Surname Interests: 'C' Surnames

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CABLE Braintree, Essex 1794-1805
Chadwell Heath, Essex 1830-1992
Witham, Essex 1805
CALADINE Drayton, Berkshire 19c
CALCUTT Islington, Middlesex 19c
CALLOW Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire 18c
CAMBRIDGE Lambeth/Peckham, Surrey 18-19c
CAMERON Willesden/Kilburn, Middlesex 1870+
CAMPBELL Mile End, Middlesex 19c
CANNELL Swanley, Kent 19c
Swardeston, Norfolk 17c
CANNON Shorne/Bexley/Sutton, Kent Pre-1900
CAPEY Bromley, Kent 20c
CAPLEN Lurgashall, Sussex 18-19c
CAPLIN Lewes, Sussex & Brabourne, Kent 19c
CAPLING Lurgashall, Sussex 18-19c
CAPON Deptford, Kent & Stradbroke, Suffolk 19c
CARBERRY Coome Down, Somerset 1850+
CAREY Dover, Kent 1750-1870
Hooe, Sussex & Middlesex 18c
CARMICHAEL Edinburgh, Scotland 18-19c
CARNE Harwich, Suffolk & Woolwich, Kent 19c
Penryn, Cornwall 18c
Penryn, Cornwall 18c
CARPENTER Sutton at Hone, Kent 18c
Woking area, Surrey 1700-1850
CARR Aldeburgh, Suffolk 1890s
Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire 19-20c
London 20c
Plymouth/Devonport, Devon 19c
Southwark, Surrey 18-19c
Woolwich/Charlton, Kent 20c
CARTER Beckenham/Hayes, Kent 1800+
Greenwich/Deptford/Charlton/Woolwich, Kent 18-19c
Ightham/Plaxtol/Wrotham, Kent Pre-1820
Penshurst/Fawkham, Kent Any
Plaxtol/Hadlow/Northfleet, Kent 18-19c
Shoreditch/Hoxton, Middlesex 19c
Woolwich/Plumstead area, Kent ;, Ireland 19c
CARTWRIGHT Any, Kent / Middlesex 19c
CARVER Deptford, Kent 19c
CASE Any, Middlesex 18-19c
CASHFIELD Shorne, Kent 17-18c
CASSELDEN Lenham, Kent 1680-1710
CASSEY Bermondsey, Surrey 19c
CASTELL Woolwich, Kent 19-20c
CATCHERSIDE(S) Rotherhithe/Greenwich, Kent 19-20c
CATCHESIDE(S) Rotherhithe/Greenwich, Kent 19-20c
CATER Callander/Port of Menteith, Perth, Scotland 19-20c
Dover/Canterbury, Kent 1820s
Stapleton, Gloucs 17-19c
CATHERSIDE(S) Rotherhithe/Greenwich, Kent 19-20c
CATON Chelsfield, Kent 18-19c
CATT Catsfield, Sussex 18-19c
Leigh on Sea, Essex 19c
CATTON Eyke/Rendlesham, Suffolk & Swanscombe, Kent 17-20c
Rendlesham/Eyke, Suffolk Any
Swanscombe, Kent from 1800
Woodbridge/Marlesford, Suffolk Pre-1800
CAUSTEN Mid Kent, Kent 1650-1750
Wateringbury, Kent Any
CHAFFE Milton, Kent /Marylebone, Middlesex & Lambeth, Surrey Pre-1850
CHALKLIN Tunbridge Wells, Kent 1900+
CHALWIN Lurgashall, Sussex 1800s
CHALWYN Lurgashall, Sussex 1800s
CHAMBERLAIN Mortlake, Surrey & Paston, Norfolk 18c
Overton, Hampshire 17-19c
CHAMBERS Aldershot, Hampshire 19c
Lenham area, Kent 18-19c
