Surname Interests: 'W' to 'Z' Surnames

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WADDEL Mersham, Kent 18c
WADDINGTON London City 19c
Shoreditch, Middlesex Pre-1850
WADE Essex 18-19c
WADESON Any 16-20c
WAGG Salisbury area, Wiltshire Any
WAGHORN Margate, Kent 18-19c
Otford, Kent 18-19c
Seal, Kent 19c
WAIN Wilmington/Erith, Kent 19-20c
WAKELAND Sundridge, Kent 18c
WAKELIN / WALKLIN Horton Kirby / Shoreham, Kent 18-19c
WALFORD Lewisham, Kent 19-20c
WALKER Bletchingly, Surrey 18-19c
Chatham, Kent c1810
Doddington, Cambridgeshire c1800
Lambeth/Newington, Surrey 19c
Shorne, Kent 18-19c
Staines, Middlesex 1850s
Swanscombe, Kent Pre-1892
WALL Any, Cheshire 19c
Plymouth, Devon 1860s
WALLACE Bermondsey, Surrey & Scotland 19c
East Kilbride, Scotland 19c
WALLER Any NW Kent/ Essex 18c
WALLIS Deal / Canterbury area, Kent 1855+
Edenbridge, Kent 17-18c
WALLS Cowden, Kent 18c
Cowden, Kent Any
WALNEY Norfolk 18-19c
WALTER North Kent 1700+
Stansted, Kent 19-20c
Stoke/Gillingham, Kent 19c
Sutton at Hone, Kent 18c
WALTERS Robertsbridge, Sussex Pre-1810
WANSBURY Shoreham, Kent 18-19c
WANT/WENT Blo Norton, Norfolk c1783
WARD Deptford area, Kent 18-19c
Folkestone, Kent 18c
Norfolk 18c
Peckham, Surrey 19c
WARE Strood, Kent 1800s
Wokingham area 18-19c
WAREN Southwark, Surrey 18-19c
WARN Exeter, Devon 1750-1800
WARNER Blackheath, Kent 18-19c
Erith, Kent 18-19c
WARR Southwark/Bermondsey, Surrey 1845
WARREN Southwark, Surrey 19c
Stisted, Essex Any
Tottenham, Middlesex 1900+
WARREN /-AN Aldenham/Benhall, Suffolk 17-19c
WARWICK Chatham, Kent 18-20c
WASPE Ipswich, Suffolk 1800-1850
WASTELL Stepney/Shoreditch/Bethnal Green, Middlesex 1700-1850
WATERFALL Uppingham, Rutland & Deptford, Kent 19c
WATERMAN Mayfield, Sussex & Kent 18-20c
WATERS Bothenhampton, Dorset 19c
WATKINS Greenwich, Kent 1750-1850
Lewisham/Bexley, Kent 18c
WATLER Deptford, Kent & Rotherhithe/Bermondsey, Surrey Any
WATLING Hoxne, Suffolk 18-19c
WATSON Braughing, Hertfordshire & Clavering, Essex 17-19c
Tower Hamlets, Middlesex Pre-1820
WATTS Any, Kent 19c
Charlton, Kent 18-19c
Hawkesbury, Gloucs Any
Portsea, Hampshire 1810s
WAY Clerkenwell, Middlesex & Deptford, Kent 1850+
Westminster/Shoreditch, Middlesex 19c
WAYRE Lambeth/Southwark, Surrey; Hull/York, Yorkshire 18-20c
WAYTE Any, Kent 18-19c
Any, Kent 18-19c
WEATHERHOG Crayford area, Kent Any
WEATHERLEY Dartford/Wilmington, Kent Any
WEAVER Camberwell, Surrey c1850
WEBB Dartford, Kent 19-20c
Deptford/Lewisham, Kent 19c
Easr Farleigh, Kent 18c
East Peckham/Sevenoaks, Kent Any
Leytonstone, Essex 1883-1895
Medway, Kent & Walworth, Surrey Any
Postling/Lyminge/Folkestone, Kent 18-20c
Rochester, Kent c1750
Rochester, Kent 18-19c
Surrey/Kent 18-19c
Windsor, Berkshire 19c
WEBBER Wiveliscombe, Somerset & Deptford, Kent 19c
WEBSTER East Malling, Kent 18-19c
WEEDEN Maidstone, Kent 18-19c
