looking up the Telephone Directories, Writing letter to family members. Found a Colin Martlaw and James Martlaw.Colin Martlaw, James Martlaw.
1 to 18317SUM 93TWFHSUseful AddressesUseful address for doing research Useful addresses
1 to 1841WIN 93Braham, F, Pinder,S Joye, GillEditorialThanks for contributed articles and Susie will started series of articles looking at Bishopsgate Institute and Guildhall Library, Greater London Records Office and Society of Genealogists Libray.Bishopsgate Insitute and Guildhall Library, Greater London Records Office and Society of Genealogists Library.
1 to 1842WIN 93Pinder, S Braham, FProgramme of Events for 1994Jan 21, Workshops - Feb 18 Members Question Time -Mar 18 Reverse Genealogy - Apr 15 Service Records at Kew - May 20 Computer Workshops - Jun 17 Speakers - Jul 15 Workshops Wills. Meeting Chapel in SpeldhurstWorkshops, London and N Middlesex Hosting FFHS. Society of Genealogist History Fair
1 to 1843WIN 93Pinder, Susie, MrsMeeting ReportsJune Open day at Camvmden Centre. 15 member looking at headstones at Woodhill Park Gemetry, Lady Teviot Spoke in Sept. AGM in October. November looking at each others reference and resource materialsLady Teviot, AGM Open Day, Woodhill Park Cemetry
1 to 1843WIN 93TWFHSMembership Secretary ReportsReached 69 members by AGM. This journal should have copies of Membership Forms and revised Members Interest Form. To reach us by 1 February 1994AGM membership for 1993 69, Membership forms and Interest Forms
1 to 1843WIN 93TWFHSData Protection Act 1984Members who do not want their names and address to be shown let Chairperson or Membership Secretary as soon as possible.Object to shown names and address, Chairperson or Membership Secretary
1 to 1844WIN 93Braham, FrancescaMessage from the ChairpersonWelcome new members. People have offered lifts to get to the monthly meeting. We will be able to advertise our meetings in the future to increase memberships.Francesca Braham, New Memberships, Getting Lifts.
1 to 1844WIN 93TWFHSFamily Tree MagazineSociety received monthly copy of Family Tree Magazine. Ask Jo to see a copy. In December memtions microfil of the 1851 and 1861 Census. Speak to Angela Munley for detail of the listAngela Munley, Family Tree Magazine
1 to 1845WIN 93Howey, EssieThe Pitfalls of Collecting Information from RelativesNot all information collected from family is correct. Names can be changed around or completely different. Sir Joseph Banks had som illegitimate children.Charles William Richardson name was Sharpe Richardson, Sir Joseph Banks, William Gairns,
1 to 1846 to 7WIN 93Chicken, BenMy Chicken AncestorsPaternal Grandfather Thomas Chicken was a miner. He had 3 Brothers. Robert William Chicken was my father. Grandfather became an engineer. Robert, Thomas went to Liverpool with Benjamin. Loved in the community.Thomas Chicken, Alice Wilkinson, Benjamin, Ralph, Lancelot Wilkinson Chicken. Mary Swinburn, Robert William Chicken
1 to 1848 to 9WIN 93Joye, GillPatience and PerserveranceTracing James Ball to where he was born. He had 3 children Ann, James, William. They moved to Hackney. James Ball died 1853 and buried in Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington with his first wife and 3 children.James Hall, Ann, James, William Henry Anne Selby and son in lawThomas Selby. William Ball and Anne Long
1 to 1849WIN 93Steel, DonFamily History CoursesWeekend Course 25- 27 March 19693. Family History Stage 2. One week Courses - Beginners, Stage 2 Further details on all course available from Don Steel, Brooking, Jarvis Lane, East Brent, Ilighbridge, Somerset, TA9 4HSDon Steel. Weekend Coures and One Week Courses
1 to 18410WIN 93Braham, FrancescaReport on Tenth Biennial Day Conference of Society of GenealogistsSpeakers Dr Anne Dally to discuss Poor Law to the Inheritance and Succession of Landed Families. Professor Joan Freeman lecture was Inherited Ability. Dr Robert Hedges for Study of DNA. Miss Frances Dimond PhotographsDr Anne Dally, Professor Joan Freeman, Dr Robert Hedges, Poor Law, Inherited Ability, DNA Nuss Frances Dimond from Windsor Castle
1 to 18410WIN 93TWFHSSussex Family Histor GroupWe are members of the Sussex Family History Group. Members 4008.Visit Lewes Family History Centre and Library. Library contains microfilm/fiche and transcripts relating to Susses and 1992 I.G.ISussex Family History Group.
1 to 18411WIN 93Braham, FrancescaBrain - Teaserthe strategic words removed. Puzzle for the winter evening. Answer will be given in the Summer journal.Grain - Teaser
1 to 18412 to 13WIN 93Griffin, AnnaA Potted History of the Poor LawThe poor Law was to help those that cannot work and had no money. Some people where sent to the workhouse. The Poor Law change from 1662 to 1834. If children born in a workhouse that stay with for the rest of their livesPoor Law Acts, Overseer ,
1 to 18414 to 15WIN 93Don and JoanMicrofiches held by the SocietyMicrofishes are kept that the society. Areas: East of London, East Surrey, Kent, Middlesex, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Northumberland, Staffordshire, Warwichshire.Don and Joan Jeffrey. Microfishes contain different years of census.
1 to 18415WIN 93Jeffrey, JoanMy Ancestor was a Pauper AprenticeA premium £2 for children to be on a Pauper Apprenticeship until they are 21 years old. Samuel Stacey moved to Cuckney in 1851 a small villageSamuel Stacey, Esther Stacey. The Dukeries. Pauper Apprenticeships (1782 - 1856)
1 to 18416 to 17WIN 93TWFHSGuildhall LibraryAt Guildhall Library documents held are manuscripts of Rate Book, Marriage Licence, Probate. Printed books published family histories, Poll Books CensusManuscripts, Books,
1 to 18418 to 19WIN 93TWFHSThe Bishopgate InstitueThe Bishopsgate was opened in 1894. Chrles Goss collected books for the Library. Library. Books maps manuscript collected for this libraryGeorge Jacob Holyoake, George Howell Charles Goss. Bishopgate Institute, London
1 to 18419WIN 93TWFHSSt Catherines House Index and 1992 I.G.I.Index on microfiche at Local Studies Library in Bromley. Index from 1837 - 1983 and the 1992 IGISt Catherifnes Index
1 to 18419WIN 93Jeffrey,Joan, Valc, JoWanted VolunteersHelp for Joan Jeffrey clearing up. Jo Valc with Library Publications Loan and setting up the hall. Helping with the JournalJoan Jeffrey, Jo Valc. Help with the Journal.
1 to 18420WIN 93TWFHSHelp WantedMembers searching their familesFrance Brown (Miss U M H Corner) ) Frederick James Stevens (Mrs Rosalind Oliver )
1 to 18420WIN 93TWFHSKent Census IndexesKent Family History Society compiled a list of parishe/censuses in Kent. Includes details of published and unpublised indeses and their wheraboutsMiss G Richard, Kent Family History Society
1 to 18421WIN 93TWFHSMembers InterestMembers trying find more information on their familiesMrs P Sullivan, Ms J Watson, Mr Gordon, Mrs W Robb, Mrs A E Sandilands, Miss U Corner, Mrs A Rowell
1 to 18422 to 23WIN 93TWFHSMinutes of the A.G.M Held on the 22nd October at Speldhurst.Mr Brumpling asked if the Society applied for Charity Status, Treasuerer gave brief detail of cash available. Election of member appointed.Miss Metherall, Mr Crumpling, Mrs Howey, Mr Angell, Mrs Joye
1 to 18424WIN 93Howey, EssieSecretarys Report given at AGM on 22nd October 1993Good 2nd year and 3 speakers. Reported that Mr Angell help to get information the Elderly. Went on a Trip to PRO at KewClaude Swainb, Miss Mauldon, Julian, Lady Teviot, Kevin Angell, Anne Crawford, Essie Howey.
1 to 1851SUM 94TWFHSEditorialThanks for contributed articles.Interesting in any information on your Ancestors
1 to 1852SUM 94Braham, FrancescaMessage from the ChairpersonGood year and attendance at meetings has remained steady. The 1891 Census transcription project has started. A booklet of members interest.Francesca Branham, Census 1891 transcription. Booklet of member interests been produced.
1 to 1852SUM 94Jeffrey, Don, Mr1891 Census ProjectTunbridge Wells 1891 Census Transcribe is under way. Microfiches have 100 pages and they need help.Don Jeffrey, Joan Jeffrey. 1891 Census. Microfiches
1 to 1853SUM 94TWFHSProgramme of Events for the Rest of 1994We haver 8 Programme of events set up from 20 May to 16 December. Computer,Workshops, AGM, Family TreeChristmas Fun Time, Workshops, Computer Workshops. Terry Moyle, Fran Brahm, Gill Joye.
1 to 1853SUM 94TWFHSMembersWe welcome our 75 Member, 32 Family, 41 Individual and 2 Oversea Members. Getting to start programes for 1995Susie, Family History, Members
1 to 1854SUM 94Pinder, Susie, MrsMeeting ReportsThe meeting was about the attendance, workshops, Talk about Sussex Family History Group and about how much software available for the SocietyDecember, January, February, March, April, May meetings
1 to 1854SUM 94TWFHSOffer of Reciprocal ResearchMr Robert Warburton willing to do research for member in the Cheshire and Manchester areaMr Robert Warburton, Cheshire and Mancester
1 to 1855SUM 94TWFHSA Chance Meeting Brings Family TogetherFind out about the Cowlings, Gray, Gosling. Tracing family in Birmingham, Northampton and Australia. 17 members of Cowling meet in NorthamptonCowling, Gray, Gosling families
1 to 1855SUM 94TWFHSCornwal FHS - AGMCornwall holding a AGM in Newquay and the talks by Michael Gandy, Colin Chapman.Michael Gandy, Colin Chapman. Bill Grose
1 to 1856SUM 94TWFHSSussex Family History Group Conference2 speakers, Paul Leppard on Agricultural Labourer. Mary Ellis on Manonal records. Roger Samways on details keep at 40 Northampton Road. Paul Leppard, Mary Ellis, Roger Samway - Speakers
1 to 1856SUM 94TWFHSFamily History CoursesAt the Ninth Family History in Wales will be 4 courses held between August to September 1994.Welsh Ancestry, Recortds of church and Chapel, Family History in Wales 1660 to 1830
1 to 1857SUM 94Davis, Nita,MrsTradesTrades normally stay in the same area like Bread Street is for Bakers. Apprenticeships were taken on from 1563.Freeman of the City or Borough.
1 to 1858 to 9SUM 94TWFHSMicrofiches and Books Held by DCJ for TWFHSArea: London, Surrey, Kent, Middlesex, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire,Northumberland & Durham,Staffordshire, Suffolk, Sussex, WarwickshireMicrofiches and Books
1 to 18510 to 11SUM 94Archer, StephenThe North Werst Kent 1851 Census ProjectNWKFHS started the 1851 Census and areas covered Greenwich, Lewisham, Bromly, Dartford, Sevenoaks, extending from Deptford 5 volumes Bromley, Woolwich, Deptford, Lewisham, Dartford
1 to 18512SUM 94Corner, UMH,Mrs, Wells, Joan,MrsHelp WantedMrs Corner help with: Innes, Sutherland, Dudman - Joan Wells - John Barber WellsTracing families
1 to 18513SUM 94Jeffrey, Don, MrIs it Worth ItTracing the family of Mr Don Jeffrey in Newcastle and been looking the 1881 censusJohn M Gibson, Thomas Gibson John P Jeffrey
1 to 18513SUM 94TWFHSBook Review - Was your Ancestor a Toe-RagUnusual Occupations, Plumassier, Quarrel Picker, Toe-ragUnusual Sounding occupations
1 to 18514SUM 94Seymour, Alan, MrForming a large one-name societyForming a large one-name society - Having a co-ordinator for each county is useful.Family Trees, finding lost relatives.
1 to 18514SUM 94TWFHSBook Review - Ten Year of Looking into the Family TreeTen years since the start of the Family Tree magazine.Family Tree Magazine
1 to 18514SUM 94TWFHSOffer of Reciprocal ResearchMrs Margaret Harman from Buckfastleigh help on researching on Jenner Family from Cranbrook and BenedenMrs Margaret Harman, Buckfastleigh, Branbrook and Beneden
1 to 18515SUM 94Jeffrey, Joan, MrsBound Apprentices or More about Samuel StaceySamuel Stacey was a pauper appentice. In 1785 he was admitte to Lambeth Workhouse and a month later went to Cuckney Nottinghamshire MillSamuel Stacey, Don Jeffrey, Lambeth Workshouse, Cuckney Nottinghamshire
1 to 18516SUM 94L'ale, Jo, MrsList of Strays Lodging in the fHorsmonden District of Brenchley, Kent on the night of 8 April 1891List of Navvys sleeping in a railway hut.Strays Lodging in the Horsmonden District of Brenchley, Kent 1891
1 to 18517SUM 94TWFHSGenealogist Question TimeGenealogist Quizz - What is a stray, What are Bishops Transcripts, 2 x Great-Grandparents, Whatis an IRCGenealogisty Quizz
1 to 18518SUM 94Joye, Gill, MrsSociety of Genealogists Family History Fair - A Quick VisitMrs Gill Joye went to Fair in London. Looking at old books, Software, Microfiche readers.Mrs Gill Joye. Fair in London
1 to 18519SUM 94Braham, Francesca, MrsThe Sorrow and Serendipity of Finding an Unusual Surname on your TreeMrs Francesca Braham reseraching names Schroski and Elnaugh.Mrs Francesca Brahm, Schroksi and Elnaugh.
