Contents of Volume 10

Vol 10 No 1

March 2004

11-13 Mari Alderman 'Workhouses' [3 pp]
14-19 Graham Camfield 'From Plymouth to Peckham' Researching William Powis NETTLETON [5 pp]
19-20 Diane Kirby 'From Shoemaker to Pub Landlord' Researching the BLEST family [½ p]
20-21 Glenys Chatfield 'More Memories of Deptford' [1 p]
21-23 Margaret Stocker 'The Rays and Russells of Horton Kirby (pt. 2)' [2 pp]
23-26 Peter Twitchett 'Onward the Fire Brigade' [2½ pp]
29 Glenys Chatfield 'Photograph and names' The Top class of Clyde Street School, Deptford [1 p]

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Vol 10 No 2

June 2004

60 Jean Stirk 'Unwillingly to School' School records - A supplement to West Kent Sources [1 p]
61-64 Mari Alderman 'Noncomformity - Part 1' History of Noncomformity [3 pp]
65-69 Margaret Stocker 'The Children of James and Letitia Russell' [6 pp]
70 David Redl 'The Power of the DNA Test' Identifying the occupants of old Tombs [1 p]
71-72 Francis Wynne 'Life, Times and Muirheads' Muirheads of Elmers End, Beckenham [2 pp]
78-79 Audrey Cirillo 'Picture Gallery' Holbeach Road School, Ldn SE6 - 1939 Ballet class at Holbeach Rd - 1936 [2 pp]
79 Francis Wynne 'The Muirhead Memorial Photograph' Metropolitan Cemetery West Norwood [½ p]

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Vol 10 No 3

September 2004

107-11 Mari Alderman 'Nonconformity - Part 2' How to Identify a Nonconformist Family [4 pp]
111-12 Dorothea Teague 'The Freedom of Cycling' The Bicycle - a great emancipator of women [1 p]
113-15 Christine Ellis 'Chance and Poor Emma' Gilbert CHANT of Somerset and sources of information [2 pp]
115 Doris Pullen 'Picture Gallery' 201 Sydenham Road and other cottages in Sydenham, once in Kent [½ p]

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Vol 10 No 4

December 2004

148-49 Mari Alderman 'Migration' Definitions of migration , with bibliography and web sites [1½ pp]
149-50 David Whitehouse 'From Walsall to Greenwich' Researching WHITEHOUSES from Walsall [1 p]
150-53 Ann Brunton 'From Drover to Draper' The Murdochs of Drumwhirn [1½ pp]
152-53 Ron Gray 'Ann Pearson 1827-1919 from Stone Next Dartford' Researching Ann GRAY (PEARSON) [1½ pp]
154-55 Roger Sutton 'Migratory Ancestors' Researching DONNELLY and LORD and HAINSWORTH [1½ pp]
155-57 June Biggs 'My Wandering Woosters' Researching WOOSTERS and sources used [2½ pp]
158-60 Norman Fairfax 'A 1000 Year Family Journey' The Fairfax family from the Danish Viking invasion to the present day. [2½ pp]
160 Paul Rason 'St Mary Cray Junior Schools Logbooks and Admission Registers' Update on transcriptions by Volunteers [½ p]
161 David Cufley 'Keith Vansittart Stewart 1929 - 2004' Obituary [1 p]

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Vol 10 No 5

March 2005

201 Vera Bailey 'HMS Laurentic and W. M. Odell' Peter Threlfall researching the crew of HMS Laurentic [1 p]
202 - Len Curtis 'Memories of an Evacuee' [2½ pp]
204-05 Jeannette Oldfield 'From One Soldier to Another' Sergeant J Peters wrote this letter to a fellow soldier [1 p]
205-08 Valerie Pike 'Childhood Wartime Memories' Sidcup [3 pp]
208-09 F J Bullock 'Some Memories of War in South East London' [1½ pp]
209-10 Ken Gummer 'A Wartime Problem - Travelling to and from Work' [1 p]
210-11 Rita Ward 'A Young Family in Rainham, Kent' Memories of the war [1 p]
212 Ruth Marsters 'Dont Let Those Sirens Sound Again' A poem by Ruth Marsters with whom the copyright remains [1 p]

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Vol 10 No 6

June 2005

242-44 Mari Alderman 'Title Deeds' [3 pp]
245 Maureen Fearn and Paul Wilkins 'A Modern Day Wedding in Gretna Green' Maureen and Pauls wedding and website references [1 p]
246-48 Jackie Evans 'Frederick Matthias Alexander' The history of Frederick Matthias ALEXANDER [3 pp]
249-50 Audrey Cozens 'Some Wartime Memories' Wartime in Bromley [2 pp]
250-51 Mary Sargeant '200 Years of an Ordinary Family' A brief history of Thames watermen [1 p]
251-53 Ruth Cheeseman 'Mixing The Genes' The story of John ODBOY found as a baby, in a haystack [2 pp]
254-56 Barry Langridge 'London Schools Attendance Medals' [2 pp]

