Surname Interests: 'O' to 'Q' Surnames

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OAKLEY Gt. Burstead, Essex & Stone, Kent 19-20c
Laindon, Essex 19c
ODELL Any, Bedfordshire 17c-18c
ODY Deptford, Kent Any
OLDMAN Oxwick, Norfolk & Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Pre-1860
South East London (Kent / Surrey) 1855+
OLIVER Any Roxburgh, Scotland Any
Any, Hertfordshire 18c
Ash/Hartley/Meopham, Kent 16-19c
OLLEY Tower Hamlets, Middlesex 1840-1865
ONGLEY East Peckham, Kent c1820
ONION Bermondsey/Southwark/Rotherhithe, Surrey 18-19c
ORBELL Any, Kent 18c+
ORMAN Hampshire 18-20c
ORPIN Dartford area, Kent 18c
ORR/ORE/OARE Any, Kent Pre-1800
ORSBORN Islington, Middlesex 19c
OSBORN Any, Devon 19c
Erith/Southfleet, Kent 1800-1885
Gravesend, Kent 18-19c
OSBORNE Any, Devon 19c
Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
Netley, Hampshire & Solihull, Warwickshire 19-20c
Stratford, Essex 19c
OSBORN(E) Any Pre-1815
Bromley, Kent 1800
OULD Swanscombe, Kent 19c
OUTRED Any, Kent Pre-1700
OVERALL Maldon, Essex & Bromley, Kent 19c
OVERGAGE Barking, Essex 19c
OVERTON Kidderminster, Worcestershire 19c
O'CONNELL Orpington, Kent 20c
PACE Any, Gloucs Pre-1740
Bristol, Gloucs; Somerset 1810-1820
Dublin, Ireland 1700-1815
PACKER Greenwich, Kent 19-20c
PACKHAM Any, Kent / Sussex Any
Deptford, Kent 1890+
PADDON Ilsington/Bickington, Devon 18-19c
PADGEN Woolwich area, Kent 18-19c
PADGET(T) Chippenham, Wiltshire Any
Kington St Michael/Langley Burrell, Wiltshire Pre-1900
Swindon, Wiltshire 1900+
PAGDEN Plumstead/Woolwich, Kent 18-19c
PAGE Bradford on Tone, Somerset Pre-1800
Ellingham/Kirby Cane, Norfolk 18-19c
Greenwich, Kent 1800
Orpington, Kent 18-19c
Sheppey, Kent 19c
PAGET(T) Chippenham, Wiltshire Any
Kington St Michael/Langley Burrell, Wiltshire Pre-1900
Swindon, Wiltshire 1900+
PAIGE / PAGE Dartford, Kent Pre-1850
PAIN Dover, Kent 18-19c
PAINE Hoo, Kent 18c
Waterloo, Surrey / St Luke, Middlesex 19c
PAISLEY Charlton, Kent 1800-1880
PALMER Any, Sussex Any
Greenwich, Kent 19c
Kemsing, Kent 18c
Upchurch, Kent 17-19c
Any NW, Kent 18c
PANNELL Cowden, Kent 19c
Forest Row / Hartfield, Sussex Any
PARKER Chevening/Northfleet, Kent 18-19c
Heaverham, Kent 18-19c
Plumstead/Woolwich, Kent 18-20c
Sutton at Hone/Sidcup area, Kent 19c
PARKINSON Greenwich/Gravesend, Kent 18-19c
Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire 18-19c
PARNALL East & North London, Middlesex 19c
PARR Catford, Kent early 20c
PARRETT Cowden/Hever, Kent & Horley, Surrey 18-20c
PARRIS Meopham, Kent 1750-1900
PARROCK St Pancras, Middlesex 19c
PARROT Finsbury, Middlesex 1800s
PARROTT Tonbridge, Kent 1800-1830
PARRY Camberwell, Surrey & Deptford, Kent 19c
PARSLEY Ilketshall St Andrew, Suffolk 1740
London, Middlesex 1880-1920
Norwich, Norfolk Pre-1650
South Elmham All Saints, Suffolk Pre-1750
PARSONS City of London London 1750s
Horley, Surrey 18c
Portsmouth, Hampshire 1870+
Weymouth, Dorset 1800+
PARTINGTON Any, Cheshire 18c-19c
PASCAL Any, Kent Pre-1900
PASCALL Chislehurst, Kent 19c
PASSFIELD Southampton area, Hampshire 19c
PATEMAN St Mary Cray/Bexley, Kent 19-20c
PATERSON Inverness, Scotland 19-20c