1 to 1861WIN 94Braham, Francesca, MrsEditorialWelcome new members. People have offered lifts to get to the monthly meeting. We will be able to advertise our meetings in the future to increase memberships.Brian Taylors. Winter Edition of Journal
1 to 1862WIN 94TWFHSProgramme of Events for 1995Heirloom Iteems, Agricutural Labourers, AGM. Some of the events in 1995Programme of events from January 20 to April/May 1996
1 to 1863WIN 94Pinder, SusieSecretary's ReportLike to thanks for the support over the last year.Gill Joye to take over Membership SecretaryGill Joye, AGM, Programme events for the 1995
1 to 1863WIN 94Pinder, SusieMeeting ReportsTerry Moyle doing his family Tree from Cornwall. AGM October. Member Sharing Evening. Susie draw up a family treeSusie Pinder, Gill, Terry Moyle. Workshop 1993
1 to 1864WIN 94Brahman, Francesca, MrsChairman's Report given at AGM on Friday 21 October 1994Member has increase over the year. Society have 2 microfiche machines. Indexing of 1891 CensusMicrofiches, AGM, Indexing of 1891 census
1 to 1864WIN 94TWFHSHelp WantedWanting articles from members or non members for their journalArticles from members and non members
1 to 1865WIN 94Thomas I, MrsA Lucky BreakSeaching Great Grand Father worked at a mill. Graham and Rosalinde Haw who Great Great Uncles work at mill.Graham and Rosalinde Haw. Mill in Horner Somerset.
1 to 1865WIN 94Allen, Dan, MrVictorian Military FairVictorian Military Society hold their annual Fair. Everyone welcome. Principal interest is between 1837 and 1914. Contact Mr Dan AllenMilitiary Photos. Mr Dan Allen. Victorian Milityary Society
1 to 1866 to 7WIN 94Springgate, Brent, MrAncestral movesJohn and Sarah Springate born 1793 at Tudely and Capel. Moved from Tudely, Sevenoaks, Deptford. Trace family in Hong Kong, Canada, USAMr Brent Springate. John and Sarah Springate, Texan Springate. Canada Dockx, Russian Dock, Hong Kong, Canada, USA
1 to 1867WIN 94Trew, Sian,MrsA Little part of HistoryTracing my family craftsmen in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells producing decorated wooden articles.Richards Sharvill, James Sharvill, Ricahard Hollamby, Henry, Albert Roland John Wakeford.
1 to 1868WIN 94Metherull, Iris, MrsProgressPeople who needed help had to go back to they came from to get help.Ottery St Mary, Bideford, Barnstaple, Norwich
1 to 1868WIN 94Graves, Kenneth,Graves Family AssociationKenneth Vance Grave from USA is interested in any one from Greaves or Grave to contact himKenneth Vance Graves
1 to 1868WIN 94TWFHSDo you Need a LiftIf you are unable to attend meeting transport can be arranged. Contace Membership secretaryTransport of member to come to meetings
1 to 1869WIN 94Weller, G T MrKeep in Tourch with your CousinsI have been in contact with cousin in Australia, USA and starting to pieces the family treeWalter and Wife Annie, Ruth and Jack
1 to 1869WIN 94Crittenden, Philip,MrHelp WantedTracing my family Crittenden from Luton, Chatham and information on Crittenden/CrettendensCrittenden/Crettendens, Luton, Chatham and Matfield
1 to 18610WIN 94TWFHSNew Books from the FFHSVarious of Books regarding Business, Licences, Census, Church RegistersErick D Probert, Jeremy Gibson, Judith Hunter, Mervyn Medlyeott, Elizabeth Hampson, Lilian Gibbens
1 to 18610WIN 94Trew, Sian,MrsI'Ve come to a StandstillI have come to a standstill going back 220 years . Brian Taylor might be connected through Palmer Family. Going to London nextMrs Sian Trew, Brian Taylor
1 to 18611 to 12WIN 94Taylor, Brian, MrFamily History at 14400 BaudUsing the Internet, Roots, Bulletin Boards, Sysops, BBS called Quill queries. Finding cousin from South AfricaBrian Taylor, Richard Yardley
1 to 18912WIN 94TWFHSThe Phone Detective's Guide to Getting Back in TouchTell where to get telephone number and opening time for different companiesFRMagazineBritish Telecom and Pinkerton Security Services, Historical Information Centre
1 to 18613WIN 94Jeffrey, don and Mrs Joan JeffreySnippets from the CensusWe found out from the Census that the wifes are older than the husband and a lot of families stayed in the same villageSpeldhurst, Tunbridge Wells
1 to 18614 to 16WIN 94Taylor, Brian, MrAnd this His Third Bastard ChildI tracing my Grandfather family Palmer. There was some messages when registering the birth, marriage, deathWadhurst village and Church
1 to 18617WIN 94Taylor, Karen, MrsNew Branch Found at TWGGSBranch of the Pattenden lived Tunbridge Well. Jesse was in the workhouse with rest of his family. Charles Henry was killed driving his trainsJesse Pattenden, Naomi, Mary Jne, Henry, John Jess,
1 to 18617WIN 94Cobbett, Jane, MrsCoventry Family Histor SocietyExchanging Jounals with Coventry Family History SocietyMrs Jane Cobbett
1 to 18618WIN 94Prandy, Ken, Mr Bottero, Wendy, DRUniversity of Cambridge - The Family, Occupation and Social StratificationResearch into how families moved about and how their status changed. Family History Society provide information for this projectLord Palmeston, Family History Project, Dr Ken Prandy, Dr Wendy Bottero
1 to 1871SUM 95TWFHSEditorialBrian Taylor taken over the Editor from this edition onwards. Deadline for next edition is November 1st 1995Eliza Jane Tayler, Harry William and Frank Joesph. Brian Tayler new Editor
1 to 1872SUM 95TWFHSProgramme of EventsNew events start June 16 to October 6 1996. Members Sharing evening, Postcards and Photographs, Cricket BallMichael Gandy, Gilly Joye, Ian White, David Cuppley, Hugh Barty-King, Brian Taylor
1 to 1873SUM 95TWFHSMeeting ReportsReports on Meeting on Heirlooms Evening, Genealogists Question Time, Workhouse life and Poor LawAnthony Camp, Brian Tayler, Don Jeffrey, Jean Stirk, Michael Gandy.
1 to 1874 to 6SUM 95Braham, FrancescaMy Great-Grandfather was an AlienMy Grandfather was Ernst Max Reinhold Casper and born Charlottenberg, Berlin. Married with 9 children. He was interned at Alexander PalaceErnst Casper, Elizabeth Sarah Adams, Ernest Edward, Alexander Palace, Home Office
1 to 1877 to 10SUM 95Taylor, Karen, MrsHello, I'm a GoonTrying to find the Patterden in the Kent area. Found Patterden living in Westerham, Kent and Limpsfield, Surrey. Looked at Records Office, WillsJohn Pattenden, Henry Paddington. Parish Records, International Genealogical Index
1 to 18710SUM 95TWFHSThe Tenth Family History in Wales CourseThis will be held on Saturday August 12 1995. Details from Dept of Extra Mural StudiesUniversity of Wales
1 to 18711 to 12SUM 95Jeffrey, Joan, MrsHenry Cotton of HawkhurstI was tracing Zilpah Cotton born Rothwell. Zilpah had another brother Henry and his wa a lay- Peacher in Hawkhurst. Trying to find Henry childrenHawkhurst, Henry Cotton, Jane Vidgen, Cyril Henry and Dorothy Evelyn.
1 to 18713 to 14SUM 95Taylor, Dick,mrThe Family MansionSearching the family Taylor in Robinson Road Tooting and other properties around this area. Joseph Tayler married a Eliza Jane Wheeler.Joseph Taylor, Eliza Jane Wheeler, Harry William Taylor, Emma Matilda nee Passfield
1 to 18715SUM 95Wells, JoyceBerkshire Family History Society - Victorian Virtues, Vices and VirtuosityTalks will cover occupation in the Post Office, Electrical Industry, Estate Work, urban poor, touring actors.Contact Joyce Wells. Conference of September 8 1995 Reading University.
1 to 18715SUM 95Lipscombe, JulieFamily History Club - An UpdateTrading Standards of Mid Glamorgan County Council received 30 complaints to the publication. If can get a refundJulie Lipcombe for advise
1 to 18716SUM 95Cowling, A BThe Benefits of Advertising your ResearchesSearching the name Fayers, 215 listed in UK. Most living in East Anglia and 77 of them in Suffolk. Mrs Oxborrow gave a list of member of her familyFayers, Mrs Rosemary Oxborrow, George Henry Fayers. List of family names.
1 to 18717 to 18SUM 95Taylor, Karen, MrsTrees on the WallWant to draw a tree to have on wall. Start with working pedigree. Sideways tree see page 19.Family Historian Enquire , Family Tree Magazine
1 to 18718SUM 95Braham, FrancescaPiece of CakeErnst Max Reihold Casper and Elizabeth Sarah Adams, married on Nov 20 1892 after their 55 Wedding Anniversary they received a piece of cake.Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip married on the same day.
1 to 18719SUM 95TWFHSFamily Tree Chart -Pattenden, Baker, Clapson, CayleyThis Tree is of Cayley family. Refer to pages 17 and 18 for info on family.Family Tree on Cayley
1 to 18720SUM 95Jeffrey, Joan, MrsSussex Family History Group ConferenceAttended Sussex Family History Group Conference, March 25. Chair Pat Stevenage, Speaker Michael Gandy. Talk on Houses.Pat Stevenage (Chair), Speaker Michael Gandy, Dr Annabelle Hughes (Houses and Probate, Roy Nesbit, Glenn Miller, Amy Johnson
1 to 18721 to 22SUM 95Taylor, Brian, MrWilliam Taylor - This was your LifeSearching Taylor. William Taylor born Birmingham married with 6 children. He owned property. He moved around. Trying to more of the familyWilliam Taylor, Joseph and Amelia Capon, Mary Aldred
1 to 18723 to 24SUM 95Hayward, MayReserching Tunbriddge Wells AncestorsSearching the families Gill, Green, Brown, Newland, Bassett in the Tunbridge Wells areaResearching a Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Nee Bassett, William Brown, James Bassett
1 to 18724SUM 95TWFHSKent Family History Society Open Day Kent Family History Society are support their new branch at Strood.September 16 1995St Georg's Centre, Chatham Maritime - Open Day
1 to 1881WIN 95TWFHSEditoralThe journal was late with problems with computer. Asking for articles for next JournalWinter 1995. Articles wanted for May 1996
1 to 1882WIN 95TWFHSProgramme of Events 1996Events from Jan 19 to Nov 15. Photographic Evenings, Cricket Ball, Computer Evenings,Record Keeping, Members EveningDavid Cufley, Hugh Barty-King, Dr Colin Chapman, Gillian Rickard, Lady Teviot, Lilian Gibbens
1 to 1883 to 6WIN 95Francesca BrahamAnnual General MeetingDetails on what has happen and what going to happen. Joan Jeffrey Treasurer, Susie Pinder Secretary. Buy new equipment for the SocietyBryan Cowling, Brian Tayloer, Anthony Camp, Michael Gandy, Jean Stirk, Ian White, Roger Lewry, Kevin Angell
1 to 1887 to 10WIN 95Cowling, A BAustralian Early SettlersSearching Gray, Toy and Atkin. Frederick Waldeck was a tailor moved to Australia (Perth). Hannah Wesley Waldeck married Edward Gray at GreenoughFrederick Waldeck, henry Gray, George Shenton, Hannah Wesley Waldeck, Edward Gray, Amy Helen Cowling
1 to 18810WIN 95Garieph, PatrickServicemen at GallipoliGallipoli Association/Royal Marines Historical Society, 1915- 16. Search for servicemen information, who died at or after GallipoliPatrick Gariepy, Servicemen at Gallipoli
1 to 18811 to 12WIN 95Jackson, KenMormon ResourcesIGI is listing prepared by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Anyone can access the Family History Centre.Church of Jesus Christ of Latter - Day Saints.
1 to 18812WIN 95Wells, BrianHelp WantedBrian Wells asking to help to search the Wells family. Edward Wells was a corporal in the RFA. Emigrated Western Australia with his wifeEdward Wells, Lillie Jones Samuel Wells, Susannah Nee Havell
1 to 18813 to 14WIN 95Metherall, IrisThe Reverend Francis MetherallFrances Metherall born North Devon moved Portsea and Penzance then Charlottetown. Frances remarried had 4 children. Died 1875Mary Nelson, Frances Metherall, Mary Langlois.
1 to 18815 to 17WIN 95Joye, Gill, MrsJames William Selby - Professional WhipJames William Selby was well known for a coach driver and he raced from Harchards Hotel Piccadilly to Brighton within 7 hours 50 mins winning £1000James William Selby, James Ball, Anne nee Balls , Alfred Thomas Selby, Margaret Eliza Dempsey.
1 to 18817WIN 95Corner, UMH,MrsHelp WantedMiss U M H corner for families with Baker and West in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells or East/North London1861 - Berry, Williamns, Webb, Parrott, Smith. 1871 Crowther, Brown, Broadie. 1881 Worlgrove, jone, 1891 Woodward, Friend
1 to 18818 to 20WIN 95Jeffrey, JoanI wish I had known my Uncle AlfredAlfred Martlew was a Conscientious Objector. He spent his time in Richmond Castle in World War I. Alfred was named in the newspapersMartin Wainwright, Arnold Rowntree, Jim Lang, Earl Haig,
1 to 18821 to 22WIN 95Weller, G T , MrCalendar CalkulationsThis shows what day of the month each person was born. How to calculate is shown on this page. 1752 it changed from Julian to Gregorian.See attached page to work out to calculate the day of the month
1 to 18822WIN 95Nadin, MargaretIt's a small worldMy great grandparents was married in the same church as my sister in law St Peter and St Paul Tonbridge.Joseph Barton, Eliza Powell, Joshua Barton, Daniel Powell, George Byron Annie Coomber.
1 to 18823 to 24WIN 95Jeffrey, Don, Mr4.4117647 New Pence EachLooking for Jeffrey and brought a microfiche for 1881 census for Wickham area and found a John Jeffrey with 5 sons. My £1.50 found 34 more membersCharles Jefftey, John Jeffrey, Ann Aynsley, Jean Stirk. Places Berwickshire, Edinburgh, Whickham and Winlaton
1 to 18824WIN 95Pinder, SusieOther Dates for your DiaryDates fir Diary Feb 21 Newspaper Libray, May 4 &5 Genealogists Family History Fair, Sept 28 Genealigists talkSusie Pinder for details.