Newington, Kent 18-19c
Newington, Kent 1800s
CHANDLER Any, Essex / Surrey 18-19c
Burbage area, Wiltshire 17-19c
Swanscombe, Kent 1850+
CHANNER Southwark/Bermondsey, Surrey 1800+
CHANTLER Maidstone, Kent 19c
CHAPLIN Camberwell London 19-20c
Southwark, Surrey 1840+
CHAPMAN Eastbourne, Sussex Any
Greenhithe, Kent 1900s
Horsleydown, Surrey 1750+
Margate, Kent & London City 1750-1823
Middleton, Suffolk 19c
Shoreham, Kent 19c
Swanscombe, Kent 18-19c
Westerham, Kent 16-17c
Whitchurch, Hampshire 1860+
Wrotham area, Kent 18-19c
CHAPPELL Stanford-le-Hope, Essex 19c
CHARLTON East & West Farleigh/Cobham/Cliffe/Strood, Kent 1660+
Tonbridge, Kent Pre-1910
CHEATER Any England Any
Devizes, Wiltshire 1700s
Maidstone, Kent 19c+
CHEATHAM Irby/Boston, Lincolnshire 17-18c
CHEEK Any, Kent 1800s
CHEEL Rainham / Gillingham / Milton /Sittingbourne, Kent 1750-1900
CHEEL/CHEL Stockbury, Kent Pre-1700
CHEESE Mortlake, Surrey 19c
CHEESEMAN Stepney, Middlesex 1800-1850
Tunbridge Wells / Erith / Dartford, Kent 1850-1880
CHEESMAN East Farleigh, Kent 18c
CHENERY Plumstead, Kent / Norfolk 19c
CHERRY Any India 18-20c
Any, Berkshire 16-20c
Chatham, Kent 1760-1800
Greenwich, Kent Pre-1840
CHESHIRE Whitechurch, Buckinghamshire 19c
CHESSON Any, Essex Pre-1800
Cowden, Kent Any
CHESTER Barkway, Hertfordshire 16-18c
CHESTLE Isle of Wight, Hampshire Pre-1800
CHILD Any, Kent Pre-1940
CHILMAN Brasted/Sundridge, Kent 19c
CHIPPENDALE Any, Middlesex 1800+
CHITTENDEN Frittenden, Kent 18c
CHITTY Bexley, Kent & Limpsfield, Surrey 17-20c
Limpsfield/Croydon, Surrey 1650-1800
CHOWN Quidhampton, Wiltshire 1800s
CHRISTMAS Woking area, Surrey 1800-1850
CHRISTOPHER Bermondsey/Camberwell, Surrey 1870-1900
Sherbourne, Dorset 1800-1879
CHUBB Little Houghton, Northants 18-19c
CHURCH Hadleigh, Suffolk 18-19c
Middleton, Suffolk 19c
Rotherhithe / Walworth, Surrey 19c
CLAPHAM Islington/Clerkenwell, Middlesex 19-20c
Wilden, Bedfordshire 18-20c
CLAPSON Gravesend, Kent Any
Harrietsham, Kent 1820+
CLARK Any, Middlesex 1820s
Penge, Surrey 20c+
Poplar, Essex 19c
Shorne, Kent Any
Upminster, Essex 1840+
CLARKE London 19-20c
Southwark, Surrey 1810s
CLARK(E) Southampton, Hampshire 18-19c
Stock/Buttsbury, Essex Pre-1850
CLARY Bethnal Green, Middlesex 19c
Bethnal Green, Middlesex Pre-1860
Harwich, Essex Pre-1850
CLAY Bermondsey, Surrey 1890
CLAYDON Earls Colne, Essex 19c
CLEAVER Oxford, Oxfordshire 18c+
CLEMENTS Crayford/Dartford/St Mary Cray, Kent 19-20c
CLOAKE Tenterden, Kent Pre-1750
CLOUD Bridport, Dorset Pre-1880
COATES Ipswich, Suffolk Pre-1850
