Surname Interests: 'R' Surnames

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RABSON Ash next Ridley, Kent 17c
RACKHAM Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 18-19c
RACKSTRAW Gravesend, Kent 19c
RAGGETT Greenwich, Kent, Aldershot, Surrey Any
RAIMO Clerkenwell/Holborn London Any
Greenwich/Deptford, Kent Any
RAINER Lower Halstow, Kent 1780s
Sittingbourne area, Kent 18-19c
RALPH Leiston/Friston, Suffolk 19c
RAMSAY Any Co Durham / Northumberland 18c-19c
RAMSEY Hornsey/Hackney/Hoxton, Middlesex 19c
RANDALL Any, Kent / Sussex Pre-1800
Boughton Malherbe, Kent 18c
Highgate area, Middlesex 1870+
Salisbury, Wiltshire Any
St Pancras area, Middlesex 1800+
Wellingborough, Northants 19c
RANSOM Wormshill, Kent 18-19c
RANSON Bilderstone, Suffolk 18-19c
RATCLIFFE Erith, Kent 1860-1920
Maidstone, Kent 18-19c
St Mary Cray, Kent 1840-1860
RAWLERSON Balham, Surrey 1881-1891
Balham, Surrey 1881-1891
Bexley, Kent 1805-1881
Ludlow, Shropshire 17-19c
Millwall/Isle of Dogs, Middlesex 1835-1891
St George in the East, Middlesex 1830-1850
St Pancras, Middlesex 1860-1891
Stone next Dartford, Kent 1700-1820
Strood/Rochester, Kent 1813-1882
Welling, Kent 1800-1860
York, Yorkshire 1891-1982
RAWLINS Medway, Kent Pre-1850
Wingerworth, Derbyshire Pre-1800
RAY Any, Middlesex 19-20c
Melbourne/Sydney, Australia 1850+
Melbourne/Sydney, Australia 1850+
St Pancras/Marylebone, Middlesex 1810-1910
READ Hildenborough, Kent 1870-1880
Woking area, Surrey 1800-1850
REASON Any, Suffolk 17c
REDSELL Darenth/Southfleet/Shorne/Ifield, Kent Any
North Kent 19c
REECE Cardiff, Wales 20c
REED Northfleet, Kent 1740-1830
Trottiscliffe/Meopham, Kent 18-19c
Woking area, Surrey 1800-1850
REES Southwark, Surrey / Deptford, Kent 18-19c
REEVE Ashford, Kent Pre-1830
Footscray/Sidcup, Kent 1860-1940
Kent 1800+
Saxmundham, Suffolk 1810-20
REEVES Astley Shropshire & East Grinstead, Sussex 1700+
Brabourne/Smeeth, Kent 19c
Chelsfield, Kent 1860s
Cudham, Kent 18-19c
Dartford, Kent 1800+
Otford / Kemsing, Kent 18-19c
Plumstead / Bexley / Lewisham, Kent 19c
West Peckham, Kent Pre-1850
REID Hildenborough, Kent 1870-1880
Westerkirk area, Dumfriesshire 18c
Woking area, Surrey 1800-1850
RELF Catford/Lewisham, Kent 19c
RELPH Any, Kent 18c
REMNENT Northchapel, Sussex 1760s
REVELL Upper Langwith/Scarcliffe, Derbyshire 18c
REYNOLDS Aslacton, Norfolk 18c
Clerkenwell, Middlesex Pre-1820
Hoxton, Middlesex 1840s
Southfleet / Swanscombe, Kent Pre-1750
RHYS Bridgend Glamorgan, Wales 19-20c
RIBBAN Ipswich, Suffolk 1800-1850
RIBBONS Manningtree, Essex Pre-1840
RIBLAN Ipswich, Suffolk 1800-1850
RICH East Peckham/Hadlow, Kent 18-19c
Sevenoaks / Seal / Farningham, Kent 1750+
RICHARDS Any, Cambridgeshire 17-20c
Hackney, Middlesex 1850+
