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Stephen Archer
Stephen Archer

Developing the original version of this site was a joint venture by a number of Society members. The content was mapped out in early 1997 by Peter Searle, David Cufley (formerly Society chairman), and myself, Stephen Archer. It was formally launched in March 1998, and we acquired our own domain name in October 2001.

The site now contains about 1,537 pages, of which 446 comprise the Parish Gazetteer, and around 1,000 pages cover the searchable data. There are about 40 'static' pages, these are edited manually. All the other pages (Gazetteer, Publications, Members' Interests, Journal Contents, Searchable Data) are generated automatically from various databases.

I extensively revamped the site in June-September 2005 and now use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) on all pages. The new site was relaunched in February 2006. If viewing the site using Internet Explorer, it looks best with version 5.5 or later.

In 2006 we entered and won the Website Award competition run by the Federation of Family History Societies. See the Website Award page.

The Parish Gazetteer church photos were mainly taken by myself since 1997, with a few (1989-90) from earlier trips. They were scanned and cleaned up by Tony Field (sadly no longer with us). Improved digital camera versions are uploaded from time to time.

The webmaster resigned in September 2015

Future Plans

Parish GazetteerAn on-going project. More photos to be added, especially to expand the set of pictures of Victorian churches - C of E, non-conformist & Catholic. The web photos are of limited resolution (400x300 pixels), but higher resolution versions may be made available for download in due course.

