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CD49 Bexley Bexley Asylum Minute Book, 1901-39 (2nd edn). See Publications News £8.00
CD-OR150 Bromley Vaccinator's Registers 1899-1930 [facsimiles], c.3000 names
See Publications News
Bromley Borough Absent Voters List 1918/19, transcript - 9,200 entries of men identified away from home on active service; includes service arm and number, rank and description of service. £8.00
CD88 Dictionary of Occupations Published by Family & Community Historical Research Society £10.00
DVD-IN1 Edenbridge An Index of People & Places 1200-1851
(as above, on DVD)
CD47 Gravesend & Milton Gas Light Company Minute Book, 1845 £8.00
CD50 Greater London Metropolitan Asylum District Board Minute Books 1890-1930. See Publications News £8.00
CD-OR49 Miscellaneous Parish Chest Records This CD includes around 2730 facsimile pages taken from Parish Chest documents at Medway Archives & Local Studies Centre, Strood. Each document is provided as a PDF file, detailed coverage below. Approximate page counts are given in brackets; "P" numbers are the Medway Archives references. See also Publications News

Darenth: P109/13/1: List of Settlement Certificates 1695-1779 (2pp.); P109/18/2: 1821 Census (1 page, no names); P109/20/1: Surveyors Rates 1851-57 (44pp.); P109/25/1: Charity Recipients List 1858-77 (137pp.)
Dartford: P110/13/01 to 23: Settlement Certificates 1709-81 (52pp.); P110/13/24 to 144: Removal Orders into & out of Dartford (261pp.); P110/13/145 to 152: Settlement Examinations 1755-90 (23pp.); P110/13/153 to 160: Vagrancy Orders (25pp.); P110/14/08: Register of Apprentices 1804-34 (3pp.); P110/15/01 to 17: Bastardy Papers (41pp.); P110/18/43: Poor House Admissions 1808-16 (267pp.); P110/18/44: Register of Poor House Inmates 1818-25 (279pp.); P110/18/45: Register of Poor House Inmates 1825-28 (188pp.); P110/18/46: Register of Poor House Inmates 1828-34 (293pp.); P110/21/01: Highways Surveyor, Rates & Accounts 1768-90 (212pp.)
Horton Kirby: P193/12/13: List of Paupers receiving poor relief 1837-40 (6pp.); P193/13/3: Settlement Examinations 1788, 1823 (3pp.); P193/15/1: Bastardy Bonds 1753-1831 (32pp.); P193/16/1: Quarter Sessions orders re. settlement 1707, 1739 (3pp.); P193/16/3: Appeals for Poor Relief 1740-1817 (5pp.)
Longfield: P231/15/1: Bastardy Bond (James Pincke, 1772) (2pp.)
Meopham: P246/13/1: Removal Order (Robert Hall, Offham to Meopham, 1859) (2pp.); P246/13/2: Notice of Removal 1859 (3pp.)
Southfleet: P343/25/2 to 3: Banbury Charity Disbursements 1801-23 (52pp.)
Swanscombe: P362/5/1: Churchwardens' Accounts 1663-1705 (131pp.); P362/5/2: Churchwardens' Accounts 1705-36 (102pp.); P362/12/3: Overseers' Accounts 1725-35 (92pp.); P362/12/5: Overseers' Accounts 1761-68 (120pp.); P362/12/6: Overseers' Accounts 1814-17 (185pp.); P362/12/7: Overseers' Accounts 1817-21 (175pp.)
NWKFHS, Back Journals Autumn 1978 - December 1998 (Vol 1 to Vol 8 No.4) £8.00
March 1999 - December 2013 (Vol 8 No.5 to Vol 13 No.4) £8.00
CD24 "West Kent Sources" & "West Kent Schools" These are searchable PDF versions of our two popular research guides: "West Kent Sources: A Guide to Family and Local History Research in the Diocese of Rochester" (3rd edn. 1998) More info.... And "West Kent Schools" (2005) £8.00