The Society runs workshops to help members with their research, they have already proved popular. All workshops are held on a Wednesday between 10.30 and 12.30 at the Society Library & Resource Centre, Summerhouse Drive, Joydens Wood.

These are the workshops that are planned:





49 Writing Family Histories
This lead-discussion group will not tell you how to write or even how to write up your family history but will help you to think widely about communicating your research to your chosen audience. Pauline is not an expert at family history research but enjoys words, attends a creative writing group and edits this Journal. It would be helpful to bring a simple family tree of three generations or more, hand sketched is fine, and a timeline of events from the life of one of your ancestors.
Pauline Heathcote 18 November 2015
50 Basic DNA - A changing world of Family History
The DNA workshop will discuss the basics of DNA and how it is a tool for confirming and providing suggestions for further document research. DNA testing is not a replacement for the paper research merely a tool to help confirm patterns of descent of one’s ancestors. This workshop will not deal in depth with DNA but give an overview of how it passes from one generation to another. It will discuss the tests available and what the results mean. It will show and discuss the Haplogroup migrations from Africa to Europe in general terms only.
David Cufley 20 January 2016
51 Less Obvious Sources - NEW WORKSHOP
Reviewing records such as Tithe, Quarter Sessions, Burgess Rolls, Burials in Woollen, - sources that reveal more details about individuals and their lives"
Jean Stirk 17th February 2016
52 Reading C18th Writing - NEW WORKSHOP
A guide to the interpretation of a variety of documents, written in both formal and personal styles including :- a sailors letter home; a page from a diary; a page from a parish register and an apprenticeship indenture.
Mari Alderman 16th March 2016

These are the workshops that have been run so far. If you would like any of these to be re-run please let us know.

Subject / Topic Leader
Basic DNA David Cufley
Beginning Your Family History Janet Rose
Breaking down the brickwall Library Team
The British Home Front in World War One Mike Brown
Creep, Push and Pull Jean Stirk
Databases, An introduction to... (using Microsoft Access) Dr Allan Stapleton
Drawing charts and trees by hand as a research tool David Cufley
Early Census [Pre 1841 Census] & Census-like Lists Jean Stirk
Excel, mentoring session David Cufley
Family Historian Genealogical Software program - further facilities and uses Brian Eaton
Family Historian Software (advanced) Computer help Brian Eaton
Family Tree Maker, An overview and getting started on... Dr Allan Stapleton
Home Children Immigration to Canada Walter Eves
Illegitimacy Mari Alderman
Insurance and Friendly Society records. Types and Sources of records Cliff Scottow
Land Tax and the 1910 survey Christine Hills
Latin for Parish Registers Mari Alderman
Mac course for new users Dr Allan Stapleton
Mapping family distributions and movements David Cufley
Maps and Surveys for family History Christine Hills
Occupational Records, Insights into…. Jean Stirk
Parish Chest (two part workshop) Christine Hills
PC File Management (Housekeeping) Dr Allan Stapleton
Reading old documents Jean Stirk
Record keeping for Family Historians David Cufley
Records of Occupations Jean Stirk
Researching your WW1 Ancestor and his/her part in the Conflict Barry Langridge
Scanning photographs and documents for Insertion into other programs David Cufley
Searching the Internet Dr Allan Stapleton
Spreadsheets for Family History, An Introduction to.. (Using Microsoft EXCEL) Dr Allan Stapleton
Thinking outside the box - Mind Maps and other methods David Cufley
Licensed Thames Watermen and Lightermen Rob Cottrell
Wills and Inventories, Pre 1858.. Christine Hills
Wills, Probate and Administrations Christine Hills
In the Name of God Amen - Understanding Wills Christine Hills
WORD use with table, pictures and graphs David Cufley

The cost is a £5 donation per workshop, which includes refreshments.

Numbers are limited to 10 members per workshop. Booking can be done by email, please email your details with the workshop title you'd like to attend, to , or ask either David Turner or David Cufley for a form; or contact Janet Rose on 01322-384836.

You'll need to book a place in advance, they're not open to members who just turn up at the library. If you cannot get on the list we're taking names for reserves just in case anyone drops out. Another workshop will be organised if there is enough demand.

Workshop topics: suggestions for subjects are needed. What are the challenges facing you in your research? Do the subjects listed interest you? Mentors are needed: Do you have an expertise in some aspect of Family History research that you could share with a small group of members in the library setting? Or would you like to join a 'Mentoring' group?