Main Changes

May 2015Gazetteer Added two more church photos - Four Elms and Westerham Congregational.
Oct 2014Record Offices Page added with map of Record Office coverage in west Kent, with links to their websites.
Oct 2014Gazetteer Added six more church photos of churches in Gravesend, see the Milton-next-Gravesend page.
Jan 2014World War I Page added to commemorate WWI centenary.
Dec 2012Minor re-launch Re-jigged home page navigation & revised colour-scheme etc. Added downloadable PDFs of back journals.
Nov 2012General Home page navigation revised, also many minor stylistic changes.
Oct 2012Members Interests Replaced Chapman county codes with full county names.
Jan 2011Research Service Page describing look-up services replaced with the Society Research Service page.
Sep 2010Bursary Added a page describing the Josephine Birchenough Bursary Award Scheme page.
Sep 2008DNA Added a DNA for Family History page.
Aug-Sep 2008Church Photos Added new photos for Kidbrooke (St James), Green St Green Baptist. Improved photos for Knockholt, Plumstead, Charlton.
Apr 2008Publications Added a Publications News page.
Jan 2008Searchable Data First searchable datasets added: [1] Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery MI's and [2] Bromley 1861 Census.
Jan 2008Church Photos Added photo for Edenbridge Baptist Church, also better photos for Capel, Knockholt, St Mary Cray - all contributed by Bryan Matthews.
Jul 2007Publications Added a contact email address to the main Publications page.
Jul 2007Society Area New map, showing the whole of the 'West Kent Sources' area.
Jun 2007Latest News Added a page describing the recent taskholders meeting.
May 2007Publications New section added to publications pages for the Riverside parish register transcripts, now available on CD-Rom as well as m/fiche.
Apr 2007Committee Liaison As part of his role as Computer Rep. on the Society Committee, Ron Anthony takes on website liaison.
Apr 2007AGM Added a page reporting on the Society AGM at Cobham Hall and a page describing a family history exhibition held in Bromley Library, Oct 2006.
Oct 2006Browser Added browser bookmark icon.
Oct 2006Church Photos Photos added for 10 Victorian churches in Bromley, also churches in Eltham and the Sevenoaks area.
Sep 2006Website Award Society wins the Best Website award for 2006, in a competition run by the Federation of Family History Societies. Results were announced at the Family History Conference in Northampton on 2nd September. See the Website Award page.
Aug 2006Church Photos New photos added of several Victorian churches, especially in the Greenwich / Deptford / Blackheath area.
Aug 2006Coach Trips Added new page to cover Coach Trips for Society members.
Jul/Aug 2006Parish Gazetteer Various additions and corrections to gazetteer pages, including detail maps for several outer London parishes, and a new index page arranged by church dedication. Several new and replacement church photos added (all now digital). The remaining photos re-scanned from prints and improved - cropped to a standard size, colour/perspective corrections applied, and dates added. Links from parish gazetteer pages to publications pages added/updated.
Jul/Aug 2006Society Officers Several more photos added, see Society Officers page.
July 2006Members' Interests Stripped surname interests for all ex-members.
May 2006Constitution Society Constitution made available on-line (PDF format). See Society Constitution.
April 2006Library Latest version of the Library Catalogue (Excel spreadsheet) made available for download. See Society Library.
April 2006Society Officers Photos added for some of the Society's committee members etc. See Society Officers.
April 2006Back Journals All the remaining journals (Volume 10, 2004-06) added to the contents listings on the Back Journals page (thanks to Chris Barnett for compiling these).
March 2006Email protection In an attempt to reduce spam emails, clickable email addresses throughout the whole site have now been protected from address-harvesting robots by embedding them in Javascript code. They will only be visible if you have Scripting enabled in your browser (the default), e.g. in Internet Explorer see Tools > Internet Options > Security.
February 2006Re-launch Website completely re-designed and relaunched, using CSS (cascading style sheets) for the first time. The West Kent Parish Gazetteer expanded significantly, and the Journal Contents listings extended to 2003. All pages reviewed and edited, new pages for Society TimeLine and the quarterly Journal; publications listing split into categories; a keyword search tool added to the home page.
May 2005Two new pages Two new pages added to the site: a Society Events Page, and a listing of the Tape Library.
April 2003Publications A list of Rob Cottrell's publications on microfiche and CD-Rom have been added to the site. These are all available for purchase from the Society, and include his Riverside Parishes series of transcripts, also the Company of Watermen & Lightermen indexes.
See Riverside Parishes Publications and Company of Watermen & Lightermen Publications.
March 2002Library List A list of main society library holdings added (see Library Page).
October 2001New location! Our website moves to a new location with its own domain name, www.nwkfhs.org.uk. Email addresses associated with each main Society office are implemented.
September 2001Journal Contents Adds Volume 4 (1986-88) to the journal contents listings.
April 2001NBI Adds a new page to cover the National Burial Index.
May 2000Journal Contents Adds Volume 3 (1983-85) to the journal contents listings, and brings Volume 8 up to date.
April 2000Projects Adds a page devoted to the Society's current Projects.
October 1999Members' Interests This update increased the size of the members' interests listings by a factor of around six, taking the number of surname research interests to more than 2,000. Most of the new entries have been extracted from the forms submitted for the next members' interests microfiche publication published with the December 1999 journal.
September 1999Census Adds a page devoted to the Society's 1851 Census Indexes.
August 1999Journal Contents Adds Volume 6 (1992-94) to the journal contents listings.
December 1998Journal Contents Adds a whole new section to the website, a listing of the contents from our quarterly journal, with subject and author indexes. See Journal Contents.
October 1998Various The former 'Society Activitites' page has now been split into two, with separate pages for details of our Meetings and Other Services. The Meetings page now features location maps for the three meetings venues.
A separate page has also been added for the 1999 conference - since deleted.
Ordering Society publications is now even easier, with an order form that can be printed and posted off.
October 1998Church Photos Update includes the remaining church photographs for west Kent (mainly those in the Tonbridge area), so that all the ancient parishes in the Parish Gazetteer are now covered.
March 1998Launch Formal launch of our first website.
October 1997Test version A trial set of web pages developed by SA/DC/PS was uploaded to the Oxford University server, courtesy of Malcolm Austen.
December 1995First web page First web presence consists of a single page compiled by David Cufley and made available as part of GenUKI.