Society Area


parish map The West Kent map (right) shows the boundaries of parishes that formed the historical Diocese of Rochester, which is also the area covered by the Society's publication West Kent Sources, and the website Parish Gazetteer. Click on the map to show more detail.

At the formation of the Society our area was defined as "South East London and western Kent". Thus we extend north to the river Thames and west to the original (pre-1889) Kent/Surrey boundary. This takes in those areas that were successively incorporated into London: first by the County of London in 1889 (shown on the map in dark green     ), and the additional area that became part of Greater London in 1965 (mid green     ). The Greater London area comprises the boroughs of Greenwich, Lewisham, Bexley and Bromley. The remaining area (pale green     ) has always been part of Kent.

Eastern Boundary

This remained ill-defined until Nov 1986 when a meeting was held between ourselves and officers of the Kent Family History Society to discuss a common boundary for project purposes. This was agreed to be a line running from the Thames at Northfleet/Gravesend, then south to the Sussex boundary at Frant - shown on the map in red.

Northern Boundary

In 1979 the Woolwich & District FHS was formed. We no longer have a formal boundary agreed with W&DFHS, so our various activities do sometimes overlap.

Southern Boundary

In 1991 the Tunbridge Wells FHS was established, covering the parishes overlapping the Kent and Sussex border around the town of Tunbridge Wells - the extreme southern point of the map. We don't have a formal boundary established with Tunbridge Wells FHS, but we generally agree areas of mutual interest for particular projects.


The Society meets regularly with representatives of our neighbouring societies in Kent so as to avoid duplication of effort or conflict of interest. Enquiries to our Secretary which appear to be more properly dealt with by one of our neighbouring Societies are referred to them.