Disabled Workers 1935-1945

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Clock & Centre NumberSheet NameDate of entryDate of BirthCategory Nature of DisabilityDepartmentCode for Disability Rate
805/438Sheet 08Abbott T W6/15/193903/02/18916Effect of Burns Face & ArmsLabour Branch
595/405Sheet 13Abraham G5/12/19369/12/19126Crushed Finger Lt HandFuze BranchE4
595/486Sheet 04Abraham L2/3/19419/23/19074Bullet wound left armFuze BranchE6 F78BF78C
317/410Sheet 10Agar G10/26/193703/10/18916Leg InjuryTailors ShopE70
838/478Sheet 04Aldridge M F8/3/1940?6Injuries Lt eye & head (Cycle accident in Arsenal )Not Found
805/774Sheet 13Allen R5/23/193612/12/18943Wounds Legs & ButtocksLabour Branch
708/374Sheet 11Allford A3/8/193712/16/1911?Serious Internal; InjuriesNot Found
316/103Sheet 01Allwright C6/4/19454/12/19154Rt Leg Rt Eye Lt thumb (Ex Serviceman)Not Found
100/335Sheet 08Almond W10/18/193810/12/18933Gunshot WoundFitters & FabricationC2C8C29
371/829Sheet 07Amato T8/16/193921/02/18986HerniaShell FactoryA66A67E65
855/544Sheet 04Anderson B C2/24/194111/19/19197Amputated Rt legGroup OfficeA 75 & C52
706/373Sheet 01Andrews A2/21/19444/14/19007MigraineGas FactoryD9 D10
710/332Sheet 08Andrews E7/18/193904/03/18893Gunshot wound Not Found
206/356Sheet 10Anthony B9/29/193708/01/18925Gunshot WoundNot Found
250/116Sheet 13Appleton J8/10/193612/19/19136Amputation 2nd Finger Lt HandLight Gun Factory(95D98 D94 D57
855/033Sheet 01Armstrong9/11/19445/26/19084Broken wristGroup OfficeA 75 & C52
673/234Sheet 01Armstrong6/11/19438/8/19003Shattered Rt Hip boneNot Found
480/282Sheet 05Arnold B A5/14/194021/12/18863 & 6Broken collarbone Gunshot wounds in both legsSACF5 ExperimentalE82E78
480/282Sheet 05Arnold B A5/14/194021/12/18863 & 6Broken collarbone Gunshot wounds in both legsSACF5 ExperimentalE82E78
919/009Sheet 08Arscot7/22/193901/04/18973Loss of 2 Toes Rt FootNot Found
654/640Sheet 15Attrill E12/29/194108/02/18863 & 5Gunshot Wound Rt Arm Rt Leg & ChestDisabled Building Works
375/464Sheet 10Austin W A11/1/193715/11/18896Multiple InjuriesQF ProjectileE85
893/270Sheet 01Avery P6/9/194431/08/18863Gunshot wounds Knee & Rt ArmProgress & Planning Printing C 8 Store
900/127Sheet 05Back5/20/19405Sugar Diabetes (On sick List)Central StoresE 64 F163 D42
900/127Sheet 05Back5/20/19405Sugar Diabetes (On sick List)Central StoresE 64 F163 D42
652/372Sheet 07Baga H H9/8/193908/02/18967Unfit for work at Climbing on HeightsNot Found
900/151Sheet 13Bagshaw R A6/23/193610/8/19084HeadCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
919/011Sheet 05Bailey H A6/13/194017/12/18963 & 5Semi Fixed Hip Otitis Media Not Found
919/011Sheet 05Bailey H A6/13/194017/12/18963 & 5Semi Fixed Hip Otitis Media Not Found
815/593Sheet 07Baker9/8/193917/12/18973GassedNot Found
654/433Sheet 15Baker H 9/16/19396Injury to Spine & headDisabled Building Works
900/146Sheet 04Banks E7/15/194010/9/19047Foot troubleCentral StoresE64 ( Sub Stores )
805/616Sheet 05Banks O W3/27/194018/09/18917Diminutive Stature (s)Labour Branch
805/616Sheet 05Banks O W3/27/194018/09/18917Diminutive Stature (s)Labour Branch
654/254Sheet 15Barber R9/13/193923/08/18937Gassed 1914--1918 WarDisabled Building Works
280/322Sheet 11Barclay E6/3/193707/08/18933Poisoning Mustard Gas Valvular Disease of the Heart Electric De-positionA 46
124/367Sheet 09Bardwell J M12/6/1937?6FI Fingers & Thumb Light Machine ShopC58C54
820/480Sheet 03Barker J1/12/194224/05/18813, 6 & 7Stomach Gunshot Wound Rt Shoulder BrokenMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
581/591Sheet 10Barker W9/21/193714/02/18834 & 7Psycho NeurosisDanger Blds HEEE6 F78B F78C
893/282Sheet 13Barker W5/18/19364/8/19116Injury Lt EyeProgress & Planning
795/344Sheet 13Barnard C F6/26/193601/05/18923Gunshot Wounds Rt Foot Lt HandLabour Branch
145/421Sheet 08Barnes F10/10/193810/19/19073Left Arm Congenital Log Mill &Wood MachineF71A & B & F 72
652/348Sheet 04Barnett D7/31/194016/01/18826Fractured Lt LegNot Found
480/359Sheet 13Barns J D8/18/193612/8/19104Rt LegSACF5 ExperimentalE82E78
562/325Sheet 02Barratt S3/3/194226/04/18996Rt Arm Mutilated
899/311Sheet 12Barron T10/7/1936 12/07/18933Side WoundNot Found
850/515Sheet 01Barry E9/8/194414/02/18884Chronic BronchitisFactory General CentreA75A78C i3
833/317Sheet 14Bartholomew G1/20/19366/14/19076Broken Rt WristMachinery Dock YardEast Pumping Station
80/348Sheet 02Bartlett E3/13/194228/02/18823TuberculosisPainters MiscellaneousA35C29
850/818Sheet 03Barton M L8/19/194107/06/189463 Fingers Lt Hand Blown OffFactory General CentreA75A78C13
893/362Sheet 08Barton A9/16/193809/01/18977Duodenal UlcerProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
900/158Sheet 11Bassett T11/26/19364/20/1908?Duodenal UlcerCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
250/282Sheet 10Bates G A8/20/193709/02/18897Details SMOLight Gun Factory(95D98 D94 D57
893/370Sheet 04Bayne G11/27/194008/09/18923 & 5Gunshot wound backProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
894/100Sheet 04Beagle 7/16/19403/28/19157Artificial Lt LegProgress & Planning Dev & Exp A75
820/164Sheet 08Beard R12/28/19382/6/19247Duodenal UlcerMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
805/661Sheet 10Bedson A8/3/193711/07/18916Double HerniaLabour Branch
243/325Sheet 14Beer H3/25/193627/03/18986Injury to Lt AnkleHeavy GunD58 D62 D63
893/357Sheet 09Bell F4/4/193801/11/18843DeafnessProgress & PlanningA75C3
710/349Sheet 07Bender9/12/19394/12/19144P O W in Germany 10 % pensionNot Found
405/576Sheet 04Benmore A1/8/194102/07/18973 & 6Gunshot wound Lt leg ROF Injury same legDanger Blds Q F C FQFCFE9345& 7
899/302Sheet 02Bennett J L E2/15/194311/18/19014Gunshot Wound KneeNot Found
652/167Sheet 07Bentley H C9/7/193908/07/18933GassedNot Found
243/318Sheet 07Bentley T9/15/193929/09/18823Gunshot woundsHeavy TurneryD62D63 East Turnery
819/127Sheet 14Berry R4/21/193610/28/19036Lt ThumbBoiler Shop D 45
795/195Sheet 05Bevan 5/31/194012/05/18873 & 5Neurasthenia Injury to Rt Arm RT LegM E D Electrical
795/195Sheet 05Bevan 5/31/194012/05/18873 & 5Neurasthenia Injury to Rt Arm RT LegM E D Electrical
581/571Sheet 08Beverley D7/5/193907/04/18926Injury to Lt Leg & Rt ArmHEE E6 F78B F78C
892/057Sheet 09Bigg4/4/193811/23/19003Shrapnel Wound Left footProgress & PlanningA75C3
581/433Sheet 02Billsberry E5/11/19426/30/19035Fractured Forearm Stiff kneeRoyal Filling Factory H E E6 F78B F78C
654/157Sheet 15Bird A1/20/19423Perforated Ear DrumsDisabled Building Works
360/319Sheet 13Bishop H8/13/19362/3/19034 & 5NeurosisMetal Case ShopA22A36 A37
577/302Sheet 12Blackman F G10/31/19362/4/19104Duodenal UlcerQuick Firing Cartridge FactoryE3
562/380Sheet 14Blewer L3/26/193610/05/18943 & 5Neurasthenia Wound Rt AnkleNot Found
651/121Sheet 07Bliss H G9/6/19396/11/19116Fracture Rt ankleNot Found
9/426Sheet 07Boggis PC9/15/193920/01/18876DermatitisMain Machine ShopC2
408/337Sheet 02Bohannan J9/10/194220/05/18953Gunshot Wounds Lt Leg & Foot Rt Leg Amputated Below Knee Bld E 81A Dipping & Lacquering E81 E84
720/486Sheet 10Bolton A11/11/193710/07/18923NeurastheniaSteam Processing & Heating
715/321Sheet 10Bolton W A 11/11/193710/07/18923Neurasthenia (Pension)Not Found
805/536Sheet 07Born A W9/13/193907/10/18966Loss of Lt EyeLabour Branch
706/350Sheet 03Botting J1/14/194223/12/18913?Gas factoryD9 D10
375/344Sheet 13Boultwood G J7/8/1936 15/02/18923Shell ShockQF ProjectileE85
820/184Sheet 12Boyde W10/27/193605/02/18893Gunshot WoundsMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
815/584Sheet 10Boyle 7/15/193717/12/18853 & 6Neurasthenia & Deformed Lt HandNot Found
893/224Sheet 02Bracey 11/16/19421/1/19204Deformity Rt LegProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
815/418Sheet 07Brayfield7/24/193916/11/18883Gunshot Wounds Lt ArmNot Found
708/397Sheet 07Brazier A9/26/19399/6/19045Glass in stomachNot Found
651/378Sheet 11Brehenny M3/8/19373/2/19074Not Found
654/531Sheet 15Brew F3/21/193612/4/19064 & 5 LAVSInjury to Rt ThighDisabled Building Works
821/131Sheet 12Brickell F W9/14/193610/02/189762 Fingers missing 3rd Finger missing Lt HandMachinery SectionF71C
562/380Sheet 07Bridges A9/19/19392/17/19216Rt thumb missingNot Found
893/271Sheet 12Bridle A9/4/19368/2/19104Duodenal UlcerProgress & Planning
100/264Sheet 08Brient A2/24/19393/31/19005 & 6Loss of Rt EyeFitters & FabricationC2C8C29
820/609Sheet 13Brogan W6/26/19362/1/19134 & 5Head InjuriesMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
715/372Sheet 03Brooker C E6/23/19412/23/19144Bullet Wound Rt KneeCentral Power Station Generating plant
100/370 Sheet 02Brophy J4/24/19425/21/19084Duodenal UlcerFitters & FabricationC2C8C29
581/472Sheet 02Brown A7/7/194226/09/18843 & 6Broken bone Rt FootRoyal Filling Factory H E
95/135Sheet 14Brown J3/19/193610/07/18983FibrositisTesting & Examination Branch36 & C6
929/006Sheet 12Brown W8/31/193612/30/19174Leg Injury (Discharged from the Navy)Not Found
651/340Sheet 08Bryan H W9/28/193830/07/1894Double RuptureNot Found
221/123Sheet 02Bryen F4/8/19423/24/19006Compound fracture Rt femurLight Forge D 50 D66
805/556Sheet 07Bunyan J9/18/19396/21/19126Rt Thigh & backLabour Branch
795/007Sheet 12Burn J A10/19/193611/20/19027HerniaElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
894/207Sheet 04Burns S G9/9/19402/16/19184Stomach & LungsProgress & Planning Dev & ExpA75
