Surname Interests: 'H' to 'I' Surnames

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HABEN Any Surrey / Hampshire 17-19c
HABLET(T) Lewisham, Kent 1817-1881
HACK Any, Kent 1750-1850
HACKETT Chidham, Sussex 18-19c
Islington, Middlesex 1800-1850
HAGUE Bradfield, Yorkshire Pre-1860
Sheffield, Yorkshire 1860+
HAILES Crockenhill, Kent 19c
HAINES Burmarsh, Kent 18c
Kingswinford, Staffordshire 19c
Old Swinford, Worcestershire 1800s
St Pancras, Middlesex 19c
Winterbourne/Peasemore, Berkshire 18c
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 1880s
HALES Any, Kent Any
Kent 19c
Yalding/Boxley/Frinstead/Hartlip/E. Malling, Kent 16-18c
HALE(S) Faversham, Kent 19c
HALFPENNY Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 18-19c
HALL Allendale area, Northumberland 18-19c
Bermondsey, Surrey 1850-1900
Godstone, Surrey 17-18c
Stepney, Middlesex 1800s
HALLIDAY Swalecliffe/Whitstable, Kent 19c
HAMBLETON Pulborough/Ashurst, Sussex 18-19c
HAMILTON Greenwich, Kent 19c
HAMLIN Crediton, Devon 18-19c
HAMLYN Broadhempston, Devon 19c
HAMMOND Harbledown, Kent 1760-1800
Lavant, Sussex 18c
Peckham, Surrey 19c
Woolwich/Greenwich, Kent Any
HANCOCK Greenwich, Kent 19c
Pembroke Dock, Pembs. 1700+
Woolwich, Kent 1800+
HANGAN Any, Kent 18-19c
HANNA Portsmouth, Hampshire & Treloar, Cornwall c1850
HANNAH East Kilbride, Scotland 18-19c
HARBER Eynsford/Sutton, Kent 18-19c
HARBOUR Eynsford/Sutton, Kent 18-19c
HARBOURNE Any, Isle of Wight / Hampshire Pre-1800
HARDING Greenwich, Kent 18-19c
Sevenoaks area, Kent 17c
HARDWICK(E) Beckenham, Kent Northampton, Northants & Littlebury, Essex 18-19c
HARDY Road/Frome, Somerset 18c
HARLAND Chislehurst, Kent 1860-1900
HARLEN New Zealand/Australia 20c
North West Kent 18-20c
HARLEY Deptford, Kent 18-19c
HARLING Godstone, Surrey 17-18c
North West Kent 18-20c
Strood, Kent 1750-1850
HARLINGTON Norfolk 17-18c
HARLIN(G) Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
HARLOW Folkstone, Kent Pre-1813
London/Edmonton, Middlesex Any
HARMAN Dartford area, Kent 1740s
HARPER Deptford, Kent Any
HARRINGTON Fyfield, Essex 19c
HARRIS Any, Oxfordshire 18-19c
Dilton, Wiltshire 17-19c
Faversham, Kent 19c
Greenwich, Kent 19c
Marden, Kent 19c
Milland/Chilcomb, Hampshire 1800s
Northleigh, Oxfordshire 1800-1850
Topsham, Devon 1700-1820
HARRISON Westminster, Middlesex 1700-1750
HARROD Any, Norfolk 18-19c
HARROLD Chelsea, Kent 18-19c
HART Dartford/Greenwich/Erith, Kent 1750-1900
Tenterden, Kent 19c
HARTFIELD East Grinstead, Sussex 19c
HARTSTILL Plumstead, Kent 19c
HARTUP Greenhithe, Kent Any
HARTUP(P) Cobham/Southfleet, Kent Pre-1850
HART/HARTSTILL Plumstead/Erith, Kent 19-20c
HARVEY Falmouth, Cornwall 1790s
Norfolk Pre-1800
Southampton, Hampshire 18c
HARWOOD Any, Norfolk 18-19c
HASSELL Lee/Deptford/Blackheath, Kent 1818-1886
HASTINGS Bermondsey, Surrey 1824
HASWELL Hackney, Middlesex 1780-1822
Staindrop/Sunderland, Co. Durham Pre-1780
HATCH Bromley, Kent Any
HATCHER Any, Middlesex 18-19c
HATLEY Greenwich area, Kent & Bermondsey area, Surrey 18-20c
HATT Medway towns, Kent 19-20c
HAVIES Southwark, Surrey 19c
HAVIS Kentish Town/Limehouse, Middlesex 19c
HAWBROOK/HOLBROOK Any, Lincolnshire 18-19c
HAWES Erith, Kent 18-19c
HAWKINS Any, Suffolk 18-19c
Brook/Faversham, Kent 19c
Langley/Wexham, Berkshire 18-19c