1 to 1891SUM 96TWFHSEditorialWe had a lot of articles for this journal. Had to leave 2 out so will go into the winter journalSummer Journal
1 to 1892 to5SUM 96Taylor, Brian, MrYou'll Never Get Past My FatherTrying to trace William Albert Palmer father, he was born out of wedlock. Went to East Sussex Record Office to out more information.Wadhurst, William Albert Palmer Ada Alice Packham Jesse Palmer, Philadelphia nee Burgis, William J Palmer, James Palmer
1 to 1895SUM 96Thomas G E MrsHelp WantedMrs G E Thomas searching the Eastwood. Need help with the family. Need Francis maiden nameStephen and Frances Eastwood, John, Stephen Lucy, Susan, Harry, Mary Ann
1 to 1896SUM 96TWFHSNew Books by Gillian RickardThere was a list of Kent Minister from 1689 - 1836. There is a Register of births 1780 - 1836 and burials 1785 - 1836 which includes Canterbury Baptists2 books; Kent Dissenting Ministers' Declarations 1689 - 1836. CanterburyBlackfriars Baptist Birth and Burials 1780 - 1836 by Gillian Rickard
1 to 1897SUM 96TWFHSSt Mary The Vigin, Hayes, Bromley, KentSt Mary The Virgin, Hayes, Bromley grave yard is full and they want to use the old graves, so the old headstones will be removed.Contact Miss Angela Cook. See page 7 for the list of name.
1 to 1898 to 9SUM 96Capenter, BrianScratching Around the RootsWilliam Carpenter married 3 times and had 9 children. List of names of Children in the Carpenter family. Australia connection to the BassettWilliam Carpenter, Betty Bassett, Mary Nightingale, Mercy Taylor
1 to 18910 to 11SUM 96Ludden, MarieMeeting The Family Down UnderTrying to trace Violet in Australia but found her daughter, son, son-in-law. Now they want to trace Grace in London her married name is JonesAustralia, Grace, George, Violets
1 to 18911SUM 96TWFHSStrays from the Folkestone ChronicleMarried for Mr William Cleveland Pattison to Miss Susanna Best in Tunbridge. Death of Mr Jenkins on 6 September 1860William Cleveland Pattison, Miss Susanna Best, Mr Jenkins
1 to 18912 to 13SUM 96TWFHSMeetings ReportsCensus Returns, Marriage Certificate, Talk on keeping Records in Order, Family Photos, Cricket Balls. Journal Back IssuesSusie Pinder, David Cufley, Hugh Barty-King,
1 to 18914 to 15SUM 96Metherall, IrisWhatever Happened to the Likely Lads (And Lasses) of yesterdayRise in statues from labouers to banking, insurance, teaching. They came from Derrbyshire, DorsetBrick making, mining, farm labourer, policeman, coach maker
1 to 18916 to 17SUM 96Roberts, DennisPerseverance RewardedI have been searching William Roberts born in Wales 1811 and 1816. Now searching John Roberts born in Wales.William Roberts, John Roberts, County Record Office in Dongelly
1 to 18918 to 20SUM 96Jackson, KenStatistics - A Finding GuideSearching for Thomas Snashall and his ancesters. From 1567 to 1840 he came from France as an Iron maker and lot the infofrom the Quaker RecordsHenry Snashall, Thomas Snashall, Jonathan Snashall
1 to 18920SUM 96TWFHSHelp WantedSearch for Thomas Beech and Mary Davi(e)s. Seaching the Beech in BrenchleyThomas Beech, Mary Davi€s, William Beech, Sarah Warriner
1 to 18921 to 25SUM 96Farthing, RoberThomas Bayes and Sarah JefferyThomas Bayes Minister 1731 to 1752 at Tunbridge Wells. Died 1761 - Possible links to Sarah Jeffery, Thomas Bayes might have her some moneyThomas Bayes, Sarah Jeffery, John Jeffery, Bridget Mercer, Thomas Scoones, Richard Jeffrey, Joan Jeffrey
1 to 18925SUM 96TWFHSMembership InformationAll membership, name and addresses details are kept on the computerJournal Distribution
1 to 18926 to 27SUM 96TWFHSThe Jeffery's of London Roa and Mount Sion - A Hyophetical Family TreeTree of the Jeffery's family in LondonSee pages 26 and 27 for their names and dates
1 to 18928SUM 96TWFHSInternet for Genealogy - A Book ReviewBooklet on how to obtain information on genealogy information on the internetDavid Hawgood, Family Tree Magazine
1 to 18101WIN 96TWFHSEditorialYou will receive this journal late November or early December. The standard of articals as improved.Articles and Journal
1 to 18102 to 3WIN 96TWFHSProgramme of Events 1997Events start from Jan 17th to Nov 21st. This includes Books, Heirlooms, Fairs and Markets, Hospital Records, Family Artefacts, AGMSusie Pinder, Jean Stirk, Dr Shirley Black, Susan Bourne, Dr Colin Chapman, Geoff Swinfield, Ian White, Gill Joye
1 to 18103WIN 96Wilson, R, MrHelp WantedMr Wilson wants info on Albert William Dines Eveleigh married Sybil Mary Donaldson Paterson in Leeds in 1913Albert William Eveleigh, William Auton Eveleigh, Ellen Rosina nee Dines, Sybile Mary Donaldson Paterson
1 to 18104 to 7WIN 96Lewry, RogerRecords of an Unfortunate FamilySearching my wife family in Norfolk. Name Punchard but unable to connect a link with anyone in Elwood George Punchard bookSamuel Punchard, Patrick Palgrave-Moore, Elwood George Punchard. Areas we was searching Devon, Norfolk
1 to 18107WIN 96Weller, GeorgeMy Father was no good at figuresGeorge Thomas Weller born Croydon. He was not good at maths because he always give a different age to what he was.George Thomas Weller, Jessie Harriet Martin.
1 to 18108 to 9WIN 96Cowling, BryanPublications ReviewThese 6 books helps with your family tree by Baptism, Records Offices, British Army, Variants, History in Wales, Publishing your Family HistoryPauline M Litton, Tom Wood, Ian Swinnerton, Alan Bardsley, Jean Istance and E E Cann, John Titford
1 to 18109WIN 96Cleaver, R, MrsSurrey Parish Register Transcriptions and Indexes on Microfiche40 Parishes in Western Surrey are on Microfiche which includes a map showing the position of the parish. List of parishes are available on requestMr R Cleaver. Microfiche by West Surrey FHS
1 to 18109WIN 96TWFHSRequest from the Society LibraryIf anyone has borrowed copies of Suffolk Roots from the library, could they please return them at the next meetingSuffolk Roots
1 to 181010WIN 96Roberts, DennisPerseverance Rewarded - A PostscriptWilliam Roberts was from Wales. This is one of the common names in Wales. 3rd Cousins turned up at a meeting. Book about Surnames of WalesWilliam Roberts, Johm Roberts. "The Surname of Wales" by John and Sheila Rowlands
1 to 181011 to 13WIN 96Garnham, GillMy Interesting Ancestor - Jonathan Hamer of Heathfield, East SussexJonathan Harmer was a stonemason of Heathfield. He went to New York but then came back in 1800. He is buried in Old heathfieldSylvan Harmer, Sussanah Harmer, Henrietta Pattenden, Mary Chapman. Gill Price of Harmer Family Association
1 to 181014 to 17WIN 96Thompson, RuthA Irish Riddle (partially) SolvedSearching for Murphy in Ireland. Winifred Bridget was hard to find because did not know where she was born. James Murphy was a Station MasterWinifred Bridget Murphy nee Byrne, James Murphy, Mormons. Irish Census.
1 to 181018 to 22WIN 96Pinder, DavidThe Archival Shoe boxTelling you how to store photos in boxes, sleeves, pockets and envelopes, mounts, corners and strips. Sources, SuppliersBox, Sleeves, Pockets and Envelopes, Mounts, Corners and Strips. Sources, Suppliers, Notes on Suppliers
1 to 181022WIN 96Bourne, SusanSix Kent RepositoriesSecond Edition of Kent Repositories.They hold groups of records and points to cover telephone numbers, opening hours, reprographic facilitiesTunbridge Wells Family History Society. Price per guide it £3.50
1 to 181023WIN 96Jeffrey, don1881 Census IndexSociety purchased some 20 counties of the 1881 Census on microfiche. There will be a charge for copies of the census.Contact Don Jeffrey for copies of the censuses.
1 to 181024 to 25 WIN 96TWFHSMeeting ReportsBrian Taylor brief talk on Scanners, CD ROM. Peter Anderson showing to improve your photos, Karen Taylor on record keepingBrian Tayler, Peter Anderson, Karen Tayler
1 to 181026 to 27WIN 96Taylor, Brian, MrTrees on the Wall part TwoKaren in her last article she was to make a small tree which is called Shorthand Tree which will go on 2 sheets of A3 paper. See page 27 for treeKaren Patenden, Tree Chart
1 to 181028WIN 96Northover, JHelp WantedJ Northover is searching for Samuel Goldsmith born 1823 died 1858. Chelsea Pensioner. Married Eliza Clark nee Burton. Tunbridge WellsSamuel Goldsmith, Eliza Clark, Charlotte Burton
1 to 181028WIN 96Rickard, GKent Enrolments under the Navy Act 1796 & Quakers in Kent2 Book by Gillian Rickard. Book 1 list 461 mens enrolled in Kent this year. Book 2 give you birth, marriage, burial and other records 1648 - 1806Gilian Rickard books on Men enrolled in Kent. Birth, Marriage, Curial and other Records 1648.
1 to 18111SUM 97Brian TaylorEditorialSummer Journal is here. They were delayed through a minor operation and the second reason is that myself and Karen did a lot of the articlesBrian Taylor, Karen
1 to 18112 to 3SUM 97Roberts, DennisA Real Live CharacterJoseph Hobb was a cook on the SS Robert Lowe. Joseph Hobb was distated and discharged on account of inebriety. Left a bride in London with childSS Robert Lowe, Joseph Hobbs. Seamens Register Tickets.
1 to 18113SUM 97Biddle, LawrenceLeigh in Kent 1550 - 1900Second Edition of Leigh in Kent with 175 page paperback only 250 copies which includes 8 plates, 12maps and black and white illustrations.Lawrence Biddle. Leigh in Kent - 1550 - 1900 book
1 to 18114SUM 97Jeffrey, JoanMartlews on the 1881 Census IndexUnable to find Marlew in the 1881. Some of the name have misspelt. Searching for Martlew that might have been misspelt.Martlew, Richard Cotton, Michael Cotton, Greenhill, Green, Greenfield, Henry Shorts
1 to 18115 to 6SUM 97TWFHSMeetings ReportsMeeting consists: Vagrants/Travellers, AGM, Books, Hairlooms, Born in the Manor, Fairs/Markets, Hospital RecordsJean Stirk, Dr Shirley Black, Susan Bourne,
1 to 18117 to 9SUM 97Taylor, Brian, MrCaught in the WebThere are a few sites on the internet that will help you with your family search. There is some address on this page that might help.Sussex Family History Group, Genuki for Uk and Ireland, Crisp for birth, marriages and deaths
1 to 181110SUM 97Davidson, Sheila, MrsHelp WantedMrs Sheila Davidson is trying to find out who W G Kitts was and what CH under his names meansW G Kitts, mrs Sheila Davidson
1 to 181111 to 12SUM 97Cufley, David, MrAn Introdution to the Brickmakers IndexTry to get a list of Brickmaker and Brickfield who travelled from Brickfield to another. Brickmakers in Kent reached 5119 in 1901 from 3335in 1891David Cufley, J H Chapman, M Bowley. Economic History of Modern Britain, Innovations in Building Materials
1 to 181112SUM 97Barnett, Kay, MrsHelp WantedSearching Woodham who lived Tonbridge from 1857 Christopher Woodham, Harriet Cooper, Mary Ann Davey, William Woodham, Mrs Kay Barnett
1 to 181113 to 17SUM 97Tayler, KarenDirectories, Poll Books & Electoral RegistersSearching family names in Telephone Directory, Poll Books, Electoral Registers, The Street Directory, Trade Directory. Pattenden, Skinner, Hedgcock, Thomas, Mathiesons
1 to 181117 to 19SUM 97Cowling, BryanPublications ReviewThese 11 books helps with your family tree by Baptism, Records Offices, British Army, Variants, History in Wales, Publishing your Family HistoryD Hawgood, L Gibbens, S Lumas, P Hogg, R Hirst, S Raymond,J Perkins,J Gibson, H Creaton, J Hunter, P Christian
1 to 181120 to 25SUM 97Tayler, BrianLetters from AmericaKaren received an email fro Robert Packham, that his was a descended Eldridge and Elizabeth Packham. Lots of email giving info on the PackhamRobert Packham, Brian Tayler
1 to 181125SUM 97Hardyman, BrianGlassmakers and Allied Trades Index 1600 - 1900Index for blowing of glass included stained glass artists, cutters, engravers and it covers the United KingdomBrian J M Hardyman, Glassmakers
1 to 181126 to 28SUM 97Tayler, KarenRegistration District MapsHere is a list fo Registration District, Parish for 1891 and a map of the areas. Karen Tayler, Regisration District Maps
1 to 18121WIN 97Tayler, BrianEditorialApoligise the November Journal was finish over Christmas and New Year. Had no computer for 3 weeksNovember Journal mid January. No computer
1 to 18122WIN 97TWFHSProgramme of Events 1998Events from 16 January to Nover 20th. Various events: Reverse Genealoy, Family Artefacts, Journey by Stagecoach, County Tables, Undertakers/BurialsRoger Farthing, Ian White, Simon Fowler, Margorie vinall, Richard Moore, Richard Ratcliffe, Lilian Gibbens, Brian Tayler
1 to 18123 to 4WIN 97TWFHSMeeting ReportsVarious Talks: Education Records, AGM, I'm Stuck, County Tables and Beginners CornerDr Colin Chapman, Dr Geoff Swinfield, Crockford Clerical Directory, Gill Joye (AGM)
1 to 18125 to 6WIN 97Jeffrey, JoanThe Australian ConnectionCharle Martlew and wife and 4 children emigrated to Australia in 1840. Charles remarried Ellen Barry. They worked as builder and stonemasonCharles Martlew, Phillis, William, James, Charles, Henry, Jessie Nieman, Ellen Barry
1 to 18126WIN 97Avis, Laurence DavidHelp WantedLaurence David Avis is searching for informtion on William Allen and Gertrude Alice Avis, Edward Allen and Alfred AvisLaurence David Avis, William Allen, GertrudeAlice Avis, Edward Allen, Alfred Avis
1 to 18127WIN 97Tayler, BrianTunbridge Wells Family History Society BarbecueHad a BBQ on 16 August and it proved to be a fine one. Photo of the people that attended the BBQ. Trying to arrange more BBQBBQ at 56 yew Tree Road
1 to 18128 to 9WIN 97Cowling, BryanPublications ReviewThese 8 books helps with your family tree: Kentish families, London/Middlesex, Irish Family, Deeds, Marriage Licenses, Army AncestryStuart A Raymond, Bill Davis, Audrey Collins, Julian Cornwall, Jeremy Gibson, Colin Rogers, Norman Holding
1 to 181210 to 12WIN 97Mellieha, Graham EdwardMore Letters from AmericaSearching Edward Edwards in the USA. Various received from Edward family in USA. Received letter from my families and articales from the museumEdward Edwards, Thomas Edwards, John Edwards, Mary Jane Edwards, The World Book of Edwards
1 to 181212WIN 97Cox, JanePublications Review continuedBook called New to Kew. There is a Public Record Office at Kew. Should you go there or to Family Record Centre. This book to help newcomersJane Cox, New to Kew
1 to 181213 to 16WIN 97Jeffrey, DonOntario Genealogical Society Summer Camp 1997Search the Jeffrey in Toronto. I went to a Summer Camp for 2 days to find out where to go to search the family. George told me about his family historyMrs Alison Scott, David Jeffrey, George Jeffrey, Jane Macnamara, David Jeffrey, Sir John Hay, Jane Mitchell.
