Contents of Volume 3

Vol 3 No 1

March 1983

4-7 Gillian Valentine 'The East India Company' Brief history, with reference to company records [3½ pp]
7-10 Evelyn Rogers 'The Diary of a Young Officer in 1854: Part I' Concerns John Thornton ROGERS of Riverhill House nr. Sevenoaks [3 pp]
11-12 June Vaisey 'Foundling: A Child Found Abandoned' Concerns Hester ONLY, bap. North Nibley, Gloucs 1784 [1 p]
12-13 Linda Meaden 'Children of the Poor' Extracts from the Vestry Book of Farningham - 1805,20 [1½ pp]
14-15 Sabina Doust 'The Wandering Dousts' Mainly concerns Australian branches originally from N.W.Kent [2 pp]
16-18 Richard Storey 'Was your Grandfather a Sailmaker?' Trade Union Records [2½ pp]
19-21 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Family fortunes: Ancestral Trades and Professions' Musings on great variety of occupations in author's ancestry [2 pp]
22-24 Kathleen Larsen 'James Croft: 'Clerk in Holy Orders'' Rector of Saltwood nr. Hythe, and Archdeacon of Canterbury, d.1869 [2½ pp]
24-27 Kenneth Scott 'The Record of John Clapp' Account of the life of John CLAPP of New York 1649-c1732, inspired by page from a family bible [3 pp]
31-32 C.H.J. Kyte 'The Times Index' Brief account of Samuel Palmer's work, and of later indexing attempts [1½ pp]

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Vol 3 No 2

June 1983

38-39 'Dick Bourton - Retiring Chairman' Appreciation from several members of Dick Bourton as Chairman, and note on becoming President of the Society [2 pp]
41-42 Fred & Pat Pingram 'Report from the Census Indexers Meeting' Report on meeting in Birmingham [1½ pp]
43-46 Meriel Lucas 'The Search for an Elizabethan Adventurer: Sir Carew Reynell' Of Devon, c1563-1624 [3 pp]
47-49 Keith R. Gulvin 'Fort Amherst and the Chatham Lines' History, 1708-date [2½ pp]
50-52 Evelyn Rogers 'The diary of a Young Officer in 1854 - Part II' Continued from Mar 1983 [3 pp]
54-55 David G. Penney 'Roger Penny (Penney)' Shipwright of Deptford d.1748 [1½ pp]
55-58 Colin Masters 'The London Foundling Hospital and its connection with North West Kent' Brief history of the hospital (Thomas Coram Foundation) 1739-1953, and notes on surviving records [2½ pp]
58-59 Linda Meaden 'Tomsyne Oulters - Elizabethan Orphan' Example 1588-94 from Sandwich (Kent) Orphans Book [1 p]
60-62 Elaine Wiltshire 'The Burkin Family: Did they come from Cudham?' BURKIN of Cudham 1738-late 19th cent., and possible origins in surrounding parishes [2½ pp]
62-63 Gertrude Nunns 'Yet More Mannings' Miscellaneous references from Foots Cray area 16-17th cent., follow-up to earlier articles [1½ pp]
64 Edna Antrobus 'The Elkington Collection' Brief note on huge Elkington collection at Society of Genealogists library [½ p]

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Vol 3 No 3

September 1983

76-79 Robert Bullen 'To Prove a Black Sheep' Tracing ancestor Amos BULLEN, transported to Australia 1844 [3½ pp]
79-81 Jennifer Sturges 'Losack of St Kitts' Researching LOSACK ancestors in St Kitts & London, 17-18th cent. [1½ pp]
82 Francis Howcutt 'Coppin Family Origins' Family in Croydon/Addington Surrey 18-19th cent, traced back to Shoreham, Kent [1 p]
83 Peggy Sinclair 'F.W.K. and S.H.S.' MELLOWS of Woodborough, Notts 19th cent [1 p]
84-87 Donal F. Begley 'Irish Genealogical Records' Reprinted from 'Ireland Today', Mar 82 [3½ pp]
88-89 Gertrude Nunns 'Behind the Scenes' Notes from author's research into history of Footscray [2 pp]
93-95 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Marriages of the Lady Constance: I. Percy of Gt Chalfield, Wiltshire' Includes pedigree of PERCY, 13-14th cent. [2 pp]
95-97 Fred Whyler 'Bromley - Window and Land Tax, 1771' List of c.300 names [2 pp]
97-98 Wendy Harding 'The History of Marion Cottage' From title deeds 18-20th cent. from author's father's house at Stone nr. Dartford [1 p]
99-100 Eileen Weston 'William Bligh (1754-1817): A Resident of North West Kent' Brief biography, and note of residence at Farningham 1813-17 [1½ pp]
101-02 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Notes on the Croft Family' Follow-up to article in Mar 83 [1 p]

