Suburb on the borders of Deptford and Lewisham parishes.


Churches and Chapels (pre-1910)

Church of England

  1. St Cyprian: Adelaide Rd. (map ref M)  Church built 1900, succeeding 1881 mission; destroyed 1940; parish created 1901 from Lewisham St Mary.   Original registers from 1882.
  2. St Peter Wickham Rd. (map ref J)


  • Baptist: Mission, Brockley Rd, Brockley.  (1867). No information on registers


  1. Wesleyan: Brockley.  Original registers from 1870.
  2. Wesleyan: Brockley Rd. & Harefield Rd, Brockley.  (1877-1945des.). No information on registers
  3. Methodist: Brockley Rd, Brockley.  (1882-1960 closed). No information on registers
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