Surname Interests: 'E' to 'F' Surnames

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EADE Any Surrey / Hampshire 18-19c
EADIE Dunblane/Blackford Perth, Scotland 18-19c
EAGLES Brenchley, Kent 16c
Shoreditch, Middlesex 20c
Southwark, Surrey 19-20c
EAMES Sussex / Surrey 19-20c
EARL Forest Hill, Kent 19c
Lambeth/Camberwell, Surrey 19c
Shooters Hill, Kent 18c+
EARS Portsmouth/Portsea, Hampshire Pre-1880
EASON Norton, Kent 18c
EAST Catford, Kent 19c
Marden, Kent 19c
EASTAUGH Deptford, Kent 1850-1870
Peckham, Surrey c1880
EASTDOWN Swanscombe/Cobham, Kent 18-19c
EASTERBY Shorne, Kent 18-19c
EASTMAN Southwark, Surrey 1840s
EASTON Deptford area, Kent 18-19c
Erith, Kent 1880-1950
Lewisham, Kent 19-20c
Southwark, Surrey 1800+
Swanscombe/Cobham, Kent 18-19c
EATON Lambeth 19-20c
EATT Doddington & Chatteris, Cambridgeshire c1800
ECCOTT Kent & Hampshire Any
EDBURY Any, Kent Any
EDDINGTON Islington, Middlesex Any
EDMEADES Wrotham, Kent 17-18c
EDMEADS Ightham, Kent 17-18c
EDMONDS Woolwich/Plumstead, Kent 19-20c
EDNEY Droxford, Hampshire c1800
EDWARDS Essex 19c
Milton-by-Gravesend, Kent 17-18c
Speldhurst, Kent 19c
Welshampton, Shropshire 1800-20s
Whitstable/Herne Hill, Kent c1850
Woolwich/Plumstead, Kent 1820-1920
EGAN City of London & Southwark, Surrey 1800-1850
EGGLESTONE / EAGLESTONE Plaxtol area, Kent 1750-1782
ELBORNE Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire 19c
ELBOURN Camberwell, Surrey & Greenwich, Kent 19c
ELDRIDGE Hadlow, Kent Pre-1800
ELEY Bermondsey, Surrey 1826
Great Oakley, Essex 1826
Swanscombe, Kent 18-19c
ELLARD Crayford / Erith, Kent 18-19c
ELLIOTT Beckenham, Kent 16-20c
Greenwich, Kent 1780+
Manchester, Lancashire & Stratford East, Essex 19c
Newbury, Berkshire Pre-1750
Sutton at Hone, Kent 18c
Woolwich, Kent Pre-1790
Woolwich, Kent Any
ELLIS Bromley, Kent Any
Dartford, Kent Pre-1800
Hounslow, Middlesex 19c
Lambeth, Surrey 19c
Plumstead, Kent 1868-1950
Southwark, Surrey 19c
Southwark, Surrey 19c
St Peter Port, Guernsey 1850-1860
Woolwich, Kent 1835-1890
ELLISTONE Deptford, Kent 1800-1850
ELLSON Camberwell/Kennington, Surrey 1700-1860
ELMS Bexley, Kent 18-19c
ELSE Dartford/Milton, Kent 1750-1850
EMMERSON Scholes/Wentworth, Yorkshire 18-19c
ENGLAND Great Yarmouth area, Norfolk 19c
ESCOTT St George in the East, Middlesex 17-18c
ESDAILE Finsbury, Middlesex & Walworth, Surrey 1750-1910
ETHERINGTON Arundel, Sussex & Southwark, Surrey 18-19c
ETHERTON Wiggon Holt/Greatham, Sussex 1750s
EVANS Any, Wiltshire Pre-1800
Bexley, Kent 19c
Smeeth, Kent & Ringmer, Sussex 19-20c
Stoke Damerel, Devon Pre-1830
Woolwich, Devon 1805+
EVEREST Bagshot, Surrey Pre-1843
Barming, Kent 18-19c
Greenwich, Kent 18-19c
Oxfordshire esp. Henley & Any, Middlesex 19-20c
Reading, Berkshire 19c
EVERETT SE London / Rotherhithe, Surrey 20c
Waddington, Lincolnshire 18-19c
EVERSFIELD East Malling, Kent 18-19c
EVES Dartford/Erith, Kent 18-19c
EWENS Any, Co. Durham 18-19c
EXALL Goudhurst/Marden, Kent 18-19c
EXCELL Goudhurst/Marden, Kent 18-19c
EXELL Goudhurst/Marden, Kent 18-19c
EXETER Sevenoaks/Dartford, Kent 18-19c
EYERS Medway towns, Kent 1880+
Portsmouth/Portsea, Hampshire Pre-1880
EYRE Southwark, Surrey 19c
EYRES Portsmouth/Portsea, Hampshire Pre-1880
EYTON Godstone, Surrey 1750-1850
FAGGETER Bromley, Kent 19-20c
FAGG(E) East Bridge area, Kent 17-18c
FAHERTY Galway, Ireland Pre-1850
Woolwich, Kent 1850+
FAIRMAN Bexley/Crayford, Kent 18-19c
FAITH Westminster, Middlesex 1800s
FALDO Greenwich, Kent 19-20c
FALKNER Southnewington, Oxfordshire 18-19c
FARLEY Boughton under Blean, Kent 18-19c
Burwash, Sussex 19c
FARMER Hartfield, Sussex 17-18c
Withyham, Sussex 19c
FARNELL Middlesex / Surrey 18-19c