5/302Sheet 09Burrows H P2/1/193815/09/18953Wasted Rt LegToolmakersC28C27
720/382Sheet 12Buss J W H9/14/193725/01/18974Shrapnel Wounds StomachSteam Processing & Heating
797/326Sheet 02Butcher W4/16/194222/01/18913Frost bite Both Feet Toes AmputatedElectrical SectionE50
100/331Sheet 01Butcher W R1/3/19447/29/19174Gunshot WoundFitters & FabricationC2C8C29
815/350Sheet 14Butler3/6/193610/24/19015Deformed Arm & LegNot Found
157/166Sheet 14Butler W12/4/193512/15/19115TBCarpenters RepairF 117
720/346Sheet 04Butters R11/26/194006/12/18903Shell shockSteam Processing & Heating
720/362Sheet 04Byers H2/11/194130/12/18984Neurosis Rtd HMF 14/9/45Steam Processing & Heating
923/148Sheet 10Cadd W9/11/193723/05/18906Burn on LegNot Found
894/216Sheet 13Cahill 6/30/19369/18/19066Groin InjuryProgress & Planning Dev & ExpA75
855/080Sheet 09Caldecourt A E5/9/19385/5/19206Right Eye Sightless Lt Impaired Rt Hand Injured (Explosion R F F)Central OfficeA 75
360/410Sheet 09Calnan R1/3/193804/08/18933 & 5Gunshot Wounds MultipleMetal Case ShopA22A36 A37
371/382Sheet 12Campbell D9/14/193619/07/18943Face BurnsShell Factory A66A67E65
851/115Sheet 01Campbell W10/23/19442/20/19234 & 5Bronchial AsthmaCentral Office Store HouseA 75
242/372Sheet 01Campbell W9/29/194321/11/18936Injury to Lt handNot Found
157/396Sheet 02Carpenter T3/9/194216/06/18883Hand & arm gunshot woundCarpenters RepairF 117
654/598Sheet 15Carr A V10/14/193628/08/18963 & 5Gunshot Wound Lt ArmDisabled Building Works
820/004Sheet 10Caselton K7/5/19371/10/19005Lt AnkleMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
710/459Sheet 10Challis T9/27/193711/18/19023Valvular Disease of the HeartNot Found
892/072Sheet 10Chandler10/12/193708/10/18986Right FootProgress & PlanningA75C8
408/313Sheet 02Cheeseman J J6/23/194201/02/18943Rt Leg Amputated Dipping & Lacquering E81A E84
307/343Sheet 04Chesson F7/9/194013/01/18976Right shoulderTinmens ShopA25A15C73
820/286Sheet 09Chesterman R11/29/193706/02/18886HerniaEngineering DeptD63 E117
850/840Sheet 04Child H J2/18/19416Central officeA75
280/331Sheet 10Chillcott L8/16/19376/5/19164Gunshot wounds in Lt Leg. No Muscle in Same Lt leg 1 & 1/4 ins Shorter. Arthritis in Lt KneeNot Found
360/376Sheet 11Clark S3/2/193705/04/18996HerniaMetal Case FactoryA60 A62
242/385Sheet 08Clark W2/13/193910/04/18956HerniaView BranchD78 D72
710/448Sheet 03Clarke7/31/194102/05/18926Fractured ArmNot Found
242/363Sheet 03Clarke E7/24/194128/05/18943WoundedView BranchD78D72
651/371Sheet 14Clarke M1/20/19363/8/19094Fractured Rt FemurNot Found
900/155Sheet 07Clarke T H9/4/19398/15/19037Femeral Thrombosis to Leg GastricCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
855/143Sheet 05Clements J5/20/194028/10/18993NephritisGroup OfficeA75C52
855/143Sheet 05Clements J5/20/194028/10/18993NephritisGroup OfficeA75C52
307/347Sheet 01Clements S7/28/194412/19/19194Rt Forearm Shell WoundSheet Metal WorkersA25A15A61A65
893/352Sheet 09Cliffen J4/19/193810/02/18933 & 6 2 Broken Ribs Groin Injury Progress & Planning
805/353Sheet 11Cobb J1/21/19372/21/19067Amputation of 1st Joint Little Finger Rt HandLabour Branch
900/159Sheet 12Cockle F9/21/193608/09/18937Double HerniaCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
652/399Sheet 10Cokayne A7/12/202707/05/18867SMO's Report FitNot Found
904/007Sheet 14Coles H3/9/193621/05/18964HerniaNot Found
100/453Sheet 02Collett T5/18/194217/01/18923 & 5Loss of Lt Leg Fitters & FabricationC2C8C29
581/349Sheet 03Collins J11/19/194104/12/18963Gunshot Wounds Rt Leg Lt Hand & Fingers Rt HandH E E Royal Filling FactoryE6 F78BF78C
900/166Sheet 03Colnet C12/22/19416/19/19025HeadCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
405/572Sheet 13Conray J5/22/193631/03/18945Ulcerated LegsDanger Blds Q F C FQFCFE9345& 7
652/335Sheet 07Cook A H10/2/193912/01/18877Naturally nervousNot Found
820/374Sheet 01Cooke FJ11/6/194411/7/19194Head woundEngineering DeptD63 E117
894/218Sheet 10Cooke W9/29/19378/7/19164LungsProgress & Planning Development & ExperimentalA75C8
206/302Sheet 14Coomber3/9/19367/3/19214Psychoneurosis; EczemaNot Found
160/125Sheet 02Coombes A7/15/19423/23/19106Index finger Lt hand Loss of one JointNot Found
805/388Sheet 09Coombs F T3/28/193825/06/18933 & 6Amputation 1st Finger Rt HandLabour Branch
858/666Sheet 13Cooper C S5/21/193612/12/19016Strain of BackNot Found
9/226Sheet 08Corbett E J9/6/193825/08/18945LegsMain Machine ShopC2
375/332Sheet 08Cornwell J W10/14/19384Fibrosis of LungsQF ProjectileE85
815/364Sheet 11Cosser 11/20/193622/05/18933Skin DiseaseNot Found
366/362Sheet 12Costello J9/7/19365/12/19124Duodenal UlcerShell Forges A68
255/353Sheet 10Cottam T10/26/19379/9/19106Injury to Rt ArmTempering BranchD74D76D81
255/301Sheet 03Counden J T1/13/194211/15/19204V Disease HeartTempering BranchD74D76D81
375/560Sheet 05Coward E6/19/194009/08/18946Multiple injuriesShell FactoryE85
375/560Sheet 05Coward E6/19/194009/08/18946Multiple injuriesShell FactoryE85
720/142Sheet 03Cox W R B11/26/194120/04/18957Operation for Duodenal Ulcer (1928)Not Found
316/113Sheet 01Craig-Potter1/8/19457/3/19057Amputated LegNot Found
900/175Sheet 04Cross A H12/5/194001/03/18946DermatitisCentral StoresE64 ( Sub Stores )
9/125Sheet 11Cross G5/6/19377/30/19046LegMain Machine ShopC2
929/004Sheet 14Croxford T12/2/193511/15/19046Deafness (Head Noises) Bomb BlastNot Found
710/331Sheet 10Cullingham W11/22/193712/30/19054Psycho NeuresisNot Found
124/342Sheet 04Cullum J12/17/194028/11/18977Duodenal ulcerMachine Shop C55 C58 C56 C57
252/313Sheet 05Cumins H C5/21/194018/05/18823RheumatismNot Found
252/313Sheet 05Cumins H C5/21/194018/05/18823RheumatismNot Found
855/070Sheet 01Cummings R T4/12/194304/05/18913Actinomycisis (Rt Lung)Group OfficeA 75A78C13
893/266Sheet 11Cunnington W6/14/193704/10/18966Crushed Finger Rt HandProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
815/339Sheet 03Curtis5/12/19411/31/19035AsthmaNot Found
893/414Sheet 09Cushen 1/10/19387/26/19087NeurastheniaProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
654/124Sheet 15Dalby G11/20/19394Leg & SpineDisabled Building Works
833/322Sheet 10Dalton G J11/3/193710/28/19056Broken Toe Lt Foot Broken instep Rt Foot Strained BackMachinery Dock YardEast Pumping Station
893/419Sheet 12Daniels9/28/19369/29/19024 & 5Injury HeadProgress & Planning
720/459Sheet 13Davies R6/8/19363/16/19076Amputated Index Finger Rt HandSteam Processing & Heating
297/355Sheet 11Davis A1/15/193727/01/18874 & 6Injury to Third finger Rt HandNot Found
820/400Sheet 12Davis A9/7/193609/01/18983Frostbite-FeetMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
710/391Sheet 03Davis H W11/23/194117/02/18883Neurasthenia (Mine Explosion)Not Found
130/367Sheet 12Davis J8/25/193601/01/18966Loss of ThumbPattern Makers C81C31
577/010Sheet 12Davis J T8/31/19363/17/19026DisfigurementQuick Firing Cartridge FactoryE3
893/264Sheet 12Day C9/16/19361/22/19064Valvular Disease of the HeartProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
900/109Sheet 04Day G J3/5/194125/05/18963 & 5 Loss of 1 Eye Dysentery & Enteric Epilepsy DermatitisCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
708/376Sheet 05Day R H3/26/194010/20/19086HandNot Found
708/376Sheet 05Day R H3/26/194010/20/19086HandNot Found
893/363Sheet 05Deaves A6/6/194017/07/18953Gun shot Lt ArmProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
893/363Sheet 05Deaves A6/6/194017/07/18953Gun shot Lt ArmProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
652/122Sheet 07Debruin L9/13/19398/1/19154 & 5Injured Rt FootNot Found
252/319Sheet 08Dellbridge A G7/14/193919/03/18963NeurastheniaLight Gun FactoryC25 D88
805/541Sheet 14Dempster J12/9/193502/09/18916Fractured Ankle Surgical BootLabour Branch
415/387Sheet 12Dennis J W8/25/19364/26/19154Boeks Sarcoidosia Light Machine ShopE99 E100A
243/312Sheet 04Denny E W8/5/19408/30/19023HaemorrhoidsHeavy TurneryD62D63
316/084Sheet 05Desbrough J3/4/19404/24/19134Amputated Rt LegNot Found
316/084Sheet 05Desbrough J3/4/19404/24/19134Amputated Rt LegNot Found
706/351Sheet 08Desson G9/21/193807/06/18917Chronic BronchitisProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
206/369Sheet 11Dickens C11/27/19363/12/19046Dermatitis of FeetNot Found
708/413Sheet 13Diett R8/8/19369/11/19045Head & bodyNot Found
720/458Sheet 12Dighton L 9/25/193616/04/18886HerniaSteam Processing & Heating
155/315Sheet 05Dixon A6/23/194012/06/18936DermatitisCarpenters & WheelersF71ABC& D
155/315Sheet 05Dixon A6/23/194012/06/18936DermatitisCarpenters & WheelersF71ABC& D
250/269Sheet 11Dixon G H12/15/193616/02/18976SpinalLight gun Factory(95D98 D94 D57
652/297Sheet 05Dobinson E4/3/194021/03/18873Duodenal ulcerNot Found
652/297Sheet 05Dobinson E4/3/194021/03/18873Duodenal ulcerNot Found
893/211Sheet 02Dodge 12/22/19429/7/19164 & 5Injury to Rt ShoulderProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
651/367Sheet 14Dolman T12/22/193514/02/18883 & 5Shell Shock & DeafnessNot Found
317/333Sheet 13Donovan8/4/19362/5/19004Chest & Ear TroubleNot Found
795/204Sheet 10Doodes A C7/2/19379/8/19006Factory Injury Fractures Lt Femur Lt Fibia Rt Wrist Electrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
137/414Sheet 01Dorrington P2/8/19454/21/19127Nervous DebilityNot Found
137/414Sheet 11Dorrington P3/1/19374/21/19127Nervous DebilityNot Found
