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January 2015

This month we add to our catalogue a number of new CD's:

Chelsfield St Martin parish registers

Chelsfield is one of only two parishes in west Kent which still hold their original registers at the church. There is partial coverage of these on microfilm at Bromley Local Studies and at the Kent History & Library Centre in Maidstone, and there are transcripts of varying quality covering 1558-1985. But until now access has been somewhat limited. So in 2014 we approached the Rector and PCC for permission to make colour digital photographs of their holdings, and this request was granted. So for the first time, digital images of the registers are available for purchase on CD-Rom. The two disks published by the Society (CD-OR161 & OR162) include all of the data photographed by the Society, subject to cut-off dates imposed by the Data Protection Act. Additionally, on disk OR161 we have included a facsimile of the typed transcript covering 1558-1812 made by Thomas Colyer-Fergusson in 1930. Click here for the publications listing page.

The Society is grateful to the Rector of Chelsfield and in particular to their records custodian Mrs Ann Blatcher for allowing us access to their registers.

Dartford, Joyce Green Hospital burial ground

Many years ago Francine Payne, a local historian on Dartford Hospitals, very kindly passed us photocopies of the burial indexes for the Hospital Cemetery. However there were some missing pages and unreadable data which we managed to retrieve from the London Metropolitan Archives. The cemetery still exists but not in a recognisable form. It was was handed over in 1996 by the local Health Authority and is now a 3.5 acre piece of woodland provided for the residents of Temple Hill Estate.

CD67 is a transcript of the burial ground register, Feb 1902 - Jan 1962. It contains 1,000+ entries, plus a site map and an article on two CWGs.

Society Back Journals

Disks CD68 and CD69 have PDF versions of the complete run of Society back journals, 1978-2013.

July 2014

CD64: Westerham St Mary parish register transcripts

This includes baptisms c1560-c1940 (c7700 entries); marriages c1559-c1951 (c1350); burials c1562-c1968 (c5550). All this data has been transcribed by Maureen Oakley, a local historian of Westerham who has kindly donated the data to the Society. The run of records is incomplete in some areas; this is due either to the copy not being legible or to no copy being available to transcribe. The Society has not been able to check the transcriptions since no access was possible to copies of the original documents. The NWKFHS cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the data. The Society Executive Committee wishes to thank Maureen Oakley for her donation of the data which represents a considerable amount of effort. The data has been edited for this publication by R. Woodward, Society Projects Co-ordinator.

Stop Press - this disk is temporarily withdrawn, awaiting a re-worked transcript.

CD-OR3: Dartford Holy Trinity Marriages 1813-1984

This is now a 2nd edition due to extended date range from 1955.

CD17: Dartford Holy Trinity Burials 1778-1926, transcripts & index

This is a 2nd edition since the data relating to pre-1812 burials has been expanded by some 300 entries and a number of the existing entries amended.

May 2014

CD62: Bexleyheath Cemetery Burials 1879-1943

This is a full transcript of the registers with index of almost 9,000 burials giving name, description of person buried, age, place of death, date of burial and grave number.

CD63: Darenth Asylum (Hospital), Dartford, Burial Register 1879-1985

A full transcript of the registers with index of over 2,700 entries giving name, date, grave number and age, occasionally other information. There are some photographs of surviving gravestones taken in 2013, and some MIs done some considerable time ago. Not many stones have survived. In addition we have included several articles about the Asylum and its history etc with the kind permission of Francine Payne.

CD57-61: Bromley Area Burial Register Transcripts

We have also extended our coverage of burials in the churchyards of Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst, Farnborough & Keston, these are now full transcripts rather than just indexes. We now have: CD57 - Beckenham St George Burials 1813-64; CD58 - Bromley St Peter & St Paul Burials 1813-55; CD59 - Chislehurst St Nicholas Burials 1813-97; CD60 - Farnborough St Giles Burials 1813-73; CD61 - Keston Burials 1813-90. Click here for a full listing.

January 2014

CD55: Bessels Green Unitarian & Baptist Churches; French Street Private Burial Ground

Disc CD55 lists memorial inscriptions and other transcribed records of three baptist burial grounds. There are two churches in Bessels Green: the Baptist Church, and the Unitarian Church (also formerly Baptist). Each transcript is complemented by a set of gravestone photographs.

The third item on the disk covers French Street private burial ground near Westerham. The disk includes background information, MI transcripts, pictures of the burial ground & gravestones, and a list of probable burials - all transcribed and photographed by Karina Jackson and Chris Barnett. We thank them for allowing their work to be included. A fully comprehensive book has also been created by Karina & Chris entitled 'The Burial Ground at French Street, Westerham, Kent' and further details of how to purchase this will appear in the journal.