FARR Gravesend/Northfleet, Kent & Tilbury, Essex 19-20c
FARRANT West Malling, Kent 1700+
FAULKENER St Pancras, Middlesex 1850-1900
FAULKNER Dulwich, Kent 19-20c
FAWKS Any, Kent 18-19c
FEARN Ecclesfield/Sheffield, Yorkshire 1750+
FEAVER Beneden/Sevenoaks, Kent 18-19c
Sydenham/Lewisham, Kent 19-20c
FELLOWS Any, Sussex 1800+
FELTHAM Birmingham 1860+
FENN Walthamstow, Essex & Tottenham, Middlesex 1700s
FENNEL Crayford, Kent 18c
FENNER Chatham, Kent 1820s
Medway, Kent Any
Woking area, Surrey 1700-1830
FENNING Sidcup/Footscray, Kent 1890+
FERRIS Rotherhithe, Surrey 1880s
FEVER Beneden/Sevenoaks, Kent 18-19c
FFRIEND Smeeth, Kent 1560-1620
FIDLER Reading, Berkshire & Oxfordshire 19-20c
FIELDS Camberwell, Surrey 19c
FILMER East Sutton, Kent 16c
FINCH Wennington, Essex Any
FINN Maidstone, Kent & Rode, Surrey 1850+
FIRMIN Gt. Bentley, Essex 18-19c
Peckham, Surrey 19c
FIRTH Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 1824
Isleworth, Middlesex, Southwark, Surrey; Northfleet, Kent 19c
FISH Norfolk 17-18c
Suffolk 17-18c
FISHER Croydon, Surrey c1863
Greenwich, Kent 1750-1850
FISSENDEN Birling/Snodland, Kent 16-20c
FITCH Linton, Cambridgeshire 19c
FLACK Bethnal Green, Middlesex & Southwark, Surrey 1800s
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 19c
Southwark, Surrey 1900
FLAHERTY Greenwich, Kent & City of London 19c
FLAUSE Canterbury, Kent 18c
FLEGG Theberton, Suffolk 1780+
FLETCHER Beckenham/Plumstead, Kent 19c
Croydon, Surrey 19c
Plumstead/Woolwich, Kent pre1880
Snodland, Kent 19c
FLETT Aberdeen, Scotland Any
Hastings, Sussex Any
Orkney, Scotland Any
FLINT Crayford/Deptford, Kent 1810s
FLINTON Any, Lincolnshire 17c
FLOYD Any, Hampshire 17-18c
FOGDEN Bermondsey, Surrey Early 19c
FOLEY Bloomsbury & Willesden, Middlesex c1860
FORD Earl Stonham area, Suffolk 17-18c
Greenwich, Kent c1820
Swindon, Wiltshire c1850
FORDER Dartford/Crayford, Kent Any
FORDHAM Deptford, Kent 1840+
Deptford, Kent & St Giles, Middlesex c1840
FORDRED Lyminge, Kent 18c
FOREMAN Chatham, Kent 1800-1850
Loose, Kent Pre-1800
FORRESTER North West Kent/Kingsdown, Kent 18-19c
FOSTER Eltham, Kent 19c
Erith, Kent & Vauxhall, Surrey 18-19c
S.E London, Kent / Surrey 18-19c
Wentworth/Rotherham, Yorkshire & Dronfield, Derbyshire 18-19c
FOWLES Westbury, Wiltshire 19c
FOX Milton/Sittingbourne, Kent 1680-1710
Swanton Novers, Norfolk 18-19c
FOXON Woolwich, Kent & Leicester Any
FRANCIS Lambeth/Camberwell, Surrey 19c
Saffron Waldon, Essex 18c
Strood, Kent 18-19c
Strood, Kent 1800s
FRANK Leigh, Kent 18c
FRANKLIN Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire 1810-1950
FREEBOROUGH East Markham, Notts 18-19c
FREEMAN Gravesend, Kent 19c
Retford, Notts 19c
FREEMANTLE Any, esp. Woodcott, Hampshire 18-19c
FRENCH Westminster, Middlesex & Forest Hill, Kent 19-20c
FREWIN Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
FRICKER Dartford, Kent 18-19c
FRIEND Brasted/Westerham/Cudham, Kent & Tatsfield, Surrey 18-19c
Cudham/Downe, Kent 1800+
Dover, Kent 18-19c
Sydney, Australia 1850+
FRIGHT Greenhithe/Gravesend, Kent 1900s
FRISBY Deeping St James, Lincolnshire 1760-1844
Romford/Chingford, Essex 1800s
FROGGATT Sheffield, Yorkshire 19-20c
FROST Frating/Leigh on Sea, Essex 18-19c
Winfarthing, Norfolk Pre-1750
FROUD Egham, Surrey 18c
Longham, Dorset 19c
FRUIN Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
FRY Bromley, Kent 19-20c
Coulsdon, Surrey 19-20c
Leigh, Kent 1700+
FRYER Isle of Wight, Hampshire 1790+
FULCHER Suffolk 18-19c
FULFORD Stone next Dartford, Kent 1890s
FULLAGAR Maidstone, Kent 18-19c
FULLER Any, Bedfordshire Any
Otford, Kent 18-19c
Stepney, Middlesex / Rotherhithe, Surrey 19c