Contents of Volume 8

Vol 8 No 1

March 1998

6-7 Stephen Archer 'North West Kent F.H.S. Launches Its Web site' Description of new website [1½ pp]
7-9 Barry Langridge 'Bromley Workhouse and Bromley Union (Part 3)' Conditions in Bromley Union workhouse, 19c [2 pp]
9-10 Jean Fothergill 'Tracking Down Carter' Discovery after long search of 3 x gt. grandfather Carter NYE at Canterbury [1 p]
10-13 Anne Vince 'Index of Names in 'Extracts from Riley's Memorials of London and London Life in the 14th and 15th centuries' List of 103 names 1292-1406, and list of early trades [3 pp]
13-15 Mike Ray 'The Morris Family of Lee and Eltham' Dairy farming family at Lee & Eltham, c1800-1860s, and family connections [2 pp]
16-17 Lionel Cole 'Parishes, Manors and Hundreds' Description and map of parishes, manors & and hundreds in the south-west corner of Kent. [2 pp]
18-20 John Nightingale 'The Juttons & the Poor Law in Victorian London' Traces the fortunes 1870s-90s of 4 pauper children of Henry & Elizabeth JUTTON, all born Greenwich/Woolwich [3 pp]
21-22 Christiana Timms 'The Village Post Office - Hayes' Author's own reminiscences of p. office at Baston Rd. Hayes (closed 1937), and earlier history; mentions of HARROD and PEARCE families [2 pp]

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Vol 8 No 2

June 1998

42-44 Gaynor Wingham 'The Murder of the Brides in the Bath, and a Lucky Escape' Account of Alice REAVIL, and marriage to multiple wife murderer George Joseph SMITH 1872-1915 [2½ pp]
45-48 Stella Rhys 'George Thomas Joseph Ruthven and the Cato Street Conspiracy' Story of G.T.J. RUTHVEN 1792-1844 and involvement in Cato St. Conspiracy of 1820 [3½ pp]
48-50 June Biggs 'The Usefulness of Depositions' Illustrated by examples from families of MIDMORE and INSKIP of Sussex, 16-17c [2 pp]
50-53 Lionel Cole 'Tales from the Judicial Record' Examples from Kent Assizes and Quarter Sessions, plus a list of 31 people transported from Edenbridge/Hever area to Australia, 1825-50 [2½ pp]
53-55 Jonathan Oates 'The Deptford Jacobite Conspiracy' Story from PRO Kent Assize records of plot hatched in Deptford 1757 to supply information to Jacobites abroad; mentions William DUNSTER and others [2 pp]
55-58 Kathleen Ward 'Guilty or Not Guilty' Account of 1857 fire at Greenwich home of Richard & Sarah ROPER, and subsequent arson trial [3 pp]
58-59 Alan Waters 'A Case at the Court of Common Pleas' Relates to the STILL family of Cowden 1471-1761: how a court case was vital to bridging a gap in the pedigree [1½ pp]
60-63 Dr Hugh Vaux 'Law and Order in the 16th Century was not all it should have been' Description of three court cases involving Rowland VAUX of Catterlen, Cumberland 1578-80, and his two sons William (1586) and Thomas (1601) [4 pp]
63-64 Mike Ray 'Assassination at Benares, India' Relates to George Frederick CHERRY b.1761 Gillingham, assassinated with Resident at Benares, 1799 [1 p]
65 Stephen Archer 'Thames Riverside Parish Series' Description of parish register transcript/index series, mainly 19c, available on microfiche [1 p]