HAWTEN/HAWTON Aston le Walls, Northants 1820s
HAYDEN Norwich, Norfolk; Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells, Kent Pre-1950
HAYES Bermondsey, Surrey 19c
Bexley/Footscray, Kent 19c
Hatfield, Essex 1800-1850
Hythe/Eltham, Kent 19-20c
HAYNES Windsor, Berkshire 19c
HAYSE East Peckham/Hadlow, Kent 1800+
HAYWOOD Any, Kent & Surrey 19c
HAZELTINE Bethnal Green, Middlesex 19c
Whitechapel, Middlesex 19c
HEAD Albury, Surrey 18c
Kennington, Kent 1860s
Lingfield, Surrey 18-19c
Penshurst, Kent c1771
HEADS Houghton, Co. Durham 1820s
HEATH Longfield, Kent Pre-1805
Sevenoaks, Kent Any
HEATHCOTE Medway area, Kent 18-19c
HEATHER Any, Middlesex 1795+
Shepperton, Middlesex 18c
HEBBLEWHITE Greenwich, Kent 1880+
HEISE Bavaria, Germany Pre-1900
East End, Middlesex 1850-1915
HEMMINGS Woolwich/Charlton, Kent 19-20c
HENDERSON Bow, Middlesex Pre-1880
Gravesend/Northfleet, Kent & Stepney, Middlesex 1830-1970
HENDON/HENDEY Plumstead/Woolwich, Kent 19-20c
HENNESSAY Stepney, Middlesex 1820s
HENNIKER Chatham/Maidstone, Kent 1850+
HENRY Horton Kirby, Kent 19-20c
Loudwater, Buckinghamshire 18c
St Mary Cray, Kent 19c
HERON Bermondsey, Surrey 19c
Hythe/Eltham, Kent 19-20c
HETHERINGTON Any London / Middlesex 19-20c
Leeds, Yorkshire 18c
Worcester City, Worcestershire 19-20c
HIBBERT Westminster, Middlesex 1800s
HICKIE(Y) Kilmore, Tipperary 1780-1850
HICKMOTT East Malling, Kent 18-19c
Lamberhurst/Maidstone, Kent 18-19c
HICKS Dartford, Kent 1800+
Sunning Hill, Berkshire 18-19c
HIDER Godstone, Surrey 1750-1800
Rotherfield, Sussex; Seal, Kent 1750+
HIGGINS Sutton Valence, Kent 18-19c
HIGGLETON Earls Colne, Essex 18-19c
HIGMAN Woolwich, Kent 18-19c
HILL Aldgate, London 1800-1810
Bermondsey & Newington, Surrey c1820
Camberwell, Surrey 1805-1810
Churchill, Somerset 18-19c
St Ewe, Cornwall 18-19c
HILLARY Lambeth, Surrey 18c
HILLIER Faccombe area, Hampshire 1750+
HILLS Kingbury, Middlesex c1800
Kingsdown, Kent 19c
HINE Islington, Middlesex 1838-1935
St Lukes, Middlesex 1770-1830
HINES Greenwich, Kent 19c
HIPPER Rotherhithe, Surrey 18c
HIRD Willoughton, Lincolnshire 18-19c
HITCH Malling/Maidstone area, Kent 1810+
Plymouth, Devon Pre-1850
HIXSON Oystermouth, Glamorgan Any
HOAD Alciston, Sussex 1800+
HOADLEY Kent 1845+
Swanscombe/Greenwich, Kent 1850+
HOARE Ivychurch, Kent 18c
HOBBS North Newnton, Wiltshire 18-19c
Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire 20c
HOBDEN Hadlow, Kent 18-19c
HOCKENHULL Chester, Cheshire Any
Kensington, Middlesex Any
Lewisham, Kent Any
HOCKHAM Croydon/Southwark, Surrey &, Kent Any
HOCKNELL Chester, Cheshire Any
Kensington, Middlesex Any
Lewisham, Kent Any
HODGES Horton Kirby, Kent Pre-1830
Peckham & Lambeth, Surrey 1870+
Queenborough, Kent 18-19c
Reading, Berkshire Pre-1870
HODSOLL Ightham/Wrotham, Kent Pre-1750
HODSON Greenwich/Deptford, Kent & Bocking/Braintree, Essex 19c
HOGAN Islington area, Middlesex 18-19c
HOGG Epping/Edmonton, Essex 19-20c
Redgrave cum Botesdale, Suffolk Pre-1730
HOINVILLE Bethnal Green/Bow, Middlesex 19c
HOLDAWAY Ash next Ridley, Kent 18c
Southfleet, Kent 19c
HOLDEN Lurgashall, Sussex 18-19c
HOLE Devon Any
HOLLAND Gravesend, Kent 19-20c
Greenwich/Sandwich, Kent 18-19c
Horsham, Surrey c1800
HOLLAND(S) Any, Kent 1800+
Thanet, Kent Pre-1850
