Contents of Volume 7

Vol 7 No 1

April 1995

4-8 Bob Bright 'A Mariner in my Family' Account of research into Merchant Navy career of Thomas Edmund WARRINGTON, 1830s-40s, at PRO and Maritime Museum, Greenwich [3½ pp]
8-9 Tony Rydings 'Aid in Indexing' Introduction to new Genealogical Group within Society of Indexers [1 p]
9-12 Stella Szachnowski 'Tales from the Workhouse' Life in Croydon Union workhouse, from minute book of 1902/03 [3 pp]
12-13 Rhoda Windiate-Blackmore 'Your Godfather was Who?' Godfather to author's father was local baronet Sir Thomas COLYER-FERGUSSON of Wombwell Hall, Northfleet [1 p]
14-15 Josephine Birchenough 'Rural Kent Registers during the Commonwealth' Various entries extracted from parish registers of Farningham [1 p]
15-16 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'To Inhabit the Realm Peaceably and Enjoy his Goods' Description of Oath of Fealty sworn by Aliens 1436, with list of 31 people of N.W.Kent, born abroad [1½ pp]

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Vol 7 No 2

July 1995

38-43 Doreen Martin-Loat 'Aaron Smith (1792-1866)' Farmer & fruiterer of Crockenhill - biography and family connections [5½ pp]
45-47 Margaret Watson 'Transcribing Parish Records' Experiences of transcribing PR's 1813-42 of Holkham (Norfolk) [2½ pp]
47-48 Geoffrey Copus 'On The Circuit - Methodist Records' Account of discovery of records of Rye methodist circuit (overlapped into Kent) at East Sussex Record Office; includes 1775 list of 52 Shoreham & Otford "Society" members [1½ pp]
49-52 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'The Reverend William Pritchard (1787-1838) - Incumbent or Encumbrance?' Descendant of GEE family of the Priory, Orpington; account of career in Surrey & Essex, family connections and long-standing dispute with Gee grandmother [4 pp]
53-55 David Cufley 'North West Kent Family History Society' Note on the relationship between NWKFHS and other societies in Kent; includes map of Society "area" [2½ pp]
59-60 'Dick Bourton CB, 1916-1995' Obituary of Society's first Chairman, later President [1½ pp]

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Vol 7 No 3

September 1995

74-77 Barry Langridge '18th Kent (Bromley) Rifle Volunteer Corps' Brief history, 1859-1935, with mentions of first commanding offer Lt. Clement SATTERTHWAITE, and details of some early volunteers [3 pp]
79-82 Jean Stirk 'A Brief Survey of Trade Union Records' Background, membership and locating records [4 pp]
83-84 Fred Whyler 'Royalist Sympathisers, 1655-57' List of 126 persons fron North West Kent suspected of being Royalist sympathisers [1½ pp]
84-85 Stella Szachnowski 'Do Dilly-Dally on the Way' Encourages reader to look at material outside the normal F.H. sources [1½ pp]
87-90 Doris Pullen 'Passage to India' Facsimile of 1828 printed list, of suggested items travellers to India [3 pp]

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Vol 7 No 4

December 1995

110-13 Jean Fothergill 'Cordwainers Continued' Includes brief history of Cordwainers Company, 15c-date [3½ pp]
114-17 David Cufley 'British Navy Sailors in the 19th Century' Living conditions, etc. [3 pp]
118-22 Judith Everett 'A Twentieth Century Manorial Court' Account of court held at Stockbridge (Hants) in 1995 [4 pp]
122-23 Pamela Slade 'Bill Prior - A Cri de Coeur' Light-hearted account of search for Bill PRIOR, 1861-1900 [1 p]
124 Fred Whyler 'Orpington Land Taxes 1767' Facsimile of document, 15 names [1 p]
125-26 Ron Anthony 'IGI 1992 - Use of the Term "Relative"' Reproduces part of letter received from LDS Church [1 p]

