Suburb in Lewisham parish


Churches and Chapels (pre-1910)

Church of England

  1. St George: Vancouver Rd, Perry Hill. (map ref K)  Church built 1878-80, demolished 1999; new church built on same site c2004; parish created 1880 from Lewisham St Mary & Forest Hill Christch.   Original registers from 1871.
  2. St Laurence: Bromley Rd. (map ref L)  Church built 1886-7, demolished 1966; rebuilt on new site 1968; parish created 1888 from Lewisham St Mary.   Original registers from 1887.


  1. Congregational: Rushey Green, Catford.  (1858-1890s). No information on registers
  2. Congregational: Trinity, Ravensbourne Park, Catford.  (1857) later Stanstead Rd (1867). No information on registers
  3. Congregational: Torridon Rd, Catford.  (1899). No information on registers


  1. Wesleyan: Wildfell Rd, Catford.  (1883).   Original registers from 1883.
  2. Wesleyan: Rushey Green, Catford.  (1891-? dem). No information on registers
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