Contents of Volume 2

Vol 2 No 1

January 1981

7-8 Joan A. Carew Richardson 'Carew at West Wickham' Story of Dr Matthew CAREW's brief occupancy of Wickham Court from 1577 [1½ pp]
8-10 Mari Alderman 'Ask Your Elderly Relatives First' Advice for interviewing relatives [1½ pp]
10-15 'Bromley's Declaration of Loyalty - 1792' Explanation of the background to the Declaration and list of more than 350 signatories [5 pp]
15 Edna Antrobus 'The Arctic Stare' How a letter to the Royal Geographical Society produced information on George BUTLER's service in a North West Passage expedition [½ p]
17 Margaret Barton 'Ralph The Wrecker' Story of 'Ralph the Wrecker' who looted wrecks near Crosby, Liverpool [½ p]
17-18 Roy Binns 'Where There's a Will...' How the discovery of a will, William BINNS 1672, brought a family tree to life [1 p]
18-19 Norman H. Graham 'The City of London Registers' [1½ pp]
22-25 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Aguillon Family and Relations' Genealogy of the AGUILLON family of Sussex, Addington etc. c1066-1323. Also descents from FITZAILWIN & CHEYNEY etc [2½ pp]
25-26 Dennis O'Neil 'Canadian Capers' Extracts from correspondence of Owen CAWTHRON 1885-90 who emigrated to Toronto [2 pp]
27-28 Josephine Birchenough 'The Crutchley Family' Genealogy of the CRUTCHLEY family of Lee, c.1727-1806 [1½ pp]
28-30 Meriel Lucas 'Further Thoughts on Intrusion into Privacy' Follow-up to Oct 80 article [2 pp]

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Vol 2 No 2

April 1981

44-47 John Nightingale 'From Crooked Island to Valencia Island' Account of the search for Jonathan JUTTON, b.1821 Margate, and family using PRO Admiralty records etc. [3½ pp]
47-48 Fred Whyler 'The Boyds and Plaistow Lodge' Account of the family of BOYD, owners of P.L., Bromley, c.1815-63 [1½ pp]
49-51 J.S.W. Gibson 'Inventories in the Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury' Survey of the scope and availability of PCC inventories at the PRO [3 pp]
52 Fred Whyler 'Chelsfield - Land and Window Taxes - 1771' Alphabetical list from originals now at Bromley Library [1 p]
53-54 Adrian Phillips 'Telephone Directories and the Family Historian' Brief history of the growth of telephonic communications from 1878 and the availability of early directories [1½ pp]
55-56 Rhoda Windiate-Hall 'Discovering the Unexpected, or Patience Rewarded' Account of the discovery that Richard WINDEYATE of Long Sutton Hants m.1608 had come from Devon [1½ pp]
57-58 Jacqueline Bower 'The City Livery Companies' The use of Livery Company records to the genealogist, taking the Bower family of London 19th cent. as an example [1½ pp]
58-59 Jean Allen 'The Value of Members' Queries' Account of the discovery of an informative M.I. at Nunhead Cemetery for a member of the Devon F.H.S. [½ p]
59-61 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Search for the Origins of my Heirlooms - The Heron Crest' Account of the HAYNES family of Sth. Wales c.1786-1849 & the BATTISCOMBE family 1859- who owned silver spoons with the heron crest [2 pp]
61-62 Edna Antrobus 'My Street' Account of the CHARD family of Molyneux St. Marylebone, c.1810-82 [1 p]
62-63 Jennifer Scherr 'Westbrook Wanderings' Details of various branches of the WESTBROOK family in Bromley, Beckenham, Orpington etc., c.1690-19th cent. [1½ pp]
64 'Monumental Inscriptions in Kent: The Bowra Collection at Maidstone Museum' Details of the index of Kent/Sussex M,I.s, late 17th-mid 18th cents., made by Brig. E.V.Bowra [1 p]
65-66 Brian Turner Stockman 'Mystery in Chislehurst High St! - Where was Stockman's Row?' Details of the STOCKMAN family of C. c.1797-1860's, & speculation on the location and origin of Stockman's Row [1½ pp]
68 Grace Crowhurst 'The Value of Transcriptions: Evidence from Gravestones' How the discovery of the M.I. of Wm. CROWHURST at Plaxtol 1724 led to the discovery of earlier ancestors at Frant [1 p]
69-73 Doris Pullen 'Difficulties Experienced in Tracing the History of a Family' Survey of all of the author's ancestral lines to c.1800, including surnames Lord, Garrad, Holley, Evans, Banks & Jewell [4 pp]