PATIENCE Any, Sussex Any
Gravesend, Kent 1860-1900
Higham, Kent 18-19c
Stone/Dartford, Kent 1830-1860
PATRICK Oxford, Oxfordshire 1799
PATTENDEN Any Worldwide Any
PAVEN(S) Any, Bedfordshire / Northants Any
PAVIN(S) Any, Bedfordshire / Northants Any
PAYNE Deptford St Paul Greenwich 19-20c
East Grinstead, Sussex Pre-1850
Heytsbury, Wiltshire Pre-1830
Hoo, Kent 18c
PEACH Isle of Wight, Hampshire Pre-1800
PEACOCK Any, Kent Pre-1900
Any, Kent 18c
Lee/Lewisham/Beckenham, Kent 1930-1960
PEAK Any, Kent 18-19c
Swanscombe/Greenhithe, Kent Pre-1800
PEARCE Barming, Kent 18-19c
Rotherhithe, Surrey 19c
PEARL Any, Kent / Surrey 1780-1850
Ringshall area, Suffolk 18-19c
PEARSON Newington/Walworth, Surrey 18-19c
PEE(A)N Gravesend/Dartford, Kent Pre-1900
PEGDEN Plumstead/Woolwich, Kent 18-19c
PELLING Edenbridge/Brasted, Kent 17c
PELLS Mile End, Middlesex & West Ham, Essex 19-20c
PELLYN Edenbridge/Brasted, Kent 17c
PEMBERTON Lambeth, Surrey 1840-1910
PENDER Jedburgh, Scotland 1800+
PENKETH Manchester, Lancashire & Weaverham, Cheshire 18-19c
PENTECOST Pluckley, Kent 19c
PEPARDY Woolwich, Kent Any
PEPPER Any, Essex 18-19c
Peasenhall/Framsden, Suffolk 1800+
PERCIVAL Swanscombe, Kent 19c
PERFECT Any 17-19c
PERKIN Shaugh Prior, Devon 1800s
PERKINS Alcester & Birmingham, Warwickshire 18-19c
Plumstead, Kent 19-20c
Rotherhithe, Surrey 19c
PERRY Camberwell, Surrey & Deptford, Kent 19c
Lindsell, Essex 17c
PETERS Horley/Charlwood, Surrey 17-20c
Plumstead/Woolwich, Kent 19-20c
Portslade/Brighton, Sussex & Forest Hill/Lewisham, Kent 18-19c
PETMAN Bexley, Kent 1850-1900
Farningham/Shoreham, Kent 1700-1860
PETT Any, Kent Any
PETTS Kent Pre-1900
PHILLIPS Bermondsey, Surrey Pre-1930
Dartford/Crayford, Kent Pre-1800
Deptford, Kent c1860
Georgeham, Devon 18c
Horsleydown, Surrey & Ore, Sussex 19c
Limehouse, Middlesex c1825
Woolwich, Kent 19c+
PHILPOT Any, Middlesex Any
PHILPOTT West Farleigh, Kent 18-19c
PHILPOT(T) Charlton-next-Woolwich / Herne Bay / Canterbury, Kent Pre-1870
PHIPPEN Any, Somerset / Kent /Middlesex 16-20c
Greenwich, Kent 19c
Wedmore, Somerset 18-19c
PHIPPS Any, Kent Any
PICKERING Allendale area, Northumberland 18-19c
Plumstead/Woolwich, Kent 19-20c
PICKETT Bexley, Kent 1840-2000
PICKNALL Any, Kent Pre-1750
PIGGOTT Bermondsey, Surrey 1870+
PIGOTT Abington Pigotts, Cambridgeshire 16-20c
Broadhurst, Sussex 18c
Hatfield nr. Doncaster, Yorkshire 18-19c
PIG(G)OT(T) Bermondsey, Surrey c1870
Buckden, Hunts c1815
Chatteris, Cambridgeshire c1850
Huntingdon, Hunts c1815
PIKE Hatchbeauchamp, Somerset 18-19c
Woolwich, Kent Any
PILCHER Hastingleigh/Lyminge, Kent 17-19c
St Margarets at Cliffe, Kent Any
PILES Kemsing, Kent 18c
PILON Any England Pre-1930
PINHORN(E) Portsea/Portsmouth, Hampshire 17-19c
PINNUCK Enfield, Middlesex 19c
PIPPETT Willesden/Kilburn, Middlesex 1870+
PIRIE Ellon, Aberdeenshire 1800-1850
Lambeth, Surrey 1840-1860
Plumstead, Kent 1860-1900
PISSEY Any, Essex / Suffolk Any
PITMAN Farningham/Shoreham, Kent 1700-1860
St Pancras/Marylebone, Middlesex 18-19c
PITTMAN Rotherhithe, Surrey 1750-1930
PLANT Any, Staffordshire 19c
PLATER Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire & Any, Kent 19c
