Contents of Volume 11

Vol 11 No 1

March 2007

9-12 Mari Alderman 'Drawing Family Trees and Record Keeping' Notes on how to do it [3 pp]
13-15 David Cufley 'Calico Printing - The Cray, Wandle and Lea Migration Triangle' Notes on the calico printing industry, with examples from CUFFLEY family and others [2½ pp]
15-18 Stephen Brissenden 'Mysteries and Tragedies in Victorian London and How Ordinary Folk Would Rise Above Tragic Circumstances...' Concerns BRISSENDEN of S.E. London, late 19th cent. [part 2 of 3] [3 pp]
18-21 June Biggs 'The Distaff Side' Notes on the Lives of Female Ancestors [2½ pp]
21-22 Eddy Bass 'Charlton Park Open Air School' Brief notes on school that operated 1929-62 [1½ pp]
22-24 Colin Huggett 'Out of the Blue' Notes on Researching HUGGETT [1½ pp]
24-26 Chris Barnett 'Crowborough to India: A Soldier's Diary from 1916' Entries from the diary of Philip Frederick BARNET [2½ pp]

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Vol 11 No 2

June 2007

56-57 Barbara Phillips '[No Title]' Transcript of 1877 letter re. WOLLASTON of Penn (Staffs) etc., 17-18c [1½ pp]
58-59 Jean Stirk 'Josephine Birchenough's Bursary Fund Awards' Notes on the award winners for 2006, with advice for future entrants [1½ pp]
59-62 Mari Alderman 'Parish Registers' Notes on this important FH source [3 pp]
62-63 Jean Radford 'Women Con Artists' Concerns Eliza ROBERTSON and Charlotte SHARPE [1 p]
63-70 Stephen Brissenden 'Mysteries and Tragedies in Victorian London and How Ordinary Folk Would Rise Above Tragic Circumstances...' Concerns BRISSENDEN of S.E. London, late 19th cent. [part 3 of 3] [6½ pp]
70-71 Gerry Bonnick 'Twenty Years Seeking My Mother' Author (who was adopted) searches for information about his 'real' family [1½ pp]
72-74 David Williams 'Seal: History of a Parish' Description of forthcoming book by David Williams, Jean Fox and Peter Mountfield, includes three photos [2½ pp]
79 Malcolm Youngs ''In Pursuit of the Perfects'' Review of new book by Pat Manning and Andre Perfect [1 p]

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Vol 11 No 3

September 2007

104-06 Mari Alderman 'Manorial Records' Brief notes, including useful glossary of terms [2½ pp]
106-08 Dorothy Emily Teague 'The Misses Lyon' Author's 1930's recollections of two spinster sisters in New Cross, Barbara & Emily Lyon; includes three photos (p.108,124) [2 pp]
109 Jean Redford 'Murder on Dartford Heath' Account of the 1930 murder on Dartford Heath of Edith Mary PARKER, and of trial of culprit Albert Edward MARJERAM [1 p]
110-12 Norman Fairfax 'Does Genealogy Have a Future?' Author advocates the establishment of a national DNA database [3 pp]
113-15 Shirley Levon 'Those Scraps of Paper!' Account of author's search for BAYLY ancestry in Camden Town, Woolwich, City of London and Eltham, 18-19c [2 pp]
115-18 Gaynor Wingham 'Claude Graham-White and Pals Fly out of the Picture' Author's purchase of an old postcard in France leads to a search for early aviators including CGW 1879-1959; includes two illustrations [3½ pp]
118-20 Margaret George 'Till Death Us Do Part' Author's account of search for the deaths of ancestors leads to finding burials in unexpected places; includes birth brief and mention of William John WILLS, Rosa FRICKER d.1917, Alexander SAUNDERS [2 pp]
120-21 Richard Houseden 'Lost in Woolwich' Author's search for WADE ancestors in Stowmarket (Suffolk) and Woolwich, 19c [1 p]
123 David Cufley 'Longfield, Fawkham and Pinden brickfields' Author's attempt to unravel the locations and periods of operation of brickworks in the Longfield area [1 p]

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Vol 11 No 4

December 2007

152-54 'Smokey Joe' Follow-up letters to the editor [2 pp]
159-61 Mari Alderman 'Quarter Sessions Records' Brief summary & list of classes [2½ pp]
161-65 Roger Howard 'How Did My Brother Peter Die?' Account of author's search for details of brother Peter HOWARD's death at sea in 1944 [4 pp]
165-67 Dorothea Teague 'The Lyon Business' Author's inheriting of a picture of St Mary le Strand House, Peckham, inspires a search for family associations: LYON family & bleaching business [2 pp]
167-71 Ann Rawlinson 'The Story of Mary Bellingham - Part 1' Search for Mary BELLINGHAM of Shipbourne leads to research on 18th century SAWYER families of Ightham, Wrotham [4 pp]
171-73 Jean Fothergill 'Finding Edmond' Concerns author's NYE ancestors; also NYE of Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Ware makers, 19th cent. [1½ pp]
173-78 Edwina Higgins 'Charles Dickens as a Trigger for Further Research - The Story of Thomas Peak' Watching BBC's Bleak House inspires the author to follow up a 'wrong' death certificate: Thomas PEAK d.1856 Crayford [5 pp]
178 'In Memoriam' Brief obituary of Elizabeth Bourton [½ p]