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Vol 3 No 4

December 1983

114-18 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'Carew of Stone Castle' Includes links to other CAREW branches, 15-16th cent, with pedigree chart; concluded in Mar 84 journal [5 pp]
119-20 Joyce Hoad 'Death Duty Registers' Advice on their value in supplementing wills [2 pp]
121-23 Dorothea Teague 'Ellen and the Elms: A Bexley family of the 19th century' Biography of Ellen ELMS 1823-93, and family connections [2½ pp]
124 Josephine Birchenough 'Mystery Marriages in Lee' Speculation on sudden rise in marriage numbers, 1803 [½ p]
124-27 Brian Turner Stockman 'A Military Intelligence Operation - Without the Secrecy' How the author went about compiling a book about the STOCKMAN family [2½ pp]
128-29 F.R. Rollison 'Now There Are Twice as Many' Tracing ROLLISON of Chislehurst etc., 19th cent. [1½ pp]
129-31 Gillian Valentine 'What Shall We Tell Mother?' Delving into author's family legend re. CHURCHILL of Dorset [2 pp]
132-33 Patricia Knowlden 'Inhabitants of West Wickham before 1700' List of surnames and covering dates, from West Wickham records [1½ pp]
134-35 Doris Pullen 'Following the Path of my Great Grandmother's Will' Eliza Charlotte BANKS of Battersea, d.1900 [1½ pp]
136-38 Edna Antrobus 'Family Messages from the Edwardian Theatre' Author inherits interesting collection of postcards from aunt Hilda CHARD [2 pp]
141 Stella Szachnowski 'Report on the Federation of Family History Societies' Conference' Conference at University of Sussex, Sep 83 [1 p]

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Vol 3 No 5

March 1984

149-52 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'Carew of Stone Castle - continued' Continued from Dec 83 journal [3½ pp]
152-55 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Derivative Arms - I' Arms derived from those of other families; mentions MANDEVILLE, VERMANDOIS, GLANVILLE and FITZWARIN families, 12c and later, with illus. [3 pp]
156-58 Dorothea Teague 'They Shall Grow not Old' Discovery that father's cousin was shot for desertion in 1916, and account of BBC interview [2 pp]
158-61 John Johnson 'Game Acts' Brief definition of the Game Acts, and list of 300 Kent people who had obtained game certificates, 1818 [3 pp]
161-62 June Biggs 'The Deeds of a House' Extracts from deeds of author's house 1826-1935, built on former Town Court farm land, Chislehurst/Orpington; numerous names [1½ pp]
164-65 Sabina Doust 'Is your Granny's Lair in Scotland?' Account of a one week family history course at University of Stirling [1½ pp]
169-70 Francis Howcutt 'Beware How You Fill the Gaps' Mentions KNIGHT of Walgrave, Northants, 17-18th cent. [½ p]
170 Doris Pullen 'Unsolved Mysteries' BANKS of London, etc. [½ p]
171-72 Kathleen Larsen 'Hearsay' Follow-up to articles in Sep 83 (Croft), and Dec 83 (Chapman of St Pauls Cray) [1½ pp]
174-75 S. Geoffrey Ratcliff 'The Hutleys: An Essex Farming Family' Of Witham, Wigborough etc., 19th cent [2 pp]

