Surname Interests: 'B' Surnames

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BAGEANT/BEJANT Folkestone / Pluckley, Kent Pre-1800
BAGGALEY Harthill/Sheffield, Yorkshire 18-19c
BAGLEY Lewisham, Kent 19c
BAILEY Bloomsbury, Middlesex 1800s
Deptford, Kent 19-20c
Mansfield, Notts 1780-1850
Pewsey area, Wiltshire 19c
Westbury, Wiltshire Any
Writtle, Essex 18-19c
BAKER Barham, Kent Pre-1840
Bethnal Green, Middlesex & Plumstead, Kent Pre-1840
Biddenden, Kent 1800s
Cobham, Kent 18-19c
Cobham/Dartford, Kent Any
Cobham/Northfleet, Kent Any
Deeping St James, Lincolnshire & Peterborough, Northants 1800-1881
Mid Kent, Kent 1700-1750
Newington/Hythe, Kent 18c
Nonington area, Kent Any
Otford/Shoreham, Kent 18-19c
Plumstead, Kent 19c
Portsmouth, Hampshire c1879
Upwell, Cambridgeshire 16-20c
BALDWIN Any, Kent / Sussex / Surrey Any
Forest Hill/Penge, Surrey 19c
West Malling, Kent 18c
BALL Higworth, Wiltshire 19c
BALWIN Any, Kent / Sussex / Surrey Any
BAMPTON Camberwell, Surrey 19c
BANFIELD Bayswater, London 1880+
Shipbourne, Kent 18-19c
Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales 19-20c
BANHAM Bromley, Kent 20c
BANKS Kingsnorth/Canterbury, Kent 1800-1903
Putney, Middlesex 1880+
BANNISTER Isle of Wight, Hampshire Pre-1750
BARBER Deptford, Kent 19c
Sheffield, Yorkshire Pre-1820
BARKER Shoreditch, Middlesex & Clapham, Surrey 19c
St George Hanover Square, Middlesex 19-20c
BARKUS Any, Berkshire Any
Paddington, Middlesex 1800+
Salisbury area, Wiltshire 1800+
BARNARD Coggeshall/Kelvedon, Essex 1750-1875
Portsmouth, Hampshire 19c
BARNES Kent 19c
Lee/Greenwich, Kent 18-19c
Plumstead, Kent Pre-1900
Ware, Kent 1800-20
BARRATT Northfleet, Kent 1740-1830
BARRETT Chatham/Greenwich area, Kent 1700-1850
Shipbourne area, Kent 18c
BARTHOLOMEW Clerkenwell, Middlesex 18c
Rochester, Kent 17-18c
BARTLETT Lewisham/ Woolwich/Greenwich, Kent & Braintree, Essex Any
BARTLING Surrey & Middlesex Any
BARTON Brenchley, Kent & Rotherfield, Sussex 19-20c
Dartford, Kent 18-19c
Hucking, Kent 18c
Norfolk 18c
Sutton at Hone, Kent 18c
West Malling, Kent 1700-50
BARTRAM North Shields/Tynemouth, Northumberland 18-19c
Richmond, Surrey & Norwich, Norfolk 18-19c
BARWICK Bexley, Kent 19c
BASELEY Any, Staffordshire 19c
BASELY Southwark, Surrey Any
BASKCOMB Chislehurst, Kent 18-19c
BASS Any, Kent / Essex 19-20c
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 18-19c
Debden, Essex 17-18c
Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 1750+
Hoxton, Middlesex 1790s
Marylebone, Middlesex & Tilbury, Essex 19-20c
Old/New Sarum, Wiltshire 1769
Thaxted/Takeley, Essex 18-19c
BASSANT Pluckley / Faversham / Milton, Kent 1800+
BASSET Edenbridge, Kent 16c
BASSETT Chiddingstone / Edenbridge, Kent 16-17c
Chiddingstone, Kent 17c
Penshurst, Kent 18c
BATCHELOR Beckenham, Kent 19-20c
BATEMAN Edenbridge/Westerham, Kent Pre-1790
Sidcup/Footscray, Kent 1880+
BATES Charlton/Deptford, Kent 19-20c
Frittenden, Kent Pre-1750
Gravesend, Kent 19-20c
BATH Any N.W. Kent 16-20c
BATT Croydon, Surrey 19c
BATTEN Bromley, Kent 1880+
Islington, Kent 1880+
Stanwell, Middlesex Pre-1836
BAUGH Medway/Dartford, Kent 1800-1850
BAXTER Old Newton, Suffolk 18c
BAYLEY Southwark, Surrey 18c
BAYLISS Strand, Middlesex Any