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Vol 11 No 5

March 2008

207-09 Mari Alderman 'Latin for Family History' List of common Latin terms and phrases found in parish registers [2 pp]
209-11 Stephen Archer 'Society Website' Descriptions of additions to the Society website - two searchable datasets [1½ pp]
211-12 David Pike 'Searching for Cousins - DNA' Brief account of author's attempt to locate distant PIKE cousins in the UK, using DNA [1 p]
212-16 Greg Daxter 'Home for Little Boys, Hextable' Brief account of its history 1883-1955, with photos [4 pp]
216-21 Ann Rawlinson 'The Story of Mary Bellingham - part 2' Continued from ?? [5 pp]
222-24 Pat Manning 'Every Family Has One' Concerns BAKER family of Bexleyheath, late 19th cent. [2 pp]

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Vol 11 No 6

June 2008

252-54 Mari Alderman 'Marriage Indexes' Description of five sources for marriages [2 pp]
254-55 Jean Stirk 'Josephine Birchenough's Bursary Awards' [1 p]
255-58 Valerie Pike 'Smokey Joe - Who Was He?' Searching for the true identity of 'Smokey Joe' alias George CURNOW, 1887-1975 [3 pp]
259-60 Jean Bryan 'Full Circle' Brief account of author's grandfather Henry WEEKS; includes FLEUR & STROWGER of Suffolk [1½ pp]
260-63 Susan Chandler 'Girls at the Royal Hospital School, Greenwich' Brief chronology of the R.H.S., & sources of info. for girls who attended, 1805-41. [3 pp]
263-65 Paul Hutcheson 'Curious Curate of Beckenham' Biography of author's gt gt gt grandfather George LEICESTER 1792-1833, incumbent of Beckenham from 1827 [2 pp]
265-68 Barry Langridge 'Other Ways to Die for Queen and Country' Account of Frank SAVAGE 1868-1950 of Leicester, including service in Boer War [3 pp]
268-70 Davina King 'A Beginner's Tale' Concerns APPLETON of Gravesend, Shadwell, 19th cent. [1½ pp]
270-73 Ann Drayton 'With Intent to Poison' Author's researches background to 1848 letter written by gt gt grandfather William WEBB, owner of Queens Head, Chislehurst; connections with Percival, Letton etc. [3 pp]

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Vol 11 No 7

September 2008

297 'Jill Valentine, obituary' [½ p]
303-06 Mari Alderman 'Names' Introduction to types of surnames & forenames [3 pp]
306-09 Barry Langridge 'The Boys Who Went To War' Brief biographies of three young men who fought in WWI - Sydney William POWELL, Stephen Ernest BROWN, Thomas HIGHGATE [3 pp]
309-11 Maureen Griffiths 'My Father and the Home Guard' Brief account of author's father Arthur ROWE'S service in the Dartford Home Guard, and recent struggle to obtain service medals. [2 pp]
312-14 Linda Price 'Northfleet Barnado's Boy Murdered in North Dakota' Account of author's uncle Henry John PAGE (1899-1925) - research in Barnardo's archives revealing his life in Canada/US &am; death/burial in North Dakota [3 pp]
315-18 Albert Gearing 'Memories of Living in the Westcombe Park Area During the War' Includes details of bombing & damage done. [3½ pp]

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Vol 11 No 8

December 2008

340 'Valerie Pike - An Obituary' [½ p]
343-48 Margaret Furlonger 'Great Aunt Rose in the Madhouse' Concerns Rose Bertha TURNER (1876-1954). Includes family background in Swanley and subsequent life in Barming Mental Hospital, with extracts from asylum records. [5½ pp]
349-50 Dorothea Teague 'The Use of Fruit Picking Tokens in Kent' With particular reference to the BLUNDELL family of Shoreham, Chelsfield & Halstead. [1½ pp]
351-53 Vera Bailey 'Proof of a Tragic Family Story' Researching the author's uncle William Henry Alfred RENTALL of Plumstead (1898-1907) & death in a cycling accident. [2½ pp]
354-56 Gaynor Wingham 'Remember the Aviator's Postcard?' Follow-up from Sept 07 journal article, successful search to find sender & recipient of postcard - Madeleine & Pierre BIGEAULT [2½ pp]
357-58 Tony Codling 'Serendipity' Author discovers that gt. grandfather John CODLING had come from the same village in Norfolk where he had taken several family holidays. [1½ pp]
359-61 Val Brown 'The Sad Life of John Henry Soans' Concerns John Henry SOANS (1809-1862) of Bexley. [2½ pp]
365-66 David Cufley 'Hoo, Hops and Hods: The Life and Times of Robert Pateman' Book review [1½ pp]
366 Mari Alderman 'Websites for Finding Newspapers' List of links [½ p]
370 April Lambourne 'Shorts Brothers Commemorative Plaque' Photo of new plaque in Rochester, and short piece about Shorts Brothers, aircraft manufacturers. [½ p]