805/591Sheet 13Doughty A E5/25/19369/10/19015 & 6Amputation of 1st FingerLabour BranchLabour Branch
490/433Sheet 05Drake D W5/28/19402/11/19076Left Leg Amputated above KneeDevelopment & Experimental W/ShopC63E89D D100
490/433Sheet 05Drake D W5/28/19402/11/19076Left Leg Amputated above KneeDevelopment & Experimental W/ShopC63E89D D100
924/177Sheet 09Driver S11/30/193729/08/1893?No Information as to disabilityNot Found
221/355Sheet 04Drummond H E7/9/194004/10/18856Crushed Lt handLight Forge D 50 D66
654/621Sheet 15Drummond J12/22/193609/09/18963Gunshot Wound JawDisabled Building Works
577/329Sheet 09Dudley G3/24/193803/12/18916Disability Not StatedQuick Firing Cartridge FactoryE3
715/351Sheet 09Duncan J12/13/193704/08/18863 & 6Shrapnel Wounds Gas Lt HandNot Found
823/127Sheet 01Duncan W2/15/194313/01/18985 & 63 Fingers Missing Lt HandMachine Shop D59
157/329Sheet 01Durant D9/13/194310/21/19164Head woundCarpenters RepairF 117
311/353Sheet 05Durling E3/14/194020/01/18863 & 6Eye trouble (War Service) Fracture Leg (ROF 1942)Miscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
311/353Sheet 05Durling E3/14/194020/01/18863 & 6Eye trouble (War Service) Fracture Leg (ROF 1942)Miscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
654/224Sheet 15Durrant H9/11/1939DermatitisDisabled Building Works
379/154Sheet 13Dyer S6/29/193610/9/19214Loss of Tip 3rd Finger Rt HandShell Factory Mechanics ShopA73A74
302/349Sheet 05Dyer W4/4/194004/04/18926DermatitisNot Found
302/349Sheet 05Dyer W4/4/194004/04/18926DermatitisNot Found
858/129Sheet 07Earley J9/18/19399/8/19197Lt Hip From BirthNot Found
652/317Sheet 14Easley F C1/20/193630/09/18956Injury Rt ShoulderNot Found
470/385Sheet 13East R5/8/19361/10/19047Duodenal UlcerSmall Arms Cartridge Factory E2 F109
924/166Sheet 02Eastlake M10/15/194226/08/18977KneeNot Found
654/017Sheet 15Eckford R S B11/10/193731/05/18993 & 5Gunshot Wound Lt legDisabled Building Works
919/124Sheet 02Edwards J H4/16/194229/01/18963, 4, 5 & 6Hernia Lost top of 4th finger Lt handProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
720/343Sheet 11Elleston A E4/9/193728/01/18863Shell ShockSteam Heating
715/328Sheet 08Elliot H9/26/193801/07/18943 & 6Gunshot Wound 8" Shell on Rt footCentral Power StationB2
893/104 Sheet 11Ellis3/10/19375/16/1906Progress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
654/656Sheet 15Ellis A1/15/19373Wounds StomachDisabled Building Works
893/249Sheet 02Elms W3/12/19421/31/19194Gunshot wound Rt legProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
919/123Sheet 12Erswell 9/25/19362/18/1915One KidneyNot Found
825/323Sheet 13Evans W J8/17/19362/22/19204Shell ShockMotor Vehicle Repair ShopD59
145/002Sheet 01Evered A S3/3/194502/03/18806Fingers AmputatedLog Mill & Wood MachineF71A & B & F 72
892/073Sheet 01Everett2/2/19445/13/19034PhthisisProgress & PlanningA75C8
893/205Sheet 01Fairman12/16/194311/5/19154Duodenal UlcerProgress & PlanningF 71E
100/301Sheet 03Farnham A2/27/19424/12/19184Gunshot WoundsFitters & FabricationC2C8C29
652/163Sheet 08Fawcett W A5/17/193904/05/18923Hand InjuryNot Found
100/326Sheet 01Fay H J12/28/194311/11/19114ArthritisFitters & FabricationC2C8C29
581/467Sheet 07Fenn W9/18/19395/7/19044, 6 & 7Cut Rt WristDB H E E E6 F78B F78C
652/377Sheet 12Ferris H10/15/193601/09/18927RheumatismNot Found
900/156Sheet 02Fewins E3/3/194213/02/18867Injury to AnkleCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
929/008Sheet 04Filby F8/13/194009/12/18987Eye troubleNot Found
307/301Sheet 02Filer S12/7/194210/11/18983 & 5Gunshot Wounds Tinmens ShopA25A15C73
820/473Sheet 07Fisher W9/22/193924/05/18826HerniaMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
893/367 Sheet 03Fitzpatrick1/6/19425/24/19024Loss of Lt Eye in ArmyProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
651/339Sheet 08Fletcher A M9/27/193813/01/1896Fractured Lt LegNot Found
825/107Sheet 05Flewers J R7/19/194010/09/18953Loss of legMotor Vehicle Repair ShopD44E1 E8
825/107Sheet 05Flewers J R7/19/194010/09/18953Loss of legMotor Vehicle Repair ShopD44E1 E8
654/579Sheet 15Flower H M2/17/194118/08/18967 replace LAVS?Rt Leg AmputatedDisabled Building Works
893/377Sheet 01Foley J4/19/194309/06/18885 & 7PlutapheniaProgress & PlanningF 71E
919/006Sheet 05Forrester E B7/8/19405/20/1900 Psoriasis Not Found
919/006Sheet 05Forrester E B7/8/19405/20/1900 Psoriasis Not Found
595/414Sheet 01Fowler S2/27/194512/24/19204Injury to left legFuze BranchE4
562/339Sheet 14Fowler W2/10/19361/20/19204Neurasthenia Not Found
243/374Sheet 13France F E6/5/19365/4/19106Injury to Both AnklesHeavy TurneryD62D63 East Turnery
706/349Sheet 03Franklin F10/7/19412/9/19247MastoidsGas factoryD9 D10
893/385Sheet 14Franklin A4/29/193621/05/18913Gunshot Wounds Lt Arm & GassedProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
250/194Sheet 11Franklin L G 5/4/19378/20/19026Eye InjuryLight Gun Factory(95D98 D94 D57
893/407Sheet 03Frith3/28/194126/10/18953 & 5TB & NeurastheniaProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
375/340Sheet 05Game F A7/4/19409/9/19096Loss of site left eyeQF ProjectileE85
375/340Sheet 05Game F A7/4/19409/9/19096Loss of site left eyeQF ProjectileE85
595/474Sheet 14Gascoin H4/11/19367/7/19114Bullet Wound Rt ElbowFuze Branch E 4
651/123Sheet 08Gaster J H1/6/193910/01/18986DermatitisNot Found
250/150Sheet 07Gathercole A E9/18/193910/15/19016DermatitisLight Gun Factory(95D98 D94 D57
595/350Sheet 08Gay A9/26/193820/02/18976HerniaFuze BranchE4
595/479Sheet 13Gayfer S5/22/193623/01/18936HerniaFuze BranchE4
243/901Sheet 11Gaynor J4/19/19376/12/19026DermatitisHeavy GunD58 D62D63
307/330Sheet 02Geary J5/11/194225/01/18913V Disease of the HeartSheet Metal WorkersA25A15C73
405/367Sheet 11George J11/23/193604/05/18993 & 5Gunshot Wounds Back Head & Lt LegDanger Blds Q F C FQFCFE9345& 7
795/406Sheet 02Gerlack H L3/17/19422/26/19154Crushed Lt footElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
855/049Sheet 07Gibbs R E9/13/193910/07/18993Poison GasCentral OfficeA 75
706/364Sheet 08Giddings G9/20/193813/10/18984?Progress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
297/327Sheet 01Gilbert T9/20/19435/14/19046DermatitisNot Found
581/436Sheet 02Giles T E2/7/194206/12/18984Double HerniaRoyal Filling Factory H E HEE E6 F78B F78C
160/345Sheet 01Girling N9/7/194310/3/19104Gunshot wound Lt Leg Not Found
137/342Sheet 08Glasebrook S11/8/193814/01/18967General Chest DisabilityNot Found
805/447Sheet 08Gleek L5/17/193925/02/18896Amputation of 1st & 2nd Fingers Lt HandLabour Branch
805/656Sheet 11Goddard G2/12/19379/1/19103Shell ShockLabour Branch
893/111Sheet 14Goldsack3/30/19366/17/19126Spinal InjuryProgress & PlanningA75 C8
124/321Sheet 12Gooch J10/7/193611/19/19077Heart troubleMachine Shop C55 C58 C56 C57
243/313Sheet 03Good W H4/4/194107/03/18846Both Ankles Fractured & Double HerniaHeavy TurneryD62D63 East Turnery
815/564Sheet 04Goode11/18/194013/12/18903GassedNot Found
900/303Sheet 07Goode A G9/7/193919/02/18875Infantile Paralysis Right legCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
371/391Sheet 07Goodwin H D9/19/193916/10/18856HerniaShell FactoryA66A67E65
379/150Sheet 07Goodwin P9/16/193919/12/18946Loss of Rt EyeShell Factory Mechanics ShopA73 A74
95/137Sheet 13Goodwin W6/15/193610/30/19067TBTesting & Exam BranchC6
850/806Sheet 05Goodwin W C3/20/19405?Factory General CentreA75 A78
850/806Sheet 05Goodwin W C3/20/19405?Factory General CentreA75 A78
805/322Sheet 12Gould H A9/3/19367/4/19126 & 7Head Injuries TBLabour Branch
815/611Sheet 07Gower9/26/19398/8/19164Loss of 3 fingers Rt handNot Found
706/343Sheet 12Grady F11/4/193610/5/19067TB Not Found
706/330Sheet 12Grant G11/12/193609/12/18967Chest TroubleGas FactoryD9 D10
80/357Sheet 02Graves A7/13/19428/13/19094Shrapnel in HeadPaint ShopC29C55
250/198Sheet 09Gray D E12/6/19377/1/19237Varicose Veins Light Gun Factory(95D98 D94 D57
805/476Sheet 03Greatrick G7/24/194110/16/19136DermatitisLabour Branch
893/365Sheet 07Green J8/10/193920/10/18985Rt Leg Amputated Motor AccidentProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
652/376Sheet 10Greenacre R9/29/193710/27/19037Nervous DebilityNot Found
893/397Sheet 02Greenstreet4/16/194225/12/18847Left Leg shorter than rightProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
654/559Sheet 15Greenstreet J H6/24/194028/11/18953Head Wound Cerobos Spinal MeningitisDisabled Building Works
654/289Sheet 15Grenville7/6/19433 & 4WoundsDisabled Building Works
805/541Sheet 01Griffiths7/3/194410/1/19164 & 5Heart trouble & rheumatic FeverLabour Branch
710/906Sheet 12Grimmer H10/23/19362/21/19026Hernia Not Found
805/778Sheet 04Grimsley W11/9/194026/07/18896Amputation of 4 fingers Rt handLabour Branch
652/366Sheet 13Groome B6/18/193616/04/18997Stiff Leg Cycle AccidentNot Found
470/010Sheet 09Gundry 4/19/193825/09/18883Gunshot WoundsSmall Arms Cartridge FactoryE2 SACF3
654/355Sheet 15Hagen G9/20/193828/03/18983 & 5 LAVSAmputated Rt ForearmDisabled Building Works
822/310Sheet 12Hagerty9/29/193612/4/19026Centre Finger Missing Lt HandMachinery Section E119/3
307/341Sheet 02Hagger A6/3/194216/06/18996Left knee twistedTinmans Shop A25 A15 C72 C73
894/101Sheet 09Hales3/17/193804/06/18953 & 6Gunshot Wounds in Head & Thigh Loss of Finger Rt HandProgress & Planning Dev & ExpA75