BAYLY Loose, Kent 17-18c
Mottingham, Kent, Camden Town, Middlesex & London City 1700+
BAYNE Woolwich, Kent 18c
BAZELY Southwark, Surrey Any
BEAKES Sevenoaks, Kent 18-19c
BEAMS Cheam, Surrey Pre-1750
Ewell/Epsom, Surrey Any
BEAN Faversham, Kent 19c
Horton Kirby/Meopham, Kent Pre-1900
BEANY Camberwell 1900
BEARD Southwark/Bermondsey, Surrey 19-20c
BEARE Newington/Walworth, Surrey 1800-1850
BEARMAN Margaretting, Essex & Sevenoaks, Kent 18-19c
BEAUMONT Gravesend, Kent 19-20c
BEAVER Sheviock, Cornwall 19c
BEAVIS Isle of Wight, Hampshire Pre-1800
BECKETT Bromley, Kent 19-20c
Chiddingstone/Penshurst, Kent 17c
Lambeth, Surrey 19c
BEDDOW Shoreditch, Middlesex 1770s
BEECHER Chiddingstone, Kent 16c
Hadlow/E. Peckham/Yalding, Kent 18-20c
BEER Erith area, Kent 1800
BELCHER Sheerness, Kent 19c
Sutton Courtney, Berkshire 1820s
BELL Hawton, Notts 1780-1850
Hoxton, Middlesex & Camberwell, Surrey 19c
Oulton, Yorkshire 19c
BELLINGHAM Tonbridge/Shipbourne, Kent 18c
BENFIELD Any, Kent / Middlesex 19c
BENNETT Chard, Somerset & Bromley, Kent 19c
Gravesend, Kent 19c
Gravesend/Meopham/Cobham, Kent 1650-1850
Teston, Kent 18-19c
Walworth, Surrey 19c
Wrotham, Kent 18-19c
BENOY Bromley / Blean, Kent 20c
BENSTEAD S. Creake, Norfolk Pre-1860
BENTLEY Chelsham, Surrey 1800s
BENTLY Crayford, Kent 18c
BERRY Debenham, Suffolk 1800
BERTRAM Any, Northumberland / Berwick Any
North Shields/Tynemouth, Northumberland 18-19c
BESLEE Kent 18c
BEST Crowhurst, Surrey 18c
Eynsford / Crayford, Kent 18-20c
Tottenham, Middlesex & Bermondsey, Surrey 19c
BETTS Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk Any
BEVERSTOCK Chatham, Kent 18c
BEVIS Faccombe/Andover, Hampshire c1800
BICKNAR Ash and Woking area, Surrey 1650-1750
BIGGS Bow, Middlesex Pre-1900
Dorking/Newdigate, Surrey 18c
Portswood/S. Stoneham/Southampton, Hampshire 18-20c
Rusper, Sussex 1800-1860
BIGNELL Farnham, Hampshire 18c
Horton Kirby, Kent 19c
Swanscombe, Kent 19c
BIGWOOD Bexley area, Kent Any
BILLING Hadlow area, Kent 1760+
BILLINGS Any, Surrey 18c
Saltash, Cornwall 1800-1850
Southwark, Surrey 1800-1850
BINNINGTON Any, Kent 18-19c
BINSTED Northfleet, Kent 19c
BIRCH Any, Kent 16-19c
Any, Northants Any
Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
Lee/Lewisham, Kent 19-20c
Maidstone area, Kent Pre-1800
BIRD Strood/Stone, Kent 20c
BIRK(E)S Pinchbeck area, Lincolnshire 16-17c
BISHOP Brailes, Warwickshire 19c
Great Yarmouth area, Norfolk 19c
BISSETT Balham, Surrey 1871-1891
St Andrews, Fife, Scotland 1790-1882
BITHREY Northfleet, Kent & Marylebone/Kentish Town, Middlesex 19-20c
BLACKBOURN Irby/Boston, Lincolnshire 17-18c
Orpington area, Kent 19c
Orpington/Bexley, Kent & Surrey/ London / Lincolnshire 18-19c
BLACKBURN Deptford/Medway, Kent & Walworth, Surrey Any
BLACKMAN Longfield, Kent 1856-1900
Meopham, Kent 1800-1850
BLACKMORE Brighton, Sussex 20c
Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 1750-1850
Greenwich, Kent 1860
Greenwich/Blackheath, Kent 1700+
BLACKSTONE St Pauls Cray/Bromley/Orpington, Kent 18-19c
BLACKWELL Plumstead/Greenhithe, Kent 1765-1865
BLADEN Strood/Medway area, Kent 1750-1850
BLAKE Any, Hampshire Pre-1800
N.W.Kent, esp. Biggin Hill / Cudham 18-19c
Westerham, Kent 18-19c