Over, Cambridgeshire 17-19c
Seasalter/Canterbury, Kent 19c
Tottenham, Middlesex 1900+
RICHARDSON Bethnal Green / Shoreditch, Middx 18-19c
Bromley/Hayes, Kent 18-20c
Hartfield, Sussex & Burstow, Surrey 1814-1830
Lee/Blackheath, Kent 1840-1895
Leigh, Kent 17-19c
Seal, Kent 19c
Sheffield, Yorkshire Pre-1850
Wadhurst, Sussex & Lamberhurst, Kent Pre-1880
RICHMOND Islington/Stepney, Middlesex 18-19c
Prittlewell, Essex 20c
RICKMAN Finsbury, Middx 18-19c
RIDGER Sydenham, Kent 19-20c
RIDGI(E)N Old Newton, Suffolk 1750-1790
RIDLER Edmonton, Middlesex & Camberwell, Surrey 18-19c
RIDLEY Burstow, Surrey 1780s
Kent & Camberwell, Surrey 18-19c
RIGG Liverpool, Lancashire 18-19c
RIMMER Formby, Lancashire Any
RIPP Bromley, Kent Any
RIPPER Dartford/Bexley, Kent 1850+
East Bradenham, Norfolk Pre-1850
ROALF Kent 19-20c
ROBBINS Bermondsey, Surrey 19c
Rochester, Kent 18c
ROBERTS Deptford, Kent 19-20c
Goudhurst, Kent 18-19c
Greenwich, Kent 1820-1900
Hempnall, Norfolk & Stradbroke, Suffolk 19c
Orpington, Kent 19-20c
ROBERTSON Kings Lynn area, Norfolk 18c
ROBINS Northfleet, Kent & Tilbury, Essex 19-20c
Westbury, Wiltshire Any
W.Hanney, Berkshire & Isleworth, Middlesex 18-19c
ROBINSON Medway towns, Kent 1800-1875
ROBSON Dartford area, Kent 18c
Kessingland, Suffolk 18-19c
Walthamstow, Essex 1830+
Woolwich / Gillingham / Lewisham, Kent 19-20c
RODDAN Carlise, Cumberland 1800s
Dumfries, Scotland 17-18c
ROFFEY Kent & Middlesex Any
ROLLINGS Medway/Crayford, Kent Pre-1900
ROOTS Halling/Meopham/Harvel, Kent 1800-date
ROSE Mosborough/Eckington, Derbyshire 18-19c
Sevenoaks, Kent Pre-1850
Thurnam, Kent Pre-1820
ROSHER Creeting St Mary/Hadleigh, Suffolk 18-20c
Manly, Sydney, Australia 1900+
ROSS Woolwich/Gravesend/Greenwich/Deptford, Kent 18-19c
ROW Plymouth, Devon 19-20c
ROWDEN Whitstable, Kent c1870
ROWE Battersea/Lambeth, Surrey 1860+
Hoxton/Shoreditch, Middlesex 1890-1930
Stockbridge, Hampshire 1800+
ROWED Hever, Kent / Lingfield, Surrey 18-19c
ROWLAND Aldbury, Herts & Erith, Kent 1700+
Eastling, Kent 19c
ROWLERSON Bexley, Kent 1805-1881
Greenwich/Woolwich, Kent 1891-1895
Greenwich/Woolwich, Kent 1891-1895
Ludlow, Shropshire 17-19c
Millwall/Isle of Dogs, Middlesex 1835-1891
St George in the East, Middlesex 1830-1850
St Pancras, Middlesex 1860-1891
Stone next Dartford, Kent 1700-1820
Strood/Rochester, Kent 1813-1882
Welling, Kent 1800-1860
York, Yorkshire 1891-1982
ROWSELL Southwark, Surrey 1850s
RUNDLE Stoke Climsland, Cornwall & Hull, Yorkshire 18-19c
RUSHTON Leeds, Yorkshire 18-19c
RUSSELL Bromley, Kent Any
Maidstone, Kent Pre-1900
Covent Garden/Westminster, Middlesex 18c
Peckham/Bermondsey, Surrey 19c
RUTTER Greenwich/Lewisham, Kent 18-19c
Reading, Berkshire 18-19c
RYE Littlebourne, Kent 18c