Marylebone London, Middlesex 1850+
Wilberfoss/Ferriby/Hull, Yorkshire 18-19c
COBB Wye, Kent 1650-1720
COCK South Lopham, Norfolk 1800s
COCKERELL Any, Kent, Gloucs / Somerset Any
Bristol, Gloucs 18-19c
COCKERTON Bromley area, Kent 18c
COCKS Lamerton, Devon Pre-1800
COCK(S) Fersfield area, Norfolk 18c
CODNER Teignmouth/Dartmouth, Devon Any
CODY Bath, Somerset 18c
COE Ospringe, Kent 1800-1850
COFFEE Deptford/Sheerness, Kent & Portsea, Hampshire 19c
COGGER Any, Kent 18-19c
COLBY Maidstone, Kent 18-19c
COLE Carshalton/Titsey, Surrey 16c
Cowden, Kent 17c
Edenbridge area, Kent; also Surrey/Sussex 15-19c
Lewisham, Kent 19-20c
Winterbourne, Gloucs & Lambeth, Surrey 19c
COLEBECK Greenwich/Deptford, Kent Any
COLEGATE Dartford, Kent 18-20c
Rochester / Chatham, Kent 18-19c
COLES Sevenoaks, Dunton Green 19-20c
COLGATE Dartford, Kent 18-20c
Uckfield, Sussex 18c
COLLINS Any, Oxfordshire Any
Attercliffe, Yorkshire 19c
Kingston, Surrey 1840-1950
Knockholt / Orpington, Kent 17-19c
Nackington, Kent 1680-1730
Shipbourne/Seal/Fawkham, Kent Any
St Giles/Holborn, Middlesex 1800-1850
COLLINSON Any, Surrey Any
COLLIS Bethnal Green, Middlesex & Lewisham/Catford, Kent Any
Greenwich, Kent 19c
COLQUHOUN Bermondsey, Surrey 1820s
COLTAR Greenwich, Kent 19c
COLYER Erith, Kent Pre-1850
COMBER Limpsfield, Surrey 18-19c
COMBLIDGE Sheffield, Yorkshire Pre-19c
CONELL Sevenoaks, Kent 18-19c
CONNELL Southwark, Surrey 1820s
CONSTABLE Edenbridge, Kent 1800
NW Kent area & Rotherhithe, Surrey 18-19c
S.E. London, Surrey Pre-1900
CONSTANT Kent Pre-1790
COOK Gravesend, Kent 1890
Hoxne, Suffolk 1750-1850
Sevenoaks, Kent 1850-1950
Tower Hamlets, Middlesex Pre-1900
COOK(E) Brabourne, Kent 18-20c
COOLBEAR Any Pre-1910
COOMBER Maidstone, Kent 18-19c
Plaxtol, Kent 18-19c
COOPER Erith, Kent 1750-1800
Greenwich, Kent 19c
Lambeth, Surrey 1830-1860
Lenham, Kent 1670-1710
Lullingstone/Otford, Kent 18c
Plumstead, Kent 1865-1930
Poplar, Middlesex 20c
Sevenoaks, Kent Pre-1800
Stone, Staffordshire 1760-1840
Woolwich / Plumstead, Kent 19c
COOTE Thaxted, Essex 18c
COPE London, Middlesex 18-20c
COPLAND Any, Kent Any
COPLANS East London, Canterbury, Kent /Capetown/Lithuania 19-20c
COPPARD Burwash, Sussex 18c
CORNELIUS Ashcombe, Devon 1714-1840
Teignmouth, Devon 1840-1940
CORNELL Sevenoaks, Kent 18-19c
CORNER North Cave, Yorkshire 17-19c
CORNFORD Maidstone, Kent 18-20c
CORNWALL Southwark area, Surrey 1820+
CORNWELL Kelvedon, Essex 19c
CORRY Canterbury area, Kent 18-19c
CORSTIN Wateringbury, Kent Any
COSBY Sevenoaks, Kent 19c
COSSEY Any, Kent 19-20c