562/333Sheet 03Hall S7/7/194106/07/18963Gassed head 7 face woundsNot Found
470/408Sheet 08Hamer A9/20/193804/01/18996DermatitisGas FactoryD9 D10
654/588Sheet 15Hamlin S J9/8/194402/06/18833 & 5Gunshot wound Rt Leg 7 GassedDisabled Building Works
95/139Sheet 08Hammond G10/13/193829/03/18967Neurasthenia & NeuresisTesting & Examination BranchC63 E89D D100
700/259Sheet 05Handcock R C3/18/194021/01/1886HerniaNot Found
700/259Sheet 05Handcock R C3/18/194021/01/1886HerniaNot Found
242/113Sheet 14Hannaford S11/25/193517/03/18897Blood PressureView BranchD78D72
893/248Sheet 02Hansford W10/13/19424/7/19016Pulled Shoulder & Muscle Lt armProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
893/214Sheet 13Harden 7/6/19368/4/19146Rt HandProgress & PlanningA75 C8
924/169Sheet 09Hards J2/19/193811/04/18973Wounds leg & ChestNot Found
919/120Sheet 14Harris J W2/17/19361/29/19204Kypho Scoliosis Spinal TroubleNot Found
706/324Sheet 09Harrison J2/14/19381/14/19047DermatitisGas FactoryD9 D10
730/901Sheet 11Hart12/8/19361/11/19047Crushed LegNot Found
710/417Sheet 13Hart6/29/19367/17/19016Injury to Lt HandNot Found
654/201Sheet 15Hart W7/22/1937DermatitisDisabled Building Works
815/314Sheet 10Harwood 11/11/19371/12/19064Gunshot WoundsNot Found
720/303Sheet 08Hastings C H10/7/193819/09/18903DebilitySteam Processing & HeatingSteam Processing & Heating
805/481Sheet 06Hawkins A10/3/193907/03/18956Actually Nothing (Painful Groin on List)Labour Branch
360/341Sheet 09Haylock A1/7/193811/11/18914 & 5Loss of Lt EyeMetal Case ShopA22A36 A37
221/116Sheet 14Hearnden G W11/19/19358/2/192062nd Finger Rt Hand StiffeningLight ForgeD50 D65D66
820/526Sheet 14Hemmings12/16/193511/12/18934Duodenal UlcerMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
577/382Sheet 12Hempstead C L11/16/193631/07/18987Duodenal UlcerQuick Firing Cartridge FactoryE3
654/132Sheet 15Henry P J9/15/19394Wound Left LungDisabled Building Works
820/697Sheet 04Hepworth S3/10/19412/10/19267Suspected TB of KidneysMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
795/389Sheet 08Herrington A E7/13/193924/09/18973Gunshot wound Rt ShoulderElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
706/366Sheet 07Hewitt B9/4/193917/10/18943Not StatedGas FactoryA82/4D9D10
900/145Sheet 10Hicks S7/19/19374Still on Sick listCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
307/406Sheet 12Hill A11/9/19362/8/19076Double HerniaTinmens ShopA25A15C73
155/313Sheet 09Hill C2/18/193813/04/18923Shrapnel Wounds (Back)Carpenters & WheelersF71A&B F72C&D
577/491Sheet 09Hill C W3/7/193817/08/18984 & 6Injury to shoulderQuick Firing Cartridge FactoryE3
700/407Sheet 03Hill G A5/27/19419/30/1914Eye InjuryNot Found
805/557Sheet 04Hill H2/10/194110/06/18906Arthritis Rt shoulderLabour Branch
577/498Sheet 13Hill R G7/1/19369/23/19126Injury to BackQuick Firing Cartridge Factory E6
795/449Sheet 09Hill T 1/17/19382/25/19124Loss of Lt EyeElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
243/314Sheet 04Hill W8/19/194016/05/18863Gun Shot WoundsHeavy GunD58 D62 D63
520/324Sheet 08Hiller W7/20/193902/10/18893Chronic BronchitisNot Found
581/550Sheet 10Hillier H9/28/193712/01/18953 & 5Disability Not StatedDanger Blds HEEE6 F78B F78C
130/146Sheet 12Hinman D11/5/193617/08/18882Hernia (2) Spinal Haemorrhage Pattern MakersC81C31
95/145Sheet 11Hitches E11/24/193601/04/18974EmphysemaTesting & Examination Branch36 & C6
375/543Sheet 05Hixon C5/20/194023/08/18855 & 6Loss of Lt legQF ProjectileE85
375/543Sheet 05Hixon C5/20/194023/08/18855 & 6Loss of Lt legQF ProjectileE85
919/156Sheet 05Hobden T N3/11/194025/12/1891Duodenal ulcerNot Found
919/156Sheet 05Hobden T N3/11/194025/12/1891Duodenal ulcerNot Found
9/365Sheet 05Hodges W F4/24/194010/12/18886KneeMain Machine ShopC2
9/365Sheet 05Hodges W F4/24/194010/12/18886KneeMain Machine ShopC2
851/105Sheet 01Hogben L10/2/194411/20/19144 & 5Multiple fractures & Burns Loss of Lt knee Movement (20% bend) Weakness Lt armCentral Office Store houseA 75
900/102Sheet 07Holdbrook A9/4/193910/01/18916Strained GroinCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
372/363Sheet 12Holdstock W C9/10/193614/10/18936Head & Internal InjuriesQF ProjectileA73A74 E93
900/150Sheet 08Holliday A9/26/193831/05/18853Trench FeverCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
95/140Sheet 12Holliday S9/15/193610/04/18957Kidney Trouble Testing & Examination Branch36 & C6
124/328Sheet 14Hollinsworth B12/16/193529/01/18886Double HerniaMachine Shop C55 C58 C56 C57
595/419Sheet 10Holmes A11/11/193702/04/18993Bullet Wound causing Part ParalysisFuze BranchE4
562/390Sheet 09Hooker K4/12/19389/20/19196Right Hand UselessNot Found
820/430Sheet 03Hooper5/27/194125/05/18926Hernia Machinery SectionA 23 D 58
919/142Sheet 08Hopper F7/3/193914/08/18963Gunshot wound Lt legNot Found
893/202Sheet 03Hostler 2/24/19427/19/19104NeurosisProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
654/602Sheet 15House F W10/15/193630/02/18937Diseased Rt KneeDisabled Building Works
815/325Sheet 03Houston5/30/194102/08/18963Gunshot WoundsNot Found
255/115Sheet 01Howard A E9/13/194322/07/18923Gunshot woundsNot Found
253/362Sheet 03Howard E G3/14/194116/07/18953Gunshot Wounds Leg & ChestNot Found
207/311Sheet 08Howard L8/15/193807/01/18963Shrapnel Wound Lt legNot Found
157/317Sheet 01Howe E11/23/194312/23/19184Internal & HeadCarpenters RepairF 117
654/550Sheet 15Howell8/20/193611/11/19046Head Injury Due To Crane hookDisabled Building Works
124/344Sheet 05Howes A J5/14/194014/05/18833Chronic Rheumatism arthritis & blood pressureMachine ShopC55C58
124/344Sheet 05Howes A J5/14/194014/05/18833Chronic Rheumatism arthritis & blood pressureMachine ShopC55C58
893/359Sheet 08Howlett A5/22/193911/03/18887Broken ToeProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
820/586Sheet 09Hudson A11/24/193703/12/18995Chest Trouble Arthritis Knee & HipMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
378/382Sheet 13Hudson W H6/23/193602/08/18866Loss of Fingers Lt HandNot Found
231/301Sheet 04Hughes C C8/31/194031/01/18933 & 5Gunshot wound Lt forearmNot Found
900/179Sheet 01Hughes P1/2/19459/22/19144NephritisCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
651/395Sheet 04Hull W E1/15/194126/02/18923Gunshot wound HeadNot Found
654/534Sheet 15Hunt E C12/28/19434 & 5 LAVSDeafnessDisabled Building Works
408/327Sheet 03Hunt F W8/15/194102/03/18943Gunshot Wounds Lt Arm Shell ShockDipping & Lacquering E81 E84
652/390Sheet 14Hunt S G4/16/19367/11/19116Skin TroubleNot Found
652/393 Sheet 13Hunter 5/24/193631/08/18917GallstonesNot Found
820/427Sheet 11Hunter A12/18/193614/07/18963Wound StomachMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
581/473Sheet 03Hursey H12/17/194129/06/18923 & 5FeetH E E Royal Filling FactoryE6 F78BF78C
651/313Sheet 11Huslop W E11/30/193604/12/18973NeurastheniaNot Found
873/088Sheet 02Hyslop C8/17/19425/20/19264BronchitisNot Found
833/307Sheet 09Jackman A12/20/193720/03/18926HerniaMachinery Section Dock YardEast Pumping station
919/138Sheet 14Jackson E A D3/27/19362/22/19105Damage to Interior Lt EarNot Found
795/175Sheet 09Jackson A E1/24/19385/20/19106Acute synovitis Lt KneeElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
405/363Sheet 01Jacob A V4/5/19452/12/19124Injury to both legsDanger Blds Q F C FQFCFE9345& 7
360/437Sheet 01Jacobs M6/7/194330/09/18976Strained ArmMetal Case ShopA36A60A37
311/302Sheet 09Jacobs N3/7/193810/05/18909Lateral Curvature of the Spine Gastric Ulcer Frontal SinusMiscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
157/321Sheet 04James H1/21/194110/9/19104BackCarpenters RepairF117
805/628Sheet 07James W9/14/193903/05/18996Damaged Lt HandLabour Branch
900/004Sheet 05James W B6/20/194021/03/18857Cripple (Childhood)Central StoresE 64 F163 D42
900/004Sheet 05James W B6/20/194021/03/18857Cripple (Childhood)Central StoresE 64 F163 D42
919/130Sheet 12James W H10/14/193626/12/18886Facial Paralysis defective Eye SightNot Found
654/464Sheet 05Janes J5/23/194020/06/18847Stomach Trouble Not Found
654/464Sheet 05Janes J5/23/194020/06/18847Stomach Trouble Not Found
805/683Sheet 13Jarius H H H8/10/193628/08/18866Amputation Fingers Rt HandLabour Branch
706/361Sheet 09Jasper E3/8/193814/11/18916Double HerniaGas FactoryD9 D10
893/354Sheet 14Jeffs W3/9/193626/05/18885 & 7Paralysis of Rt SideProgress & PlanningA75 C8
581/591Sheet 05Jennings H1/15/190014/12/18824 & 6Injured Rt FootRoyal Filling Factory
581/591Sheet 05Jennings H1/15/190014/12/18824 & 6Injured Rt FootRoyal Filling Factory
595/410Sheet 10Jerman J10/11/193729/11/18996HerniaFuze BranchE4
9/473Sheet 03Jermy W E11/5/194125/05/18946DermatitisMain Machine Shop C2
155/109Sheet 13Jerome W8/12/19363/27/19127Rt Leg Amputation Carpenters & WheelersF71 F72D F72C & F71A
242/122Sheet 14Jewett W12/9/193530/04/18856Accident to ShoulderView BranchD78D72
919/125Sheet 13Johns J M6/23/19362/22/19014Head & Lt side of FootNot Found
815/346Sheet 05Johnson 5/7/194028/04/18893Gunshot wounds ChestNot Found
815/346Sheet 05Johnson 5/7/194028/04/18893Gunshot wounds ChestNot Found
470/382Sheet 14Johnson H11/11/193514/03/1894 3, 5 & 6(3) Head & Foot (6) BackSmall Arms Cartridge FactoryE2 SACF3
297/329Sheet 01Johnson C H9/21/194323/02/18896Injury to Rt ankle & footNot Found
302/421Sheet 11Johnson R1/21/19374/15/19104Gunshot wound StomachNot Found
