Tonbridge Brickmakers

Research into Burgess Hill Farm, Tonbridge for the Weald and Downland living Museum has led to the history of the local brickmakers and their brick works.

The Tonbridge Historical Society in 2005 had published ‘Tonbridge Industrial History’ by Anthony Wilson. This work included in the various industrial sites by reference to their locations and history. Mong the industries he found 13 brickmaking works and these were given a reference number from C10 to C22.

Boys Book of trades c1860

The article “Burgess Hill Farm” and its companion map uses the same numeric references for the same sites. The map and article provide details of 34 brickmaking works from two sites in Hadlow south through the Tonbridge area to eleven sites in Southborough.

This article was written in 2019 and has been lodged by Tonbridge Historical Society in their archives stored at Tonbridge Castle. See their website for contact details and their archives catalogue. A hard copy of this article is catalogued under the B/04/012 item number.

The data for each of these brickfields and their workers has been taken from the ‘Brickmakers Index’. If you want to enquire of this index please email the Society using the library email address.

Petersfield Drying Shed reconstructed at the Weald and Downland Living Museum at Singleton Sussex

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