Past Workshops

 Workshop  Description  Leader
 Workshop  Description  Leader
 1939 Register    Christine Hills
 Beginners Family History    Fran Rogers
 Beginners Guide to Researching Soldiers of WW1    Fran Rogers
 Dating Old Photographs - Part 1    Hilary Waters
 Dating Old Photographs - Part 2    Hilary Waters
 Discovering the History of Your Ancestors    David Cufley
 Errors, Lies and Other Misinformation    David Cufley
 Family Historian - Introduction    Brian Kirk
 Family Historian - Further Exploration    Brian Kirk
 Fluctuating Population Numbers    David Cufley
 Illegitimacy    Mari Alderman
 Insights into Occupational Records    Jean Stirk
 Mapping Your Family Distributions and Movement    David Cufley
 Maps and Plans for Family Historians    David Cufley
 Marriage, Divorce and Bigamy    Christine Hills
 On the Move    Jean Stirk
 Staic or Peripatetic    Jean Stirk
 The Poor and the Abandoned    Jean Stirk