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Vol 10 No 7

September 2005

289-93 Mari Alderman 'The Royal Navy and Merchant Navy' References for documents held at The National Archives, Kew [4 pp]
293-95 June Curtis 'Lord Nelson and the Co. of Watermen & Lightermen' [2 pp]
295-96 June Curtis 'Almshouses of the Co. of Watermen & Lightermen' At Penge in Kent [1 p]
297-99 Victor Streatfield 'Bombs, Doodlebugs and Rockets'
300-02 Norman Fairfax 'DNA and the Family Historian' [2 pp]

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Vol 10 No 8

December 2005

332-34 Mari Alderman 'Wills 1858 To The Present' Terms used and where to find the records [2½ pp]
335-36 Diana Harley 'Wills and Their Uses' [1 p]
336-41 Pat Manning 'Trying for the Josephine Birchenough's Award' The deaths of 30 Beckenham auxiliary firemen in WW2, incl. names [5 pp]
341-43 David Blackbourn 'Be Still my Hart??' Research of HARTSILL family [3 pp]
343-44 'Trafalgar' Purchase of a young man's account of the Battle of Trafalgar [½ p]
344-45 Chris Barnett 'Our Cousin Daisy' Memories of a lifetime [1½ pp]
348-51 'Picture Gallery' Photos relating to the CHOPPING family [3 pp]

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Vol 10 No 9

March 2006

375-76 Pat Cryer 'In Memory of Joan Dolman' Appreciation of a society member who helped so many people [1 p]
376-77 Doreen Knights 'Volunteering at London Metropolitan Archives' An account of the work involved [1 p]
377-78 'A Book of Common Prayer' A bid to return the books to the JOHNSTON family [1 p]
379-81 Mari Alderman 'Illegitimacy' Reasons, Registers and Documents [3 pp]
381-84 Jean Smith 'Thank Goodness it was Dianna' Research into the CORNWALL family [3 pp]
384-85 Pauline Linden 'The Gasson Families in Kent' Research into the name GASSON [1 p]
386-87 Terry Hart 'Dartfords Forgotten River' The River Cranpit [1½ pp]
387-88 Barry Langridge 'Regimental Numbers'

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Vol 10 No 10

June 2006

416 Walter Eves 'From the Chairman' Report on 2006 AGM at Eynsford [1 p]
420 Jean Stirk 'Josephine Birchenough's Bursary Fund' Report of the judging panel [1 p]
422-26 Mari Alderman 'Probate Before 1858' Good summary of wills & probate procedures [4½ pp]
426-30 Stephen Brissenden 'Mysteries and Tragedies in Victorian London and How Ordinary Folk Would Rise Above Tragic Circumstances...' Concerns BRISSENDEN of S.E. London, late 19th cent. [part 1 of 3] [4 pp]
430-34 Valerie Pike 'Strokes of Luck' Researching NIXON of Biddulph, Staffs, & PEARSON of Salford/Biddulph [4 pp]
435-37 Gerald Davey 'Smallpox outbreak in Chiddingstone in 1813' [reprinted from 'Bygone Kent', Vol.6 No.6] [1½ pp]
442-43 Joan Goodwins 'The Meopham House Group' Reminiscences from 20 years of the House Group [1 p]

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Vol 10 No 11

September 2006

468-70 Mari Alderman 'Early Name Lists and Taxes' Brief notes on a dozen taxes including Lay Subsidies, Hearth Tax etc. [2½ pp]
471-73 Valerie Pike 'The Princess Alice Disaster' Account of Thames steamship disaster in 1878 (plus photos) [2½ pp]
474-76 Victor Streatfield 'St Clere Estate and Memories of Farming There' Estate in Ightham/Kemsing [2 pp]
476-77 Roger Cookman 'New Cross Memories' COOKMAN family, 19-20th cent. [1½ pp]
478-79 Iris Finding 'The Revd. Thomas Beck' Biography of author's 5 x gt. grandfather, 18-19th cent. non-conformist minister in S.E.London; [follow-up in Dec 06 journal with two photos, p.525, 530] [2 pp]

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Vol 10 No 12

December 2006

516-18 Mari Alderman 'Death and Burial' Notes on available sources for death and burial [3 pp]
519-20 'North West Kent wins Best Web Site of the Year Award' Brief report on FFHS website competition 2006 [1 p]
520-22 Ann Korta 'The Search for Robert William Pickett' Researching PICKETT of Bexley/Dartford, 19c [2 pp]
522-24 Paul Hutcheson 'Curious Curate of Beckenham' Biography of George Frederick LEICESTER 1792-1833 of Richmond, Hatfield Broad Oak (Essex), Beckenham, Brighton [2 pp]

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