820/536Sheet 06Jones10/3/193922/11/18915 & 6Finger & ankleMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
700/285Sheet 04Jones A H12/2/19409/3/19097Infantile Paralysis 1 legNot Found
157/135Sheet 13Jones T6/26/193625/05/18906HerniaCarpenters RepairF 117
317/355Sheet 10Jose H9/6/193709/12/18973Amputated Leg Not Found
900/008Sheet 10Joseph I J8/3/19374/19/19194Nose & Nerve TroubleCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
360/330Sheet 11Joyce F12/2/193611/03/18946Injury Rt FootMetal Case ShopA60A62
893/220Sheet 08Judd7/3/193905/09/18897Lung TroubleProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
9/406Sheet 13Kavanagh S A7/1/19365/8/19064Blood PressureMain Machine ShopC2
821/328Sheet 13Keeley C8/4/19363/3/19127Duodenal UlcerMachinery SectionF71C
815/559Sheet 13Kelby7/13/193612/10/19105TBNot Found
892/067Sheet 02Kelly 3/24/19422/13/19075AsthmaProgress & PlanningA75C8
581/424Sheet 09Kelly J1/28/193828/08/18973Gunshot wound Rt ShoulderDB H E E E6 F78B F78C
379/363Sheet 11Kelly J E6/24/19371/13/19054Duodenal UlcerShell Factory Mechanics ShopA73A74
720/495Sheet 09Kelly L F2/7/193810/15/19114NeurastheniaSteam Processing & Heating
366/350Sheet 12Kemp A10/31/19367/5/19135RheumatismShell ForgesA59 A69
100/368Sheet 04Keniston A1/22/194118/0919066DermatitisFitters & FabricationC2C8C29
805/647Sheet 07Kensit T C9/4/193901/03/18986Badly damaged Rt HandLabour Branch
795/352Sheet 14Keyes J3/25/193612/30/19144Gunshot wounds both legs. Concussion head.Electrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
820/333Sheet 10Keys A7/26/193711/07/18893Wounds StomachMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
894/217Sheet 02Kimberley6/17/194210/26/19074Bomb splinters in headProgress & Planning Dev & ExpA75
797/441Sheet 03King E G7/3/19416/15/19164 & 5V Diseased HeartElectrical DepartmentE45E50/44/45/46
652/133Sheet 05King G W6/12/194023/02/18923GassedNot Found
652/133Sheet 05King G W6/12/194023/02/18923GassedNot Found
297/326Sheet 01King R7/20/19447/6/19224Index Finger Lt Hand Contusion Not Found
720/465Sheet 11King W11/23/19366/17/19076DermatitisSteam Processing & Heating
221/317Sheet 10King W A10/22/193710/06/18996Heart Light Duty Alternative WorkLight ForgeD50 D65D66
652/392Sheet 10Kitt A W11/22/193720/05/18936Injury to Lt GroinNot Found
893/246Sheet 09Knott W12/6/19378/27/19197Stiff LegProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
890/315Sheet 01Kyte A7/23/194512/2/19204 & 5LungsMedical DeptA 79E146 F111C92 Womens Surgery
242/302Sheet 11Ladbrook C5/28/193712/14/19145Loss of Rt Leg View BranchD78D72
815/625Sheet 04Lambert 8/19/194028/05/18973Gun Shot WoundsNot Found
307/575Sheet 13Langford F5/19/193615/03/18993Gunshot wounds HeadTinmens ShopA25A15C73
595/335Sheet 02Langley C5/30/19427/5/19014Medically discharged from armyFuze BranchE 6
720/539Sheet 07Lankenau J9/22/193926/05/18897NeurastheniaSteam Processing & Heating
893/258Sheet 09Law A3/15/19384/16/19036Amputation Lt ArmProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
297/318Sheet 04Lawrence R B2/18/194114/07/18916Left shoulder Dislocated Not Found
651/347Sheet 05Lawton E T6/21/194009/11/18817Fracture Lt legNot Found
651/347Sheet 05Lawton E T6/21/194009/11/18817Fracture Lt legNot Found
819/116Sheet 14Lea G3/6/193622/06/18916Duodenal UlcerBoiler Shop D 45
654/385Sheet 15Leagas A G9/26/193823/11/18853 & 5 LAVSAmputated 4 Fingers Rt HandDisabled Building Works
9/253Sheet 07Lee J C8/15/193912/04/18843Bronchitis & EmphysemaMain Machine ShopC2
820/433Sheet 13Leeson J6/23/193629/06/18884After effects of PneumoniaEngineering DeptD63 E117
375/452Sheet 12Leigh H H9/17/193623/05/18893Leg InjuryQF ProjectileE85
371/769Sheet 05Le-Page W T4/10/194027/01/18885 & 6Leg injuryShell FactoryA66A67E65
371/769Sheet 05Le-Page W T4/10/194027/01/18885 & 6Leg injuryShell FactoryA66A67E65
815/460Sheet 12Lewis9/1/19366/13/19104Otitis MediaNot Found
708/168Sheet 07Lewis S9/8/193912/07/18845Neck InjuryNot Found
805/537 Sheet 02Lewthwaite H3/16/194214/02/18836Fractured ankle & surgical bootLabour Branch
372/400Sheet 04Light H7/27/194011/08/18893Rt hand InjuredQF ProjectileA73 A74 E85
815/574Sheet 01Lloyd5/12/19442/15/19194Gunshot wound Lt Leg Duodenal UlcerNot Found
893/241Sheet 08Lloyd9/20/193810/12/18853Spinal injurySmall Arms Cartridge FactoryE2 SACF3
893/226Sheet 03Lodwick8/12/194101/05/18993Shrapnel Wound Loss of Index Finger Lt HandProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
805/585Sheet 04Lohse W R2/12/194102/11/18986Head Skull fractureLabour Branch
715/335Sheet 04Long F8/26/194027/07/18906Eyes BurntNot Found
100/390Sheet 01Longhurst C F8/8/19441/26/19084ParalysisFitters & FabricationC2C8C29
893/287Sheet 14Loveday E4/2/19363/29/19184Ears Progress & PlanningA75 C8
280/314Sheet 10Lowe J7/28/193710/15/19086Wasting of Rt Forearm & Rt HandNot Found
581/480Sheet 11Ludlow G12/3/193605/05/18916 & 7Disability Not statedDB H E E E6 F78B F78C
805/594Sheet 04Lynn H E3/5/194115/07/18996DermatitisLabour Branch
405/424Sheet 04Lyons A R7/12/194001/02/18963 & 5Gunshot wounds Lt legDanger Blds Q F C FQFCFE9345& 7
710/320Sheet 01Mace5/23/19453/9/19194Shrapnel wound (Ex Forces)Not Found
805/527Sheet 12Mace A J8/31/193629/03/18976Fractured PelvisLabour Branch
893/269Sheet 10MacQuillan R7/19/19376/2/19046Neurasthenia & Deformed Lt HandProgress & Planning
302/319Sheet 14Mahoney J3/27/19366/13/19146Parts of Fingers missing Rt HandNot Found
815/527Sheet 01Manister10/4/194320/01/18903Gunshot wounds ChestNot Found
562/346Sheet 13Mann G8/24/19361/26/19106Thumb 1st & 2nd Fingers Rt Hand missing Little Finger Lt Hand missingNot Found
243/469Sheet 03Manning H8/18/19410407/18877Injuries to Head & Body Enemy Action Royal Gun Factory Heavy TurneryD62D63 East Turnery
654/567Sheet 15March C A20/10/18943 & 5Gunshot Wound Lt Leg Disabled Building Works
5/419Sheet 11Marshall P R5/4/193724/03/18943Gunshot Wound Lt LegToolmakersC28C27
805/429Sheet 13Marshall R W8/14/193613/01/18893Ex R N Internal (Pension)Labour Branch
371/739Sheet 02Martin W5/12/194225/07/18876Foot Injury & dermatitis& deafnessShell FactoryA66A67E65
795/493Sheet 10Martin W7/14/19378/17/19156Rt Foot InjuryElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
900/144Sheet 11Mason S12/3/193617/07/18847Double HerniaCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
413/193Sheet 08Matcham W1/26/19396/19/19246Partial Middle Finger Lt HandGauge ShopC 97A
651/390Sheet 07McBane C9/18/193906/0518956Crushed Middle finger Rt HandNot Found
307/362Sheet 07McBride J8/9/193928/07/18913Gunshot Wound Lt ThighTinmens ShopA25A15C73
316/124Sheet 13McDonagh8/10/193620/07/18853Amputation Lt LegNot Found
851/?Sheet 11McDonagh J1/25/193711/23/19194Keratitis (Both Eyes)Central Office StorehouseA75
823/160Sheet 13McRoberts 8/11/19369/28/19125Lt leg InjuryMachine Shop D59
95/127Sheet 09Meehan H1/19/193827/06/18983Chronic BronchitisTesting & Exam BranchC6
221/334Sheet 03Melvin H8/27/19419/25/19164Fracture Rt HipLight Forge D 50D66
904/001Sheet 05Meridith E C3/11/19407/31/19035HaemorrhoidsNot Found
904/001Sheet 05Meridith E C3/11/19407/31/19035HaemorrhoidsNot Found
700/409Sheet 09Midson W T2/14/193816/03/18908Ulcer (No Disability)Not Found
919/175Sheet 05Millagan B5/15/194001/01/1882(In hospital)Not Found
919/175Sheet 05Millagan B5/15/194001/01/1882(In hospital)Not Found
893/394Sheet 03Millard J10/4/19411/25/19006Lt Leg FracturedProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
720/379Sheet 07Miller G9/12/19399/1/19006Loss of 4 fingers Rt HandSteam Processing & Heating
795/434Sheet 12Milliard J10/12/19369/12/19156Injury Back MusclesElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
874/034Sheet 04Mills F2/14/19412/9/19026Facial & fingerNot Found
243/402Sheet 05Mitchell C6/8/194031/08/18847Injuries to Head & Back (Enemy Action R G F)Heavy Gun FactoryD58D62 D63
243/402Sheet 05Mitchell C6/8/194031/08/18847Injuries to Head & Back (Enemy Action R G F)Heavy Gun FactoryD58D62 D63
700/217Sheet 03Mitchell D M4/28/19414/16/19184Shrapnel Wound Rt FootNot Found
280/301Sheet 14Mitchell G1/29/19362/7/19214Duodenal UlcerElectric De-positionA 46
874/033Sheet 11Moll S P G2/22/19377/3/19214Gunshot WoundNot Found
410/175Sheet 05Molloy J6/14/194024/01/18833 & 7Gunshot Wounds Neurasthenia Heart DiseaseExperimental Fuze ShopE100
410/175Sheet 05Molloy J6/14/194024/01/18833 & 7Gunshot Wounds Neurasthenia Heart DiseaseExperimental Fuze ShopE100
706/323Sheet 09Molloy J1/14/193813/06/1885?Defective Eye SightGas FactoryD9 D10
893/277Sheet 10Montague H M8/25/19378/25/19124Gunshot Wounds in Leg HerniaProgress & Planning
805/631Sheet 14Moodie W V3/2/193630/01/18876Amputation of ArmLabour Branch
820/471Sheet 03Moody8/18/194121/09/18923DeafnessMachinery Area A14D57D82
805/550Sheet 02Moore S J4/29/194212/15/19214Shell ShockLabour Branch
581/435Sheet 02Moore W5/18/194227/03/18866Injury to Rt legH E E Royal Filling FactoryE6 F78BF78C
919/141Sheet 04Moorhouse W S7/29/19407/2/19004Duodenal UlcerNot Found
651/119Sheet 10Morel J10/11/193718/06/18867RhinitisNot Found
854/105Sheet 07Moren H J9/21/193902/07/18887Curvature of spineAdmin Eng Dept A75 F75C
595/347Sheet 09Morgans O11/29/193710/22/19194Medically Unfit - Discharged from ArmyFuze BranchE4
838/423Sheet 07Morris A9/26/193918/01/18944 & 6Shoulder Deformity due to InjuryNot Found