1 to 181216WIN 97Williams, Pat, MrsHelp WantedMrs Pat Williams search William Batchelor, Richard Batchelor, Mary Barnaby, Mary An Bowman, Edward William Batchelor, Mary ThomasContact Mrs P Williams
1 to 181216WIN 97Joye, Gill, MrsMissing an IssueBack issues of Journal no. 5, 6, 7,8,10 and 11 from the Membership Secretary. Cost £1Mr Gill Joye, Tunbridge Wells Family History Society
1 to 181217 to 18WIN 97Ludden, MarieIn Praise of the InternetThomas family in Australia. Brian Tayler showed me how to search on the internet for New Zealand. Contact family members got replies backDr J Smallcombe (Family Tree Magazine October 1997) Brian Tayler.
1 to 181219 to 21WIN 97Weller, GeorgeMemorial Cards - Name ListMr Weller found some Memorial Cards in North Devon. If anyone interested he is willing to photocopy the cards. List on pages 19 to 21List of various names regarding Memorial Cards
1 to 181221WIN 97Sampson, A, MrYorkshire Family History FairYorkshire Family History Fair to be held on Saturday 27 June 1998. Further details from Mr A Sampson Admission £1.50pYork Racecourse (Knavesmire Stand) Mr A Sampson
1 to 181221WIN 97TWFHSTwelfth Family History in Wales CourseBroches with full details of the course, accommodation and costs are available from the Course Director. Saturday 15 to 22 August 1998Twelfth Family History in Wales Course
1 to 181222 to24WIN 97Jeffrey, JoanMark Martlew of OvingMark lived in Oving. He had charges of stealing wheat, barley. James is the son stayed on Oving. Other sons moved London, Hove, BrightonMark Martlew, Eliza Terry, George, Daniel, Frederick, James.
1 to 181225 to 27WIN 97Tayler, BrianWadhurst Parish Registers RevisitedQuotes that the local vicar of Wadhurst wrote in this registers over the year. Comments that the vicar was interested in the outside worldQuotes on earthquake, Kings and Queen of England, Baptised of Mary Lucke, Fire of London, Hurricane
1 to 18131SUM 98Tayler, BrianEditorialJournal was late again and it’s a lot thinner. There is going to be a cut of time.Cut off time. Late Journal
1 to 18132 to 3SUM 98TWFHSMeeting ReportsWe have speaker talking about Reverse Genealogy, Family Artifacts, Public Records Office, 18th Century Journey, Are your Sources AccurateIan White, Simon Fowler, Margorie Vinall, Richard Moore, Richard Ratcliffe,
1 to 18134 to 5SUM 98Cross, Marilyn MThe Skinner Familes - Are they RelatedMarilyn Cross started her family tree which includes the Skinner Family from Maidstone, Kent, Sophia Skinner born 1870 married Edward T(h)ompsettSophia Skinner, Fanny Skinner, William Skinner
1 to 18135SUM 98TWFHSChanges of AddressDorothy Chicken, Flat 2 St Philips Court, Sandhurst Road, TN2 3SW. Fred Crumpling, 14 Meadow Bank, Leigh, TN11 8RADorothy Chicken, Fred Crumpling
1 to 18136 to 7SUM 98Metherall, IrisAn Episode in the of a BryaniteFrancis Metherall was from Guerrnsey and was allowed to peach indoors not outdoors. He was minister on Princed Edward Island.Francis Metherall, Mary Langlois, President of the Bible Christian Conference, Prince Edward Island
1 to 18138 to 10SUM 98Franklin, KathrynThe Amhersts of Pembury Before Rev. JeffreyAmhersts of Pembury, Sevenoaks. John Amhests had a son Richard who was the of Rev Jeffrey Amherst of Hackney.Thomas Amherst, John Amherst, Rev Jeffrey Ahmerst, Richard Knight, Margaret Rixon
1 to 181310SUM 98Woodham, JeffHelp Wanted - WoodhamsJeff Woodhams who aks for an help with the family. He traced a to to John Woodham born in Penshurst 1637. He was to be email directJeff Woodhams, John Woodhams, Withyam, Speldhurst, Penshurst, Ashurst area
1 to 181311 to 12SUM 98Roberts, DennisSee the OriginalChecking the original documents on census and birth, birth records. Eg microfilm. Checking birth and baptism recordsChorlton on Medlock, Manchester. Robert Benabo
1 to 181312SUM 98Streeter, Marina. John ButlerDeveloping/Printing Old Black and White FilmsJohn Butler will be happy to provide such service, please contact himTonbridge Camera Club, John Butler
1 to 181313 to 15 SUM 98Tayler, BrianA Trip to the Family Records CentreWent to Catherine House to look at census material, civil registration indexes, Current electoral registers, Estate Duty Office death duty registers 1796 - 1858William Taylor, William Aldred, Mary Aldred, Joseph Albert, able to find records
1 to 181316SUM 98Cowling, BryanPublication Review1. IGI on Computer- Internationa Genealogical Index. 2. Census Copies and Indexes in the Library of The Society of Geanalogists - Census films 1. by David Hawgood.. 2. by Else Churchill
1 to 181317 to 18SUM 98Lewry, CarolFolk behind the FactsMormons Keep records so carefully, Handed information on Unchard Family going back to William the Conqueror.Rev E Punchard, William Punchard, Thomas Punchard, George Cooke Punchard, James Cooke Punchard
1 to 181319 to 20SUM 98Turnbull, JoanAnd all from the Members' InterestsSearching my family Molineux/Molyneux in Frant. On joining TWFHS found out someone was seaching Alfred Coe which is my grandfatherMary Molineux, Daniel Brooker, Moses Molineux, Elizabeth Funnel, Alfred Coe, Sheila Kettell, Margaret Eddy
1 to 181320SUM 98Smith, P MrsHelp Wanted - MooreTrying to trace Elizabeth Moore born 14 April 1811. Born Penshurst in Kent. Please write to Mrs P SmithMrs P Smith, Elizabeth Moore, Penshurst in Kent, year 1811
1 to 181321 to 22SUM 98Braham, FrancescaThe Responsibilities of MotherhoodThere are a lot of children born that have different names to their father so this will make a different on searching decentants.Kezua Rossan Braham. Rosalind Anna Braham. Family Record Centre
1 to 18141WIN 98Tayler, BrianEditorialJournal on time and thank all member for their articles. Deadline for Summer 1999 Journal wil be 14 May 1999Journal Summer 1999. Deadline 14 May 1999
1 to 18142 to 3WIN 98TWFHSMeeting ReportsAugust - Lilian Gibbens - Underrtaker and Burials. Sept - Chris Ware - National Maritime Museum. Oct - meeting devote of members interesting ancestorsLilian Gibbens, Charles Dickens, Great Plague London. Chris Ware, National Maritime Museum, Lloyds List, Weekly Sailing List
1 to 18144 to5WIN 98Joye, GillWhat's in a Name, or are you in the Top FiveMost popular names for girls in 1944 Margaret, Paricia, Christine, Mary and Jean. Popular names for boys in 1944 John, David, Michael, Peter and Robert. Names changed in 1954, 1964, 1974,1994 for boys and girls
1 to 18146 to 7WIN 98Garnham, GillThe Wealden Iron Research GroupIron smelting in Weald since Roman time but in the seventheen hundreds it died out. There are sign of their work around Weald. See list of booksVillages- Bedgebury, Brenchley, Frant, Hartfield, Hawkhurs, Hormonden, Lamberhurst, Langton Green, Southborough or Wadhurst
1 to 18148 to 11WIN 98Cirllo, Audrey, MrsThe Chappell/Mills ConundrumSeearching for William Chappell father. Found out that the Mills family are related to us In Edenbridge.William Chappell, Mary Cheal, James Mills, Elizabeth Chappell, James George Chappell, Alice Styles
1 to 181412 to 15WIN 98Mills, JeanIf OnlySearchingmy family for 3 years. George Frederick White emigrated to Canada. White family to a village of Westbury on Trym in GloucestershireHenry Thomas White, , George Frederick White. Gwendoline Lilian Clara White, Donald Brodie House, David Richard House
1 to 181415WIN 98TWFHSHelp Wanted - StandenContact Christa if your got any informationon Standen from Wadhurst/Ticehurst are.Wadhurst, Ticehurst, Jonathan, Standen
1 to 181415WIN 98TWFHSHelp Wanted - MarchantContact Don Marchant - searching Henry and Mary Marchant nee Knight, previously married to Sophia Walking of Leigh, 5 childrenHenry Marchant, Mary Knight, Sophia Waling, children -Mary 1801, Henry 1802, James 1809, Dorcas 1812, Martha 1812
1 to 181416 to 19WIN 98Cowling, BryanLifestylesSearching Bates and Marsden. They were labourers. Young girls had to learn straw plaiters. Started as Labourers as become tradesmen and businessmentEdlesboroug,Jabez Bates, Elizabeth BatesGOF's Book,
1 to 181419WIN 98Graham, GillNotice - Baldwin ReserchRodney Fry given his resarch on Samuel Baldwin, Elizabeth Pettitt. Descendants, Skinner, Manktelow, Fenner, Noakes, Newton, Waghorn and HugginsGreat Pell Farm, Wadhurst, Gil;l Garnham, Rodney Fry
1 to 181419WIN 98Hall, NatalieHelp Wanted - TwinerAny information on James Thorpe Twiner family tree born Motts Hill in 1902 with mother Adelaide Hoad.Please contact Nastalie Hall
1 to 181420 to 21WIN 98Cowling, BryanPublications ReviewsLooking at Old Photographs, Using Wills, CatholicAncestry, W.W.I Army, Land Tax Assessments, Computers for GenealogyRobert Pols, Audrey Collins, Michael Gandy, Norman Holding, Jeremy Gibson, David Hawgood
1 to 181422 to 23WIN 98Oxenbury, ShirleyA Portrait of AshurstAshurst small village in Kent/Sussex. Henry VIII reign the Manor of Ashurst and Buckland passed to the Waller family, Willam Saxby,Lord of the ManorSir George Rivers, William Saxby, David Saloman, Thomas Brown, Elias Allen, Samuel Pepys
1 to 181423WIN 98Jeffery, ChrisHelp Wanted - FitchChris Jeffery want information of a firm of London-based draper called Ryelands. Grandfather Augustus Henry Fitch, Henry Joseph Fitch, Henry FitchContact him home address, Chirs Jeffery, Ryelands, Augustus Henry Fitch, Henry Joseph Fitch, Henry Fitch
1 to 181424 to 26WIN 98Jeffrey, JoanI, George Martlew, Being of Sound MindGeorge Martlew joined Royal Navy in 1860. Travelled all around the world. He married twice. 2 sons. Lived in Portsmouth. George grave Westbourne CemetryGeorge Martlew, ElizA Bridger, Florence Griffiths, Sydney George and Ernest Hercules Martlew, Beatrice Clack, Kurt Zebger
1 to 181426WIN 98Jackson, KenA Crime Wave in Warbleton1572 May 16 Noye Spenner- killed with an arrow. 1572 May 20 Robard Thomas - murdered in his house. Thomson Fawterell and Ellnor Fawterell - cruelly murderedNoy Spenner, John Symes, Robard Thomas, Wyllin Garner, Thomson Fawterell, Ellnor Fawterell, Thomas Homan, Richard Tayller, Thomas Fawterell
1 to 181427WIN 98Oxenbury, ShirleyA Tip from your SecretaryTunbridge Wells Museum had good local history section. The Burgess Rolls is arranged in alphabetical order within each ward, easy to find nameTunbridge Well Museum, Directories and Burgess Rolls.
1 to 181427WIN 98Jeffrey, ChrisWhat's the LinkOn searching my family tree the name Pattenden came up. The marriage of Samuel James Deller and Janet Pattenden of 42 High Brooms Road. Connection the houseKaren Tayler, Samuel James Deller, Janet Pattenden, Leslie Alan Jeffery (my uncle) new house built on the old 42 house
1 to 181428WIN 98TWFHSProgramme of Meetings 1999Meeting consists: Kent in Defiance, Alien Immigrants, Criminal Ancestors, Members Workshop, Problems with London, Use of Newpapers, plus more programsMeeting from January 15th to Novemver 19th
1 to 18151SUM 99Taylor, Brian, MrEditorialThanking everyone for the articles for Winter 1998 Journal.Journals Winter 1998. Next Journal is Winter 1999
1 to 18152 to 5SUM 99Jeffery, Don, MrO.G.S Summer Camp 1998Emigrated to Ontario from Berwickshire 1833. Jeffery Family from 1833 to 1997. Gfeorge, Sally- son Peter Jeffrey 1998Geoge and Sally Jeffrey, Jan Manamara, Ruth Burkholderr, Dan Zelenij, David Jeffery, Jane Manser, Phil Jeffrey.
