Surname Interests: 'J' to 'L' Surnames

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JACKSON Cudham/Downe, Kent 1800+
Gosport, Hampshire 18-19c
Holborn, London 1868
Kensington, Middlesex 1850+
Northfleet, Kent 19c
JACOBS Isle of Wight, Hampshire Pre-1800
JACOB(S) Lyminge/Elham, Kent 17-19c
JAMES Canterbury and Maidstone, Kent 19-20c
Hastings, Sussex 1880+
Islington & Chelsea, Middlesex 1870+
Sevenoaks area, Kent 18-19c
JAMESON Lewisham, Kent 19-20c
JAMIESON Hull, Yorkshire 1790+
Pelaw Main, Co. Durham / Shetland Any
JARMAN East Tisted, Hampshire 1740-1900
Wye, Kent 18c
JARRETT Bobbing, Kent 1800s
Capel, Kent 18c
Chatham, Kent 18c
JARVIS Bexleyheath, Kent 17-19c
Stone next Dartford, Kent 18-20c
JEANS Westbury, Wiltshire Any
JEFFORD Sheerness, Kent c1790
JENKINS Yatton, Somerset 17-18c
JENKINSON Woodley, Cheshire 19c
JENNER Edenbridge, Kent 1750+
Hever/West Wickham, Kent 18-20c
JENNINGS Deal/Folkstone, Kent 19c
Greenhithe/Stone, Kent 1900s
JEREMY Carmarthen, Wales 1750+
JESSUP Lindfield, Sussex 18c
JIBSON Eastington, Yorkshire Pre-19c
JOB Liverpool, Lancashire Any
St Johns Newfoundland, Canada Any
JOBLING Tynemouth, Northumberland 18-19c
JOBSON Any, Kent 1800+
Finchley, Middlesex Pre-1800
JOCELYN Kensington, Middlesex & Lambeth, Surrey c1876
JOHNCOCK Selling, Kent 1750+
JOHNSON St Luke, London; Woolwich, Kent 19c
West Wickham & Bromley, Kent 18-19c
Woolwich area, Kent 19c
JONAS Edinburgh, Scotland 1865-1900
Leeds, Yorkshire 1890s
JONES Aldershot, Hampshire 19c
Bisley, Gloucs 18-19c
Greenwich, Kent 19c
Mildenhall/Marlborough, Wiltshire Pre-1900
Southwark, Surrey Pre-1850
Sundridge, Kent 18-19c
Swindon, Wiltshire 1900+
Tawstock, Devon Pre-1800
Woolwich, Kent c1750
JORDAIN Loose, Kent Pre-1800
JORDAN Burton Under Water, Oxfordshire Pre-1750
JOY Paddington, Middlesex 20c
JUPP Birling, Kent 18-19c
Lewisham, Kent 1800-1855
Leytonstone, Essex 1860-1883
KEARLEY Any, Isle of Wight / Hampshire /, Dorset Pre-1800
KEARN Plumstead / Maidstone, Kent 19c
KEATT Bromley, Kent Any
KEEFE Southwark, Surrey 19-20c
KEEN Deptford, Kent 19c
Harmsworth, Middlesex 1820
Harmsworth, Middlesex 1817
Plymouth/Devonport, Devon 19c
KEEP Surrey Any
KEEYS Chiddingstone, Kent 18c
KEILL/KEEL Netheravon, Kent 1600-1880
KELSEY Haxey, Lincolnshire 18-19c
Hull/Sheffield, Yorkshire 19-20c
KEMP Cadeleigh area, Devon 19c
Greenwich, Kent 1800s
Heathfield, Sussex 1800-1890
Murston, Kent 1880-1920
Salehurst, Sussex 1830-1900
KEMPSTER Any, Berkshire 16c
Any, Oxfordshire 16c
City of London London 17c
KENDALL St Lukes, Middlesex 1800+
KENDRICK Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 18-19c
KENNARD Shorne, Kent 17-18c
KENNEDY Congleton, Cheshire c1780
KENNERLEY Dartford/Erith, Kent 19-20c
KENTSLEY Any, Kent / Sussex / London Any
KER Dunfermlin/Kirkcaldy, Scotland 18-19c
KERRIDGE Plumstead, Kent 19-20c