CD56: St Edmundís Pleasance (Upper Burial Ground), Dartford

From quite an early date Dartford Holy Trinity maintained two burial grounds - the churchyard surrounding the church itself, and an Upper Burial Ground on East Hill - about 250m away and now a public open space known as St Edmunds Pleasance. Although MI transcripts have been made from both burial grounds at various times since the 19th century, these were all incomplete even at the time they were transcribed, and no modern transcript or photographs existed. Therefore in 2011 the Society began a new transcript of the Upper Burial Ground MI's. The work was started by Janet Rose and has been carried through to publication by Steve Archer to include monumental inscriptions, photographs, a plot plan and background. The disk also includes the very few remaining gravestones in Holy Trinity churchyard, and the earlier transcripts which record many stones that no longer survive.

November 2013

Several new publications have been made available recently:

Stone, St Mary the Virgin

Disc CD52 consists of 9759 baptism entriess 1718-1955, with index. This complements the marriages and burials already completed last year - CD41 Burials 1718-1963 and CD42 Marriages 1722-1955; each of these discs contains over 3000 records.

Stone Cemetery, Dartford & Stone St Mary Churchyard

This disc CD-MI5 (2nd edition) includes transcripts of monumental inscriptions and an alphabetical surname index. Stone Cemetery was completed in 2013 but not widely publicised as we were awaiting Monumental Inscriptions from Stone St Mary church. This complements burials for the area for which we are grateful.

Gravesend Cemetery, Burial Registers

CD53 has transcripts of the cemetery burial registers covering 1902-1983 (approx 30,000 entries), which complements CD27 (1839-1901).

Seal, Kemsing and Ightham: Misc. Census, Parish and other records

David Williams, Jean Stirk and many other volunteers have put together a comprehensive database for the area, published as CD54 and made up as follows:

ParishCovering Dates
 Tithe Apportionments 1841
 Parish RecordsC1561-1964 M1562-1925 B1561-1924 
 Parish RecordsC1561-1920 M1562-1950 B1562-2009 
 Tithe Apportionments 1839
 Parish RecordsC1559-1955 M1560-1955 B1559-1955 

September 2012

Horton Kirby, St Mary the Virgin

CD51 is a transcription and index of burials, 1813-1954.

Asylum Minute Books

CD50 contains the Metropolitan Asylum District Board Minutes 1890-1930. this is an index to 38 volumes regarding asylums, hospitals, schools, organisations, some personnel and many other topics across what was Greater London at that time.

CD49 contains Bexley Asylum Minute Books 1901-1939: this is an index of some 12,000 names of patients, staff and contractors.

November 2011:   Bromley Archives parish registers

We have published a number of new disc items recently. They are from the LB of Bromley Archives holdings. There are nine discs containing facsimiles of parish registers of twelve churches in the parishes of Beckenham, Bromley, Bromley Common, Chelsfield, Chislehurst, Farnborough, Keston and Penge. They contain all the material for these Parishes that is in a fit condition to be handled. We continue with our attempts to obtain permissions to publish the remaining Parish Registers held by Bromley.

To order, see Parish Register & Cemetery Register Publications.

May 2011:   Greenwich St Alphege

Our disc CD 39, containing transcriptions & an alphabetical index of Greenwich St Alphege baptisms registers for 1813-38 is now available for sale. The data comprises over 15,000 entries and includes several pages of baptisms that were omitted when the registers were filmed many years ago. This missing data is not available on Ancestry either.

January 2011:   Dartford, East Hill Cemetery

We are grateful to Society member Phil Taylor who during 2009-10 recorded and typed up a listing of all the gravestones in Dartford's East Hill Cemetery. He reports:

"There are 973 gravestones with the names of 2,121 people. I divided the cemetery into 8 sections and have produced the following - an introduction explaining how the MIs have been recorded; a short history of East Hill Cemetery. Then eight documents listing the MIs in each section; a hand drawn plan of the cemetery showing the location of each section and 8 plans showing the gravestones within each section; an index in Excel; lists of prominent people buried in the cemetery; accidental deaths, and WW1 and WW2 dead."

The files have been added to our existing CD-MI-2, see Mixed PR & MI Transcripts.

Information from Phil Taylor.

September 2010:   Gravesend Cemetery

We have just published a full transcript of burials at Gravesend Cemetery 1839-1901. The CD contains both chronological and alphabetical listings of more than 20,000 burials. Price £10, see Parish Register & Cemetery Register Publications.