805/598 Sheet 02Mortimer F1/4/194306/05/18776Fractured Base of the SkullLabour Branch
893/232Sheet 08Mortinore-Ford A10/11/193818/03/18913Duodenal Ulcer Progress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
581/554Sheet 01Mortlock J8/3/194326/12/18923 & 72nd finger Both HandsRoyal Filling Factory E6 F78BF78C
652/395Sheet 07Mountford E F8/29/193925/12/18885?Not Found
9/427Sheet 14Munge E12/16/193517/04/18913Gunshot Wounds Chest etcMain Machine ShopC2
900/152Sheet 07Murphy W9/4/193912/10/18933TB Glands Blown up By shellCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
893/217Sheet 01Murray3/13/19448/24/19114War wound HeadProgress & PlanningC 8 Store
297/365Sheet 04Murray J7/12/194006/02/18857Lt leg Amputated, again 1 monthNot Found
708/350Sheet 12Nabbs F9/7/19363/25/19085Head Jaw & Multiple InjuriesNot Found
899/306Sheet 03Nash9/4/19414/14/19164?Not found
795/361Sheet 14Neale W J1/6/193607/02/18993GassedElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
919/010Sheet 05Neate H J5/23/194014/07/18993Loss of Left EyeNot Found
919/010Sheet 05Neate H J5/23/194014/07/18993Loss of Left EyeNot Found
243/245Sheet 12Needham H8/24/193607/09/18887Injury to Arm & Shoulder Enemy Action RGFHeavy TurneryD62D63 East Turnery
815/463Sheet 07New9/6/193921/06/18933Gassed & Wounds in BackNot Found
815/476Sheet 12Newman 9/4/193612/08/18933Injuries Lt Arm Lt Leg DeafnessNot Found
720/517Sheet 03Newman C W3/11/194106/07/18883Gunshot Wounds - Abdomen & Rt ArmSteam Processing & Heating
919/145Sheet 01Newman J E J6/18/19453/4/19014Contraction of Leaders Lt Hand (Ex serviceman)Not Found
805/486Sheet 05Nice H A4/24/194013/01/18946Fractured anklesLabour Branch
805/486Sheet 05Nice H A4/24/194013/01/18946Fractured anklesLabour Branch
311/195Sheet 14Nicholas A3/18/193624/04/18906Double HerniaMiscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
130/371Sheet 11Nicholas I W3/1/193713/08/18933Bronchial Asthma (Poison Gas)Pattern MakersC81C31
490/300Sheet 02Nicholson R D5/11/194228/05/18973Gas & gun Shot woundsDevelopment & Experimental C63E63 E89DD100
654/340Sheet 15Oakley A W6/1/19403Gunshot wound Rt ArmDisabled Building Works
720/372Sheet 03Oates J1/26/194219/09/18963Neurosis & SciaticaSteam Heating
820/255Sheet 11O'Conner2/10/19373/16/19136Double HerniaMachinery SectionD53D88E114
242/362Sheet 02O'Dowd G3/6/194210/23/19046Leg InjuryView BranchD72
820/258Sheet 07O'Hara J9/6/193930/10/18923Wound faceMachinery SectionA14C45D53
595/358Sheet 08Oliver S10/27/19385/1/19204Bullet Wound Rt ArmNot FoundC5
893/238Sheet 12Orminston G10/22/19362/28/1909Progress & Planning
805/669Sheet 08Osborne J E10/3/193816/05/18933Wounds in Back & LegLabour Branch
892/002Sheet 11Osbourne3/18/193728/03/18953MalariaProgress & PlanningA75C8
850/508Sheet 10O'Sullivan F10/28/193705/12/18953Amputation Lt HandFactory General centreA75A78C i3
652/155Sheet 04Packard1/4/19454/25/19094Duodenal UlcerNot Found
124/318Sheet 11Page A3/8/193710/28/19137DermatitisMachine Shop C55 C58 C56 C57
307/342Sheet 05Page H3/19/194022/01/18916Rt ShoulderTinmens ShopA25A15C73
307/342Sheet 05Page H3/19/194022/01/18916Rt ShoulderTinmens ShopA25A15C73
710/330Sheet 04Page S7/31/194010/13/19003NephritisNot Found
206/351Sheet 02Pain C11/18/194205/01/18826StomachNot Found
893/303Sheet 02Pannell C3/24/19423/13/19175 & 6Strained HeartProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
893/314Sheet 09Pannell C5/30/193824/06/18977DermatitisProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
124/345Sheet 12Parham R10/29/193625/12/18876DermatitisMachine ShopC55C58
360/367Sheet 13Parker E8/20/193631/07/18906Spine InjuryMetal Case ShopA22A36 A37
371/887Sheet 13Parker W J5/15/193605/08/18846DermatitisShell FactoryA66A67E65
307/369Sheet 08Parr W9/30/193825/12/18966Fractured Pelvis Lt Leg (Enemy action ROF)Tinmens ShopA25A15C73
805/344Sheet 11Parry L B11/23/19368/5/19086Injured Lt Hand & Double HerniaLabour Branch
307/345Sheet 03Payne J8/23/194102/11/18986Rt Arm & HerniaTinmens ShopA25A15C73
726/375Sheet 07Payne S9/26/193906/08/18903NephritisNot Found
805/641Sheet 07Payton W M9/4/193903/10/18996Air Raid Casualty Shrapnel in LungsLabour Branch
919/143Sheet 08Pearman J L9/29/193803/11/18963376Sciatica & NervesNot Found
805/430Sheet 05Pearn H E5/14/19403/16/19175 & 7TB (G)Labour Branch
805/430Sheet 05Pearn H E5/14/19403/16/19175 & 7TB (G)Labour Branch
893/236Sheet 11Pearson 6/21/19376/28/19056DermatitisProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
720/526Sheet 03Pearson E6/20/194106/07/18873 & 7Hernia & NeurastheniaSteam Processing & Heating
307/320Sheet 09Perkins F4/25/193803/10/189063rd Finger Rt Hand Amputated Tinmens ShopA25A15C73
243/322Sheet 13Phillips C8/4/193606/08/18906Loss of Rt EyeHeavy GunD58 D62D63
900/120Sheet 02Phillips H E J6/8/194224/04/18955Bronchial asthmaCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
892/059Sheet 03Pidduck12/31/194106/10/18923Gunshot Wounds Lt Arm Loss of Lt LegProgress & PlanningA75C8
795/158Sheet 13Pierse H G5/21/193612/09/18913Head WoundsElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
710/138Sheet 04Pike 10/28/194010/04/18913NephritisNot Found
919/149Sheet 07Pike A S G8/29/193929/01/18913Gunshot wounds Both legsNot Found
795/020Sheet 05Powell J4/30/194014/10/18963Partial loss of Rt EyeElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
795/020Sheet 05Powell J4/30/194014/10/18963Partial loss of Rt EyeElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
795/305Sheet 05Powell W4/30/194029/10/1936*4Gunshot wounds Lt Arm Both Ears Loss of Rt EyeElectrical SectionDOB as per original. Obviously incorrect*
795/305Sheet 05Powell W4/30/194029/10/1936*4Gunshot wounds Lt Arm Both Ears Loss of Rt EyeElectrical SectionDOB as per original. Obviously incorrect*
892/060Sheet 14Pratt11/21/193511/25/19116HerniaProgress & PlanningA75C3
858/014Sheet 14Pratt E G11/18/19353/8/19174SpondylitisNot Found
651/387Sheet 05Preskett A6/10/194011/10/18906Shot wounds Rt legNot Found
651/387Sheet 05Preskett A6/10/194011/10/18906Shot wounds Rt legNot Found
820/500Sheet 12Price J8/24/19365/8/19084Defective Vision Through War WoundMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
221/311Sheet 04Pritchard L3/8/19413MalariaLight Forge D 50D66
206/303Sheet 03Prouse E Miss10/16/19418/2/19166Rt EyeNot Found
654/551Sheet 15Purcher W6/10/193920/02/18933Gunshot wound Lt legDisabled Building Works
820/387Sheet 14Puttock 3/27/19367/1/19197Kidney TroubleMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
311/137Sheet 11Pye L E6/21/193711/8/19227Gastric UlcerMiscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
820/416Sheet 04Pyzer J10/7/194011/02/18913Gunshot woundMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
137/337Sheet 08Pyzer J10/12/193811/02/18853 & 6Gunshot Wounds Rt Leg Comp HerniaNot Found
893/356Sheet 09Quantrill R5/23/193819/11/18883Gas & NeurastheniaProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
243/214Sheet 11Rae T4/19/193707/10/18937Injury to Rt arm (Enemy Action R G F)Heavy TurneryD62D63 East Turnery
243/214Sheet 11Rae T3/24/19375?Heavy TurneryD62D63 East Turnery
372/470Sheet 04Raines J W11/16/194011/05/18913GassedQF ProjectileA73 A74 E85
893/239Sheet 04Ransome7/11/194026/09/18893Kidney TroubleProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
654/240Sheet 15Ratcliffe R8/13/1943Hernia & GastricDisabled Building Works
375/529Sheet 09Raven G W3/24/193830/05/18896Loss of use Lt HandQF ProjectileE85
651/302Sheet 01Rayner W H4/10/19448/2/19064NeurosisNot Found
307/552Sheet 13Raynham F8/10/19363/22/19184AsthmaSheet Metal Workers
893/230Sheet 11Read2/19/19375/4/19124 & 5Concussion & NeurosisProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
700/Sheet 04Read R H3/8/194111/01/18983Amputation of LegNot Found
815/569Sheet 14Redding1/6/19363/2/19034Injury to Rt FootNot Found
243/933Sheet 08Redmill A J11/14/193812/29/19046Compound Fracture of Lt LegHeavy TurneryD62D63 East Turnery
595/102Sheet 11Rees H12/28/19362/5/19214Neurosis (War Service)Not Found
720/383Sheet 11Reeve G A6/24/19377/10/19154AcneSteam Processing & Heating
673/289Sheet 01Regelous A E6/28/19436/9/19024Lost left great toe. Ulnar nerve Rt Arm Injured has been Sutchered and multiple body injuries Not Found
654/548Sheet 15Remmand R17/01/18993 LAVSGunshot Wound Lt Thigh Arm & buttockDisabled Building Works
900/157Sheet 10Rice W J10/19/193719/10/18886Double HerniaCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
250/185Sheet 08Richardson A E3/23/193909/03/18923 & 5WoundsMedium Machine ShopD95
654/395Sheet 15Richardson J7/1/193627/07/18903 LAVSGunshot Wounds Left ArmDisabled Building Works
900/163Sheet 01Richardson P G7/10/194404/05/18843 & 5 Fracture 2nd & 5th Lumber VertebraeCentral StoresE 64 E 163
145/125Sheet 09Ridge E5/14/19382/7/19146FingerLog Mill & Wood MachineF71AB&E
854/062Sheet 13Roberts A J7/21/19367/8/19127Sinusitis & DeafnessNot FoundA75 F75C
375/563Sheet 11Roberts A E12/29/193620/04/18886Head injuriesQF ProjectileE85
60/311Sheet 13Roberts G8/17/193606/04/18913Gunshot WoundNot Found
385/436Sheet 03Roberts T12/10/19412/15/19096Leg InjuryIron & Steel FoundryA67 A69A70
820/473Sheet 09Robertson F3/11/19383/16/19064SpineMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