KERRINGTON Greenwich, Kent & Any, Ireland 18-19c
KETT Bromley, Kent Any
KETTLE Guildford, Surrey & Ashford, Kent 1800+
KEY Kent / London 19c
KIDD New Malton, Yorkshire 18-19c
KILBY Hatfield, Hertfordshire & Mitcham, Surrey 18-19c
KILLICK Cranleigh/Capel, Surrey 19c
Cudham/West Wickham, Kent 17-18c
Deptford, Kent 1700-1851
Edenbridge, Kent 1730-1760
Horley/Horne, Surrey 16-18c
KING Alberta, Canada 1910s
Brixton/Streatham/Herne Hill, Surrey 1880-1900
Chart Sutton, Kent 19c
Frindsbury/Crayford, Kent 1840-1880
Maidstone, Kent 18c
Medway/Crayford, Kent Pre-1850
KINGETT London, Middlesex 19c
KINGSLAND Eynsford, Kent Pre-1880
KINGSMILL East Kent, Kent 1750-1850
KINGSTON Chatham, Kent 18c
KIRBY Bermondsey, Surrey 1840+
KIRK Crowland, Lincolnshire 18c
KIRTON Birmingham, Warwickshire , Dartford, Kent Any
KITCHEN Canning Town/West Ham, Essex 1907
KITHER Kent 19c
KNAPP / NAP Crayford / Erith, Kent 18-19c
KNELLER Mereworth, Kent 1800-1850
KNIGHT Medway, Kent c1840
Middlesex 19c
Pevensey, Sussex 17-18c
Sidcup/Footscray, Kent 1850+
Stockbury/Medway areas, Kent 16-19c
KNOCK(E) Westwell area, Kent 18-19c
KNOTT Ashford/Dover, Kent 19-21C
KNOWLER Great Oakley, Essex 19c
KNOWLTON Great Wymondley area, Hertfordshire 17-18c
KOHLER Any Germany 19c
KONDERSKI Any, Kent 1948-1981
LACEY St Dunstan London 17-18c
LACY St Dunstan London 17-18c
LACY/LACEY Any, Kent Pre-1900
LADE/LADD Barham, Kent & Warbleton, Sussex 15-19c
LADYMAN Bromley, Kent 19-20c
LAKE Bermondsey & Newington, Surrey c1825
LAMB Bromley, Kent c1910
LAMBERT Bisley, Gloucs 18-19c
LANCASTER Stratford East, Essex 19c
LAND Dewsbury Yorkshire & Woolwich/Deptford, Kent 18-19c
LANDAU Travemunde area SHO Germany 18-20c
LANE Eynsford, Kent 18-19c
Gravesend, Kent 1800-1850
Stepney, Middlesex 1800s
LANG Erith, Kent 1880-1915
LANGFORD Maidstone, Kent 1840+
Peckham/Camberwell, Surrey Any
LANGLEY Waterloo, Surrey 1800-50
LANGMAN Any, Kent / Surrey 18-19c
LANGRIDGE Any, Sussex 18-19c
Middlesex 1750-1850
LANGSTON Southwark/Bermondsey, Surrey 19c
LARNER Any, Kent 19c
Lynn/Methwold, Norfolk 18-19c
LATHAM London / Middlesex 18-19c
LATHER Blackford area Perth, Scotland 18-20c
LATTER Bromley, Kent 18-19c
Lamberhurst, Kent & Frant, Sussex 18-19c
LAUDER Blackford area Perth, Scotland 18-20c
LAUNDY Any, Essex 1790+
LAVENDER Brede & Udimore, Sussex 1760+
LAW Any, Essex 19-20c
LAWRANCE Bloomsbury, Middlesex c1820
LAWRENCE Milton-next-Sittingbourne, Kent 1700-1850
Snaith/Whitgift, Yorkshire 17-20c
Westminster, Middlesex 18c
LAWS Paddlesworth, Kent 18c
LE BEZ London Any
LEA Rotherhithe, Surrey 19c
LEARY Deptford, Kent 1850+
Manchester, Lancashire 1820-1860
Chappel, Essex 18-20c
Kelsall, Suffolk 16-19c
LEDGE Shorne, Kent 18-19c
LEE Allendale/Kirkhaugh areas, Northumberland 17-20c
Bury Area/ Horsham, Sussex 19c
Seal, Kent 1750
Sidcup, Kent Any
LEECH Norwich, Norfolk & London area Pre-1900