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Vol 8 No 3

September 1998

88-89 Ron Anthony 'Safeguarding Our Heritage - the Safekeeping of Records in Emergency' Advice based on attendance at training course, Canterbury Cathedral Archives [1½ pp]
90 Sabina Doust 'Finding My Paternal Grandfather's Place of Birth after 20 years' Relates to Rev. Henry Crawford Crichton MacLEOD, born 1857 Boulogne, France [1 p]
91-92 Doreen Roffey 'Kent Born Passengers' List of 58 Kent-born passengers, Gravesend to New Zealand, 1874-75 [1½ pp]
92-93 Ron Gray 'It Pays to Keep Looking' Discovery of 1851 home of Richard GRAY of Northfleet [½ p]
93-95 Brigit Sanders 'Look After Ephemera' Story of discovery of three trunks containing many items 1900-08 relating to GREIVE of Ringwould, Kent [2 pp]
95-96 Mike Ray 'The Cherry Tree Family and the Titanic' Brief account of CHERRY of Burghfield (Berks) & Greenwich, and Gladys Cherry rescued from Titanic disaster [1 p]
96-97 Roger Howard 'Great Aunt Amy was a Lunatic' Search for circumstances surrounding death of Amy HOWARD at London County Lunatic Asylum, Banstead 1903 [1 p]
98-99 Kathleen Ward 'Melancholy Death of Two Children by Fire' Continued from 'Guilty or Not Guilty' (June 1998) [2 pp]
99-101 Pat Manning 'The Perfect Solution' Account of author's search and discovery of Dr William PERFECT d.1747 at West Malling, with links to BIRCH & STRATFORD 19c, also GLEANE of Norfolk 17-18c [2 pp]
101-02 P.M. Baggaley 'Divorce Before 1857' Explanation of divorce pre-1857, contrasted with judicial separation and anulment [1 p]
102-03 Peter Rushbrooke 'A Victorian Divorce in Suffolk' Concerns divorce 1853 by private bill of Major Robert RUSHBROOKE from wife Ablinia Maria [1 p]
103-06 David Cufley 'Dunton Green and Otford Brickfields' Notes on these brickworks, 19-20c, with names of brickworkers/owners, especially CRAMPTON & DURTNELL families [3 pp]
106-07 Judith A. Stichbury 'The Stephens Family of Kent' Mainly South London 19c, with brief references to Greenwich/Lee/Erith [1½ pp]

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Vol 8 No 4

December 1998

129-31 David Cufley 'Vital Records Index, British Isles' Review of new CD-ROM publication from the LDS church [2 pp]
131-32 Betty Quy 'A Little Silver Teaspoon' Successful search for origin of 18th century heirloom; mentions ENEVER & HARVEY of Essex/NW Kent [½ p]
132-35 Pat Manning 'Some Thoughts on Wills' General advice [2½ pp]
135 Stella Baggaley 'The Canham Sisters, Laura and Louie' Request for information about CANHAM & ALBURY of Sevenoaks late 19c-early 20c [½ p]
136-38 Jonathan Oates 'Sherlock Holmes in North West Kent' Kentish links of famous fictional detective [3 pp]
139 Pat Manning 'Dr Williams Library' Brief note [½ p]
141-43 Brian Wright 'The Mysterious Case of the Caslard Family' Research into CASLARD/HARRISON families 19-20c reveals changes of name, illegitimacy and possible links to the Spanish royal family [3 pp]

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Vol 8 No 5

March 1999

170 Stephen Archer 'British Vital Record Index - Some West Kent Errors' Note that some Dartford VRI entries appear as Frindsbury [1 p]
172-74 Brian Turner Stockman 'Why Did I Start?' How an urge to record the family stories turned into a 350-page book [1½ pp]
174-76 Pat Manning 'Perfect Love' PERFECT and LUCAS of Bexleyheath, 19c [3 pp]
177-79 John Douch 'Rooted in the Garden of England' Enthusiasm for ancestor hunting is fired during childhood by two maiden aunts [2 pp]
179-82 Brian Kell 'Carters' Description of the occupation of carter during Victorian England, with special reference to Wiggenhall St German, Norfolk [3 pp]
182-87 Jan Dobb 'The Grahams of Kent' GRAHAM of Greenwich, later Bexley/E.Wickham, 1795-1863 [4½ pp]
187-88 Denise Rason 'Courting Couples Fined - for damaging grass near Bromley Hill' Extract from 'Bromley Mercury' 1919, with list of defendants [1½ pp]
189-90 John Woodger 'The Will of Thomas Woodyeare of Cowling' Transcript of will, 1610. ['Cowling' = Cooling, Kent] [1½ pp]