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Vol 3 No 6

June 1984

188-90 Norma Wilkins 'The Ross Family of Kent' Watermen of Greenwich, Blackwall (MDX) & Gravesend, 19c [3 pp]
191 Norma Brown 'The Clue from the Address Book' Tracing the origins of Victoria Maude TURNER alias BURROWS b.1897, in Orpington [1 p]
192-94 David G. Penney 'John Penny' Well-researched biography of John Penny 1729-1811, shipwright of Deptford [3 pp]
195-96 Pamela Shields 'Thoughts From Abroad' Diary of a Canadian's research trip to England [1½ pp]
197-99 June Biggs 'Getting Returns from the Census' The value of census returns [2½ pp]
199-01 Josephine Birchenough 'A Census-Taker's View of Lee in 1851' A brief picture of Lee in the mid-19th century [2 pp]
201-02 Jennifer Sturges 'A Small World: Losack, Batty et Alia' Follow-up to Sep 83 article [1 p]
202-04 Gerald Cramp 'Manorial Rolls - A Useful Genealogical Source' Quotes examples from Hartley, Kent, 1782-1862 [1½ pp]
204-05 Edmund Roberts 'The Channel Islands' Brief notes on doing research there [1 p]
205-06 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'Missing Persons - from St Catherines House' Follow-up to Mar 84 article [1 p]
206-07 Jim Packer 'Tracing Scots Ancestry' Author's experience of using New Register House [1½ pp]

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Vol 3 No 7

September 1984

221-22 June Biggs 'The Postman Always Rings Twice' The job of being Secretary of the Society [2 pp]
223-26 John Shorrocks 'Parish Constable to Police Constable' Brief history, and summary of PRO holdings [4 pp]
227 Peter Harrison 'Cannon and Gaze, Inc' Flour millers of N.W.Kent - follow-up to Oct 79 article [1 p]
228-29 Kathleen Larsen 'Grandpa Chapman' Author's recollections of Comm. F.H. CHAPMAN, b.St Pauls Cray 1844 [1½ pp]
229-30 Doris Pullen 'A Lady of Character' Author's 'Aunt Grace' [1 p]
231-32 Josephine Birchenough 'Tithe Maps for the Family Historian' Practical aspects, and their use in conjunction with 1851 census [1½ pp]
232-33 Joyce McQueen 'Thomas Deane of Ightham' Grocer, 1782-1832 [1 p]
233-34 Jean Stirk 'Maps and Plans - A Genealogical Source' Brief summary [1½ pp]
235-39 Stella Szachnowski 'Town and Country - The Missing Links' Account of Society's one-day conference, May 84, with photos [4½ pp]
239 Fred Whyler 'Hayes, Kent - 1766 etc.' 43 names from Window/Land Tax, supplementary to list in Jan 82 journal [½ p]
240 Alan Tapper 'Hyphenated Relative' Author's relative William Allen TAPPER b.1851 appears as Tapper-Watson in some records [1 p]

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Vol 3 No 8

December 1984

259-64 Patricia Kelvin 'The Elusive Marriage' Strategies for finding elusive marriages [4½ pp]
265-66 Patricia Knowlden 'Trustees of the New Cross Turnpike' Description of author's listing from Trustees records 1718-1870; photo of New Cross Gate [2 pp]
267-70 Shirley Burgoyne Black 'Farningham Inns and Innkeepers of the Turnpike Road Era' History of Farningham's inns 18-19th cent, with names of innkeepers [4 pp]
271-73 Len Waghorn 'Lewisham Workhouse' Brief history, and surnames of inmates 1851 [3 pp]
274-76 Mari Alderman 'Hel Achau (Tracing your Welsh Ancestors)' Brief account [3 pp]
277-78 John Nightingale 'The Local Register Office - One Experience' Good example of the benefits of the local Register Office [1½ pp]
279-83 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Derivative Arms - II' Continued from Mar 84 - families bearing arms with three crescents, mainly 13th cent. [4½ pp]

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Vol 3 No 9

March 1985

295-99 Guy Nevill 'Monumental Inscriptions and their Preservation' Recording methods, with a description of the Society's own MI project [5 pp]
300-02 Rhoda [compiler] Hall 'Index Nominum' Index of 124 names (mainly Kent, 18c) from 'In Search of Gravestones, Old & Curious' by W.T.Vincent (1896) [2 pp]
302-05 David Cufley 'Wheatley - 19th Century Brickmakers' Brickmaking ancestors in the Dartford & Plumstead brickfields [3 pp]
305-06 Francis Howcutt 'Sign Here Please' Sources of evidence for literacy, and ways of presenting the results [1½ pp]
307 Gertrude Nunns 'John Calcraft of Ingres, MP for Rochester 1768-72' Follow-up to earlier note re. Swanscombe registers [½ p]
308-09 Basil B. Benwell 'Benjamin Benwell - Publican and Sinner' Brief biography of Benjamin Benwell 1841-1906, publican of London, with photos [1 p]
309-10 Malcolm Youngs 'Robert Tween (1809-1864)' Miller of High Easter, Essex; later of Woodbridge, Suffolk [1½ pp]
311 Fred Rollison 'Cockcroft and Barkley: Carriers of Flamborough' Brief account, 19c [1 p]
312-13 Arthur Fernee 'Huguenot Ancestry' Reprinted from journal Vol.2 No.5 [1½ pp]
314 Josephine Birchenough 'Huguenots in Lee' Some examples from parish registers and other sources, 18c [1 p]

