9th June 2020

The Society Library has been donated a number of postcards and photos of old Crockenhill, inherited from Agnes Abdey (nee Luxford). She worked for many years at the village stores for the Kingsnorth family.

We are interested in these photographs as the Society Library has a photograph collection of pictures that have been donated. They need to have a description and approx. date. Without details other family historians may not recognise the subject of the photographs.

One of our Vice Presidents, Dr Susan Pittman is the archivist for the Eynesford and Farningham Local History Society, which covers the Crockenhill area. She has written books on Crockenhill, as she lives in the village. We were confident she would love to receive the photographs for their archives. It turned out Susan had interviewed Agnes Abdey in the 1980's and her memories of the village are recorded in the archive.

The final agreement for the photographs is that we will have the scanned images in the Society Library photograph collection and they will be catalogued. The original postcards and photographs have been sent to Eynesford and Farningham Historic Society archive for Crockenhill section. Susan has provided us with a description of the photographs and a series of notes that are given below.

The Society receives donations for the Library from members and occasionally as in this case from a relative who wants to ensure their heirlooms get a wider audience than sitting in a box in a family loft. Receiving scanned images, we can accommodate them in the limited space we have at the Society Library.