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Vol 8 No 6

June 1999

217-19 Mrs M.J. Harris 'Josephine Birchenough Memorial Fund Award 1998' Account of author's research on N.W.Kent immigrants to New Zealand, funded from the Josephine Birchenough memorial fund [2 pp]
221 Pat Manning 'How Reliable is the IGI?' Brief note on some inaccuracies [1 p]
222-23 Lionel Cole 'On Indices' Description of author's index to inhabitants of Edenbridge, Hever, Chiddingstone, Westerham & Sundridge 1560-1850 [1½ pp]
224-26 Margaret Stocker 'My Plumstead People' RUSSELL of Plumstead, 1838-20c [3 pp]
227 Jean Fothergill 'The Ellis Family in the Kent Hearth Tax 1675' List of 37 names [1 p]
228-31 Barry Langridge 'The Chislehurst Double Murder' Concerns Edward & Elizabeth ELLIS of St Pauls Cray Common d.1880 [3½ pp]
231-33 Jean Mills 'If Only' WHITE of Plumstead 19-20c [1½ pp]
234 John Woodger 'The Will of Edward Woodyeare of Cowling' Transcript of will, 1586 ['Cowling'=Cooling, Kent] [1 p]
235-39 John Douch 'A Company of Comedians' Theatrical family of STANTON, 18-19c [4 pp]
239 Maureen Holden 'General Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. Records and Index' Description of author's index (1850-1918) to staff book at National Maritime Museum [½ p]
241 Jane Hurst 'Christ Church, East Greenwich' Extracts from church Annual Report 1894 [1 p]

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Vol 8 No 7

September 1999

270-74 'Formation and Early Experiences of NWKFHS' Reminiscences from founder members of the Society [5 pp]
275 John Rayment 'The Members' Contribution' Reprinted from Autumn 78 journal [1 p]
276-81 Joyce Hoad 'Time and Tide' History of the Plumstead/Erith Thamesside marshes 10-16th cent, with details of Exchequer Court case 1592 [5½ pp]
281-82 John Woodger 'A Woodyear Will' Thomas Woodyear of Camberwell, 1792 [1 p]
283-85 David Cufley 'Avery Hill, the Location for the 1999 Autumn Conference - Historic Owners and Adjacent Properties' Covers 1836-1904, families of HALE, BOYD and NORTH [3 pp]
286-87 Catherine Allcott 'Extract from the Memoirs of E.A.Sandford (1855-1938)' Tug-boat owner and engineer of Gravesend [1½ pp]
287-89 June Curtis 'The Chapman Family of Deptford (Part II)' Finding the death and burial of William Edward Chapman d.1854 (follow-up to Mar 1986 article) [1½ pp]
289-90 'Eltham's Aborigines' How two aborigines came to Eltham in 1793 [1½ pp]
291-94 Linda Meaden and Jean Stirk 'Convict Prison Hulks' The story of prison hulks at Woolwich etc., 1776-1851 (reprinted from Nov 1982 journal) [4 pp]
295-97 Marjorie Harris 'Overview of Immigration Index' Describes author's index to emigrants from Kent who settled in New Zealand (compiled as part of Josephine Birchenough prize competition) [2 pp]

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Vol 8 No 8

December 1999

322-23 Jean Fothergill 'A Bonus for Carter' Notes on ancestor James Charles CATMORE b.1814, Thames barge owner [1 p]
323-24 Pat Manning 'Wills are Worthwhile' Notes on some wills of PERFECT family [1½ pp]
325-26 Margaret Stocker 'Letter from the Past' Transcript of letters, 1888 [2 pp]
327-30 Michael Gater 'Early Days' Experiences of undertaking genealogical research in 1959, with reference to GATER etc. of Rochester [3 pp]
330-31 Peter Crawley 'With a Little help from my Friends' New CD-Rom 1881 Census Index reveals author's CARMICHAEL gt. grandfather in Scotland [2 pp]
332-33 John Woodger 'More Woodyeare Wills' Transcripts of two WOODYEARE wills - Edward (1583) and Marie (1610) of Cooling, Kent [1½ pp]
333-36 Christina Timms 'Discovery' HARROD of Cudham/Hayes etc., & PEARCE of Hayes, 19-20c [3 pp]
336-39 Lionel Cole 'Old Edenbridge' Reprint of poem about Edenbridge and its people composed c1785, with commentary by Mr Cole [3 pp]
343-46 Peter Crawley 'An Irregular Delegate's View of 'Time and Tide'' Author's recollections of the NWKFHS conference at Avery Hill, Sep 99 [3½ pp]