1 to 18155SUM 99Marchant, DonHelp Wanted - MarchantDon Marchant is interested in his great x 4 grandparents Henry and Mary Marchant. Any information contact him by emailHenry and Mary Marchant, Wesleyan Church in Tunbridge, James 1809, Dorcas 1812, Martha 1813, James and Sarah Barton
1 to 18155SUM 99Parker, MikeHelp Wanted - GroombridgeMike Parker loking for information on William Groombridge and sons. Living at 6 Castle Street, Tonbridge 1881. Any information contact him by emailWilliam Groombridge, Tunbridge, Hartfield, Southborough
1 to 18156SUM 99Rye, MaryFamily ArtifactsKeeping your artifacts for future generations. Inlaid-working sewing-box. Saved photo school badges, newspaper clippings. Album of photo of the Wheelers.Ian White, Mary Emmerson,
1 to 18156SUM 99King, JohnHelp Wanted - King/F(F)inchAny information relating to John King, Schoolmaster of Rotherfield, who married Wlizabeth F(F)inch at East Farleigh 4 April 1850. Please contact Ted GodfreyJohn King, Elizabeth F(F) inch, East Farleigh, Ted Godfrey
1 to 18157 to 8SUM 99Jeffery, D RMet 71 Years AgoI lived in Tunbridge Wells for 71 years. Lived next door to my husband, went to same school, work. Collect stale bread 6d, fancy cakes 3d, skimmed milk 1d. Married in 1923Calvery Road, Tunbridge Well Corporation, St Barnabas's in Quary Road, Opera House, Salvation Army. D.R. Jeffery
1 to 18159 to 13SUM 99Taylor, Brian, MrMr Thomas Wheeler of KenningtonWife Mary - six children. Mr thomas 52 years employment of Bank of England (Also son Thomas Jnr, some 49 years. Link to Taylor familyThomas Wheeler, William Tayler, Mary Wheeler, Mary Ann Page
1 to 181514 to 18SUM 99Edwards, GrahamGo West Young ManJohn Edward had 4 brothers. Edward (youngest) emigrated 1841 with wife Elizabeth Kemp. Elisha emigrated March 1847 - with wife Sabina Damper plus 9 children. Settled in Findley Ohio, USAJohn Edward, Elizabeth Kemp, Elisha Edwards, Sabina Damper, Elias Edwards, Caroline Goodwin, Ephraim Edwards
1 to 181518SUM 99TWFHSLogo CompetitionLogo and invite all members to enter our Millenium Logo Competition. With TWFHS, in colour, Easiy reproduced, summitted on a4. Cosing date 30 September 1999Frank Standen, Membership Secretary
1 to 181519 to 20SUM 99Marwood, David C LabordeFighting the Caribs in St VincentJean Dupin Dauphine De Laborde plus wife travelled to St Vincent Caribbean. Sailed to St Vincent in 1751Jean Dupin Dauphine De Laborde, James Laborde, St Vincent Edward Daniel Laborde, William Laborde
1 to 181521 to 25SUM 99Novis, MargaretExcerpts from the AssizesCoroners Inquests Sussex 1558 - 1603. John Homfrey Honor Cororner Ardundel. Went to the Assizers for Drinking, fighting, deathVarious names which includes the jurors and people who attended the assizes
1 to 181525SUM 99Joye, GillSociety AccountsMembers want to see the accounts before the AGM. Write to the Chairman enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.November AGM
1 to 181526 to 28SUM 99Cowling, BryanPublications ReviewVarious books, indexing, Dictionary, Genealogy for researchVarious names: Robert Blatchford, Geoffrey Heslop, Barbara Dixon, George Pelling, Pauline Litton, John, Sheila Rowland, Stuart A Raymond,
1 to 181528SUM 99Oxenbury, ShirleyDates for your Diary3 July 1999 -KentFHS - Canterbury, 3 to 5th September 1999 NWKFHS - Weekend Conference, 3 October 1999 - Folkestone& District FHS ond day conference - FolkestoneMichael Gandy, Duncan Harington, Peter Ewart, Joyce Hoad, Colin Chapman and Jeff Hutching.
1 to 18161WIN 99TWFHSEditorialThe Journal Editor would like to say a thank you for all the help. Journal Editor - Currently VacantJournal Editor - Currently Vacant
1 to 18162 to 3WIN 99TWFHSProgramme of Meetings 2000Programme of meetings from January 21 2000 to November 17 2000. AGM on 17 November Kathy Chater, Else Churchill, Ron Cox, Mick Scott, Audrey Gillett, Anthony Camp, Joyce Hoad, Rob Cottrell, Brian Tayler
1 to 18163WIN 99Oxenbury, ShirleyParish of WithyhamVillage of Withyham have produce a coloured pictorial map for the Millennium. Drawing of the main building in the parish with text. Ideal present.Shirley Oxenbury - £3.50p
1 to 18163WIN 99Cowling, BryanMemorial and Other Inscription - St Mark's Church, Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells, KentA booklet produced to give a short history of the 19th Century church with an index and site plan.Bryan Cowling - price £1.50p
1 to 18164 to 11WIN 99Copus, MatthewBaptist Burials from Speldhurst Parish RegistersCentral for Kentish Studies reference P344/1/3 includes burials ending in 1737. Search from 1640 to 1812(part of register P344/1/1-5 and P344//5B. List of BurialsLeonard J Maguire, various names on the list
1 to 181612 to 13WIN 99Marwood, David C LabordeMarwoods on the RailwaysEleven Marwood worked with the railways in the 19th Century. They worked on railways in Taff Vale, Wales.Bertie Marwood, Frederick Marwood, Edwin Marwood, John Barry Marwood, William Frederick Marwood, George Howell
1 to 181614 to 15WIN 99Jeffrey, JoanSpeldhurst ChurchyardSpeldhurst Churchyard has 2 parts old and new. The new part has been maintained. War Grave Commission area. Nora Farrar from the Philadephia died 1958 SpeldhurstTurley, Goodley, Thorpe, Twort, Coyfe, Fry, Sapper Godley, Private Rogers, Private Turley died 1918, Admiral Edward Phillpott.
1 to 181616 to 18WIN 99Aust, S W HHerbert Victor Aust - His LifeHerbert Victor Aust started work at 12 years old. He enlisted but discarded for being under age. He enlisted again and still under age. He was discharted 31 March 1921William Alexander Aust, William Trotman Aust, John aust,William Trotman, Albert Parrott.
1 to 181619 to 20WIN 99Godden, AnneWhat have I StartedSearching Thomas Turner and Charlotte Martha nee Raymant. Family member gave photos, certificates. William born in Dartford, son of George TurnerThomas Turner, Edith Turner, Thomas Ebenezer Turner, William Thomas, George Turner, Jonathan Turner
1 to 181620WIN 99Frabsen, MargaretHelp WantedMargaret Fransen seraching for Richard Peerless/Pearless 1812/1813 Hartfield. Contact Margaret Fransen with any informationRichard Peerless/Pearless, Jane Camfield
1 to 181621 to 23WIN 99Webb, PatriciaAncestors in HidingThe Pigden and Birch branches of the family hard to find. Thomas was born at Minster in 1794 and moved to Pembury. Thomas Birch was a boot maker.Thomas Birch, Mary Manley, Frederick Woodgate, Robert William Birch, James Birch, George Ellis, Elizabeth Hannah Birch.
1 to 181624 to 25 WIN 99Cowling, BryanPublications ReviewVarious web sites, books, Indexes for GenealogicalDavid Hawgood, John and Sheila Rowlands,Elizabeth Hampson, Colin R Chapman, Tom Wood, Joyce Culling, Heather Creaton
1 to 181626 to 27WIN 99Jackson, KenUsing Manorial RecordsFamily name Snashall 1589. The first Snahall to be atenant of the Lord of the Manor of Rotherfield.Denis Stuart, Janet Morris, Eve McLaughlin, Michael Gandy
1 to 181628WIN 99Frost, MargaretStrays1891 Census: Thomas Fisher, Inmate of Lewisham Workhouse, Doncaster Cemetry Monumental inscription: Helen Quartermaine Day Died October 26 1892Thomas Fisher, Helen Quartermaine Day, Margaret E Frost
1 to 181628WIN 99Jeffrey, DonComputer Workstation for SaleDon Jeffrey has a compter workstation for sale.Don Jeffrey,
1 to 18171SUM 00Lewry, RogerEditorialBaron North a nobleman of the court of King James I suffering from consumptive disorder. Jeanette Brooke won the logo designe.Baron North, King James I, Eridge, London. Jeanette Brook.
1 to 18172 to 5SUM 00Tayler, BrianNoticeboardCommittee thank Brian Tayler for all his hard work. Help wanted, Can I Help, Forthcoming Courses, The Newman Name Society.Wicken,Goldsmith,Snow,Brooker, Osborne, Rogers,Steed,Young, Fransen, Camfield,Denton, Pearless,Waugh,Wyss,Gurney
1 to 18176 to 7SUM 00Thompson, RoyTreating Family History AddictionSearching my family and going to Family History Societies to look up information. Information like Birth, Marriage, Death and Census should all be on a databaseFamily Records Centre (FRC). Early release of Census.
1 to 18177 to 8SUM 00Cornish, Jan,MrsRelative DiscoverySearching for my Great grand father who was German. He had 12 children and one emigrate to Canada. On my 85th birthday got all relative together for the first timePhilipp Moller, Emily Moller, Roseanna Moller, Harry Moller, George Moller, Jacob Philipp Moller
1 to 18179 to 10SUM 00Scantlebury, NeilExtract from the diary of John Vickers NorrisIn John Vickers Diary show a log of his travel on HMS Wyvern passage to China in 1880 and he travelled on various of ships.HMS Wyvern, HMS Mallard, HMS Sirius, HMS Eclipse, HM Gunboat Boxer
1 to 181710 to 11SUM 00Joye, GillTWFHS - AGMthe meeting was to say thank you for the help of the committee members for their hard workMiachael Gandy, Shelial Gurney, Colin,Jeanette Brook, Don Jeffrey, Essie Howey, Don Howey
1 to 181712 to 14SUM 00Garnham, GillThe Chapel of King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge WellsChapel open in 1678 but only for the summer months, 2500 people subscripted to building the Chapel. Deeds to the land was handed over in 1703 by Lady PurbeckSamuel Pepys, John Evelyn, Laydy Purbeck, Henry Doogod, Sir Christopher Wren, Jonathan Maine.
1 to 181715SUM 00Underwood, ShirleyHouse Group NewsTranscriptions from the register of King Charles the Martry Church are being put on computer in readiness to be microfched laterKings Charles the Maryr Church, United Reformed Church
1 to 181715SUM 00Thomas, IsabellaAnother lucky breakMy Uncle was University Professor and left his library to the locals. Wrote to the librarian and local FHS. Had a letter back from uncle daughter in law sending me family details.
1 to 181716SUM 00Crook, EricLiving with an addictAnne Godden had an addiction of trying to trace her family by receiving birth, marriage certificate and going to the Library, but I went along with her to help herAnne Godden, Eric Crook
1 to 181717 to 18SUM 00Cowling, BryanPublications InformationVarious books, indexing, Dictionary, Genealogy for researchVarious Yorkshire Vol., Stuart Raymond, Roger Logan, Peter Chistian, David Hawgood
1 to 181718 to 19SUM 00Godden, Anne, MrsArchives aren't frightening, after allWent to London Meropolitan Archives and was looking at original documents going back 150 years. Westminster Archieves checking on St Margaret WorkshouseLouisa Emma Raymant born 1864, Westminster Archives, St Margaret Workhouse near York Street,London Metropolitan Archives
1 to 181719 to 22SUM 00Jackson, KenSnashalls in SussexJohn and Henry Snashall moved from France to England in 1518. They owned a smallholdings. Sometimes referred to Snayshewell or Snashfold, SnashallHenry, Snashall, John Snashall, Peter Snachell, Andrew Snatchell, William Langridge, Richard Anstye, Thomas Marchant, Richard Patching
1 to 181722 to 24SUM 00Marwood, DavidSomerset rewardWilliam Marwood born Crediton Devon, 1803. William was a Clerk in Taunton, He was working for the Board of Health until he was 72/73William Harwood, Somerset Record Centre, Frederick Marwood,
1 to 181725 to 26SUM 00Franklin, Kathryn,MrsPioneeers from PemburyDuring the 1820,1830,1840 Ann, wife of Sampson Waner had 8 children. He was an agricultural worker. Jame to Australia in 1854, Solomon to Australia in1859Sampson, Warmer, Solomon Warmer, James Warmer, Mr Bennedick
1 to 181727 to 28SUM 00Gallivan,Christine,MrsWhy?Josiah Charman born 1821/22 in West Indies, 1851 census shows newdigate, Surrey. Who was John Charman was a soldier and become a Chelsea pensioner in 1839Josiah charman, John Charman, Lord Lynedock,
1 to 18181WIN 00Lewry, Roger, Mr and MrsEditorialThanks once again for article. When submitting articles please put you name and membership number. We have charged for some advertisementCarol and Roger Lewry, Advertisement.