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Vol 7 No 5

March 1996

143-46 John Nightingale 'Progress with Irish Research - Thank You F.H.S.' How access to Irish birth, marriage & death indexes at LDS Family History Centre in London helped illuminate the career of Jonathan JUTTON (d.1896) and family. Describes coverage of BMD indexes. [3½ pp]
146-50 Dorothea Teague 'The Blundell Connection' Reprint of Apr 1980 article (q.v.) [4 pp]
151-55 Peter Harrison 'Four Generations of Water Flour Millers in N.W.Kent' Reprint of Oct 1979 article (q.v.) [5 pp]
156-57 Grace Crowhurst 'The Value of Transcriptions - Evidence from Gravestones' Reprint of Apr 1981 article (q.v.) [1½ pp]
157-60 Barbara Tearle 'The Davis Family: Innkeepers of Bromley' Reprint of Apr 1982 article (q.v.) [2½ pp]

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Vol 7 No 6

June 1996

179-82 David Cufley 'Record Keeping and One Name Studies (Part 1 - Organisation of Family Records)' Describes author's own system [3½ pp]
182-85 Patricia Knowlden 'Seventeenth Century Inhabitants of Bromley' Lists 70 surnames from 1645 Bromley tax return, also c.150 surnames from 1664 Hearth Tax return [2½ pp]
187-88 Joyce Walker 'West Wickham in the South African War' Extracts from West Wickham parish magazine relating to Boer War 1899-1902, & local celebrations [1½ pp]
188-90 A.F. Hill 'Cohabiting in Canterbury' Search for HILLS origins in Canterbury 1850s-60s reveals illegitimacy in the family [2 pp]
190-91 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Gratwick family' Reprint of Apr 80 article (q.v.) [1½ pp]
192-94 Colin Pooley and Jean Turnbull 'Migration in the Past: Some Key Results from the Residential Histories Project' Summary of findings, from research based on responses from family historians [2½ pp]
195 Josephine Birchenough 'Don't believe all you read on Certificates' Concerns BIRCHENOUGH of Stockport; how the purchase of birth certificates for all siblings 1841-61 was needed to clarify family relationships [1 p]
196-97 Ron Anthony 'Computing Corner' Problems of database date fields, with special reference to MS Access [1 p]
199 Bob Rubie 'IGI - Problems with Interpretation' Meanings of source batch numbers [1 p]

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Vol 7 No 7

September 1996

217 Maureen Nicholls 'Computer Databases - Date Formats' Letter following up Mar 96 article on date formats [1 p]
218-21 David Cufley 'Record Keeping and One Name Studies (Part 2 - One Name Studies)' Describes the Guild of One Name Studies [3½ pp]
222-23 'Local History: Why it Matters to the Family Historian' Reprinted from "Local History News", Summer 96 supplement to the "Local Historian" [1½ pp]
224-26 Bert A. French 'Boyhood Memories of Eltham 1928 to 1933' Extract from recent book [2 pp]
226 Pat Manning 'The Leighs of the 1881 Census Surname Index (Surrey)' Value of census index in tracking down LEIGH families in Surrey [½ p]
228-30 Leslie Gearing 'Getting Started' Author's experience, with special reference to GEARING in N.W.Kent, (late 19th cent) and South Stoke (Oxon) [2 pp]
230 Geoffrey Copus 'The Early Registers of Farnborough' Describes author's new transcript of Farnborough paper register 1538-1652, and confusion with Chelsfield [½ p]
231-33 June Biggs 'At the Court of Star Chamber' Value of Star Chamber proceedings, with special reference to Ellis MIDMORE c1490-1541 of Chiddingley (Sussex) [3 pp]

