Parish Gazetteer Sources

No single published source provides for west Kent the full details of parish administrative geography, the church buildings, and the location/dates of surviving registers. This information has been compiled from the following main sources:


Frederic A. Youngs 'Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England', Vol I: Southern England' Royal Historical Society, 1979 The definitive source for the history of civil and ecclesiastical parishes, including dates of all creations, abolitions etc. But no maps, and no coverage of Roman Catholic parishes etc.
Cecil Humphery-Smith 'The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers' 3rd edn., Phillimore, 2003 Provides a base map of the layout of ancient parishes, i.e. as they existed c1832. Later parish creations are not described or mapped.
Roger J.P. Kain & Richard R. Oliver 'Historic Parishes of England and Wales: An Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata' History Data Service, Colchester, 2001 Includes a set of CD's containing detailed maps of the civil parish boundaries as they existed c.1850 overlaid on to an Ordnance Survey base map (1" New Popular Edn., 1945-48). More detailed and geographically accurate than Phillimores.
Nikolaus Pevsner (founding editor) 'The Buildings of England':
London 2: South
Penguin, 1983 Covers all surviving buildings of any significance. Disadvantages are that many smaller chapels are omitted, and demolished churches are rarely mentioned except in the occasional footnote. The two volumes overlap in their coverage but both are required to cover the whole of west Kent.
'The Buildings of England':
West Kent and the Weald
2nd edn., Penguin, 1976
Roger Homan 'The Victorian Churches of Kent' Phillimore, 1984 Includes a gazetteer of all churches and chapels built between 1818 and 1901, regardless of whether they survive or not. Ancient parish churches are omitted as they fall outside the criteria, unless rebuilt within that period. No details of parish administrative history, or of surviving registers.
[Stanford] 'London Parish Map' London Topographical Society Publication No.155, 1999 Stanford's map of the Ecclesiastical Divisions within the county of London, 1903. A very useful reprint, and the only easily accessible source for ecclesiastical parish boundaries (Ordnance Survey maps have never shown these). But only covers the inner London area, i.e. out as far as Lewisham, Eltham, Plumstead - the old LCC boundary.
Cliff Webb 'Genealogical Research in Victorian London' West Surrey Family History Society, 1991 Reproduces boundaries from the 1903 map (above), and also gives covering dates and location of all known surviving parish registers. Useful for the Kent parishes within the LCC boundary (doesn't extend as far as the 1965 GLC boundary).
'Genealogical Research in late Victorian and Edwardian London' West Surrey Family History Society, 1994
[Kent Archives] 'Handlist of Parish Registers and Transcripts' Kent County Archives Service, 1997 Details of original parish registers and transcripts held at the Centre for Kentish Studies (Maidstone), Medway Local Studies Centre, etc. Also gives microfilm coverage.