1 to 18182 to 3WIN 00TWFHSHelp WantedThomas Baldock, Emily Waller, Emma Whittaker. Member trying to trace their family. Shirley Oxenbury had offer from 2 members to help with the researchAnne Godden, Denise Quinn, Judy White, Linda Thomson, Captain Gordon P Blyth, Shirley Oxenbury
1 to 18184 to 5WIN 00TWFHSNoticeboardVarious: Group Meeting, Fiche Lending Service, Sussex family history group, Membership renewal, Letter to the editors, Travel InsuranceShirley Underwood, Don Jeffrey, Mr Peter Hill, Rod Willerton, Frank Standen, Captain G p Blyth, Frank Standen
1 to 18185 to 6WIN 00TWFHSLocal History GroupsContact Kathryn Franklin for further information on Pembury. Contact M Robson on the group from Groombridge. Contat Dennis Penfold on the group from RusthallPembury, Kathryn Franklin, Groombridge, Mrs M Robson, Rusthall, Dennis Penfold
1 to 18187 to 8WIN 00TWFHSInstitue of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies releaseThere is a new addition to its series of registration district maps. The new system should be run by a clergy actinas civil officer or appoint a purely civil person.Poor Law Reform Act of 1834, Lutterworth in 7a, Brixwirth 3b. Charges for maps
1 to 18188WIN 00Godden, AnneIt pays to advertiseAdvertised about the family Raymant. Found out Charlotte Martha, Louisa married my Great Grandfather William Thomas Turner.Anne Godden, Louisa Emma Rayment, Charlotte Martha, William Thomas Turner, Emma Rayment, John Morley, Cheryl Bailey
1 to 18189 to 11WIN 00Jeffrey, DonOntario Genealolgical Society Summer CampWent to Ontario to look up my family by going to Libraries, Churches and Cemetreies. Since coming back looking for Jeffreys in BerwickshireJanme Macnamara, David Jeffrey, Margaret Egan, Brian Gilcrist, Rev Duncan Jeffrey, Howard Burkholder, William Jeffrey, mary Wilkie
1 to 181812 to 13WIN 00Jeffrey, Joan, MrsNames on Sepldhurst War Memorial 1914 - 1919. 1939 - 1945Here a list of names on Speldhurst War Memorial 1914 -1919. List of names of Speldhurst War Memorial 1939 - 1945Speldhurst War Memorial 1914 - 1919. Speldhurst War Memorial 1939 - 1945
1 to 181813WIN 00Lowry, Carol, Gurney, SheilaDied too Soon? Can anyone beat this?Researching family history in Norwich found this note. Found in the parish register of Creeting All Saints Suffolic a messageLewry Carol, Norwich, Hedenham, Parish Register for 1714 - 1812. Elixabeth Woods note in parish records
1 to 181817WIN 00unknownDear AncestorTombstone poemno name and address given
1 to 181814 to 17WIN 00Edwards, GrahamEphraim Edwards - a Kentish man in the American Civil WarFather was John Edwards born Frant Sussex 1799. Ephraim born 1843. Shipped to Findlay USE June 1847. 1861 enrolled in the 49th Civil War, Died 7 June 1918 aged 75 LexingtonWilliam Mungen, Lucinda Huff, Arabella Weakley, Jean Zimmerman, John Wells, ABIN SMPWE
1 to 181818 to 19WIN 00Cowling, BryanPublication InformationVarious books, indexing, Dictionary, Genealogy for researchJewish Genealogy, Old Trades Titles and Occupations, Poor Law Union, Nuts and Bolts,Web Publishing for Genealogy
1 to 181820 to 21WIN 00Scantiebury, NeilFurther extract from the diary of John Vickers NorrisJohn Vickers diary found in the loft of Gerald Scantlebury. John Vickers Norris my paternal Grandmother's father. John Vicker was in the Royal NavyShips in Harbour: Victor, Midge, Magpie, Emmauel, Vigilant, Tily, Encounter, Wyvern,, Wolf, Richmond (USA) Athenes, Corvatte Kerguben
1 to 181821 to 22WIN 00TWFHSPublic Record Office 1901 census project updateNorwich is being use a pilot scheme and once produce their will be a charge before they launch the 1901 service Crown Copyright 2002. Information from Public Records Office
1 to 181822 to 23WIN 00Cowling, BryanBates family craftsmenCarpenter did an apprenticeship then mored on. Harry Bates moved to Luton more work, Edward Bate lived in Edlesboroug and he was a capenterHarry Bates, Edward Bates, Edlesborough, Grange Mill,
1 to 181823 to 25WIN 00Marwood, DavidA Family BibleI inherited the Howell Family Bible which contain information on the family which included birth, married and to whomBertie Marwood, Rosa Howell, George Howell, Arabella Edwards, George Howell, Thomas Howell, Sarah Howell, Benjamin John Howell
1 to 181825WIN 00Marwood, DavidGenealogy pox is Very ContagiousContinual complaint as to need for names dates and places. Letter writing, Looking through records, cemeteries, ruins. Patient to attend workshops,Genealogy Pox.
1 to 181826 to 27WIN 00TWFHSKeep seeking and you may findSearching for couple are living together but cannot find a marriage. The minister did not sent the record of the marriage to Regitrar General. SWilliam Peutrill, Clara Taylor, John Wesley Peutrill, Gregory Preston
1 to 181828WIN 00TWFHSTWFHS Progamme for 2001Meetings: TW of Yesterday, Brickmakers, Arefacts, Forgotten Heroes -WW1, Growing up between wars, Kentish Studies, The Cinque Ports, AGMFrank Chapman, David Cufley, Geoff Bridger, Robert Baritrop, Tricia Rowsby, Brion Purdey. 2001 meetings Groombridge Village Hall
19 to 30191SPR 01Lewry, Caro, RogerEditorialWould like to thank everyone for produces these article for this Jounrnal. See page 17 People living a distance,our member to get information about Tunbridge WellsTunbridge Wells, Journal due in June
19 to 30192 to 6SPR 01TWFHSNoticeboardVarious:Obituary, House Group, Ightham, Kent, 200 anniversary of censues, newspaper, Burieal Index, King, Wyvern Midland Railway Index, Press ReleasesAust, Shirley Underwood, Sheils Gurney, Collindale, Burial Index, Greenham, Railway Index, English Origins Launch,
19 to 30197 to 9SPR 01TWFHSHelp WantedCavie/Cavey, Hook, Morris, Offer of Search for Ipswich, Lewes, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells. Isaac NewtonWilliam Cavey, Thomas Hook, George Morris, Isaac Newton,
19 to 301910 to 10SPR 01Joye, GillTunbridge Wells Family History Society AGM November 2000Chairman report: Increase in memberships, Shirley Underwood does indexing. Journal has flourish under Carol and Roger Lewry. Douglas Ludlow is the treasurerShirley Underwood, Vera Wharton, Carol and Roger Lewry, Doulglas Ludlow, Gill Garnham.
19 to 301911SPR 01Oxenbury, ShirleySectetary's ReportShirley Underwood arranges the progamme for the year. Received email for information onWadhurst, Lamberhuse and Ticehurt, Moving to Groombridge Village HallShirley Underwood, Groombridge Village Hall, Gil Garnham.
19 to 301912 to 13SPR 01Lewry, CarolLondon on FireBook found in an old clothes basket by John Evelyn who lived throught times of Charles I and Charles II, telling about the Great Plague the fire of LondonJohn Evelyn, St Paul, The Book of Everlastin Things, Arthur Mee, Mrs Rene Christmas nee Punchard
19 to 301913SPR 01Edwards, Graham and AnnHeadstone of BoothillHeadstone still standing of George Johnson Hanged by mistake, Lester Moore Four SlugsGeorge Johnson, Lester Moore, Boothill, Arizona
19 to 301914SPR 01Rye, FrederickStranger Than FictionFamily Search for our family regarding William Rye was labourers in the area. James Kemp, George Edwin Sacree served in the Royal Marines Light Infantry Dunkirk, William Rye, William Courtney, William Exton, James Kemp, George Eddwin Sacree, Colonel Colwell
19 to 301915SPR 01Weller, George TGenealogy down underVisit Jim, Joyce Goodwin who showed them the family bible. Visit cousins and went to Sydney to Registrar Office to obtain help on lost marriagesJim, Joyce Goodwin, Alan, Helen Bulloch, Jack Bullock, Richmond and Tweed FHS.
19 to 301916SPR 01Davies, MargaretGammey Legg and Tragic DeathSearching for Roger Lewy in Scotland. Tragic death of Father and son and month later wife and motherRoger Lewry, George Seivwright, James Gray, James Gammey, Margaret Legg. Thomas and George Weller, Mary Weller
19 to 301917SPR 01Lewry, rogerItems of interest in and around Tunbridge WellsStone Water Trough by Brighton Lake with the writing of George and Annis Bliss - Australia. What is this all about and further writing on the other sideBrighton Lake, Eridge Road, George and Annis Bliss, Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Wter Trough Association
19 to 301917SPR 01Vale, Jo, MrsHadlow strays in the 1891 CensusNear London Road - in a Field- Travelling Van. Hadlow strays in the 1891 censusCornelious Jenner, Caroline Jenner, Collarberry Jenner, Mary M Jenner, Alice Boners
19 to 301918SPR 01Lewry, Roger,MrBrickmakingthe programme speaker was David Cufley explained how the bricks were made.Dvaid Cufley, Groombridge Village Hall, Picture of shed where bricks are made
19 to 301919SPR 01Cuffley, David, MrBrickmakers IndexThere were a index of brickfield workers and owner for the SE of England. They produce tiles, chimney and flower pots, crocks, drain-pipes, sugar moulds.Index list for Brickmakers and Owners
19 to 301919 to 20SPR 01Chicken, Dorothy, MrsChickens and Chicken StraysFound relation in Guemsey. I have census 1861/81/91 for Dumeresq, Gsy showing Richard Antoine D. Some families in Durham, Newport,Thomas Chicken, Mary Swinburn, Benjamin Chichken, Robert William Chicken, Mabel Pearce, Marjorie Chicken, Charles Pullen
19 to 301920 to 22SPR 01Cowling, BryanNew Publications InformationVarious books, indexing, Dictionary, Genealogy for researchFrank Stevens, Stuart Raymond, Philip James Chapman, Richard Knight,Geoffrey Yeo, Perry Snow
19 to 301923 to 25SPR 01Metherall, IrisVandals, Phillstines, or Enviromentalists?Charles Pond and son were open-cast miners and at a later date become fossil miners in CambershireCharles Pond, Joseph Pond, Edward Pond, Bernard O'Connor, Mike Foster, Sarah Barnard
19 to 301925 to 27SPR 01Stavros, Janice,MrsHighs and LowsJohn Jeffery and wife moved to Wadhurst East Sussex. Asher Jeffery enlisted as a young man he married. He was dismissed from working in the Post OfficeJohn Jeffery, Sussanah Norman, Asher Jeffery, Mary Davies, Cardiff
19 to 301927SPR 01Johnson, Peter1881 British Census and National Index on CDNew version of 1881 British Censue and National Index on CD. Further information contact Distribution CentrePeter Johnson, Distribution Centre, Birmingham
19 to 301927 to 28SPR 01TWFHSAdditiona to the 1996 Members' Interests Booklet (9th Supplement)Find a list of additions to the 1996 Members's Interests Booklet. List on page 28Nina M Teeder, Barbara K Johnston, A P Norfolk, Robin R Routley
19 to 30201SUM 01Lawry, Roger, CarolEditorialThank you all for your help. October ti the 10th anniversary of the society. Need photo of Tunbridge WellTunbridge Wells, Journal due in October
19 to 30202 to 7SUM 01Lawry, Roger, CarolNoticeboardVarious: Books, CD, Websites, Advertisement, Indexing, Mcirofiche, GROAnnie Lloyd, Southborough Society, Rainer Archive, Christian Associations, Family Records Centre, Microfiche, GRO, Grave Addresses Help Offered
19 to 30208 to 9SUM 01TWFHSHelp WantedSearching these names Greenways, Tranquil Cottages, Rudd, Richard BatchelorA P Norfolk, Greenways, Capell & Co, Sandhurst Park, Tranquil Cottages, Sue Ruskin, Richard Batchelor, I Metherall, George Rudd
19 to 30209 to 10SUM 01Lewry, CarolNews of meetings of TWFHSFrank Chapham was talking about Tales of Old Tunbridge Wells. Geoff Bridges talked about WW1. Then WW2 in 1939Frank Chapman, Richard Murdoch, Jimmy Edwards, Geoff Bridges, Robert Baltrop
19 to 302011 to 12SUM 01Roe, MollyFrom Australia by InternetReceived an email about relation in Australia. Morris Barnett was sent to Tasmania for seven years and found his wife there. They lived until they were 70 years oldMorris Barnett, James Barnett, Lord Harris, Lady Mayoress of Hobart
19 to 302012 to 13SUM 01Fowle, AndrewBlind JackBlind Jack was able to find his way around Tunbridge Wells. He took a stranger to Powder Mills and was given a shilling and the strangers lanternBlind Jack
19 to 302013 to 14SUM 01Godden, AnnCoinclidence? - maybeSearching my family and found that came from Tonbridge. Now family are in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Orkney and DevonErnest Roberts, Miriam Beamis, William and Charlotte Turner, George Turner, Mary Hilder, Joseph Hilder
19 to 302014 to 15SUM 01Rye, MaryHalf TruthsSearch James and Henry Kemp, found that they both employed on ships and travelled the world.James Kemps, Henry Kemp, Chatham Historical Dockyard Museum, Baltic,Australia, New Zealand, Antarctic.
19 to 302015 to 18SUM 01Monham, SidneyThe frustrations of family researchVisit my uncle Leslie in Downe, Tunbridge Wells. Then I moved to Tunbridge Wells. Wonder where Hasting came from in our name MonhamRichard and Andrew Monham, George Edwin Hastings Monham, Maria Matilda Hasting Monham, William and Emma Monham
19 to 302018SUM 01Bates,AnnGenetics/ The whys of family historyQuestion about why census lines are black out. Microfilm not illegible, missing newspapersCensus, microfilm, newspaper, photos
19 to 302019 to 21SUM 01Jeffrey, JoanAnother walk in Speldhurst ChurchyardLooking at Headstones of Nora Farrar, Ruth, Turley, Godley, Fry, Countess of Dundonald, Baden-PowellNora Farrar, Frederic Farrar, William Turley, Venus Pandora, Katherine Frances, Alice Newton, Thomas Dundonald, Baden-Powell, Eric Maple
19 to 302021SUM 01Cowling, BryanBook ReviewBooks: Poor Law Documents beford 1834, DNA for Family Historians Anne Cole, Alan Savin
19 to 302022 to 23SUM 01Vale, Jo, MrsNorth Tonbridge and Hadlow strays from 1891 censusList of names, places and date of birth of stray children in the North Tonbridge/Hadow area on the night of 8 April 1891See list of name on pages 22 and 23
19 to 302024 to 25 SUM 01Bates,AnnFrom Mrs Beeton's Bod of Household ManagementList of wages paid to the following: Housekeeper, Lady's Maid, Head Nurse,Cook, Upper Housemaid, Upper Laundry Maid, General Servant, Kitchen MaidVarious wage for different members of staff
19 to 302025SUM 01TWFHSMembers' InterestsMembers interest in the following names, Sharville/Sharvill, Hobbs, Fairbrother, Clark, Green,Angela May, Patricia Burbery,
19 to 302026 to 27SUM 01Cornish, Jan,MrsMore relatives discoveredJacob Philipp Moller moved to England for a better life. Trying to trace Henriette Lueckel and her father was an important person at the beginning of the 19th CenturyJacob Philipp Moller, Emily Carter, William Anthony Moller, Roseanna Hunt, Anton Moller, Henriete Lueckel, Johann Luceckel
19 to 302028SUM 01TWFHSMeeting in 2001 and 2002Meetings: Kentish Studies, Wills, The Cinque Ports, 16,17,18th Century Records, AGM, TW Museum, Commonwealth War Graves, What's in a nameTricia Rowsby, Joyce Hoad, Brian Purdey, Lillian Gibbens, Ian Beavis, Jean Debney, Groombridge Village Hall.