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Vol 8 No 9

March 2000

367-68 Ron Anthony 'A New Society Branch?' Announcement of Society's new Computer Branch [1 p]
369-70 Tessa Leeds 'Family History - More than a Name and a List of Dates' Thoughts on 25 years of family history research [1½ pp]
371 Brian Ranson '35 Years a Soldier' Obituary of Sgt. E. RANSON of Bromley, d.1953 [1 p]
372 Jean Fothergill 'A Settlement Certificate 1755' Concerns William & Ann CATMORE of Kensington [1 p]
373-74 Pat Manning 'A Baptism' PERFECT family of Shoreham & Bexleyheath, early 19th cent. [1½ pp]
374-75 Richard Steadman 'Prison Hulks' Research eventually connects STEDMANs on various prison hulks, 18-19th cent. [1½ pp]
376 John Woodger 'Another Woodyer Will' Transcript of will of John Woodyer, 1772 [1 p]
377 Robert W. Townsend 'Find Them by Their Forenames' Author's search for TOWNSEND ancestors helped by use of forename Cassibelinus (west Kent, 17-18c) [1 p]
378-83 Matthew Copus 'Baptist Burials from Speldhurst Parish Registers' List of c80 burials in baptist burial grounds in Speldhurst: 1684 & 1700-80. Includes useful introduction. [5½ pp]
383-85 Val Brown 'Tom of Milk Street: The Story of Tom Soan 1741-1809' Farmer of Bromley: brief biography and full details of will. [2½ pp]
386-88 Amy Cocket 'Kentish Roots in the Search for David Cockett' Grocer of Blackheath d.1833. Mentions CATT of St Pauls Cray, papermakers [2 pp]
389-90 Catherine Allcott 'Edward Augustus Sandford' Engineer of Gravesend b.1855, biography [2 pp]
391 Doreen Martin-Loat 'English Cemetery, Malta' Three memorial inscriptions (not Kent) [1 p]

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Vol 8 No 10

June 2000

416-20 Maureen Rawson 'Josephine Birchenough Memorial Fund Bursary Award 1999' [5 pp]
421-24 Catherine Allcott 'E.A. & H. Sandford, Marine Engineers, Canal Iron Work, Gravesend' [4 pp]
425-27 Barbara Balfe 'The Ladburys' LADBURY family of Rochester 19c [3 pp]
428-29 Jean Fothergill 'It Pays to Advertise' [2 pp]
430-31 Ron Gray 'Alfred William Gray' [2 pp]
452 'Brian Kell, 1935-2000' Obituary [½ p]

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Vol 8 No 11

September 2000

455-56 Tony Field 'The North West Kent FHS Computer Branch' Report on first two meetings [2 pp]
458-63 David Cufley 'Hall Place, Bexley, Conservation Plan' Includes historical survey 15-20c [5½ pp]
464 Mollie Clark 'Travelling by Road' [1 p]
465-68 Hugh Street 'The Last Seven Days of May 1740' Account of 1740 trip to Tunbridge Wells by a Mr Richardson [3½ pp]
470-74 Tessa Leeds 'The Railway Navvy' [5 pp]
476-78 Jean Stirk 'Unwillingly to School' [2 pp]

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Vol 8 No 12

December 2000

498-99 Caroline Goffin 'Memories of Family Life at 25 Wiverton Road, Sydenham from 1910 Onwards' Brief note on Leonard James Skinner m.1884 & family. Includes photo [1 p]
500-02 Ken Jackson 'A Greengrocery Dynasty' Snashall family of Greenwich, 19-20c. Two photos. [3 pp]
503-05 Marjorie Harris 'Wartime Memories' Personal recollections of WW2 from New Zealander [3 pp]
506-08 Brian Ranson 'Childhood Memories' [3 pp]
509-13 Helen Dasley 'An Extract from the Memoirs of Albert Edward Forster from the Year 1925' 'Covering the Emigration from England to Australia by Ted Forster, his Fiance Edith Emily Gouldson and Ted's Mother and Father' [5 pp]
514-15 Dennis Easy 'The Caves' [1½ pp]
515-17 Ron Gray 'The Thirties and Forties' [2 pp]

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