Maidstone, Kent Any
WEEDON Oxford, Oxfordshire 19c
WEEKLY Erith, Kent & Lambeth, Surrey 18-19c
WEIR/WYER Aldington area, Kent 18-19c
WELLER Adderbury, Oxfordshire 18c
Chiddingstone, Kent 1630+
Greenwich / Plumstead, Kent 19c
Shipbourne, Kent 18c
Southwark/Camberwell, Surrey 19c
Wilmington, Kent 18-19c
WELLS Addington, Kent c1800
Cobham/Meopham, Kent 18c
Cobham/Offham, Kent 17-18c
Dartford, Kent 18c
Dartford, Kent Pre-1850
Edenbridge, Kent & Addlestone/Egham, Surrey 19c
Newmarket, Cambridgeshire 18c
Tottenham, Middlesex 19c
Westminster, Middlesex 1800s
Woolwich/Plumstead, Kent 19-20c
WELSHMAN Stogumber, Somerset 17-18c
WESCOMBE Sevenoaks, Kent & Three Oaks, Hastings, Sussex Any
WEST Ashford / Stansted, Kent 1800-1850
Camberwell/Bermondsey, Surrey 19c
Chelsea, Middlesex & Bromley, Kent 19c
Southfleet/Gravesend, Kent Any
Wrotham, Kent 18-19c
WESTCOTT Atherington, Devon Pre-1800
WESTMORELAND Liverpool; Sutterton & Wigtoft, Lincs 19c
St Luke, London; Plumstead, Kent 19c
WESTON Burwash, Sussex 18-19c
Sussex Any
WESTWOOD Bermondsey, Surrey & Canterbury, Kent 18-19c
WHALEY Walworth, Surrey 19c
WHEELER Any, Kent 1846+
Chatham/Sittingbourne, Kent 19c
Lambeth, Surrey 19c
WHISTLER Dartford, Kent, & Hampshire Any
WHITAKER Islington, Middlesex 1860+
WHITE Any, Oxfordshire 1800s
Bloomsbury, Middlesex 1880s
Darenth, Kent 1862-1879
Deptford, Kent 19c
Finsbury, Middlesex c1850
Fulham, Middlesex Pre-1800
Sevenoaks, Kent 18-19c
Sidcup, Kent Any
St Giles, Middlesex / Bermondsey, Surrey 18-19c
Stogumber, Somerset 1780s
Woolwich, Kent Pre-1790
Woolwich, Kent early 19c
WHITEHEAD Knockholt/Chelsfield/Bromley Common, Kent 18-20c
WHITFIELD Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham 19c
WHITING Costessey, Norfolk 1820-60
East Malling, Kent 16-18c
Fritton, Norfolk Pre-1750
WHITTLE Any, Cheshire 17c-19c
WHITWORTH Bromley, Kent & Manchester, Lancashire 19-20c
WHYBROW Bromley-by-Bow/Bethnal Green London 19c
WICKENDEN Greenwich/Woolwich/Deptford, Kent 18-19c
WICKING Godstone, Surrey 1750-1800
WICKS Erith, Kent 1800-1880
WIGMORE Willesden/Kilburn, Middlesex 1870+
WILKES Woolwich/Plumstead area, Kent ; India 19c
WILKIN Cambridgeshire / Norfolk 18c
WILKINS Any, Oxfordshire 1800+
Burbage area, Wiltshire 17-19c
Woolwich, Kent 19-20c
WILKINSON Bradford, Yorkshire 1790-1820
Bromley, Kent / Croydon, Surrey 19-20c
Canterbury, Kent & Bermondsey, Surrey 19-20c
Faversham area, Kent 1800-1814
WILKS Charlton Kings, Gloucs 18-19c
WILLCOX Southwark, Surrey 1750-1930
WILLEY London / Middlesex 18-19c
WILLIAMS Cripplegate London 19c
Deptford, Kent 19c
Lexden/Gt Braxted, Essex 18c
Milton Regis, Kent 1750-1850
Paddington, Middlesex Pre-1900
Portsmouth/Portsea, Hampshire Pre-1850
Shipton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire Pre-1850
Spelsbury, Oxfordshire 18-19c
Woolwich/Charlton, Kent 19-20c