BLAND Any, Kent / Middlesex 18c
BLATCHLEY Marylebone, Middlesex 19c
BLATCHLY Any, Somerset Pre-1800
BLAZE Any, esp. Castle Bytham/Sleaford, Lincolnshire 17-20c
BLENKARN Sheffield, Yorkshire 19-20c
West Drayton, Notts 18-19c
BLENKHORN Sheffield, Yorkshire 19-20c
West Drayton, Notts 18-19c
BLEWDEN Maddington, Wiltshire 1690-1800
BLIGH Chevening / Riverhead / Sevenoaks / Seal 1750-1830
Sevenoaks, Kent Pre-1850
BLIGH/BLYE Lamberhurst area, Kent 18c
BLISS Bermondsey, Surrey 1840s
BLIZZARD Any, Norfolk / Lincolnshire Pre-1770
BLOW Greenwich, Kent 19c
BLUNDEL Horley, Surrey & Chelsfield, Kent 18-19c
BLUNDELL Edenbridge, Kent 15-16c
Lee/Lewisham/Beckenham, Kent 1930-1960
BLUTE Bermondsey, Surrey 18-19c
BLYE/BLIGH Lamberhurst area, Kent 18c
BOAKES Sevenoaks, Kent 18-19c
Sevenoaks/Lee, Kent 19-20c
BODLE Lenham/Swanscombe, Kent 18-19c
BOLLARD Leicester 19c
BOLT Hatherleigh, Devon Pre-1860
BOND Lambeth, Surrey 19c
BONNET West Malling, Kent 18c
BONWICK Cowden/Hayes, Kent 18-19c
BOOKER Lewisham, Kent 18c+
BOORMAN Bromley, Kent 19-20c
BOORMAN/BOREMAN Horsmonden/Marden, Kent 18-19c
BOOY Any, Wiltshire 19-20c
BOREMAN Goudhurst, Kent 17-18c
BORER Godstone, Surrey 18c
BORRETT Deptford, Kent & Stradbroke, Suffolk 19c
BORTHWICK London City 1800+
BOSELEY Stockbury, Kent Pre-1650
BOSSLEY Gravesend/Milton, Kent 17-19c
BOTTING Cuckfield, Sussex 1800-1829
BOVEY Longstowe, Cambridgeshire 17-18c
BOWDEN Any, Devon 19c
BOWEN Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
BOWEY Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire Pre-1750
BOWHAY Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire Pre-1750
BOWIS Irby, Lincolnshire 17-18c
BOWLES Gt. Ellingham/Wilby area, Norfolk 19c
BOWRA Limpsfield, Surrey 18c
Sundridge/Ide Hill, Kent 19c
Westerham/Ide Hill, Kent 18-19c
BOWTLE Wethersfield, Essex 18c
BOWYER Oakmere / Delamere, Cheshire 1780-1850
BOX Crayford, Kent 19c
BOXALL Lodsworth, Sussex 1800s
Tilington, Sussex Pre-1770
BOYCE Lambeth/Tooting, Surrey 19c
BOYD Shepton Mallett, Somerset 19c
BOYS Willesborough, Kent 17-18c
BRADLEY Westminster, Middlesex & Watford, Hertfordshire 1760+
BRADSHAW Little Ilford/East Ham, Essex 18-19c
BRAMLEY Southwark, Surrey 1912-1945
BRANSOM Any NWKent & Soham, Cambridgeshire 17-18c
BRATTON Any, Kent 18c
Bromley, Kent 19-20c
BRAY Bromley area, Kent 18c
BRAZIER Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire 19c
Deptford, Kent 19-20c
BREEN Bexleyheath, Kent 20c
BREWER Crayford, Kent 18-20c
BREWSTER West Ham, Essex & Bibury, Gloucs 18-20c
BRIDGE Gt. Waltham area, Essex Pre-1800
BRIDGEWATER Oxford City, Oxfordshire 1800s
BRIDGWATER Oxford area, Oxfordshire 17-18c
BRIDLE Mid-Lavant, Sussex 18-19c
BRIGDEN St Mary Cray / Wrotham, Kent 18-19c
BRIGGS Chatham/Northfleet, Kent 18-20c
Milton, Leics & Flamstead, Hertfordshire 18-19c
BRIGHT Battersea, Surrey 1860+
Broxted, Essex 18-19c
Northfleet/North West Kent 17-20c
BRIGHTMAN North Shields, Northumberland 19-20c
BRILL Erith/Bromley, Kent 1800-1885
BRINKLEY Any, Yorkshire 1775-1830
BRISLEY Kent Pre-1820
BRISTOW Shoreham, Kent 18c
BRITTAIN Norfolk Pre-1830
BRITTLE Chatham, Kent 18-19c
BRIXEY Walworth, Surrey 19c
BROAD Frindsbury area, Kent Pre-1840
Wrotham/Platt, Kent 19c