Kirby Cane/Claxton, Norfolk 18-19c
COSTEN Mid Kent, Kent Any
COTTER Any, Middlesex 1850+
Tottenham, Middlesex 19c
COTTRELL Lambeth, Surrey Pre-1850
COUCHMAN Dartford, Kent 19c
Kemsing, Kent 18c
Otford/Kemsing, Kent 17-18c
Otford/Shoreham, Kent 18c
COULSON Wilberfoss/N. Cave/Whitgift, Yorkshire 18-20c
COVELL Woolwich, Kent 19c
COVELL/COVILL Croydon, Surrey & Bromley/Bexley/Lewisham areas, Kent 1700+
COVE(Y)/CAVE Hornchurch, Essex 1700s
COWAN Liverpool, Lancashire 18-19c
COWELL Edmonton, Middlesex & Southwark, Surrey 1800s
COWLARD Cudham, Kent 1800+
COWLISHAW Sheffield, Yorkshire Any
COX Any, Kent Any
Lamerton, Devon Pre-1800
Sutterton, Lincs 19c
COXON Swanscombe, Kent 1880s
CRACKNELL Ridgewell, Essex 1780's
CRANFIELD London / Surrey / Middlesex /, Essex 19c
CRAWLEY Baldock, Hertfordshire 1800s
Bermondsey area, Surrey 1815-1850
Northaw, Hertfordshire 1700-1860
Penge, Surrey 1860+
CRAYFORD East Peckham/Hadlow, Kent 18-19c
CREED Boughton, Kent 1800+
CRESSEY Walthamstow, Essex 1700s
CREW Any, Hertfordshire Pre-1850
Luton, Bedfordshire 1850+
CRICK Any, Hertfordshire Pre-1850
Luton, Bedfordshire 1850+
CRICKMER London / Surrey 19c
CRIDLAND Any - One Name Study Any
Bradford Abbas, Dorset & Yeovil, Somerset 18-19c
SE London 20c
CRIPPS Wrotham / West Peckham, Kent 1680+
CRITTLE Meopham, Kent 19c
CROCKER High Bickington, Devon Pre-1810
CROFT Burwash, Sussex 19c
Hemswell area, Lincolnshire 18c
CRONE Any, esp. Erith, Kent 18-19c
CRONKE Penshurst, Kent 17c
CROSS Costock/Bunny, Notts 18-19c
North Walsham area, Norfolk Any
St Helens, Lancashire Pre-1800
CROSSLAND Sheffield, Yorkshire Pre-1865
CROUCH Collingbourne, Wiltshire 18-19c
CROUCHER Borden/Milton, Kent 1830-60
CROWHURST Chatham, Kent Pre-1800
Gravesend, Kent 17-18c
Medway, Kent Pre-1890
CROYSDILL Islington, Middlesex & Ilford, Essex 19-20c
CRUMP Bethnal Green, Middlesex 19c
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire 19c
Swanscombe/Deptford, Kent 18-19c
CUF(F)LEY All Worldwide (One Name Study) Any
CULLING Norfolk 17-19c
CULMER Thanet, Kent 16-18c
CUNNINGHAM Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 1700-1850
Woolwich, Kent 1880+
CUPHIS Any, especially Southfleet 18c
CURRINGTON Clerkenwell, Middlesex 19c
CURRY Any London Pre-1900
CURSTON Mid Kent, Kent Any
CURTIN Cork, Ireland / Walmer, Kent / Sussex / London 1800+
CURTIS Any, Kent 19c
Debenham/Ipswich, Suffolk 18-20c
CUTCHEY Badwell Ash, Suffolk 1800-1880
CUT(T)IL(L) Any Any
Deptford, Kent & Hackney, Middlesex 19-20c
Sculcoates/Hull, Yorkshire 17-19c