HOLLIER Deptford, Kent 19c
HOLLOWAY Nottingham, Notts 19c
Oldbury, Kent Any
HOLMAN Hammersmith, Middlesex 19c
HOLMDEN Crowhurst, Surrey & Edenbridge, Kent 16-17c
HOLMES Bloomsbury, Middlesex c1860
Brighton, Sussex 1820s
Lewisham, Kent 19-20c
HOLMWOOD Cranbrook/Malling, Kent 1880+
Rotherfield, Sussex Pre-1800
HOLTUM Any, Kent Any
HOMEWOOD East Peckham, Kent 1800+
East Peckham/Hadlow/Halling, Kent 1800-date
Eynsford, Kent 18c
Pembury, Kent & Lambeth, Surrey 18-19c
HOOD Greenwich, Kent 19c
Lee area, Kent c1820
Wilmington, Kent 18c
HOOK Plaxtol, Kent 19c
HOOKER Medway/Crayford, Kent Pre-1880
Shere, Surrey 18c
Strood, Kent 18-19c
HOOPER Dolton/Dowland, Devon 17-19c
HOPE Frittenden, Kent 18-19c
HOPKINS Westbury, Wiltshire Any
HOPKINSON Ashover/Wingerworth, Derbyshire 18-19c
HORN Dover, Kent 18-19c
Herne/Whitstable, Kent 19-20c
HORNER North Mendham, Sussex 19c
HORTON East London, Gloucs Any
HOSKING Greenwich/Deptford, Kent 19-20c
HOSKINS Erith, Kent 19c
Greenwich, Kent 17-19c
HOUGHTON Ravensden/Stotfield/Sutton/Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire 18-20c
HOUSE Andover, Hampshire 18-19c
HOWARD Gravesend area, Kent Pre-1830
Milton & Gravesend, Kent 18c
Newington/Camberwell, Surrey 19c
Southwark/Bermondsey, Surrey 19c
HOWE Greenwich, Kent 19c
HOWLETT Deptford St Nicholas, Kent Late 18c
South Norfolk; Poplar, Essex 19c
HOWSON Knaresborough, Yorkshire 1891-1930
London / Middlesex 1850-1891
Rochester, Kent 1845-1881
St Pancras, Middlesex 1870-1891
Woking, Surrey 1872-1891
HUBBARD Finsbury/St Luke, Middlesex 19c
Mendlesham, Suffolk 1800
Mereworth, Kent 1750-1808
HUBBLE Any, Kent, esp. Wrotham Any
HUDSON Bexleyheath, Kent & Lambeth, Surrey 19c
Bramford, Suffolk 19c
Deptford/Greenwich, Kent & West Ham, Essex 19c
Milton, Kent 1830s
HUGGETT Any, Kent 18-19c
Wateringbury, Kent 18-19c
HUGHES Bray, Berkshire Pre-1830
Erith, Kent 18-19c
Poplar, Middlesex 19c
HUMBLE Shoreham, Kent 18c
HUMPHREY Hever / Brasted, Kent 18-19c
HUMPHREYS Richmond, Surrey 1700+
HUNT Camberwell area, Surrey Pre-1880
Chatham/Sittingbourne, Kent Pre-1820
East Peckham/Dartford, Kent Any
Layston, Hertfordshire Any
Sevenoaks, Kent 19c
St Lukes, Middlesex 1800+
Throcking, Hertfordshire Any
HUNTLEY Deptford, Kent 18-19c
HURLEY Any, Somerset Any
HURREL Brunden Hall, Essex Pre-1785
HURRION Sundridge, Kent 18c
HURRY Birkenhead, Cheshire Any
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Any
Liverpool, Lancashire Any
HURST Gravesend, Kent 1890s
HUTCHCRAFT Lee, Kent 1870+
HUTCHINSON Dartford/Sidcup, Kent 1855-1885
Lewisham, Kent 19c
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire 19c
HUTCHISON Perth, Tayside, Scotland 19-20c
HYDE Any, Essex 1780+
Aveley, Essex Any
Milbourne Port, Somerset Pre-1850
HYDER Aldington, Kent 17-18c
Deal, Kent 18-19c
Godstone, Surrey 1750-1800
Horsted Keynes, Sussex 18c
HYLES Hoo/Medway areas, Kent 17-19c
IDEN Rochester, Kent 1810s
IDENDEN Any, Kent 16-19c
IMPORT Kent & Middlesex Any
INGLIS Dalserf/Kirkaldy/Edinburgh, Scotland 17-19c
INGRAHAM Any, Kent Pre-1821
INGRAM Belvedere/Any, Kent 19c
Benenden, Kent Pre-1800
Clerkenwell/Islington, Middlesex 19c
Dartford, Kent 18c
Westbury, Wiltshire Any
INNES Plumstead, Kent 18-19c
Rochester, Kent Any
IVALL Any 18-20c
IZ(Z)ARD Croydon, Surrey Pre-1700