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NumberNamesAgeServiceDiseasesRemarksSuper-annuationApprox Year of birthApprox year beginning of service
1Richard Holding6640ImbecilityQuite worn out2 thirds17491775
2William Edwards7037Disease of the left hip joint and mortification of the left legEntirely helpless2 thirds17451778
3Robert Gibbs6733Obstinate Cough and extreme deafnessQuite worn out2 thirds17481782
4Thomas Dibbins6125Incurable strictures in the urethra and lameness of the right leg and thighThe strictures occasioned by an injury in the loins received in the loins on duty. Is a Pensioner from the Royal Artillery at 6d per Diem for the lameness which is a consequence of his thigh having been fractured on duty in the West Indies.1 sixth17541790
5Alexander Dunbar6222Palsy of the left sideQuite worn out17531793
6Alexander Fraser7822Large Ulcer right legDecrepit and totally worn out. 10 years in the war.17371793
7Joseph Read6122Lameless right legFrom disease of the hip joint. Quite Worn Out.17541793
8Francis Pink7021Extensive rupture in each groin which can not be reducedIs also blind of the left eye and sight of the right eye is defective17451794
9Stephen Pryor6621Rupture right sideNearly worn out17491794
10Bryan Molloy6121Violent asthmaIncapable of any exertion17541794
11William Pooke5921Extensive rupture in each groin which cannot be reducedIncapable of any exertion17561794
12Isaac Plant6121Diseased lungs and ruptured in the right groinIs much emaciated and is quite worn out17541794
13Moses Murphy6120Rupture in the right groin and protrusion of the great intestineIs quite worn out17541795
14John Connell5115Violent asthmaIs incapable of further exertion17641800
15Daniel Molloy8814Almost blind in both eyesHis sight is so near gone that with regard to labour, it is equivalent to total blindness17271801
16William Bonner6613Severe and obstinate coughQuite worn out17491802
17Patrick Devine5713Rupture right side, obstinate cough and rheumatism right armIncapable of further exertion17581802
18Joseph Summers7212Asthma and cataract in each eyeQuite worn out17431803
19John Leavy6212PalsyHas very nearly lost the use of his inferior extremities17531803
20Mathew Hart6112No particular disease Is nearly incapable of further labour17541803
21John Wainsworth7012Has nearly lost the use of his limbs and is ruptured in the right groinIs quite worn out1 third17451803
22David Watson7612Ruptured in both groinsServed 18 years and 4 months as a Gunner in the Royal Artillery. Is totally worn out.1 third17391803
23John Walsh6612Ruptured in both groins, very extensively in the rightHis sight is also defective, and he is incapable of further labour1 third17491803
24Thomas Moore6611Chronic rheumatismIncapable of further labour1 third17491804
25Charles Bishop6511Rupture in the left groinDebilitated and worn out1 third17501804
26Dennis McCarthy6211Extensive rupture in the right groinIncapable of further labour1 third17531804
27Isaac Thomas7311Severe and obstinate cough and chronic rheumatismIs quite worn out1 third17421804
28John Roach6511Incurable pulmonic complaintIs much emaciated by the expectoration and in other respects quite worn out1 third17501804