PLATT Church Langton, Leics 18c
Chatham, Kent 1800-1850
PLEDGE Brighton, Sussex Pre-1850
West Malling, Kent 19c
PLOWMAN Greenwich, Kent 19-20c
PLUCKROSE Southwark, Surrey 19c
PLUM Birdbrook, Essex & Rainham, Kent Any
POBGEE East Grinstead, Sussex & Penge, Kent 18-19c
POCKLINGTON Birkin/Doncaster/Whitgift, Yorkshire 17-19c
POCKNALL Eltham, Kent 19c
POCKNELL Southwark, Surrey 19c
POCKSON Kent & Essex Any
POCOCK Any, Kent Any
Chatham/Gravesend, Kent Pre-1820
Hadlow, Kent c1770
Hoo area, Kent 18c
Richmond, Surrey 19c
POLLOCK Deptford/Eynsford, Kent 19c
East End, Middlesex Pre-1930
PONDER Newton/Gt Cornard, Suffolk 1780+
PONTIN SE London / Kent Pre-1900
POOK Any, Devon 18-19c
Deptford, Kent 19c
POOLE Aveley, Essex Any
POOR Sutton Vallence, Kent 18c
POPE Steventon, Hampshire 18-20c
POPLETT Any, Kent Any
PORTER Spaxton, Somerset Pre-1820
PORTLOCK Any, Oxfordshire 1800s
POTTER St Clement Danes, Middlesex 1820s
St Lukes, Middlesex Any
POTTS Sheffield, Yorkshire & Houghton Le Spring, Co. Durham 1800s
POULTER Aston and Birmingham, Warwickshire 19-20c
Camberwell, Surrey 18c
Sevenoaks and Riverhead, Kent 18-19c
POULTON Bishops Waltham, Hampshire 18c
Chelsea, Middlesex c1850
POUT Whitstable, Kent 19-20c
POVEY Northfleet, Kent 19-20c
POWELL Any, Berkshire Any
POWLING Bromley, Kent 20c
PRANGLEY Holborn, London 1785+
PRATT Orpington, Kent 20c
PRESCOTT Any, Kent 19c
PRESS East London; Canterbury, Kent / Cape Town & Lithuania 19-20c
PRETTY Greenwich, Kent 1900+
Milton Regis, Kent 1750-1930
PRICE Bexleyheath, Kent 1890-2000
Chatham, Kent Any
Greenhithe, Kent 1900s
Lenham/Gravesend/Kingsdown, Kent Any
Strand, Middlesex 19c
PRICK Milton, Kent 1700-1850
PRIESTLEY St Helens, Lancashire / Haswell, Co. Durham 19-20c
PRINCE Portsea/Hound, Hampshire 18-19c
PRING Westerham/Bromley Common/Orpington, Kent 18-20c
PRIOR Stanstead & West Ham, Essex 19c
PRITCHARD Much Marcle/Ross-on-wye/Ledbury, Herefordshire Pre-1880
PRIVETT New/Old Alresford, Hampshire 1770-1900
PROCTER Woolwich / Plumstead, Kent 19-20c
PROUSE Greenwich/Woolwich, Kent 18-19c
PROWSE Any, Kent / Middlesex / Surrey 18-20c
Deptford, Kent 18-19c
Greenwich/Woolwich, Kent 18-19c
PRYKE Bramford, Suffolk 18-19c
PUDDEFOOT Marylebone, Middlesex Pre-1800
PUGH Islington, Middlesex 19c
PULLEY London 1800+
PULLINGER Any 1750-1850
PURBRICK Southwark, Surrey Any
PURFLEET Eltham, Kent 19c
PUTCHER Any, Suffolk / Norfolk 17-18c
PUTMAN Maidstone/Gravesend, Kent 18-19c
PUTNAM Any, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire 17-18c
PUTTENHAM Gravesend/Maidstone, Kent 17-18c
PUTTMAN Maidstone/Gravesend, Kent 18-19c
PUTTNAM Any, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire 17-18c
Maidstone/Gravesend, Kent 18-19c
QUELCH Any, especially Kent 17-18c
QUICKENDEN Edenbridge/Hever area, Kent 1850-1900
Horne/Godstone/Lingfield area, Surrey 1850-l999
Sevenoaks area, Kent 1881-1891
Shorne area, Kent 1790-1820
QUICKENDEN/ QUITTENDEN Any, Kent (esp. Sevenoaks) 17-19c
East Grinstead area, Sussex 1790-1890
QUILTER Kent 19c
QUINNELL Tonbridge, Kent 19c
QUINTON Stowupland area, Suffolk 18-19c
QUITTENDEN Sevenoaks, Kent 1690-1730