Surname Interests: 'T' to 'V' Surnames

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TADMAN/TODMAN Horton Kirby, Kent Pre-1750
TAFFS Any, Kent / Surrey Middlesex Any
Poplar, Essex 19c
TAGGART Chislehurst, Kent 18-19c
TALL Whitchurch, Devon 1850s
TANDY Any, Kent 1600-1750
TAPLEY Dawlish, Devon 1650-1680
TAPPENDEN Willesborough, Kent 1700-1750
TASSELL Hastings, Sussex Pre-1800
TATE London / Kent / Lambeth Any
TATNALL/-ELL Any, Sussex / Surrey / Kent Any
TATNER Horton Kirby, Kent & Wookey, Somerset 1780-1840
TATTELBY Northfleet, Kent 1760-1800
TAYLER Birmingham area, Warwickshire pre1800
TAYLOR Aylesford, Kent 18c
Brasted/Hever, Kent 18-19c
Bromley area, Kent 19c
Bromley/Deptford, Kent 18-19c
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 1822
Canterbury, Kent 19c
Grantham, Lincs 19c
Hever, Kent 18c
Horsham, Sussex 19c
Kent Pre-1750
Leatherhead, Surrey Pre-1930
Orpington, Kent 18-19c
Sheppey area, Kent 18c
Shorne, Kent 1748-1827
Woolwich, Kent 1780+
TEAGUE Falmouth, Cornwall & Bermondsey, Surrey 18-19c
TEARE Northfleet, Kent & Pentonville, Middlesex 19c
TEMPEST Whaddon, Cambridgeshire 16-17c
TENCH Sheerness, Kent 19c
TERRY Epping, Essex 1812
Wrotham, Kent 19c
Wrotham/Beckenham, Kent 16-20c
TETTMAN Tottenham, Middlesex Any
West Ham, Essex Any
TEVELEIN Canterbury, Kent 1750-1800
THARP Horne/Lingfield, Surrey 18-19c
THATCHER Plumstead, Kent c1840
THEW Hannah cum Hagnaby, Lincolnshire Pre-1820
THOMAS Chelsfield, Kent 17-19c
Ealing, Middlesex & Northfleet, Kent 18-19c
Mountfield, Essex 19c
THOMPSON Camberwell, Surrey 18c
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 19c
Rainham / Halling, Kent 19-20c
Stone, Kent 19c
THOMSON Greenwich/Deptford area, Kent 19c
THORN Harty, Somerset & Deptford, Kent 18-19c
Weedon, Buckinghamshire 18-19c
THORNDYCRAFT Any, Kent 1700-1875
East Farleigh, Kent 19c
THORNE Southwark, Surrey 1830s
THORNTON Any Devon / Kent 18-19c
Gillingham/Stone/Deptford, Kent 19-20c
Malborough/Portlemouth, Devon 17-20c
Marlborough, Devon 18-19c
Stepney/Shoreditch, Middlesex 19c
THOROGOOD South Hamingfield, Essex Any
THORP Horne/Lingfield, Surrey 18-19c
Kent (north-west) 18-19c
TICKNER Aldington area, Kent 18c
Northchapel, Sussex 1780s
TIDBURY Hayes, Kent 20c
Windlesham/Egham, Surrey 18-19c
TIDD Any, Kent Any
TIDY Any, Surrey 1750s
Edenbridge area, Kent 18c
TILLEY Burbage area, Wiltshire 17-19c
TINDAL Any, Kent 1650-1750
TITCHENER Any Berkshire / Wiltshire 1650-1850
TITCOMBE Montreal?, Canada 1913-1921
Plumstead, Kent 1921-1980
Rodbourne Cheney, Wiltshire 1715-1915
TITMUS Sidcup, Kent & Nazing, Essex Any
TITTERINGTON Leeds, Yorkshire 18-19c
TIT(T)ER(R)EL(L) Any Any
City London / Middlesex & Any, Essex 16-19c
Deptford, Kent & Bermondsey, Surrey 19-20c
TODD Hadleigh, Suffolk & Gillingham, Norfolk Any
TOLAT(T) Westminster area, Middlesex Pre-1770
TOLHURST Maidstone area, Kent 19c
TOLLIT Southall / Any Middlesex pre1770
Uxbridge/Hillingdon, Middlesex 1760-1850
TOMALIN Aston-le-Walls / Byfield, Northants Early 19c
Woodford cum Membris, Northants Pre-1800
TOMALIN/TOMLIN Wrotham, Kent 19c
TOMBS Highgate/Hornsey, Middlesex 1900s
TOMPSETT Aldington area, Kent 18c
