If you are a NWKFHS member, please login, if not, please join today.

If you are a NWKFHS member, please login, if not, please join today.

Zoom Workshop: Breaking Down Ancestral Brick Walls with David Cufley

A discussion workshop to help researchers overcome research hurdles.

(Please submit your brick walls by 26 June to David Cufley via the contact form found at  https://www.nwkfhs.org.uk/?location=1#Contact  . )

Even if you don't have any research problems you wish to bring to the group, it may still be interesting to participate and discover how others' brick walls are tackled.

Brick walls are not a hurdle but a learning experience. At a 'Breaking down ancestral brick walls' workshop a member said that she thought you had to submit a research problem to attend. Not so. The workshops are designed to explain sources and how you can organise your research to help find that elusive ancestor.

Other members' 'brick walls' can be of help to other family historians as the thinking process explained with the sources used can apply to everyone’s research.

Methods are supported by the guides and bibliographies in the members only area (MOA) along with the recordings.

Don't forget that the advice at the BDBW workshops can help everyone. So come and hear how we try to solve the 'brick walls' that other members have encountered.

Having the chance to discuss the research problems we all encounter may help you solve your 'brick wall'.

Please log in from 7.15pm and enjoy chat amongst participants before the workshop starts.

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Event Information

Event Date 10-07-2024 7:30 pm
Event End Date 10-07-2024 9:30 pm
Capacity 12
Individual Price Free
Location Zoom online