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Vol 11 No 9

March 2009

387-88 Keith Whitmore 'My Trip to Swanley' Edith ALLCHIN's trip to visit her aunt in a horse and trap c1905 [2 pp]
389-90 Keith Whitmore 'More about the Allchin family' Edith ALLCHIN's life and the tragic death of her father [2 pp]
391-95 Janet Rose 'Lorenzo Fuller and Family of Dartford' The family move to Greenhithe c1871 and Lorenzo becomes an important local figure [5 pp]
397-00 Francine Payne 'The Darenth Asylum' The census can be a useful tool when tracing relatives admitted to metal asylums [4 pp]
401-03 Marion Webb 'Army and Asylum' The tale of William KETTLE, a Suffolk soldier, and his first wife Jane [3 pp]
405-06 Margaret Ludlow 'My Brown Family Search' How the 'Help' article in the NWKFHS journal uncovered the missing relative [2 pp]
407-08 Sheila Baker 'Thirsty work in Erith' The strong connection of the FORDHAM family with the licensing trade [2 pp]
409-10 Barbara Balfe 'What's in a name' How spelling variations of family names can occur with the passage of time [1½ pp]

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Vol 11 No 10

June 2009

433-35 Rob Parker 'The attraction of tracking a Traction Engine' The history and ownership of 'Valentine' the traction engine [3 pp]
436-40 Val Brown 'The intriguing life of Samuel Jackson Reid' A man who financially benefited from marriage and misappropriation of monies that should have been he [5 pp]
441-44 Esme Packer 'John Marshall of Dartford - Mr Dandy Roll' My ancestor, the inventor of the watermark used by the Bank of England [4 pp]
445-46 Susan Cooper 'The Mystery of Baruch Wood' Why does the Hebrew name 'Baruch' suddenly appear in our family [1½ pp]
447-50 Walter Eves 'Death on the Marshes' The great gunpowder explosion on Plumstead marshes in 1864 [4 pp]
451-53 John Pateman 'Gypsies and Travellers in North West Kent' An overview of their history, legislation, folklore and work [3 pp]
454 Peter Exeter 'Exeter family from Kent' The email that proved to be a continuation of my research [1 p]
455 Keith C Bligh 'Bligh family album' The family photo outside the Harvest Home, Sevenoaks [1 p]

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Vol 11 No 11

September 2009

479-80 Janet Rose 'The NWKFHS Library opens' The official opening of the library by Lady Mary Teviot in June 2009 [2 pp]
481-82 Margaret George 'The history of the Wills/Saunders family in Hawley' The family's continuous occupation in Hawley Village spans 132 years [2 pp]
484 Linda Dale 'A Hard Life' Life was not kind to Annie Elizabeth LITTLE, born 1852 [1 p]
485 Mari Alderman 'The tangley tale of Charles Guernsey' How searching without using the surname proved fruitful [2 pp]
487 Margaret Furlonger '75th Anniversary of Holy Redeemer Church, Lamor' The building boom of the 1930's necessitated the erection of this new church [1 p]
488 Robert Woodward 'Earthquake in London' A transcription from the parish register of St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich [1 p]
489-91 David Monk-Steel 'Private railways in North West Kent' An appeal for confirmation or criticism of information held [3 pp]
492-93 Pamela Goodwin 'Family history in a biscuit tin' The FULLEr family connection was there in the photos waiting to be pieced together [2 pp]
494-97 Terry Hart 'Six Feet under Dartford' A history of graves and gravestone in Dartford Churchyards [4 pp]

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Vol 11 No 12

December 2009

519-24 David Cufley 'Where would we be without Vincent, Keyes and Ma' A look at the CUFLEY family of Enfield from the early 1800's including their connection to rat catching [6 pp]
525-27 Debra Dyson 'A tale of two sisters' Mary Ann FARNELL usurped her half-sister's position as wife of William GUIDOTT [3 pp]
528-29 Barry Langridge 'Pte Charles Frederick Wallis,1/9th, The London' A pair of medals for sale led to a fascinating research [2 pp]
530-32 Lesley Harris 'Thomas Monaghan, VC 2nd Dragoon Guards' A soldier's neglected grave and headstone was taken over by his former regiment and professionally re [3 pp]
533-34 Graham Jansen 'HMS Bullwark' 700 men died when HMS Bullwark suddenly exploded at Kethole Reach on 26th November 1914 [2 pp]
535-37 June Biggs 'Diphtheria Outbreak in Lewisham in 1896' By studying the account of the outbreak I was able to identify my ancestor Helen KENWORTHY [2½ pp]
537-39 Janet Rose 'The Bexley Asylum Minute Books' The books are minute books of the Medical Superintendent's meetings at Bexley Asylum [2½ pp]
541-43 Chris Barnett 'Uncle Joe' The interesting life of Joe BARNETT, who could count Winston Churchill as a friend [2½ pp]
544-45 Val Connor 'Charity Football Match' A request for further information regarding a charity match between two Co-operatives stores [1½ pp]
547 Michael Owen 'The Unknown Lady' Could the photograph be of my paternal grandmother? [1 p]

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