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Vol 2 No 3

July 1981

87-90 Dorothea Teague 'The Retreat to Corunna: Samuel Silk and the Oral Tradition' Biography of Samuel SILK 1778-1859, with special reference to his service in the Peninsula War 1808-09 [3½ pp]
90-92 Jacqueline Bower 'Tithe Awards and the Family Historian' [1½ pp]
92-93 Adrian Phillips 'Post Office HQs Record Office' The use of this record office for tracing Post Office employees, 1737-1948 [1 p]
94-95 June Vaisey 'Evidence from Newspapers' How a newspaper report gave details of the death of Charles MOORE in an accident at Godalming, 1864 [1 p]
95-97 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Search for the Origins of my Heirlooms: II The Family Teapot and the Frasers' Account of the FRASER family of Aberdeen/Yorks. etc, and the Blackburne family who owned a Georgian silver teapot [2½ pp]
98-99 Arthur L. Beattie 'It Has To Start Somewhere' Account of the author's own experience of starting on family history research [1½ pp]
99-100 Clive Vaisey 'Family History Sources: The Two World Wars' The use of military records at St Catherines House PRO Kew and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in tracing a 1st World War casualty [1½ pp]
101-03 'Tombstone Inscriptions at St. Mary The Virgin, Bexley, Kent' Personal name index, to a transcript produced in 1957 [3 pp]
104-05 Hilda Hunt 'The Eggleton Family' History of the EGGLETON family of Blackheath, 19th-20th cents. [1½ pp]
105 'Chown / Brissenden Family Bible' List of members of CHOWN family etc. 1887-1924, inscribed in family bible [½ p]
106 Josephine Birchenough 'Manners Mayketh the Family Historian' Some thoughts on the consideration the searcher should show for other students and for the material being studied [1 p]
107-08 Meriel Lucas 'The City of London Freedom Registers' [1 p]

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Vol 2 No 4

October 1981

125-27 Cecil R. Humphery-Smith 'Family History and Genetics' The use of family history in the study of genetics. [1½ pp]
127-30 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Family Characteristics: The Results of some Genealogical Researches' Account of the WARD family of Guisborough, Yorks, JACKSON of Normanby Hall, WILSON of Greenwich/Yorks & BLACKBURNE of Yorks/London. [3 pp]
131 'St. Pauls Cray, 1765 and 1786' Alphabetical list of names from Land Tax & Window Tax returns now at Bromley Library. Note: this list also contains some names from other returns besides 1765 & 1786; e.g. 1771. [1 p]
132-34 Jacqueline Bower 'Being Of Sound Mind ..' The value of wills in family history research with examples from the 18th & 19th centuries. [2 pp]
134 Jean Stirk 'Beginners Beware!' The value of an organised records keeping system in family history research. [½ p]
135-38 Peter Harrison 'Four Generations of Water Flower Millers in N.W.Kent' Continued from Oct 79: History of the CANNON family with special reference to South Darenth Water Flour Mill 1811-1960. [3½ pp]
138-40 Roy Binns 'What's in a Name' Origin of the surname BINNS [2 pp]
140-41 Malcolm Youngs 'A Croydon Turncock' Joseph CLIFFORD 1821-1881, bricklayer then turncock to the Board of Health: transcript of obituary from the 'Croydon Chronicle'. [1 p]
142 Edmund Roberts 'Assessed Taxes: Mainly Land Tax' Brief history of the Land Tax 1692-1963, and list of 16 other miscellaneous taxes 1662-1883. [1 p]
144 'Downe Residents - 1766' List of names from House/Window Tax returns now at Bromley Library. [½ p]