BROCKHOUSE Beckenham, Kent 19-20c
Penge 19-20c
BROMBY Southampton, Hampshire ; Greenwich, Kent 1700+
BROMIGE Charlton, Kent c.1850s
BROMLEY Goudhurst, Kent 1858+
Hackney/Dalston Any
Kent 1820-1870
BROOK Herstmonceux/Hastings, Sussex 19c
BROOKS Otford/Sevenoaks, Kent 18-20c
BROOM Swanscombe, Kent 18-19c
BROOM(E) Margate, Kent 17-19c
BROSNAHAN Saffron Hill, Middlesex 1830-55
BROTCHIE Lee/Deptford, Kent 1860+
BROWN Beckenham, Kent 19-20c
Camberwell, Surrey 1873-1920
Deptford, Kent 19c
Deptford, Kent Any
Gloucester, Gloucs 1700-1880
Gravesend, Kent 19c
Great Parndon & Harlow, Essex 1760-1900
Greenwich, Kent 19c
Hatford/Kington Lisle, Wiltshire Pre-1900
Herne Hill, Surrey 1880-1900
Horley, Surrey Pre-19c
Kingerswell/Plymouth, Devon 18-19c
London/Fulham, Middlesex 19c
Plymouth, Devon 18-19c
Puddletown/Loders, Dorset 1638-1870
SE London 20c
Sheerness, Kent 1900-1935
Shepperton, Middlesex 18c
St Luke/Bethnal Green/Old Ford, Middlesex 19-20c
Stanford in the Vale, Wiltshire Pre-1900
Stockbury, Kent 1800
Swindon, Wiltshire 1900+
Wapping, Middlesex Pre-1800
Wells, Somerset 18-19c
Westerham, Kent 18c
Westminster, Middlesex 1800s
BRUCE Hull, Yorkshire 1770+
Orsett, Essex 18-19c
Shrimpling, Suffolk 18c
BRUIN Deptford/Greenwich, Kent 19c
BRUMBY Any, Lincolnshire 17c
BRUNDLE Larling, Norfolk 1820s
BRYANT Tonbridge, Kent 19c
BRYER Cornhill London 18c
Greenwich, Kent 18-19c
Southwark, Surrey 18-19c
BUCKINGHAM North Marston, Buckinghamshire 1700-1880
BUDDEN Any, Hampshire / Sussex Pre-1900
BUGG Norwich, Norfolk 19c
BULL Chippenham, Wiltshire 19c
BULLEY Liverpool, Lancashire & Birkenhead area, Cheshire Any
St Johns Newfoundland, Canada Any
Teignmouth area, Devon Any
BULLING Deptford, Kent 1800-1850
BULLOCK Kent / Essex 18-19c
BULPITT Any, Hampshire Pre-1800
BUMSTEAD Lewisham, Kent 19-20c
BUNCE Any, Hampshire / Wiltshire Pre-1800
BUNDOCK Any, Essex 18-19c
BUNN Shoreditch, Middlesex 1820s
BUNNETT Gravesend/Beckenham, Kent 19-20c
BUNSELL Deptford, Kent Pre-1900
BURBRIDGE Bromley, Kent 18c+
Woolwich, Kent 19c+
BURCH Any, Kent 16c-19c
BURDON Dunblane/Crieff Perth, Scotland 17-18c
BURFORD Sutton at Hone, Kent Any
BURGESS Bromley, Kent 1750-1850
Eynsford, Kent 18-19c
BURKE(S) Pinchbeck area, Lincolnshire 16-17c
BURKILL Malton, Yorkshire & Ladywood, Warwickshire 18-19c
BURLES Gravesend, Kent 19c
Gravesend, Kent & Essex 19-20c
BURLEY Bromley, Kent 19-20c
Westerham, Kent 18-19c
BURNAL Godstone, Surrey 1770-1850
BURNETT Any London 19-20c
BURNIKELL Staithes, Yorkshire 18c
Sunderland, Co. Durham 19-20c
BURNS St Pancras, Middlesex 1800-50
BURTENSHAW Albourne, Sussex 1650-1725
Cuckfield, Sussex 19-20c
Hurstpierpoint, Sussex 16-17c
Shermanbury, Sussex 18c
BUSH Bromley, Kent 1860+
Gt. Waltham area, Essex Pre-1800
BUSHNELL Whitchurch, Oxfordshire Any
BUSS Any 19c
BUTLER Charlton, Kent / Fulham, Middlesex / Ireland Pre-1880
Chatham/Lenham, Kent Pre-1700
Dorset Any
Frittenden, Kent 18c
BUTSON Shobrooks/Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon 18-19c
BUTT Shepton Mallett, Somerset 18-19c
BUTTON Shoreditch, Middlesex 1850s
BUXTON Southend, Essex 20c
BYATT Thaxted, Essex 18c
BYGRAVE Sutton, Bedfordshire 18c
BYGRAVES Greenwich / S. Kent 1850-1870
Southwark, Surrey 1800-1850