TOMSETT Staplehurst/Hadlow, Kent Any
TOOHILL Barrow in Furness, Lancashire 1800+
TOON Dover, Kent 19c
TOPPING Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 1700-1850
TOSSELL Sidcup/Footscray, Kent 1890+
TOTTLE Kingstaunton, Devon 19c
TOURLE Sussex / Surrey 19-20c
TOWERS Marylebone, Middlesex / Greenwich, Kent 1837+
TOWNLEY Norton/Long Buckby, Northants & Warwick, Warwickshire 18-19c
Portsmouth, Hampshire & Chatham/Canterbury, Kent 18-19c
TOWNLY Any, Gloucs 1640-1740
Any, Surrey 1740-1776
Hackney, Middlesex 1776-1820
Walworth, Surrey 1780-1820
TOWNSEND Messing area, Essex 18-19c
Wrotham area, Kent 1680s
Wrotham area, Kent 17c
TOWN(E) Boughton Malherbe, Kent 18-19c
TREADWELL Any, Oxfordshire 18-19c
TRECOTHICK Addington, Surrey 1750+
Boston, USA 1700+
TREDGET Kent & Essex Any
TREDGETT Saffron Waldon area, Essex 1810s
TREE Bermondsey, Surrey 18-19c
TREGENNA Portsmouth, Hampshire c1850
Torpoint Cornwall c1820
TRESSE Maidstone, Kent 18c
TREVILLION Dartford, Kent Pre-1700
TRICE Bexley/Deptford, Kent 1770-1800
TRIGG Aldgate, London 18c
TROLLOP(E) Norfolk 18-19c
TRYHORN Woolwich, Kent & Any, Wiltshire 1900s
TUBB(S) Compton, Surrey 18-19c
TUCKER Milton Regis, Kent 1750-1850
TUCKWELL Berwick Salome, Oxfordshire & Isleworth, Middlesex 18-19c
TUDDENHAM S. Creake, Norfolk Pre-1860
TUFFIN Any, Dorset 18-19c
TULK Gravesend, Kent 19-20c
TULLETT Newdigate, Surrey & Rusper, Sussex 18-19c
TULLOCH Shetland, Scotland & Southwark, Surrey 18-19c
TULLY / TURLEY Sutton at Hone / St Mary Cray, Kent 18-20c
TUMBER Wingham, Kent 18c
TUME Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
TUNE Dover/Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
TUPPENNY Sussex 1859+
TURK Upchurch area, Kent 18-19c
TURLEY / TULLY Sutton at Hone / St Mary Cray, Kent 18-20c
TURNELL Gosport, Hampshire 18-19c
TURNER Leigh, Kent 1600-1750
Maidstone/Strood, Kent 1800+
Strand, Middlesex 19c
TUTTEN Isle of Wight, Hampshire Pre-1730
TYDEMAN Earl Stonham, Suffolk c1800
TYERS Hull, Yorkshire 19c
TYLER Bobbing area, Kent Any
Clerkenwell/St Luke, Middlesex / Worcester, Worcs. 19-20c
Gt. Waltham / High Easter area, Essex Pre-1840
Milden, Suffolk & Wivenhoe, Essex Pre-1900
Southwark, Surrey 19c
Sutton at Hone, Kent 18c
UNDERWOOD Hackney, Middlesex 19c
Sevenoaks, Kent 19c
Whaddon, Buckinghamshire 17c
UNTHANK Deptford/Blackheath, Kent 19c+
UPTIN Leigh, Kent 1700-1850
UPTON Bromley/Lee, Kent 1817+
Gravesend/ Northfleet/ Bean/ Bromley, Kent 1770-1930
Malling, Kent 18-19c
USHER Wormshill, Kent 1850+
Wrotham, Kent 1885+
Wychling, Kent 1830+
VALLANCE Mayfair, Middlesex 1816+
VARTY East Farleigh, Kent 1820s
Maidstone, Kent 1830-1850
Tenterden, Kent 1850+
VELVICK Any, Kent Any
VENISON Trottiscliffe, Kent 1800-date
VERNON Whitegates, Cheshire 1800-1850
VERRELLS Bromley area, Kent 18-19c
Chislehurst / Bromley, Kent 1750-1850
VERRILL Hereford, Herefordshire 1850s
VINCENT Westbury, Wiltshire Any
VINCER Anywhere, Kent Pre-1815
VINE Greenwich, Kent 18c
VINEY St Giles, Dorset 18-19c
VINTEN/VINTON Bromley/Lee, Kent 1800+
VIRGO Any, Kent / Sussex Pre-1800
VOST Strood, Kent & Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland 1820-1877
VOWLES Frome, Somerset 17-19c