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Vol 2 No 5

January 1982

Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Lady Constance: A Family Scandal of 600 Years Ago' Account of the life and family connections of CONSTANCE of Chalfield Wilts d.c1420.
Nick Vine Hall 'Family History and Photographs'
Jacqueline Bower 'The Lion of Beaufort - John Charles Molteno, First Prime Minister Of Cape Colony, South Africa' Biography & family conections of John Charles MOLTENO, 1814-1886
Fred Whyler 'Hayes (Kent) Landowners and Residents: 1766 1767 &Amp; 1794' Alphabetical list from tax assessments now at Bromley Library
Stella Szachnowski 'Family Legends - A Help or a Hindrance?' Using documents to check on the accuracy of family legends, taking the MENEAR family of Cornwall/Kent as an example
Thelma France 'Chase Your Clues' Short account of the STIDDOLPH family of Kent, 1707-1919
Clive Vaisey '929 and All That! Reference Sources for Genealogists in Public Libraries' Brief survey of published works with list of 25 useful books
Joan A. Carew Richardson 'Gee of Orpington Priory and Carew of Beddington' Concentrates mainly on GEE of Orpington and their successors, c.1791-1828, and some of the earlier CAREWs, c.1400-1600
Peter Harrison 'Family History and Genetics: An Outline Case History' Suggestion that a hereditary complaint was introduced into the CANNON family of N.W.Kent causing early death.
Jean Stirk 'The Dark House, the Sweet Shop and No.2 Sycamore' History and occupancy of two cottages in Ightham, esp. 1871-1911
John Allwood 'Ightham Village Record' Details of ongoing photographic record project with family details to be added later.
Jennifer Scherr 'What's in a Name - Binns' Origin of the surname BINNS - follow up to article, Oct 81
Anne Hand 'Don't Let Your Aunt Put You Off' An example of how to approach old people about their family background
Linda Meaden 'Land Tax - 1702' Interesting examples of names from a Land Tax Archive for Sevenoaks & surrounding area, now at Sevenoaks Library

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Vol 2 No 6

April 1982

191-93 Jacqueline Sarsby 'Interpretation of Material from Diaries, Autobiographies and Letters in Reconstructing Historical Communities' [2½ pp]
193-94 Stella Szachnowski 'Old Penge: The Oral Tradition' Account of the 70th birthday party of William MENEAR of Penge, 1923 [1 p]
195-97 F.G. Emmison 'Final Concords' Description of the content and use of final concords, medieval property conveyances. [2½ pp]
198 Fred Whyler 'Farnborough Kent Residents - 1766 &Amp; 1767' Alphabetical list from tax assessments now at Bromley Library. [½ p]
199-01 Barbara Tearle 'The Davis Family: Innkeepers of Bromley' Account of DAVIS family c.1792-1859 [2½ pp]
201-02 Elizabeth G. Roberts 'The Rev'd Anthony Huggett, M.A 1585-1647: Royalist' Account of life of Anthony HUGGETT & family connections. [½ p]
202-03 Doris Pullen 'John Henry Banks: Engraver and Artist' Account of the search for information on J.H. BANKS of London, d.1879 [2 pp]
204 Linda Meaden 'Royal Naval Asylum' History of the Asylum at Paddington, 1798-1825 [1 p]
205-06 John Nightingale 'The Bath Family of North West Kent: Further Links with the Carews' Account of work done to prove the assumed ancestry of John BATH of Crockenhill, d.1777 [1 p]
206-07 Jean Stirk 'The Company of Surgeons 1745-1800' Short history of the company [1½ pp]
208-09 Jacqueline Bower 'Fatal Boat Accident' Account of accident off Dover, 1869, involving BINGHAM family of Kingsdown [1½ pp]
209-10 Mary A. Puttock 'A Letter from Argentina' Full transcript of letter, 1889, from James YEA who lived in Argentina 1889-? [1½ pp]
211-12 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'History of the Battiscombe and Bascom Families: Further Notes' Additions and corrections to his book on BATTISCOMBE & BASCOM families, published 1976 [1½ pp]
214-15 Jean Stirk 'British Record Society' History of the B.R.S., 1889 to date [1½ pp]

