Roman Catholic Churches

West Kent foundations before 1900


  • St Joseph, Plaistow Lane. Built 1911, succeeding iron church (Freelands, 1892). Original registers from 1888.


  • Our Lady of Grace, Charlton Rd. Original registers from 1903.


  • Brompton, St Michael. Founded 1795, succeeded by Chatham 1863. Original registers from 1802.
  • St Michael the Archangel, Hills Terrace. Church built 1862-3, formerly at Brompton. Original registers from 1802.


  • St Mary, Hawkwood Lane. Church built 1854. Original registers from 1855. No information on registers.Memorial Inscriptions. Transcript published by NWKFHS(Microfiche Ref. F26).
  • See MI Publications.


  • St Mary of the Crays, Old Rd. Church built 1842, demolished 1974 following erection of new church. Original registers from 1840.


  • St Anselm, West Hill. Mission opened 1866; church built 1900, demolished 1975 for Priory shopping centre; rebuilt 1973-5 on West Hill. Original registers from 1866.


  • Our Lady of the Assumption, High St. Church built 1844-6. Original registers from 1842.


  • St Mary, High St. Church built 1890, superseded by Christchurch 1912. Original registers from 1871.


  • St Fidelis, West St. Church built 1870, chapel-of-ease since opening of Our Lady of the Angels 1903. Original registers from 1870.


  • Old Brompton, St Paulinus, Manor St. (1793). Original registers from 1893.


  • St John the Evangelist, Milton Rd. Church built 1834 as C of E chapel, R/Catholic from 1851. Original registers from 1840.


  • Our Ladye Star of the Sea, Crooms Hill. (1792) Church (re?)built 1851. Original registers from 1793.
  • St Joseph, Pelton Rd. Church built 1881. Original registers from 1906.


  • Our Lady of the Rosary. No information on registers.


  • Lower Sydenham, Our Lady & St Philip Neri, Sydenham Rd. Iron church 1872; rebuilt 1881, destroyed 1940; rebuilt 1959. Original registers from 1884.
  • St Winifred, Effingham Road. (1892). No information on registers.
  • Blackheath, St Mary, Cresswell Park. Built 1872 as orphanage with chapel open to public; closed 1904. No information on registers.
  • Blackheath, Our Lady Help of Christians, Cresswell Park. Church built 1890-1. Original registers from 1874.
  • St Saviour, High St. (1894). No information on registers.


  • St Paul. Original registers from 1864.


  • Our Immaculate Mother & St Joseph. Church built 1867, superseded 1914 by Our Lady of the Assumption. Original registers from 1866.


  • Holy Innocents, Strickland Way. Original registers from 1894. Parish Register transcript published by NWKFHS (Microfiche Ref. F7) See Parish Register Publications.


  • St Patrick, Griffin Rd. Church built 1893, converted to school hall 1970; succeeded by redundant St Pauls C of E church (Hector St). Original registers from 1893.


  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Granville Rd, formerly Holy Trinity. Built 1896, incorporating earlier chapel (Holy Trinity, 1880). Original registers from 1880.


  • St Katherine, Smith St. 14th century chapel, restored c1897 as a RC convent chapel. Original registers from 1897.

St Mary Cray

  • St Joseph, High St. Church built 1873?, bombed 1941; current church completed 1959. Original registers from 1875.


  • St George, The Street. Built pre.1882, closed 1890, demolished c1960. No separate registers, entries in Chatham.


  • Greenhithe, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, High St. (1859) Church (re?)built 1874, demolished 1973. Original registers from 1866.


  • Corpus Christi, Lyons Crescent. Church built 1904, succeeding iron church of 1894. Original registers from 1894.
  • Tunbridge Wells, St Augustine, Grosvenor Rd. Church built 1837-8, campanile added 1889; demolished 1968 and new church built in Crescent Rd. Original registers from 1837.

West Malling

  • St Thomas More. No information on registers.


  • St Peter, New Rd. (1815) Church (re?)built 1842-3. Original registers from 1816.