August 2010:   Miscellaneous Parish Chest Records

This interesting new CD includes around 2730 facsimile pages taken from 17th-19th century Parish Chest material deposited at Medway Archives & Local Studies Centre, Strood. It includes various Churchwardens Accounts, Poor Law records; Settlement Examinations & Removal Orders; also Surveyors of the Highways Accounts etc., for the parishes of Darenth, Dartford, Horton Kirby, Longfield, Meopham, Southfleet and Swanscombe. Each document is supplied as a PDF file, see Miscellaneous Publications for a more detailed listing.

July 2009:   New CD-Rom Publications

We have published a number of new items recently. These include a full index of Northfleet Cemetery burials 1893-1983; a transcript & index of the burial register for St Luke Charlton 1754-1963; and assorted Methodist Church baptisms & marriages for Dartford area - Dartford (Spital St) Methodist, Crayford Methodist and Farningham Methodist, c.1837-2004.

The transcripts & indexes of St Margaret Lee parish registers, produced many years ago by Josephine Birchenough, have been scanned and published in PDF format. These have not been generally available before and cover burials 1813-50 & marriages 1754-1821.

Rob Cottrell has recently published a small number of new discs in his Riverside Parish Register index series. His ever popular series on Watermen continues to sell well, copies are available from the Society.

Click here for the Publications pages.

Information from Bob Woodward - Projects Coordinator.

September 2008:   Fiche publications now on CD-Rom

During the 1990's the Society published on microfiche a number of transcripts based on our project work, these were mainly of memorial inscriptions (MI's) and parish registers.

Sales of these fiche have been falling for some time, so it was decided this year to re-launch them on CD-Rom. Each of the original publications has been converted to a file in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. The data has been scanned from fiche masters of variable quality so it cannot be key-word searched in the usual way, but since most of the transcripts incorporate their own surname indexes, finding individual entries is not difficult. The collections are arranged into three geographical areas - Bromley, Sevenoaks and Dartford. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

See Mixed PR & MI Transcripts for pricing details and precise coverage.

Information from Bob Woodward - Projects Coordinator.

August 2008:   Bromley Vaccinators' Registers

The Society has produced a new CD containing facsimiles of original Vaccinator's registers held in Bromley Archives.

The six registers, ranging from 1899 to 1930, contain the names & addresses of approximately 3000 persons of all ages vaccinated in the local Union building (not inmates).

In addition to these six registers there are about 25 other volumes in the Bromley Archives which are Maternity Hospital based and contain details of a large number of infants vaccinated. These are not on the disc.

See Miscellaneous Publications for pricing details.

Information from Bob Woodward - Projects Coordinator.

June 2008:   Edenbridge

The Society has just published on CD-Rom  'Edenbridge - An Index of People and Places 1200-1851'. This work is the result of many years of research by its author, Lionel Cole. It collates a large amount of data he has gathered on the inhabitants of and the places in Edenbridge. Based on many record sources including - parish registers, the parish chest, title deeds, wills, taxation records, judicial records, manorial records, local newspapers and the Tithe Award survey it is divided into two parts. The first part, organised in chapters each of 50 years, lists alphabetically all individuals who can be identified for that period in chronological order. The second part lists chronologically the main points in the history of every house in the village and every farm or group of fields in the countryside, and is illustrated with maps and with photographs of all buildings in the village which were present in 1851. We understand that the Author welcomes feedback from his readers and he continues to research Edenbridge and adjacent parishes so that this work can not be regarded as a final product but as a step forward in a process of discovery.

It is available as either a DVD or a 2 CD set, see pricing information on the Miscellaneous Publications page.

Review by Bob Woodward - Projects Coordinator.

April 2008:   Parish Registers

April sees the launch of several important new Parish Register image CD-Roms covering a number of populous parishes in the London suburbs. Although some of this data has been available in transcript form for a number of years, most of these are patchy and/or finish in the 19th century, or are not easily available for purchase. The new material, while unindexed, covers in most cases the entire set of deposited registers. The highlights are:

ParishCovering Dates
Deptford St Nicholas1563-1933
Deptford St Paul1730-1966
Greenwich St Alphege1615-1989
Lewisham St Mary1703-1921
Plumstead St Nicholas1654-1898
Woolwich St Mary1670-1988

These are all now available for purchase on CD-Rom or DVD (with a few exceptions which are not quite ready but will be added soon). The images are grouped into PDF files and each register page is a high-quality scan similar to this extract this example (from Deptford St Paul marriages, 1740).

Full details and ordering information can be accessed from the main Publications page, look at the section entitled 'Parish Register & Cemetery Register Publications'.

The Society is indebted to Projects Coordinator Bob Woodward who has arranged for the microfilming & scanning of this material, the originals of which are held by the London Metropolitan Archives.