19 to 30211WIN 01Lewry, CarolEditorialTen years since doing the Journal. 260 members. Thank the committee for their help. Had 13 emails from outside the area. 1 person from Austrialia replied backPauline mowbray from Australia writing a piece for the Journal
19 to 30212 to 3WIN 01TWFHSNoticeboardAdvertising from Education to renting rooms. Open day WSFHS, Books for saleJean Stirk, Mrs R Cowling, TWFHS, West Surrey Family History Society, Elizabeth Powell Crowe
19 to 30214 to 5WIN 01TWFHSSources in Tunbridge Wells reference LibraryTunbridge Wells Street Directories by Kelly and Pelton. Census Records, CD, Parish Registers, Burial Register, Maps, Kelly and Pelton Street Directories. Census 1841 to 1891, Microfiche Index, Holy Trinity and King Charles, Woodbury Park, Sue Brown
19 to 30215 to 6WIN 01Cowling, BryanOn the BookstallInternet Directory of England and Wales, London Ancestors, Newspapers, Irish Ancestry, Stuart A Raymond, Lilian Gibbens, Audrey Collins, Bill Davis, Ann Edwards, James Bradshaw
19 to 30217WIN 01TWFHSMicrofiches/PublicationsList of Titles in all areas in Kent, with their Fiche numbers and pricesSouthborough, Fordcombe, Pambury, Penshurst, Tudeley, Rusthall,
19 to 30218WIN 01Raymond, StuartStuart Raymond AdvertisementSurrey & Sussex Parish Registers Inscription & Wills, Occupational Sources Surrey/Sussex Genealogists, Surrey & Sussex Family Histories & Pedigrees with pricesStuart A Raymond
19 to 30219WIN 01Mowbray, PaulinePersistence paysI have been reseaching the Fry family for 12 years. Shirley Oxenbury help finding informtion on the Fry. They moved around from Surrey to SussexJess Fry, John Fry, Ann Harris, James Fry, Bathsheba Upton, Hannah Winder, Thomas Winder, Harriet Nash, Mary Ann Wells, Pauline Mowbray
19 to 302110 to 11WIN 01Metherall, IrisA month to rememberMothers' Uion went Westminster Abbey. Went to Central Hall looking for family members. Found names Tanner and Rudd. Looked itn Assize RecordsQueen Victoria, King Edwards VII, Robert Codling, Tanner and Rudd
19 to 302111 to 12WIN 01Gurney, SheilaST Marks C of E SchoolEarl of Abergavenny gave Frant Road so they can build a school. The school flourish for 115 year and then relocated to to Ramslye RoadMr and Mr Chatterton, Miss Acton, Pantiles Baptist Church,
19 to 302113 to 17WIN 01Edwards, GrahamThe Edward Brother, BuildersJohn Edward was a builder and listed in 1839 Pigot's Directory as Edwards and Mercer Carpenters & Builders. Some brothers emigrated to North AmericaJohn Edward, Mr Stone,Ephraim Edwards, Ann Groves, Martha Kmp, Elias Edwards, Deborah Jones, Edward Edwards, George Edwards
19 to 302117 to 18WIN 01Jeffrey, don and Mrs Joan JeffreyThe Speldhurst War MemorialThe War Memorial was repaired and it was found that the Imperial War Museum maintained the Memorial. Unveiling in 1920 by Mrs WE and Jean Taylor.Charles Oldrid Scott, John Oldrid Scott, Mrs W E Taylor, Miss Jean Taylor, Lt William Taylor, John Reginald Harmer, Rev Herbert Maters.
19 to 302118 to 20WIN 01Jeffrey, JoanSpeldhurst Churchyard re-visitedInteredted in Cochrane. There was a message on each side of headstone. Thomas Cochrane succeeded to the title Earl of Dundonald. 2 more grave I was interested inWill Hinton, Susannah Mercer, Thomas Cochrane, Arthur Cochrane, William Cochrane, John Simpson
19 to 302120 to 21WIN 01Jackson, KenTunbridge Wells Baptist TabernacleA Chapel was erected in 1770 and disbanded in 1813. A committee was set up to get a new chapel built. They used the town hall. £25 was invested to build a chapelRev G Pearce, Rev W K Armstrong, Rev James Smith,
19 to 302121 to 22WIN 01Johnston, BarbaraA missing mother/grandmotherIvy Maud was Barbara Johnson mother and Ivy Maud mother went to Canada. Ivy Maud stayed with her grandpartent Waghorne in Church House.William Edwar Waghorne, Eather, Waghorne, William Waghorne, Eliza Maud Peacock, Rebecca and George Peacock
19 to 302122 to 24WIN 01Standen, FrankKing Charles SchoolFormer King Charles School closed in 1960. They got an education in Reading, Arithmetic, Music, Drawing, Writing they were lucky to get this education.Hary Braddon, Dunkirk, Chapel Place, Huntleys School for boys, Fordcombe, Speldhurst, Bidborough
19 to 302124 to 25 WIN 01Bates, AnnT Bates & Sons BuildersThomas Bates was a carpenter. Thomas set a business with his 2 sons. Business called A Bates. Family home was built in Warwich Park, then know as Newick CottagesThomas Bates, Harriet Martin, William Martin, Kate Davis, Benjamin Davis, Robert Wheeler, Harold Bates, Roland Bates
19 to 302126 to 28WIN 01Joye, GillSalomons' Servants at Broomhill - Part 1David Salomons was a Sheriff of Kent, MP for Greenwich. House was passed to his nephew. Picture show the servants that was needed to run the houseDavid Salomons, David Lionel Salomons, David Reginald Herman Philip Salomons, Census 1871 of staff, Census 1881
19 to 3021back pageWIN 01Braham, FranMeeting in 2001 and 2002Meeting from 27 November 2001 to 22 October 2002, AGM, Old Tunbridge Wells, War Graves, Executions and Executioners, Don't climb the family treeRoger Joye, Ian Beavis, Jean Debney, Major Brian Oldham, Paul Blake, Fred Feather, Ken Wilson
19 to 30221SPR 02Lewry, CarolEditorialHav a special anniversary issue names memtioned Beau Nash , Decimus Burton. Checking to see every one still want to call this a journalBeau Nash, Decimus Burton, Queen Victoria, Church of King Charles the Martyr
19 to 30222 to 6SPR 02TWFHSNoticeboardVarious: Members Interest, Help Offered, Advertisement, CD-Roms, Census, Housegroup UpdateFrank Standen, Cheryl Bailey, Metropolitan Archives, Property, War Memorials, 1901 Census,Young Genealogist,
19 to 30227SPR 02Joye, GillAGM Chairman ReportWe are Celebrate in 2001 the 10th Anniversay in October, guests Lady Teviot, Jean, Strik, David Cuffley. Since moving we have keep our members. Lady Teviot, Jean Stirk, David Cuffley, King Charles the martyr
19 to 30228SPR 02Oxenbury, ShirleyAGM Secretary ReportGill is standing down as our Chairman. David Cuffley was a speaker at our New Year at the new venue, talked about Brickmakers, Bryan Cowling on the bookstallBryan Cowling, David Cuffley, Family History Fair
19 to 30229 to 10SPR 02TWFHSOn the BookstallBygone Crowborough, Royal Tunbridge Wells, High Weald, Langton Green, Growing up in St Peter's 1917, 1602 Rusthall ManorM Payne, L Batchelor, Roger Farthing, Brian Harwood, Joyce Shoebridge, Michael Wheeler, M Conyers, William Lord Abergavenny
19 to 302211SPR 02Oxenbury, ShirleyRusthall ManorList of tenants on fiche on Lord of the Manor of Rusthall and William Lord Abergavenny and other freehold tenantsM Conyers, William Lord Abergavenny
19 to 302212SPR 02TWFHSMy criminal ancestorHenry Shoult was a convicted criminal. His crime ws striking a superior officer and desertion on HM Ship Nymph in Sydney. He was released in 1882Henry Shoults, Millbank Prison, Chatham Prison, Pentonville,
19 to 302213 to 14SPR 02King, JohnRirz organ still going strongAt the Ritz Cinema was a Compton organ and then moved to Regal Cinema . Then Nicholas Pitts brought it and restored and moved to Pinchbeck.Nicholas Pitts, Mark Willerton, Ann Bates, Rirz Cinema, Regal Cinema, Hanley and District Organ Trust. Nigel Ogden
19 to 302214 to 15SPR 02Adams, BarbaraLetters to DoraAnnie or Mary Anne gave birth to a daughter and gave up to 2 sistes. One sister married to a vicar and later the vicar killed the 2 sisters and killed himself. Annie, Grinham, Margaret Clark, Dora Edwards, Elliott,
19 to 302216 to 17SPR 02Joye, GillSalomons servants at Broomhill - part 2Sir David Lionel and wife and young family were residence. They had 11 servants. David Reginald Salomons was only 5 at the time. List of servants in 1891 CensusSir David Lionel, Charles Chilvers, George Waters, HMS Hythe, Vera Bryce
19 to 302218SPR 02Gurney, SheilaThoughts about Mrs SalomonWas wondering how Mrs Laura Salomon spend her with all her servants.David Salomon, Laura Salomon, governess, lady's maide, cook
19 to 302218SPR 02Lewry, Carol, MrsOrigins of place names in our areaOrigins of place names in the area such as Medicinal Spring, wooded hills, ash trees, lambs graze, woodchips, fern, goats, Willow treeTunbridge Well, Ashurst, Bidborough, Lamberhurst, Pembury, Southborogh, Speldhurst, Frant, Rotherfield, Ticehurst, Wadhurst, Withyham
19 to 302219 to 21SPR 02Edwards, AnnTunbridge Wells - for better or worse - Part 1Edward Edwards and his wife emigrated to North America and later he ask 2 of this brother to come. One came to Ohia. Other brother stayed in Tunbridge WellsElisha Edwards, Sabina Damper, Elias, Caroline Goodwin, Rachel McCall,
19 to 302221SPR 02TWFHSTo a descendantPoem about what a ghost doesLorna Wood
19 to 302222 to 25SPR 02TWFHSThe Tunbridge Wells mineral water tradeTunbridge Wells was renowned for natural spring water. Over the times there were different Companyies opening up producing Ginger beerLlyes, Thoms Putland, Ansell & Co, Garcia & Co, R Fry, Tuddenham Bros, R J Langley, Dunkley and Roger, Hobbs and Windemer, Shelvey & CO
19 to 302226 to 27SPR 02TWFHSMembers' InterestsAdditions and corrections to Member' Interests booklet Wint 2001/2002List of names
19 to 302228SPR 02TWFHS2002 ProgrammeMeeting: Old Tunbridge Well, War Graves, Meaning of Surnames, Crimean War, Shopkeeper, London, AGM,. From 26 February to December 2002Ian Beevis, Staff of CWGC, Jean Debney, Major Brian Oldham, Roger Davey, Paul Blake, Frederick Feather, Ken Wilson
19 to 30231SUM 02Lewry, CarolEditorialThank you all for your help. Please see items from different parts of the world, plus photosAGM 26th November
19 to 30232 to 3SUM 02TWFHSNoticeboardVarious: Birth, Tickner Family Tree, Letter to the editor, Room to Let, Rates to advertise in the JournalFran and Sam Braham, Tickner Family, Reninald Hall, P Norfolk, Mrs R Cowling, Prices for advertising
19 to 30233 to 5SUM 02TWFHSHelp WantedApprenticships, Haysman Family, Indexes on From Leonard Thomas, Kent Superintendent RegistrarsAnn Godden, Christine Burn, Haysman, Thomas Hazemore, Leonard Thomas, Heather Planner, Clive Gardner, Annette Masters, Wendy Young
19 to 30235 to 7SUM 02Cowling, BryanOn the BookstallForest Camera, Then and Now Tunbridge, Family and Local History, Tunbridge Wells Postcards, Southborough, Wadhurst Town of the High Weald, Old PhotosPeter Kirkby, Phillip Burgess, Robert Blatchford, Chris McCooey, Alan Savidge, M J Rowlings, I Beavis, M Payne, L Batchelor
19 to 30237 to 8SUM 02Lewry, RogerCD-Rom reviewCensus 1891 is on a CD-Rom. There are 1308 pages and 57,528 records, surnames,forenames, age, chapman county code and place of birth. From Bryan CowlingBryan Cowling, Roger Lewry, Prices for CD
19 to 30238SUM 02TWFHSI'm the baby brotherWitness was asked in Court, had he a brother and died 150 years ago. Father married at 19 had a son who died, married again at 75, had aother sonHampshire Chronicle, Cornhill Magazine in 1901
19 to 30239 to 11SUM 02Edwards, AnnTunbridge Wells - for better or worse - Part 2Edward Edwards, Elizabeth and Elisha Edwards all died of Typhoid. Elias looked after 4 orphaned children. Rachel wrote a letter asking about her family in EnglandEdward Edwards, Eisha Edwards, Elias Edwards, Rachel McCall, William Edwards,
19 to 302312SUM 02Godden, AnneTodays's rubbish - tomorrow's treasureWish I take photo of Tunbridge Well beford it changed. Toys that I should have kept to show my grandchildren. I still have some of my old booksShopping Basket, Columes of LMA, Tar Baby, Disney Jigsaws
19 to 302313SUM 02MacGregor, LesleyA home for all those unwanted false teethI receeived a beautiful sampler worked by my great great grandmother. Advert asking for old false teeth good price givenChurch Times, Lesley MacGregor, Woodfall and Co.
