Contents of Volume 13

Vol 13 No 1

March 2013

9-12 Walter Eves 'The Case of the Poisonous Periwinkles or The Cholera Outbreak that Wasn't' Research into deaths at Greenhithe in 1832 caused by putrid shellfish [3½ pp]
13-16 Guy Nevill 'The Postal Career and Political Activities of Edwin James Nevill' The development of trade unionism within the post office, through research into EJN 1866-1956 [4 pp]
17-23 David Turner 'Carrie on Round in Circles' Detailed account of author's search for 2nd wife [Caroline Harris nee Dean 1888-c1962] of grandfather Charles Alfred Morley 1882-1975 [7 pp]
24-25 Linda Price 'West Family' Brief outlinre of the West family of Kingsdown/Northfleet 19-20c; includes school photo 1923/4 [2 pp]
27-30 Colin Willeard 'A One Name Study of the names Willard/Wellard' Account of author's extensive one name study in Willard/Wellard in Kent / Surrey / Sussex / London including family in Effingham, Surrey [4 pp]
31-33 Colette McAlpine 'Van Dieman's Land and the Female Convict Research Centre' Author is Vice President of the research centre in Tasmania [2 pp]
33 'NWKFHS and Kent History and Library Centre' Photographs from the official opening on 11 Dec 2012 by HRH the Duke of Kent [1 p]
53-54 David Cufley 'Josephine Birchenough Bursary Fund Awards 2012' Report on the winning entries [2 pp]
58-65 Guy Nevill 'The Postal Career and Political Activities of Edwin James Nevill (part 2)' Part 2 - includes photo of EJN [8 pp]

Vol 13 No 2

June 2013

66-67 Colin Willeard 'What's in a Name - A Cautionary Tale' Dicusses fluidity of surname spellings, with examples from author's Willeard/Willard research [2 pp]
68-70 Louise Scott 'How I Traced My Long Lost American Cousins' An inherited case of photographs eventually leads to the discovery of cousins in America [3 pp]
71-76 David Cufley 'Dunton Green, Otford and Sevenoaks Brickfields' Includes names of owners, 19-20th cent. [5½ pp]
77-83 Cliff Scottow 'Tommy Martin 1916-1987, a South East London Sporting Hero' TM of Deptford - account of his boxing career 1933-42. [6½ pp]
84-88 Glynice Smith 'Finding Frank Fry - A coachman's journey from Cranborne to Beckenham' Account of Fry family, mainly Beckenham 1880s-1950, including family trees & detailed sources [4½ pp]

Vol 13 No 3

September 2013

101-02 'The Commonwealth War Graves Photographic Project' [1½ pp]
103-04 Cliff Scottow 'Tom Cribb 1781 (Bristol) - 1848 (Woolwich)' [1½ pp]
105--7 Walter Eves 'The Disastrous Steers of Greenwich' [3 pp]
109-12 Dorothea Teague 'The Blundells of Halstead, Kent' [3½ pp]
113-14 Angela Cook 'The Old Parsonage' [1 p]
115-19 Robin Knight 'The Coach House, Sutton-at-Hone, Kent' [4 pp]
120-22 Michael Austin 'Further Connections - After a Visit to Dartford Library' [3 pp]
124-25 Elizabeth Howard 'Lewisham and Other workhouses - George Bennett (1851-??)' [1½ pp]

Vol 13 No 4

December 2013

147-51 Cliff Scottow 'Young James and Young Horace go to Sea' [5 pp]
152-58 Vera Bailey 'Emily Jane Saunter (1856-1941)' [6½ pp]
159-61 David Cufley 'Marriage Indexes, A Forgotten Source' [3 pp]
162-63 Stan Robinson 'A Hextable Schoolboy's War 1939-1945' [2 pp]

Vol 13 No 5

March 2014

180-83 Jean Stirk 'Towards 1914' [3½ pp]
184-86 Louise Scott 'We Are The Dead' [3 pp]
187-88 Ron Anthony 'How did a Country Girl from Suffolk Meet and Marry a Coal Miner from Derbyshire?' [2 pp]
189 George Banks 'Was This a School Project to Support the Troops?' [1 p]
191 Joan Roffey 'Fortunes and Misfortunes of War' [1 p]
192-93 Cliff Scottow 'So Where was Myles?' [2 pp]
194-95 Peter De Dulin 'What Happened to Hanry Charles Jewell Dulin?' [1½ pp]

Vol 13 No 6

June 2014

223-24 David Cufley 'Josephine Birchenough's Memorial Awards 2014' [2 pp]
225-27 Susan Pittman 'School Children's Contribution to the War Effort, 1914-1918' [3 pp]
229-33 Fran Rogers 'WW1 Survival - A Lottery, Fate or Luck?' [4 pp]
234-36 Angela Cook 'Cecil Barnaby Cook - a Young Officer Who Served and Lost His Life in the Royal Naval Air Service 1917' [3 pp]
237-38 Rosemary Bonner 'In Remembrance of Private George Ribbans' [2 pp]
239-40 Jim Seffens 'Grandfather's Tales in World War One' [1½ pp]
241-44 Philip Taylor 'Frederick "Nutty" Martin (1861-1921), Professional Cricketer' [4 pp]
245-46 Margaret M. George 'My Grandfather - An Ordinary Soldier's Experience of WWI' [1 p]
247-50 Michael Austin 'Graves in Darenth Country Park and Darenth Churchyard' [3½ pp]

Vol 13 No 7

September 2014

272-74 Bob Denby 'The Salonika Campaign in WWI - Digging for Victory' [3 pp]
275-77 Brian Waymont 'George Joseph Waymont - And a World War One Poem' [3 pp]
278-79 Linda Price 'Arthur Thomas Sutherden' [1½ pp]
280-85 Colin Willeard 'Charles Newman Kidd - Kidd's Steam Brewery and Miskin's Brewery' [6 pp]
286-87 Cliff Scottow 'Two Sussex Brothers Reunited in North West Kent' [2 pp]
288-92 Margaret Furlonger 'Life and Death in the Army 1915-1917' [4½ pp]
293-96 Tony Codling 'George William Brown' [3½ pp]
297-00 Walter Eves 'The Priceless Gift: Florence Louisa Angelo Evans MD 1873-1949' [3½ pp]
301-03 Barbara Balfe 'Another Multiple Loss of Life in a Family in WW1: the Sons of George Frederick Ladbury' [2 pp]

Vol 13 No 8

December 2014

323-28 Susan Pittman 'The Cudham Documents' [6 pp]
329-32 Ann Korta 'William John Bleddyn' [4 pp]
333-35 Colin Watkins 'Theophile Voisin' [2½ pp]
336-38 Michael Austin 'Great Grandfather Austin and Five Surprises' [3 pp]
339-43 William Rogers 'History Repeats, Doesn't it?' [4½ pp]