LEESON Bethnal Green/Mile End, Middlesex 19-20c
LEETE Eversden area, Cambridgeshire 16-18c
LEGG Puddletown, Dorset 18-19c
LEGGATT Wokingham area, Berkshire 18-19c
LEIGH Addington, Surrey Pre-1760
Sundridge/Ide Hill, Kent 19c
LENG Rotherhithe, Surrey 1800s
LETT St Peter Thanet, Kent 1770-1830
LEVERINGTON Norfolk 17-19c
LEVITT East Grinstead, Sussex 1750
LEWIS Chorlton, Lancashire & Clifton/Bristol, Gloucs 1850-1900
Conyer/Teynham, Kent 19c
Greenwich, Kent 19-20c
St Martins in Fields, Middlesex 1800
Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales 1909
LIFFENDEN Broomfield, Kent 18c
LILES One Name Study Any
LINDLEY Nottingham, Notts 18-20c
LING Blaxhall, Suffolk 1790-1850
Sudbury, Suffolk 1720s
LIPSCOMB(E) Bexleyheath / Dartford, Kent 18-19c
Chertsey, Surrey 17-18c
LISTER Mildenhall, Suffolk 1820s
LITTLEJOHN Lambeth, Surrey 1700-1850
LIVERMORE Bexleyheath, Kent 20c
Dumow, Essex 18c
LIVINGSTONE Bethnal Green, Middlesex 19c
Bethnal Green, Middlesex 19c
Woolwich, Kent / Scotland 19c
LLOYD London/Westminster, Middlesex 19c
LOCK Baldock, Hertfordshire 18-20c
Lingfield, Sussex / Surrey 18c
Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire 19c+
Upton, Berkshire 17-18c
Upton, Berkshire 1850s
LOCKE Any, Dorset Any
LOCKHART Middlesex 1750+
LODDER Staplehurst, Kent 1850+
LODGE Dartford, Kent 18-20c
Gt. Waltham area, Essex 18-19c
St Giles Cripplegate, London; Woolwich, Kent 19c
LOE Woolwich, Kent Any
LOFTS Bexhill, Sussex & Ely, Cambridgeshire 18-19c
LONDON Greenwich/Deptford, Kent 19-20c
Leigh/Hildenborough, Kent 17-20c
LONE Bermondsey, Surrey 18-19c
LONG Any Surrey / Kent Any
Any, Kent 20c
LONGHURST Ash/Fawkham/Hartley/Meopham, Kent Any
Dartford, Kent 18-19c
Dartford, Kent 18-19c
East Peckham, Kent 1800-1880
East Peckham, Kent Pre-1825
Hartley / Longfield / Ash / Meopham, Kent Any
Lewisham, Kent 19c
Meopham, Kent Any
West Malling, Kent 1880+
Woolwich, Kent 19c
LONGLEY Any, Kent Any
Yalding, Kent 18c
LORD Any, Kent 1700-1875
LOVEDAY Southwark, Surrey 1800-1850
LOVEGROVE Bexley, Kent 19c
LOVELL Kent 19-20c
LOVE(R) Kemsing, Kent 18c
LOWE Shoreditch, Middlesex 18-19c
LOWTHER Any, Kent 20c
LUCAS Battersea, Surrey 1840s
Bexley/Bromley, Kent Any
Tenbury, Worcestershire Pre-1818
LUCK Northfleet / Swanscombe, Kent Any
LUCKHURST East Sutton, Kent 1700+
Sevenoaks area, Kent Any
LUCUS Eltham, Kent 19c
LUDLOW Dartford/Gravesend, Kent 18-19c
Iffley/Cowley, Oxfordshire Any
N.W. Kent Any
Stone, Kent 18-19c
LUMBARD Dover, Kent 1750-1870
LUSCOMBE Any, Devon 18-19c
Kingsbridge, Devon 18-20c
LUSHER Any, Suffolk 17-19c
LUTZ Spital Fields/Hoxton, Middlesex 19c
LUXFORD Sussex & Kent Any
LU(E)TCHFORD Chevening/Sevenoaks, Kent 1700s
Lambeth/Newington, Surrey 1800-1850
LYLES One Name Study Any
LYNN Lumley, Co. Durham 18-19c
Lumley, Co. Durham 1820s
LYON Challock, Kent 18c
LYONS Bromley, Kent 1880-1890