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Vol 7 No 8

December 1996

257-58 Alan Waters 'Computing Corner - Family Tree Maker' Review of version 3 [1½ pp]
258-59 Ken Jackson 'Computing Corner - Better than the IGI?' Brief description of IGI & Ancestral File [1 p]
260-61 Mrs M.J. Dolman 'Memories of Childhood in West Wickham 1913-1922' Author's recollections [1½ pp]
261-62 Pauline Weeds 'A Treat for George V' Dartford during George V's coronation week, from school log books and local paper [1½ pp]
263-65 Sylvia Hammond 'Other People's Churches - Articles from Snodland Parish Magazine' Name index to articles 1986-92 by Frank Robinson (A-G) [1½ pp]
266-68 John Nightingale 'For the Sake of Music Alone - John Bath at the Guildhall (Part 1)' John BATH 1830-1902 of Crockenhill, and his role in the founding of the Guildhall School of Music [3 pp]
269-71 Marjorie Harris 'The Labouring Immigrant (Part 1)' EDMONDS family of Bromley and West Wickham 1790-1858, with later New Zealand connections [3 pp]
272-73 Jean Stirk 'Don't Take Names for Granted' Changes to surnames, with research suggestions [2 pp]
274-77 'November 23rd 1939' Reminiscences written 1939 by John William PRATCHETT b.1857, of East End and Hendon [3½ pp]
277-78 Murray Miles 'Some Old Bromley Worthies' Jabez CLARK, late 19th cent. parish clerk of Bromley, reprinted from 6.9.1929 Bromley Times [1½ pp]
279-80 Margaret Watson 'Through the Letter Box' How a love of letter writing inspired the author to become the Society's new 'Out of Area' coordinator [2 pp]

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Vol 7 No 9

March 1997

299-01 David Cufley 'Record Keeping and One Name Studies (Part 3 - Statistics and the Numbers Game from a One Name Study)' Ways to estimate the total population of a surname [2½ pp]
302-03 Mrs Walton 'Memories of Old St Mary Cray' Poem, by resident born 1905 [1½ pp]
303-06 Sylvia Hammond 'Other People's Churches - Articles from Snodland Parish Magazine' Name index (G-P), continued from Dec 96 journal [2½ pp]
306-07 Ron Freeman 'Theory of Pedigree Collapse' How cousin marriages reduce the number of potential ancestors as you go back [1½ pp]
308-10 John Nightingale 'For the Sake of Music Alone - John Bath at the Guildhall (Part 2)' Continued from Dec 96 journal [3 pp]
311-15 Marjorie Harris 'The Labouring Immigrant (Part 2)' EDMONDS family in New Zealand, 1863-1914 (Continued from Dec 96 journal) [4 pp]
315-17 Norman Fairfax 'Ide Hill School Life, 1883-1907' Extracts from school logs [2 pp]
317-19 Fred Whyler 'The Rt. Hon. William Hart-Dyke, Bart.' Baronet of Lullingstone Castle 1837-1931, brief biography [2 pp]
319-21 Mrs C. Hough 'Are Our Ancestors Important?' Motives for research [1½ pp]

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Vol 7 No 10

June 1997

6-8 Patricia Knowlden 'Four Generations in the Dockyard' Account of GEDYE family, workers at Devonport dockyard 1806-85 [2 pp]
Gaynor Wingham 'A Sea Voyage, Hastings and Beyond' Search for MARSHALL ancestors in Lancs leads to discovery of a birth at sea, 1856 [3½ pp]
12-13 Maureen Ibbott 'This Wensday Night' Transcript of anonymous (undated) letter home, from son to parents & family [1 p]
13-16 Dr C.S. Pitcher 'Pitcher's Dockyard at Northfleet' Story of dockyard 1789-1861, founded by Thomas PITCHER 1745-1837 [3 pp]
16 John Woodger 'John Stubbs, Seaman and...' Brief note on John STUBBS 1817-96, esp. 1836 voyage [½ p]
17-18 M.C. Nicholls 'A Seaman's Story' Story of search for Charles Horatio Keen CARR alias KEEN b.c1841, seaman [1 p]
18-21 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'Some Deptford Shipwrights' Relates to CAREW families in Deptford, c1809-50 [3 pp]
21-23 John Seymour 'George Frederick Seymour, Master Mariner & Marine Surveyor' Born 1824 Bridport, died 1915 Sidcup [2½ pp]
24 Pat Manning 'Family Whispers of Seafaring Ancestors' Concerns 19c WATTS gravestone at Brockley cemetery, & family connections [½ p]
25-26 Joan Seymour 'Alfred Yarrow in Kent' Engineer 1842-1932, founder 1865 of Yarrows shipyard, Isle of Dogs; lived Woodlands, Blackheath [2 pp]
27-28 Mr Barnard 'William Barnard, Shipbuilder of Deptford, 1735-1793' Early BARNARD families in East Anglia, & biography of Willliam BARNARD d.1795, founder of shipyard at Deptford [2 pp]
29-31 Margaret Watson 'Nil Disprandum' Biography of William Cummings BUCK b.1827 Holkham (Norfolk), and naval career [3 pp]