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Vol 2 No 7

July 1982

228-31 Jennifer Scherr 'Shelley's Father-In-Law: John Westbrook' Account of the author's search for links between two John WESTBROOKs in London, 18th-19th cent. [3 pp]
231-33 Leslie Wood 'Moravians in England' Account of the author's search for origins of the SCHNEIDER family, Moravians who arrived in England c.1730 [2 pp]
233-34 Arthur Fernee 'Huguenot Ancestry' Brief history of the Huguenots in England with location of their records [1 p]
235-36 Linda Meaden 'The Compton Census, 1676' Explanation plus list of parishioners of Stansted Kent from Compton Census, 1676 [1½ pp]
236-38 Elaine Williams 'The Investigation and Interpretation of Local Archives' Description of W.E.A. course [2 pp]
238-39 Mary Stott 'Collegium Senescentum: The Story of Morden College' History of Morden College Blackheath, 1700 to date [2 pp]
240 Fred Whyler 'Orpington Residents - 1767' Alphabetical list from Land Tax return [1 p]
241-42 Josephine Birchenough 'A Quiet Wedding' Extracts from letters written by two residents of Lee in 1748 [1½ pp]
243-44 Keith Brunton 'Barking up the Wrong Tree' How the uncritical acceptance of a birth record led to the production of a false pedigree [1 p]
244-46 Brian Turner Stockman 'My Mind in Ferment' Account of the author's search for STOCKMAN ancestors [1½ pp]
246-47 Jean Stirk 'Strict Alphabetical Order' Some advice on the techniques of indexing [2 pp]
248-50 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'The Search for the Origins of my Heirlooms: III The Griffinhoofes' Notes on the family with brief descent 16th-19th cent. from William GRIFFINHOOFE of Essex [2 pp]
251-52 Audrey D. Sleeman 'Grandfather William' Story of the search for RADCLIFFE origins at Mellor, Derbys, inspired by a 19th century family portrait [1½ pp]

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Vol 2 No 8

November 1982

269-74 C.L. (Dick) Bourton 'Sullivan's Journal' Story of the 1839-43 Antarctic Expedition [5 pp]
274-75 June Biggs 'With Love from Auntie Lillie: Family History from Picture Postcards' Illustrated with examples from a collection formed by Muriel HAYWARD: 1910-26 [1 p]
275-77 Stephen Archer 'Microcomputers and the Family Historian' Indexing using a microcomputer [2 pp]
278 Fred Whyler 'St. Mary Cray - 1766/67' Alphabetical list of names appearing in tax returns [1 p]
279-80 Maureen Holden 'Ancestors Buried at Bunhill Fields' How a chance discovery at the Society of Genealogists Library led to the discovery of YEARRON family graves at Bunhill Fields, City of London [1½ pp]
281-83 Michael Walcot 'Someone Has Been Here Before Me: How To Discover What Has Been Written on a Family's History' Comprehensive coverage of the many possible avenues of approach [2½ pp]
283-84 Roy Binns 'To Prove a Marriage' Account of a 1927 Chancery Division court case concerning a fortune left by Edward L'EPINE in 1786; possible connection with DENHAM & ROBEY descendants [1 p]
285-87 Anne Hand 'Home Thoughts from Abroad' Synthesis of views from 12 overseas members about research facilities and problems encountered in tracing English ancestry; suggestions for how English members can help. [3 pp]
288-89 Shirley Williams 'Longford Mill, Otford' Some notes on owners & tenants 1746-1869; references to RIGARLSFORD & PALMER families etc. [3½ pp]
289-91 Jim Packer 'A Day in the Life of...' A selection of news items from the Beckenham & Penge Advertiser of 18th October 1888. [1½ pp]
291-93 Geoffrey B. Barrow 'Family Legends and Origins' Examples of families with romantic or mythical origins [2 pp]
294-97 Linda Meaden and Jean Stirk 'Convict Prison Hulks' The story of prison hulks at Woolwich etc., 1776-1857 [3½ pp]

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