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Vol 3 No 10

June 1985

329-30 C.L. (Dick) Bourton 'June Biggs' Appreciation, on her retirement as Secretary [1 p]
331-34 Meriel Lucas 'A Desire to Know' Thoughts on the reasons for undertaking family history research, with examples from the author's own ancestry [4 pp]
335-41 Elizabeth Silverthorne 'Settlement Records: Tracing the Wanderers' Description of the settlement system, with special reference to settlement examinations for Bromley; includes facsimiles of three docs. [7 pp]
343-45 Joan Field 'Echoes of Brass' Researching the PACE family, makers of musical instruments in Dublin and London, 19c [2½ pp]
345-48 John Rayment 'Up and Down the City Road' London as a centre of communications [extracts from talk given at NWK confernce, 1984] [3½ pp]
349-50 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'Carew of Stone Castle, but Wiltshire and Wingfield of Stone Place' Note on the confused ownership of Stone Castle and Stone Place (nr. Dartford) [1½ pp]
358 'Keston, 1766-1794' Index of 65 names in Keston Window Tax 1766,67,71, & Window Tax 1794 [½ p]

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Vol 3 No 11

September 1985

371-78 Stephen Archer 'Litigation in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury' Illustrated by the case of John BLAZE 1756-1807 of Stamford, Lincs [7 pp]
379-84 John Peters 'The Protestants from the Spanish Netherlands' Good historical summary, with reference to tracing ancestors; includes map and illstration [6 pp]
385-87 Doreen Martin-Loat 'The Lost Trail' Author follows up stories of her grandfather Ansel GOUGH's life in Canada (1880s) by researching ships' passenger lists [2 pp]
387-89 Mary Thompson 'Cousins - The Australian Connection' How the author traced descendants of her gt. uncle Edwin EVANS in Sydney Australia, 1890s to date [2 pp]
389-92 Merna Kidgell 'The Journal of Ellen Carnell' Extract 1848-9 written by author's gt. aunt Ellen, including memories of visits to relations in Kent, and emigration to Australia [2½ pp]
392 Rhoda Sinclair 'Seamen in the Family' Using seamens' recoreds to throw light on ancestor Martin PHEASANT b.1820 of Lynn, Norfolk [½ p]
394-95 T.S. Pattie 'An Unexpected Effect of the Change of Calendar in 1752' Presents evidence that some people altered their birthdays etc. to take account of the loss of 11 days [1½ pp]

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Vol 3 No 12

December 1985

407-10 Wilma Picton 'A Casualty of the Civil War' Research into the life of Charles GRIME, rector of Ightham 1616-44 [4 pp]
411-13 Ellena Woodward 'By Appointment - Makers of Perambulators' Account of the firm of Burton & Johnson, 19th cent., and of author's gt-grandfather John JOHNSON c1832-1893 [3 pp]
414 Josephine Birchenough 'Edmund Halley, The Comet Man' Astronomer Royal, bur. Lee 1741 [1 p]
415-20 Keith Brunton 'The Patersons - A Family of Enterprise' Spread of PATERSON branches from roots in Aberdeenshire, to Sth. Africa etc., 1791-20th cent. [3½ pp]
418-22 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Wordsworth' Account of the WORDSWORTH family 1741-1950's, with special reference to Christopher W., rector of Sundridge 1816-20; detailed pedigree chart [3½ pp]
422-24 Dorothea Teague 'Blundells: The Writing of a Family History' Brief account of author's BLUNDELL research in Kent/ Surrey/ Sussex, with special reference to new book 'Shadrach Blundell, His Family and Property 1580-1880' [2½ pp]
424-25 'Chislehurst - 1766 and 1767' List of c.170 names from Window Tax 1766/67 & Land Tax 1767 [1 p]
426 Elaine Williams 'And The Roof Came Tumbling Down' Account of the collapse and rebuilding of St Alphege Greenwich, 1710-18 [1 p]

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