19 to 302313 to 14SUM 02Stead, IvyVillage SentinelsI used to go to church on Sundays and walk to the village. My father took us to Marden Hill and go to St John the Divine and his mother was buried there.St Michaels and All Angels Withyham, St Mary's Church Hartfield, Knole Withyham, Ashdown Forest, St John the Divine
19 to 302314 to 16SUM 02Tayler, KarenThree sisters marry three brothersThree Pattenden sisters married 3 brothers, in Stonegate. Brothers last name BlackmanErnest Blackman, Mary Jane Pattenden, Herbert Blackman, Emily Esther May Pattenden, Frederick Blackman, Naomi Margaret Pattenden
19 to 3023 17 to 18SUM 02Wardrop, NickWar memorials and the Menin GateThe Menin Gates was build by Burslem in Tunbridge Wells and was transported to Dover by stream lorries. They also look after many other war memorials overseasMenin Gate, Burselm & Sons, France, Africa, Middle and Far East, Ypres, Soome, Imperial War Graves Commission
19 to 302318 to 19SUM 02Kerr, JohnTwo e-mails from AustraliaReceived 2 emails from Australia from John Kerr (Sugar Industry) and Marguerite Andrews(Woodleigh Cottages, Southborough),Arthur Brown, William Brand, Mary River, Antigua Mills, Susanna Jeffery, Richard Jeffery, Molesworth Jeffery
19 to 302320 to 21SUM 02Harris, John, MrAn English SoldierErnest Winford Miles, unable to find him listed in the forces but found him enlisted itn the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Need to look to why he went to CanadaFrederick and Jane Miles, Ada White Tucker, A W Miles, Lord Strathcona's Horse Regiment, Isabella Tucker, Thomas White Collard
19 to 302321 to 23SUM 02Adams, B RThe Grinhams in FrantLooking for informtion of Mary Anne Grinham from Frant, found a William Grinham could be my Dora father and he had seven children. What happened to Mary AnneJames Wyatt, William and Mary Grinham, William Walter Whiteman, Rebecca Reed, William Edmund.
19 to 302323SUM 02Beale, Ivor, DrThe Spice Girls - 1st EditionThomas Spice married Dinah and had 2 daughters. A Sarah married into Beale in Tunbridge Wells. Gt.Grandfather Was Louis Stephen Beale. Info needed on Beale 2 SistersThomas Spice Decy Jane Beale, Minhull, Grant. Sarah Ann Beale, Gunner, Balls, John Beecher, Stephen Beale, William Standen
19 to 302324 to 27SUM 02Joye, GillSalomons' servants at Broomhill - an updateThere is a picture of some of the servants. There was 12 servants some in the mansion and some in the estate cottages. List of servants and their titles.Census 1901, Oak Lodge - servants, The Stables - servants, Broom Hill - servants, Gardens Cottage - servants, The Gardens - servants (names)
19 to 302327 to 28SUM 02TWFHSTunbridge Wells mineral water tradeStephen Tuddenham was a furniture dealer. Richard Tuddenham went to Tunbridge Wells to take up ginger-beer making. Did young Henry R continue in his footstepsRichard Tuddenham, Stephen Tuddenham, Caroline Taylor, Henry J Tuddenham, Harry R Tuddenham, Phoebe Katherine Tuddenham
19 to 3023back pageSUM 02TWFHSOther people you may wish to contact - Inside back pageOther names you would like to contact for information on Mcrofiche Organiser, Librarian, Book Sales, Programme Organiser Don Jeffrey, Jo Vale, Bryan Cowling, Fran Braham
19 to 3023back pageSUM 02TWFHS2002 ProgrammeMeeting: London Metropolitan Nightmare, Executions and Executioners, Don't climb your Family Tree, AGM.Paul Blake, Frederick Feather, Ken Wilson
19 to 30241WIN 02Lewry, CarolEditorialThis issure, of ysterious foreigner, murder, royalty, family reunions and the dippers of Tunbridge Well. Renew your membership, AGMShirley Oxenbury, Colin Brook,
19 to 30242 to 3WIN 02TWFHSNoticeboard/Help availbleNoticeboard: Intersting Websites, Useful Books. Help available: Parchute Regiment, Farrant in SouthboroghNoticeboard: Padcroft Boys Home, Roy Porter, Dorothy Marshall. Help available: War Graves France, Francesca Braham, George Farrant
19 to 30243 to 4WIN 02TWFHSHelp WantedJane Ann Haggett married a William Shoebridge and looking for any descendants of William and Jane Shoebridge, they had about 10 childrenJane Ann Haggett, Minnie Maria Shoebridge, Edwin Ellis Jane Ann Jnr, Harriet, Caroline, Mary Ann, Alice Maria and William George
19 to 30244 to 7WIN 02TWFHSOn the BookstallScottish Family History, Jewish Home, Lunatics, Directory for England and Wales 2002/3, Tunbridge Wells, CD-Rom 1891 censusStuart Raymond, Rosemary Wenzerul, Pamela Faithfull, Terrance Davis, Josephine Butcher, William Hunter
19 to 30248 to 9WIN 02Brand, Jean, MrsDispelling the MythsSearching for foreign ancestor which I was told by the family, but on seaching most of the family came from Surrey and Sussex. Jacob Botten had darken skinJacob Bottenm Benjamin Botten, Philadelphia Nash, Agnes Towsend, John Thomas Etherington, Harriet, Hetherington
19 to 302410 to 11WIN 02Robinson, MaryKillick - Squire Family HistoryKillick were living in Rotherfield and father and son were farmers. Wonder if TWFHS know anything about New Inn/Kew in Hadlow Down. Still searching Gorringe'sWilliam Gorringe, Thomas Everest Killick, Mary Ann Killick, Peter Gorringe, Edward Saunders, Saunders Ditton, Obed Hensley
19 to 302412 to 13WIN 02Turnbull, JoanRoyal VisitorsIn February 1952 Prince Charles and Princess Ann was visiting the Eridge Castle with their nanny. I was introduce to the Prince and Princess in the back seat of the carPrince Charles, Princess Anne, Nanny Lightbody, Kenya,
19 to 302413WIN 02Patterson, LynneFamily jigsawSearching the name Gavin. Found a Jane Gavin which is my great great grandparent. Daniel was a soldier and born in Ireland in St Flannan's Oratory.William Chandler, Daniel O'Brien, Jane Gavein
19 to 302414 to 17WIN 02Groves, JulianMary Wells StreeterMary Wells-Streeter visited her fiance William Godfrey Youngman and he killed her with a knift. He was publicly executed. Executioner William Calcraft. Mildred Kennaird, Samuel Wells-Streeter, George Campion Courthope, Judge Vaughan-Williams, Flossie Webzell
19 to 302417WIN 02Lewry,RogerThe 1891 census index for the Tunbridge Wells areaRoy Thompson has kindly volunteered to look for specific names in the index for members.Roy Thompson, CD - Rom,
19 to 302418 to 19WIN 02Jeffrey, Joan, MrsThe Turley family of SpeldhurstReceived a letter from Australia asking for information on the Turley and on my travels I came across other people that was interested in the Turley.Barabara Turley, Jack Burford, Joy Podbury, John Ross-Skedd, Rosemary Ross-Skedd, Anne Rogers
19 to 302420 to 21WIN 02Podbury, JoyA dip into the pastSusannah Mercer collected water from the springs. The Water Dipper wanted to set up an agreement but Dorcas Baker absolutely refused to comply.Roger Farthing, Rusthall Lord of the Manor, Sir George Kelley, Dorcas Baker, Mr Scoones, Elizabeth Weller, Ann Cripps, Ann Okill, Susannah Mercer
19 to 302422 to 24WIN 02Caroline BridgerThe letters of Caroline BridgerCaroline Bridger wrote 5 letter. 1 to her nephew Edwin A Tomas. Charlotte emigrated to Canada. Caroline would have liked to go to Canada to see her familyBenjamin Bridger, William Phipps, William Ballard, James Tomes, Jennie Smith, Archibald Tomes, Major Ian Tomes, Richard Stevens
19 to 302425 to 28WIN 02Vale, Jo, MrsSomerhill HouseQueen Elizabeth 1 gave the land to Sir Francis Walsingham. Present Somerhill built in 1611, designer John Thorpe. Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid bought the estate in 1849Frederick Goldsmid, Osmond d'Avigdor Goldsmid, Sir Henry Goldsmid. Bickies, Yardley Court, Derwent Lodge.
19 to 302428WIN 02TWFHSTen Genealogists' commandments10 rules to follows to complete your family tree, making sure to record your source, join societies, research every week, Record sources, Record office, Societies,
19 to 3024back pageWIN 02TWFHSOther you may wish to contactUpdating contacts of membersDon Jeffrey, Jo Vale Bryan Cowling, Fran Braham
19 to 3024back pageWIN 02Branham, FranProgramme 2003 so far - Part 1The Rural Scene, At Home with your Ancestors, Rat Catchers, Leave no stone unturned, Poor Law Records. Dates from 21 January to 24 June John Elderrton, Jean Stirk, David Fufley, John Vigar, Gillian Rickards
19 to 3024back pageWIN 02Branham, FranProgramme 2003 - Part 2 dates onlyPart 2 - dates only 22 July, 26 August, 23 September, 28 October, 25 November AGM. Areas covered Ashurst, Bidborough, Lamberhurs, Pembury, Penshurst, SpeldhurstThe Village Hall, Groombridge, Subscription, Aims, Area Covered.
19 to 30251SPR 03Lewry, CarolEditor's noteThanking everyone who contributed towards the last issue. Subcriptions for 2002Summer issue
19 to 30252 to 5SPR 03TWFHSNoticeboardWebsites, Photos available, House group update, letter to the editor, Family History Societies, Selected lectures, courses and visits 2003Ancestry search, Photos of graves, Shirley Underwood, Rick Stevens, Genealogy Award, David Walsh
19 to 30255 to 6SPR 03Churchman, HildigunnurHelp AvailableName Index for 1861 census for Tunbridge Union Workhouse, 1891 cenuse Index for Tunbridge WellsLocal Studies Library, Hildi Gunnurc, Roy Thompson, Family Record Centre
19 to 30256 to 9SPR 03TWFHSHelp WantedSearching for James Tomsett, Dolly Lee notebook searching Cia Atkinson, Looking for Charles and Maude Hickmott, Sir Henry Sturmey was called a mainpernedMarilyn Cross, James Tomsett, Dolly Lee, Chris Rowley, Cis Atkinson, Charles and Maude Hickmott, Sir Henry Sturmey, Henry Husee,
19 to 30259 to 12SPR 03TWFHSBookstallNew Approach, Surrey and Sussex, Current Publications of Microfichs, Railway Archive, Using Computers Microfiche East Sussex Parish, Frant, LamberhurstGeorge Redmonds, Stuart A Raymond, John P Perkins, Tom Richards, David Hawgood,
19 to 302512 to 13SPR 03Lewry, RogerA day to rememberThe war memorial in the centre of Tunbridge Well was soldier with his rifle with all the 765 names who died and family, Colonel Viscount Hardinge attendedSeptimus Parsonage, Alderman H J Willmot, Mr W C Cripps, Major General Johnson, Major Barrett, Rev Ernest Dowsett, Mrs Dougall
19 to 302514 to 16SPR 03TWFHSTW First World War namesList of all the names of soldier that died in First World War ( 3 pages)List of Names of Soldiers.
19 to 302517 to 20SPR 03Hetherington, KeithTunbridge Wells butchers of yesteryearThere were a lot of butchers shops opening and closing in Tunbridge Wells and it did not help when J Sainsbury open one of his stores in the townR A Ashby, William James Hill, John Warwick, Wesley Smith, James Toop, John Will Rush, T M Stoate, Harry Couchman, Arthur Lawrence
19 to 302520 to 23SPR 03Marwood, DvidExecutions and executionersWilliam Marwood invented the long drop. He was shoemaker just like his father then he became an excutioner. He execute 350 men and women in 11 yearsFrederick Feather, William Marwood, William Calcraft, Charles PeaCE, James Burton
19 to 302523 to 26SPR 03Braham, FrancescaThe Griffin EnigmaMy great aund was called Blanche Louisa Walker Griffin, but had trouble finding other relations because they kept on changing the last name from Walker to GriffinWilliam and Annie Griffin, Harriet Mable Griffin, Robert Walker Griffin, Mary Helen Walker Griffin, Kennington, Newington
19 to 302526 to 27SPR 03Taylor, Karen, MrsConsistent surnames? Not in my familyWilliam son of William and Mary Pattenden. The name kept on changing fromPaddington, Pattenden, Pattington. People misheard the nameMartha Bourn, Mary Ann Neatherstreet, Dalsy M Heather, Hary Whitehorn Pattenden, Sarah Ann Whitehorn.
19 to 302527SPR 03Podbury, JoyRusthall Manor Tenants 1833Found in the back office at Tunbridge Wells in the reference library the list of Freehold Tenants of Rusthall Manor 1833See list of names of freehold tenants
19 to 302528 to 30SPR 03Johnson, PeterUse of freeware Guess TimatorThis a piece of freeware program take information from a Person search on the 1901 Census Index pages on the internet and allows you save the data to a diskInstallation of Guess Timator, Using the Guess Timator, Chapman Code, Registration District
19 to 302530 to 31SPR 03TWFHSFourth suppleFourth suplement to the Mebers Interests booklet dated winter 2001/2002List of names of members , Chapman code, Areas, addresses
19 to 302532SPR 03TWFHSTunbridge Wells in days gone byIn the 19th Century the railway came to Tunbridge Wells and they received day trippers. The church of King Charles the Martyr was one the first buildings in the townRantiles, Christ Church, King Charles the Martyr, St Paul's Cathedral
19 to 202532SPR 03TWFHSThe PoundPounds were at one time found in nearly every village throughout the country. Livestock in open fields, with no hedges or fences. They had a pound in Grove HillPhoto: Roger Lewry, Words: Bygone Kent
19 to 3025back pageSPR 03TWFHSOther contact namesContact names and address of member of the society and areas that they cover, Subscription fee.don Jeffrey, Microfiche Organiser, Mr Bryan Cowling, Book Sales, mrs Fran Braham, Programme Organiser
19 to 3025back pageSPR 03TWFHS2003 ProgrammeRat Catcher, The Alternative 3 R's, Leave no stone unturned, Poor Law Records, The life and times of a Military Macaroni, Our Jewish Ancestors, AGMDavid Cufley, Dianne Jarrett, John Vigar, Gillian Rickard, Moria Bonnington, Gordon Barnett