465/394Sheet 10Rogers W A10/27/19378/5/19016Little finger Rt Hand Amputated Little Finger Lt hand DeformedRolling Mill FoundriesE77E89
302/321Sheet 08Rolf J5/30/193906/08/1896 5 & 6Injury to Lt Arm & HandNot Found
307/489Sheet 13Rose W6/2/19367/10/19086Enlarged HeartSheet Metal Workers
900/164Sheet 10Ross A11/22/193718/09/18993Injury to EyeCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
490/469Sheet 08Rowden A6/5/193903/08/18916Left Leg FracturedDevelopment & Experimental W/ShopC63 E89D D100
654/360Sheet 15Rowden E1/8/194020/04/18953 & 5 LAVSGunshot Wound Rt KneeDisabled Building Works
805/640Sheet 08Rowson W T10/13/193819/10/18926DermatitisLabour Branch
821/344Sheet 09Ruddy W12/21/193715/08/18903Bullet Wound in Leg (pension)Machinery SectionD53D83E117
307/323Sheet 08Rudkin F9/21/193805/07/18833ChestTinmens ShopA25A15C73
157/311Sheet 07Russell H8/8/193911/16/19286HandCarpenters RepairF117
307/312Sheet 03Russell L7/24/19416/26/19154Gunshot Wounds Lt leg & BackTinmens ShopA25A15C73
900/147Sheet 09Ryan J A11/30/193702/01/18946HerniaCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
243/226Sheet 11Sait J C2/10/19379/13/19136Loss of Finger Lt HandHeavy Gun FactoryD58D62 D63
900/167Sheet 07Sallis C10/2/193929/05/18896Hernia Fractured skull loss of EyeCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
95/136Sheet 10Sammons A9/28/19379/21/19107TBTesting & Examination Branch36 & C6
815/373Sheet 07Samuels9/11/19395/26/19146Injury to Spine Not Found
100/360Sheet 02Samuels T3/9/194211/07/18953Gunshot WoundFitters & FabricationC2C8C29
893/392Sheet 02Sanderson 7/23/194219/09/18943Lt KneeProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
919/150Sheet 07Sands V H7/24/193907/01/18926Hernia weak AnkleNot Found
805/360Sheet 04Sanger G H8/16/194027/03/18923Amputation of armLabour Branch
720/148Sheet 03Sargent A A4/23/194112/10/19054Crushed Rt Knee & Broken Rt Arm Steam Processing & Heating
652/129Sheet 04Saunders H G11/27/19448/9/19087Skin Trouble. 23 years service.Not Found
470/414Sheet 12Savage J11/10/193604/04/18993, 5, 6 & 7(3) Neurasthenia (6) Dermatitis (7) TBSmall Arms Cartridge Factory E2 F109
720/522Sheet 07Schofield W9/13/193901/04/18933Gunshot wounds Lt KneeSteam Processing & Heating
653/343Sheet 07Scutt G9/18/193905/03/18957Stomach troubleNot Found
654/457Sheet 05Selby A6/2/194001/03/18857Cripple Not Found
654/457Sheet 05Selby A6/2/194001/03/18857Cripple Not Found
307/351Sheet 03Sevenoaks J8/26/194112/28/19014Bronchitis Neck InjuryTinmens ShopA25A15C73
242/152Sheet 08Sewell C5/22/193931/08/18885Spinal TroubleView BranchD78 D72
653/342Sheet 11Sherwood C11/30/19369/2/19087TBNot Found
653/141Sheet 12Shingleton H10/14/193630/01/18897Stomach TroubleNot Found
651/419Sheet 11Short P J5/28/193702/10/18996Deafness Due to LockjawNot Found
919/158Sheet 09Shreeve S2/10/193829/06/18953Dermatitis Gunshot Wound Curvature Of the Spine Chronic SciaticaNot Found
371/812Sheet 03Shury G7/2/194115/09/18973Amputated LegShell Factory A66A67E65
577/453Sheet 12Shuttleworth H8/24/193622/11/18913 & 5Double HerniaQuick Firing Cartridge FactoryE3
815/341Sheet 09Sibley3/1/19383/1/19003Gassed General DisabilityNot Found
221/322Sheet 10Silvester E8/21/193708/06/18906Loss of Lt eye (Alternative Work)Light Forge D 50 D66
815/385Sheet 02Simmons 12/30/194202/09/18953Left foot AmputatedNot Found
221/126Sheet 08Sinclair R3/30/193928/01/18953Gunshot wounds Legs Partial Deafness (Ear Drums)Light Forge D 50 D66
894/205Sheet 05Smith6/7/194011/2/19046Spinal InjuryNot Found
894/205Sheet 05Smith6/7/194011/2/19046Spinal InjuryNot Found
894/219Sheet 13Smith5/8/193612/11/19145T B Lt KidneyProgress & Planning Dev & ExpA75
581/499Sheet 14Smith4/6/19361/28/19214Defective VisionDB H E E E6 F78B F78C
225/339Sheet 13Smith F W7/15/193609/09/18926Amputation Fingers Rt HandHeavy ForgeD96D97A
706/315Sheet 13Smith A6/29/193616/03/18857Shortness of BreathGas FactoryD9 D10
371/883Sheet 11Smith A N2/15/193729/03/18936Lt Arm InjuryShell Factory A66A67E65
652/373Sheet 04Smith D J7/13/194005/02/18983 & 4Gastric StomachNot Found
484/127Sheet 12Smith E J8/25/19362/27/19056Loss of 1st Joint index finger Rt HandSmall Arms Tool ShopE83
673/127Sheet 07Smith F9/21/193923/09/18865 & 6Head & Rt legNot Found
5/431Sheet 01Smith G5/17/19439/20/19107Nervous DebilityTool Makers C 28 C 27
581/449Sheet 02Smith J6/9/19428/1/19087Disability not statedHEE E6 F78B F78C
822/119Sheet 07Smith L9/25/19398/11/19106HerniaMachinery SectionE119
581/374Sheet 08Smith S9/26/193823/01/18914, 6 & 7Rupture & EyesDB H E E E6 F78B F78C
243/347Sheet 07Smith T9/13/193926/12/18946Injury to Thumb Lt HandHeavy Gun
893/334Sheet 08Smith V10/3/19386/11/19214Blow on Head ( Not Disabled)Progress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
805/319Sheet 13Smith W A6/8/193608/12/18943Gunshot Wounds Back & LegsLabour Branch
923/160Sheet 09Sneddon J2/10/19383/30/19114Wound Head, Back, Lt Leg, Lt Arm Not Found
253/486Sheet 02Snow G6/19/194210/09/18813Internal woundsNot Found
892/009Sheet 05Snowden3/28/19404/6/19037Amputation Lt ArmProgress & Planning Photo PrintingA75C8A57
892/009Sheet 05Snowden3/28/19404/6/19037Amputation Lt ArmProgress & Planning Photo PrintingA75C8A57
923/151Sheet 08Snuggs R9/27/193801/03/1889Double HerniaCentral StoresE110 F84
9/152Sheet 12Somerton C H10/13/193612/23/19216HerniaMain Machine ShopC2
795/500Sheet 03South A8/30/194105/01/18946Chronic Synevitis Rt LegElectrical DepartmentB26B38B42 E45
815/432Sheet 08Sparkes7/3/193916/05/18923MalariaNot Found
520/330Sheet 09Spearman R2/25/193801/02/18957Burns Buttocks & Legs (Due to Enemy Action)Not Found
820/680Sheet 04Spencer H7/9/194010/1/19257HerniaMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
155/144Sheet 13Spencer J C5/4/193630/03/18963Gunshot Wounds Lt Hand & thighCarpenters & WheelersF71ABC& D
654/629Sheet 15Spilling E N2/15/194122/06/18993Heart TroubleDisabled Building Works
371/303Sheet 10Springett F7/19/193730/06/18876Dermatitis & DeafnessShell Factory A66A67E65
904/112Sheet 01Springett J1/26/194412/29/19187Deformed legNot Found
371/857Sheet 13Spurr P F6/10/193609/06/18916Loss of Rt EyeShell Factory A66A67E65
581/302Sheet 03Squier F P6/19/19412/26/19004 & 5Pleural EffusionH E E Royal Filling FactoryE6 F78BF78C
805/398 Sheet 12Squire L10/6/193622/05/18986Amputation of ArmLabour Branch
82/357Sheet 12Stacey E G9/15/19361/4/19154Rheumatic FeverNot Found
900/180Sheet 05Stafford F5/20/194018/02/18836Leg injuryCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
900/180Sheet 05Stafford F5/20/194018/02/18836Leg injuryCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
307/134Sheet 04Statters F11/4/194003/10/18906Second finger Rt Hand Fracture Rt Thigh HerniaTinmens ShopA25A15C73
311/307Sheet 10Stead H11/1/193729/04/18983 & 6Spine InjuryMiscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
470/393Sheet 12Stepney C10/7/19365/29/19074Sprained Ligament Lt legSmall Arms Cartridge Factory E2 F109
100/362Sheet 09Stevens E3/3/19387/14/19034Duodenal ulcerErecters Field D55A58C2 C3
820/348Sheet 04Stevens T11/5/194002/03/18983Wound ChestMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
9/352Sheet 05Stollery E6/29/19406/5/19094Stomach Bayonet woundsMain Machine ShopC2
9/352Sheet 05Stollery E6/29/19406/5/19094Stomach Bayonet woundsMain Machine ShopC2
919/180Sheet 01Stone A V12/15/19439/20/19004Duodenal UlcerNot Found
899/310Sheet 11Storer B11/16/19367/22/1905?Scoliosis
9/140Sheet 12Story EJ10/1/19361/26/19227Duodenal UlcerMain Machine ShopC2
929/187Sheet 02Straghan D9/7/194218/01/18963Shrapnel wounds ArmsNot Found
297/315Sheet 05Stratford A C3/25/19401/17/19066Injury to Lt ThighNot Found
297/315Sheet 05Stratford A C3/25/19401/17/19066Injury to Lt ThighNot Found
700/251Sheet 05Stroud D F3/11/19409/8/19184 & 5Crush Fracture 1st Lumbar VertebraNot Found
700/251Sheet 05Stroud D F3/11/19409/8/19184 & 5Crush Fracture 1st Lumbar VertebraNot Found
316/080Sheet 01Summers5/15/19445/7/19144Rt leg InjuredNot Found
893/313Sheet 13Summers W6/26/19363/13/19066Paralysed Lt HandProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
651/127Sheet 07Sumner J9/8/193925/12/18843 & 6Injury to Rt Hand Ruptured QuadricepsNot Found
720/345Sheet 01Sustens FJ9/17/19451/14/19104Shrapnel wound in head Steam Heating
95/157Sheet 14Sutton H4/22/19368/18/19007TBTesting & Examination Branch36 & C6
311/562Sheet 12Sutton P9/15/19366/17/19076Sugar ToleranceMiscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
919/176Sheet 05Swain J H J6/13/194006/02/18963Gunshot wound in HeadNot Found
919/176Sheet 05Swain J H J6/13/194006/02/18963Gunshot wound in HeadNot Found
651/363Sheet 03Swain W E2/12/194202/05/18985Gun Shot Wounds Lt Leg & FootNot Found
833/320Sheet 08Swaisland R10/6/193827/02/18906Injury to Lt Shoulder & ArmMachinery Dock YardEast Pumping Station
311/363Sheet 14Swallow D11/28/193530/09/18963 & 5Gunshot Wounds Lt Arm Rt Leg & NeckMiscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
307/318Sheet 07Sweeney R8/5/19391/15/19154Gunshot Wounds left Shoulder & Lt legTinmens ShopA25A15C73
595/374Sheet 05Tancock A4/29/194014/11/18946Rt Hand Injured in machineryFuze BranchE4
595/374Sheet 05Tancock A4/29/194014/11/18946Rt Hand Injured in machineryFuze BranchE4
296/332Sheet 14Taylor B H12/10/193511/11/19134 & 6Left Hand Thumb AmputatedNot Found
900/154 Sheet 02Taylor E7/6/19423/2/19104Foot trouble discharged from ArmyCentral StoresE 64 F163 D42