WILLIAMSON Bitton, Gloucs 18-19c
Isleworth, Middlesex & Balham London 1890+
WILLING Loddiswell/Kingsbridge, Devon 19c
WILLIS Any, Kent 17c
Isle of Wight, Hampshire Pre-1760
WILLOUGHBY Rotherham, Yorkshire 19-20c
WILLS Dartford, Kent 19c-20c
Wolverton, Buckinghamshire c1850
WILLSON Erith/Greenwich, Kent Any
Islington, Middlesex 19-20c
WILMSHURST Rotherfield, Sussex 18-19c
WILSON Aldwynkle, Northants 1800+
Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire 16-19c
Greenwich/Deptford, Kent 19c
Kent 1900+
WINCH Stepney/Bromley by Bow, Middlesex 18-19c
WINGHAM Brighton, Sussex / London Any
WINN Poplar, Middlesex Pre-1860
WINTER Dartford, Kent 18-19c
WISEMAN Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham 19c
WITHY Frome, Somerset Any
Islington, Middlesex Any
WITT Stepney, Middlesex 18-19c
WOOD Bromley area, Kent 18-20c
Bromley, Kent 19-20c
Bromley, Kent 19-20c
Chevening, Kent 17c
Chevening/Sevenoaks, Kent 1800-1850
Chislehurst, Kent 17-18c
Hayes, Kent 17-18c
Lewisham, Kent & Bermondsey, Surrey & Reading, Berkshire 19c
Lingfield area Surrey / Sussex 18-19c
Luddesdown / Meopham / Northfleet, Kent Any
Orpington, Kent 19-20c
Romford, Essex 19c
St Margarets at Cliffe, Kent 18-19c
Stepney, Middlesex 19c
WOODCOCK Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk 1800s
WOODDEN Seal, Kent 18c
WOODEN Snodland, Kent 19-20c
WOODER Camberwell, Surrey & Lewisham/Lee, Kent 19c
WOODGATE Hawkhurst, Kent Pre-1830
Mereworth, Kent Pre-1752
West Malling/Rochester, Kent 18-19c
WOODIER Birmingham, Warwickshire 19c
WOODLAND Chard, Somerset 19c
WOODSFORD Any, Dorset Any
WOODWARD Fordham/West Bergholt, Essex 18-20c
Oxford, Oxfordshire 19c
WOOD(S) Troston, Suffolk 18-19c
WOOLBOROUGH Norwich, Norfolk Pre-1700
WORDLEY Cavendish, Suffolk 18-20c
Greenwich, Kent 19-20c
WORKMAN Bisley, Gloucs 18-19c
WORRALL Any London / Hertfordshire 18-19c
WORRELL Any London / Hertfordshire 18-19c
WORSELL Any, Kent Any
WORT Co. Durham Any
WORTON Blackwood Monmouthshire, Wales 1909-1945
Cradley/Sedgley, Staffordshire 19c
WOULDHAM Gravesend/Cobham, Kent 1750-1900
WRAIGHT Hernhill, Kent 19c
WRAY East Malling, Kent 1650-1750
WRIGGLESWORTH Any Oxfordshire / Berkshire 16c
Camberwell, Surrey 19c
City of London London 17c
WRIGHT Basildon, Essex 19c
Brackley, Northants 18-19c
Cowley/Skipton, Yorkshire 19c
Dartford, Kent 19-20c
Windsor, Berkshire 19c
WRITTLE Brabourne, Kent 17c
WYER/WIER Aldington area, Kent 18-19c
WYLIE Dunfermlin/Kirkcaldy, Scotland 18-19c
WYMER Camberwell, Surrey 19c
YABSLEY Erith, Kent 1750+
YELLON Riverhead/Lenham, Kent 18c
YORK Bermondsey, Surrey 1840+
YOUNG Bishopstone/Salisbury, Wiltshire Any
Chiddingstone, Kent 18-19c
East Kent Pre-1850
Reigate, Surrey 18-20c
Swanscombe, Kent 1800
YOUNG(S) Plumstead, Kent 18-19c
Rochester, Kent 19c
YULE Lewisham, Kent 19c+
Lincoln, Lincolnshire 18c