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Vol 7 No 11

September 1997

381-82 Patricia Knowlden 'Do You Remember 'Uncles'?' Brief notes on PFEIL family of London East End, later Bromley [½ p]
382-84 Sylvia Hammond 'Other People's Churches - Articles from Snodland Parish Magazine' Name index (P-Y), continued from Mar 97 journal [2 pp]
384-86 Mari Alderman 'From a Photograph' Quest to identify mystery photograph; concerns NEWMAN family 1870s-9s, butchers of Bermondsey/Rotherhithe [2½ pp]
387-88 Ron Anthony 'Hundreds and Hundreds' Notes on meaning of terms 'Hundred' and 'Wapentake' [1½ pp]
388-89 Beryl Whatson 'The Search for Grandpa Briggs' Search for (Sir) William BRIGGS alias SWEET, fl.1900-20 Beckenham [½ p]
389-91 Miss P.M. Webb 'Those Difficult Ancestors' Account of search for PIGDEN, Sydenham 1790s-19c, & BIRCH of Pembury 1840s-50s [2 pp]
391 M.F. Smith 'Francis Elliston Erwood: World Champion Rackets' Lived 1824-78, London/Birmingham/Woolwich [½ p]
393-94 Mike Hurley 'The Overgage Family' Concerns OVERGAGE of Barking c1840-1880s and search for origins, posibly in Delft (Holland) [1½ pp]
394-97 Lionel Cole 'Making Use of Judicial Records' Desciption of author's index of names from Assizes & Quarter Sessions records of S.W.Kent, Tudor-1850, with examples relating to COLE [3 pp]
397-00 Barry Langridge 'Bromley Workhouse and Bromley Union (Part 1)' Brief history of Poor Law in Bromley, and story of parish workhouse 1731-1770s [2½ pp]
400-02 Susan Pittman 'The Long Trek to New Zealand' Quest to identify photo taken 1920s in Sydney (Aus.) leads to discovery of William Elmer LONG, & descendants in New Zealand [2½ pp]
402-03 S.W.H. Aust 'Royal West Kent Regiment' List of 44 men who gained awards in WW1 Aisne or Ypres-Armentieres battles [1 p]

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Vol 7 No 12

December 1997

422-25 Barry Langridge 'Bromley Workhouse and Bromley Union (Part 2)' Covers establishment of a workhouse for Bromley Union, 1836-45; also list of about 100 persons who died in Bromley parish workhouse, 1733-1801 [3½ pp]
425-27 Lionel Cole 'Puzzling Out the Past: An Example from Elizabeth Edenbridge' Was John COLE c1520-c1590, butcher of Edenbridge, also a landowner with gentry connections? [1½ pp]
427-29 Patricia Knowlden 'Life on the Ocean Wave' Concerns John Abbott WIDGER c1800-1881 of Devon/Cornwall; Royal Naval career & family connections with RICHARD of Talland (Cornwall) [2 pp]
429-30 Norman Fairfax 'Idle Thoughts on Ancestors' Villages' Pleasures of exploring and photographing ancestral locations [1½ pp]
431-32 Sydney Shaw 'A Body Picked up off Margate' Circumstances surrounding drowning of relation Edward SHAW, 1883 [1½ pp]
434-35 Dennis Surridge 'Am I a Disappointment to my Ancestors' Traces movements of SURRIDGE family, leather workers, from Somerset to Bristol, Warwickshire & Kent, 1781-20c [1 p]
435-38 Colin Pooley and Jean Turnbull 'The Changing Journey to Work in the Twentieth Century' Description of new research project run by University of Lancaster [3 pp]
438-39 Joy M. Lane 'Intertwining Branches of the Hollamby Tree' Brief notes on HOLLAMBY, HALL & SNASHALL of Penshurst, 1783-1862 [1 p]
440-42 Jean Fothergill 'Visiting Hollingbourne' Account of visit to village of gt.grandparents, John & Mary POTTER, with notes on CULPEPER 16-17c [2½ pp]
442-43 Charley Hoad 'The Attractions and Cost of visiting Salt Lake City' Includes hotel recommendations and suggested budget [1 p]

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