652/402Sheet 08Taylor J7/21/19391/23/19174Gastric StomachNot Found
95/112Sheet 10Taylor J7/1/193723/11/18966Injury AbdomenTesting & Exam BranchC6
820/136Sheet 14Tetlow4/20/193612/03/18926Part of Finger MissingMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
408/328Sheet 04Thomas A P11/8/194001/05/18873 & 6Gunshot wounds Rt Shoulder Amputation First finger Lt Hand Dipping & LacqueringE81 E84
806/332Sheet 07Thomas E8/29/1939?6Factory Injury Aug 45 Rupture Truss now fittedHeavy Gang
124/327Sheet 10Thomas FT10/11/193703/09/18863 & 5Rheumatism Machine ShopC55C58
833/319Sheet 09Thomas G F4/26/193811/22/19004GastricMachinery Dock YardEast Pumping Station
820/493Sheet 04Thomas J8/20/194010/28/19036Head & Lt leg recurrent dermatitis Ex Rolling millMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
651/385Sheet 11Thompson A4/13/193712/01/18893Fractured Lower JawNot Found
311/180Sheet 12Thring W11/9/19361/31/19029Gastric UlcerMiscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
95/302Sheet 12Thynne L8/24/19365/16/19174TB Testing & Examination Branch36 & C6
919/144Sheet 11Till C W12/30/193611/24/19014Bronchitis Rt lungNot Found
375/577Sheet 05Timns6/21/194016/07/18856HerniaNot Found
375/577Sheet 05Timns6/21/194016/07/18856HerniaNot Found
408/320 Sheet 01Toohey M7/15/19432/14/19044Rt Leg AmputatedDipping & LacqueringE81 E84
824/341Sheet 09Torrison T G4/20/193812/27/19114Hernia & Flat FeetMotor Vehicle Repair ShopE1 E8
838/332Sheet 04Townsend M H4/15/19416Compensation caseNot Found
893/204Sheet 10Tritton11/15/193716/07/18983, 5 & 6Wounds in Head Lt Hand CrushedProgress & Planning
652/382Sheet 10Tucker T A8/19/193703/05/18886HerniaNot Found
795/448Sheet 09Tucker W E5/30/19385/22/1903?Loss of 2 Fingers Lt HandElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
371/731Sheet 10Turner S A9/25/193704/10/18865, 6 & 7Diseased of the HeartShell Factory A66A67
654/570Sheet 15Tyler J H7/17/19423 & 5 LAVSHead Wound ShrapnelDisabled Building Works
316/115Sheet 01Tyrrell2/26/19456/1/19224Gunshot wound Rt handNot Found
710/157Sheet 04Upson F11/19/194019/09/18816Torn ligaments of ribsNot Found
80/376Sheet 03Upson J2/4/194211/26/19114Ligaments Rt LegPaint ShopC 29 C55
820/158Sheet 13Vaughan A6/11/19367/5/19136Bomb splinter Lt legMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
819/349Sheet 11Venables G3/22/193709/08/18833Gunshot Wound Thigh, Deafness Boiler ShopD45
95/140Sheet 12Verey W10/1/193631/01/18917Nervous BreakdownTesting & Examination Branch36 & C6
893/231Sheet 08Vernell6/20/193905/06/18905 & 6Injuries to Rt leg & StomachNot Found
137/364Sheet 07Vickers A9/27/193919/02/18986Hernia Not Found
820/216Sheet 10Vincent R8/10/19375/29/19235 & 62 Fingers Lt HandMachinery SectionD83 E114 A14
581/487Sheet 14Wadman P4/7/19363/24/190062nd Finger Lt HandDB H E E E6 F78B F78C
805/414Sheet 11Wager G F12/15/19364/26/19027TBLabour Branch
795/474Sheet 01Waghorn10/30/19446/6/19204Shrapnel wounds Legs & feetElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
253/380Sheet 01Wale J A4/29/19438/7/19036Rupture Not Found
9/474Sheet 10Wales R H10/11/193708/09/18926KneeMain Machine ShopC2
311/322Sheet 05Wallis W5/18/194027/06/18983 & 5Lt leg amputated Miscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
311/322Sheet 05Wallis W5/18/194027/06/18983 & 5Lt leg amputated Miscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
652/396Sheet 05Walpole W J4/4/194005/11/18937Muscular RheumatismNot Found
652/396Sheet 05Walpole W J4/4/194005/11/18937Muscular RheumatismNot Found
243/319Sheet 04Warby W F1/29/19419/22/19084NervesHeavy GunD58 D62D63
581/462Sheet 10Ward R6/24/19379/20/19044, 5 & 6Disability Not StatedDanger Blds HEEE6 F78B F78C
893/364Sheet 02Ware L9/29/194228/10/18916HerniaProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
595/372Sheet 08Warelen W7/19/193911/03/18913Gassed Gunshot Wound Rt handNot Found
823/354Sheet 11Warner G J4/14/19372/26/19005Injuries to Chest & Ears Due to Enemy Action Machine Shop D59
710/382Sheet 13Warren6/11/193610/18/19086Injury to HeelNot Found
919/135Sheet 01Warren A10/16/19443/18/19224Nervous debilityNot Found
5/417Sheet 05Warren C5/23/194012/02/18923Head woundToolmakersC28C27
5/417Sheet 05Warren C5/23/194012/02/18923Head woundToolmakersC28C27
855/135Sheet 03Warren W H11/10/194110/16/19134Duodenal UlcerCentral OfficeA 75
820/600Sheet 14Warwick W1/3/19361/12/19066Finger on Rt HandMachinery SectionA 23 D 58
484/123Sheet 13Wasket W8/10/193621/01/18956Loss of 1st Finger Lt HandSmall Arms Tool ShopE83
654/192Sheet 15Waters G A3 & 6Wounds & Duodenal UlcerDisabled Building Works
815/535Sheet 11Watkins J F3/1/19375/18/19145Chronic Lung troubleNot Found
311/365Sheet 02Watson A11/19/194218/02/18953Gunshot Wounds, Loss Rt Eye, Injury to Rt Arm & ShoulderMiscellaneous Machine ShopA22 A60 A61
371/738Sheet 12Watson N C9/9/19361/15/19075Hernia Shell Factory A66A67E65
805/301Sheet 04Watson R S7/11/19403/15/19115Old standing SpondylitisLabour Branch
581/509Sheet 05Watts H3/25/19407/29/19056Spinal InjuryDB H E E E6 F78B F78C
581/509Sheet 05Watts H3/25/19407/29/19056Spinal InjuryDB H E E E6 F78B F78C
297/343Sheet 03Webb T10/4/194123/08/18816Injuries to Hip & Rt Shoulder Septic Lt LegNot Found
720/401Sheet 11Webb W12/1/193611/04/18893Bullet wound Lt Forearm & C E RashSteam Heating
654/536Sheet 15Webb W R C4/20/193827/07/18943 & 5 LAVSRt Leg Below Knee amputatedDisabled Building Works
100/409Sheet 01Webber W T9/4/194412/19/19054Gunshot wound Fitters & FabricationC2C8C29
795/172Sheet 02Webster A10/8/194212/03/18993Smashed Rt Index FingerElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
316/109Sheet 09West G W5/30/19387Duodenal UlcerTailors Paper & Leather FactoryE50A E80
720/363Sheet 04Whaley W8/16/194030/09/18943Shrapnel Wounds In Head and DebilitySteam Heating
297/336Sheet 03White A J8/20/194110/07/18886DermatitisNot Found
595/363Sheet 03White R9/30/194111/17/19145Shrapnel Lt Shoulder & Rt LegFuze BranchE4
595/386Sheet 14White A C1/7/19369/16/19194Medically Unfit Discharged NavyFuze BranchE4
651/416Sheet 08White C T7/19/193923/06/18923Gunshot wound Lt armNot Found
795/467Sheet 08White W6/29/19396Electrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
5/439Sheet 09Whitehead G J1/21/193803/04/18976LegToolmakersC28C27
95/141Sheet 09Whiter G5/9/19383/26/19015 & 6Air Raid Causality & Injury to EyeTesting & Examination Branch36 & C6
82/308Sheet 07Whithan9/14/19395/20/19147TBNot Found
706/328Sheet 10Whitmore C8/23/193712/04/18917?Contact CaseGas FactoryD9 D10
651/141Sheet 13Whitney E5/21/193602/12/18973 & 6(3) Gunshot Wound Lt Leg (6) Fracture Rt AnkleNot Found
520/327Sheet 11Wickham F12/22/193607/11/18893 & 5Perforated LungNot Found
404/304Sheet 10Wightman R G6/28/1937 16 16/08/18906Amputation of 6 FingersQFCFE80E85
95/140Sheet 12Wilding C9/3/193611/01/18967Injury HandTesting & Examination Branch36 & C6
95/140Sheet 12Wilkins L10/21/19361/26/19087DermatitisTesting & Examination Branch36 & C6
311/492Sheet 10Wilkins W 10/30/19379/28/19154NeurosisMiscellaneous Machine ShopA13A22A60A61 A65
892/034Sheet 13Williams8/4/193611/1/19117Restricted Movement Lt KneeProgress & PlanningA75C8
860/072Sheet 02Williams A1/11/194321/08/18963 & 5Gunshot Wounds in Rt Thigh & Knee Not Found
651/418Sheet 05Williams J5/6/194006/06/18863Wound in abdomenNot Found
651/418Sheet 05Williams J5/6/194006/06/18863Wound in abdomenNot Found
919/128Sheet 02Williams S G9/7/194210/18/19184, 5 & 6 Dermatitis Loss of power Both LegsNot Found
795/455Sheet 11Williams W H1/8/193716/12/18883Medically Unfit discharged from ArmyElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
893/273Sheet 03Williker2/2/194206/04/18863Wound Deaf Lt EarProgress & Planning Photo PrintingC3A57
795/458Sheet 08Willis A E12/5/19386/27/19076Foot InjuryElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
819/356Sheet 05Wills E5/20/194013/04/18826Left hand bones fractured Metal Fabrication ShopC35
819/356Sheet 05Wills E5/20/194013/04/18826Left hand bones fractured Metal Fabrication ShopC35
795/341Sheet 09Willshaw D F1/31/193821/01/18963 & 5Deafness Injuries to Rt HandElectrical SectionB26 B42B38 E50
581/493Sheet 02Wilson G1/4/194320/04/18957Badly Bruised KneeRoyal Filling Factory H E HEE E6 F78B F78C
654/545Sheet 15Wilson J G12/3/194004/09/18953 LAVSLt Leg AmputatedDisabled Building Works
919/147Sheet 09Wilson R3/14/19385/31/19094Duodenal UlcerNot Found
708/382Sheet 02Wing5/15/194214/04/18996Elbow & handNot Found
821/335Sheet 04Wolfers12/2/194004/08/18883Bullet wound PensionNot Found
797/345Sheet 07Wood J9/6/193919/12/18933 & 6Shell ShockElectrical DepartmentE45E50/44/45/46
651/125Sheet 13Woodlands S6/8/193609/06/18816RuptureNot Found
924/165Sheet 08Woods A R7/14/19398/24/1900No Information as to his DisabilityNot Found
9/306Sheet 13Wooley W J5/18/19368/30/19214Extensive Gunshot woundsMain Machine ShopC2
296/367Sheet 12Wratten E8/26/193606/04/18944 & 6Rt Hand Amputation of Index Finger Laceration of 2nd Finger Not Found
581/418Sheet 02Wright S 1/1/19433/2/19214Leg InjuriesRoyal Filling Factory H E HEE E6 F78B F78C
302/393Sheet 07Yelland D9/18/193928/10/18943ChestNot Found
710/936Sheet 05Youngman A2/27/19401/24/19097Duodenal UlcerNot Found
710/936Sheet 05Youngman A2/27/19401/24/19097Duodenal UlcerNot Found